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The letters used to designate values
Capital: L, B, C, D, E, F, K, L, M, N, etc. - to refer to points, peaks of geometric shapes, etc. As well as: a - work; In - magnetic induction; C - electrical capacity of the capacitor; D - optical force; E - electric field strength, energy (in electrostatics W); F - power, focal length lenses, permanent Faraday; K - Kelvin, kinetic energy: G - gravitational constant; H - height, magnetic field strength; I - electric current: L - inductance, length; M - mass, molar mass; N is power, support reaction force, number: o - center; P - power in electrodynamics; O - charge, the amount of heat; R is a universal gas constant, radius, electrical resistance; S - Area: T - period, temperature in Kelvin, thread voltage; U - voltage, internal energy: V - volume; X - Axis of the abscissa: Esper ordinate.
String: a - acceleration, length; B - Length; C is the speed of light, the specific heat: D is the distance from the object to the lens, the diameter; e - electron charge; F - distance from lenses to the image; G - acceleration of free fall; h - height, constant plank; i, j - indexes values ​​in terms of sum , corners, current density; k is the coefficient of elasticity, the rigidity of the spring, the boltzmann constant. Prefix - Kilo (kg. KJ, KN, etc.); L - length, path; m - mass; M. e- Electron,; M. p- proton macca, m n- neutron mass; n is normal, number, refractive index; P - pressure, impulse: Q - charge; R - Radius, Specific War Education: S - Path, Move: T - Time; T. °C - Celsius; V - speed.
Greek letters
Capital: - (Delta) - to designate the difference: E, T, m, etc.
String: - (alpha), - (beta), - (gamma), - (Teta). - (F) and others - to designate the corners ( - temperature established as a result of heat exchange; edge angle; ( - angular path); - (epsilon) - dielectric constant; - electrical constant; - (this) - efficiency coefficient; - (lambda) - wavelength, specific melting heat; - (MJ) - the coefficient of friction, magnetic permeability; - magnetic constant; - (nu) - frequency; - (PI) - number 3.14; P - (RO) - density, resistivity; - (sigma) - surface tension coefficient, charge surface density, voltage arising in the material; - (Tau) - time; - (omega) - circular or cyclic frequency, angular speed; - (hee) - chemical equivalent.
Russian letters
Capital: A, B, B, G, etc. - To refer to the points.
Units of quantities: A - amp; V - Volt; J - Joule; W - Watt; Hz - Hertz; K - Kelvin; CL - pendant; GN - Henry; N - Newton; Pa - Pascal; F - Faraday: TL - Tesla; Ohm.
Units of quantities: kg - mass; C - second; M - meter: cm - centimeter; km - kilometer; Radyan: T - ton; Min - minute; h - hour; l - liter; EV - electron-volt: kv-h - kilowatt-hour.
Consoles: C - Santi (cm), K - Kilo (km), M - Mi (MM), M - Mega (MB. MJ). MK - micro (microns), n- (nm), PC - Pico (PKF): G-gig (GHz).

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