How to burn the image of Windows 7 on a USB flash drive via ultraiso

Modern laptops are increasingly equipped with a drive to work with CDs. And such devices like ultrabooks and netbooks do not meet drives at all. Refusal of the drive allows you to make a mobile device easier and more subtle. But, at the same time, users face some difficulties in the work. For example, in order to install Windows 7 to the device without a drive, you have to create bootable flash drives. In this material, we will tell about how to write the image of Windows 7 on the USB flash drive via Ultraiso.

Step # 1. Open the image of Windows 7 in the Ultraiso program.

To record the image of Windows 7 on a USB flash drive through the Ultraiso program you need to first open this image. To do this, launch Ultraiso, open the "File" menu and select "Open".

Choose there the item is open

As a result, you will appear in front of you to select a file. Here you need to choose the ISO file with the image of Windows 7, which you want to write on the USB flash drive.

Select an ISO file with Windows 7 image

After that, the Ultraiso interface will appear files from the selected disk image. These files are better not to touch, otherwise the loading flash drive may not work.

Files from the selected disk image

Step # 2. Connect a flash drive to a computer and run the image of the image of Windows 7.

Further you need to connect a flash drive to a computer to which you plan to record the image of Windows 7 through Ultraiso. To do this, simply connect the USB flash drive to any USB port and wait until the system determines it. After connecting the flash drive, go back to the Ultraiso program. Now you need to open the "Self-loading" menu and select the item "Write a hard disk image".

Select Record Hard Disk Image

After that, a window will open to record the disk image. Here you need to choose a USB flash drive to which you want to burn the image of Windows 7. Select the desired USB flash drive, and click on the "Write" button.

Select a USB flash drive to which you want to record Windows 7

After that, the Ultraiso program will warn about removing all data from the flash drive and in the case of the user's consent, the image of the image of Windows 7 on the USB flash drive will start.

Step number 2. Wait until Ultraiso finishes recording the image.

Now you have to wait until Ultraiso enters the Windows 7 image on the USB flash drive. Usually it takes only a few minutes.

Wait until Ultraiso finishes recording

After completing the record, the boot flash drive from Windows 7 will be ready.

By the way, we recommend reading the article on recording the image of a disk using Ultraiso.

How to burn an image on a USB flash drive via ultraiso

One of the most efficient and operational methods that allows you to record the installation of Windows, is to create a bootable flash drive using the Ultraiso program. Before you perform such operations, you need to download and install the application. You can do this by visiting the official software developer. About, How to burn an image on a USB flash drive via ultraiso , we will tell in detail in our material.

Features of creating a loading flash drive using Ultraiso

After installing the Ultraiso program, the user can start creating a loading flash drive. This process will not make difficulties even with newbies. The software developer did everything possible so that it was clear how to create a bootable USB flash drive using Ultraiso. For clarity, we will give detailed instructions.

First you need to start the application for a flash drive directly on the name of the administrator.

After performing this operation, using the Ctrl + O, or, choosing the File item - Open, open the image of the Windows Installation File. We open exactly the image that needs to be mounted.

The next step is to specify the folder where Windows is located. To implement such an operation, select the image, click Open.

As a result, the user should appear the following image before the eyes.

If everything is displayed correctly, you can start a flash drive record. It is necessary to start such an operation from the Software Point - Recording Hard Disk Image. In the next screen, everything can be seen.

Please note that when writing from a USB flash drive, information will be deleted in automatic mode. If the data is important, you should preserve them. At this stage, the operation looks like this - USB-HDD + and click burn.

Ultra ISO software will issue a warning that the information will be erased. If the data is not important or the user has already completed their saving, then you should click Yes.

Next, it all depends on the technical characteristics of computer equipment and HDD. Typically, the recording process takes a few minutes. After graduating, the program will inform the user about the completion of the operation.

Is it possible to make a loading flash drive using a DVD disk and how to perform such a process

How to use the Ultra ISO program has become clear. Now it is necessary to figure out what to do in those situations when there is a licensed installation disk on hand, but there is no image of Windows. Everything is very simple. In the third point, marked in the picture, it should be noted the path to the drive. To do this, select "File", and then "Open DVD".

The remaining actions pass in the way on the images presented slightly above.

Is it possible to form a multi-load flash drive using a file folder

Yes, this option can also be implemented in reality. It is the optimal solution in those situations where the digital licensed copy is on the folder on computer hardware on the disk. To perform the work to follow the following instructions:

We launch the Ultra ISO program to create a self-loading flash drive. Select in order: "File", "New", "Self-loading DVD image".

In the window that appears on the screen, select the file called Bootfix.bin. It is located in the Boot folder.

The next step is to select a folder where the files are located on all files should be moved to the window located on top.

In those situations where the indicator on the right (as in the image below) is painted in red, you need to get up on it with a mouse and choose 4.7.

Next, the user must be guided by paragraphs, starting from # 5, which are noted on the screens above. After performing all operations, you can be sure that the autoload flash drive is ready for further use.

Creating a boot flash drive helps restore access to files on a computer when it is not possible to reinstall the system. The user interacts on the principle of the virtual machine and easily accesss the hard disk. The input through "Safe Mode" does not work, then the loading flash drive opens the path to the files.

What is it for

If the device does not have a drive, this method also helps in reinstalling Windows. Removable media preferential disk drives, easily stores and transfers information. The image of the OS is written through the Ultraiso utility. For correct operation, a detailed instruction is used.

Preparatory stage of recording

The process begins with the image loading Windows in ISO. format. It is recommended to choose the official website for download and the desired version of the OS. It is important to ship licensed software, and not modified versions, otherwise problems appear when moving files or when installed.

Several points are considered, how to make a loading flash drive:

1. Downloaded Pak Open through Ultraiso.

Booting USB flash drive in Ultraiso

2. In the Explorer find the desired folder and click "open" .

How to create a bootable USB flash drive in Ultraiso

3. After starting, the set of installation files and folders will fall.

How to create a bootable flash drive in ultra iso

4. Installing the device to a USB port with a capacity of more than 8 GB to successfully create an image.

5. Formatting in the system FAT32. .

6. Team selection "Self-loading", "Write a hard disk image" .

How to create a loading USB flash drive using Ultraiso

7. Select USB drive.

8. Press the button "Write" .

9. Trace the time and speed of the record.

Boot flash drive in Ultraiso

10. Close the program and check the correctness of the record.

How to start

To run in BIOS, some changes contribute:

  • After connecting the USB to enter the section Boot Device Priority. through buttons Del, F2. or F12. ;
  • Check the box in the boot line with USB;
  • Save changes;
  • go out;
  • Restart PC.

Also put priority through the bootloader menu. To do this, specify the boot path.

Boot flash drive in Ultraiso - BIOS

Activation Boot Menu. Going through F12, F8. or F10. . Next, specify the primary USB Flash device. The instruction is suitable for any OS. Using a USB flash drive is recommended in the event of a system failure. Ultraiso is considered the correct program for writing with a clear menu. Strictly following the instructions, the user receives a Yusb carrier with package of Windows to reinstall with different discharges. Failure to comply with the algorithm will result in errors. This instruction is suitable for creating a LiveCD.

How to burn a bootable USB flash drive using Ultraiso

Ultraiso-Logo.Often installing the Windows operating system from a USB flash drive is the only possible solution for device owners (netbooks, nettops and others), where there is no drive, and external USB drives, although they got the wider distribution in the consumer electronics market, there are still not all .

Ultraiso-Windows Boot-USB-Update

In addition, this method is in many ways justified and has several advantages: compactness, reliability of data storage, high read speed.

How to record a Windows Boot USB flash drive from an ISO image using Ultraiso

So, in order to install Windows on a nettop or laptop (netbook) in the absence of a drive, or if you just want to have a distribution with one way or another, the Windows operating system is always at hand, you will need to write a bootable flash drive.

One of the most simple, and the main work options is the recording of a boot USB flash drive using the Ultraiso program.

Despite the fact that the program refers to the category of conditionally free software, it is quite suitable for creating a loading flash drive with the operating system and free (trial) version of Ultraiso (Russian version), you can download the program here.

First, we need the ISO-image of Windows 10 and the drive (flash drive) to which the record will be recorded, and it is necessary to understand that all data available on the flash drive during the process of creating the loading medium will be deleted. To record the Windows boot flash drive from the ISO image using Ultraiso, follow these instructions:

Next, consider the process of creating a boot flash drive using the example of the 64-bit Windows 10 OS (the method is applicable for Windows 7 and 8).

  • Download and run the program, this window will appear, choose here "Trial period ..."; Ultraiso-Windows Boot-USB-Update-Screenshot-1
  • In the Main Window menu, select: File → Open; Ultraiso-Windows-Boot-USB-Update-Screenshot-2
  • Next, open the available on your ISO computer image of Windows 10 → Click "Open" (if you do not have it, then you can, for example, download the original ISO image of Windows 10 using RUFUS); Ultraiso-Windows-Boot-USB-Update-Screenshot-3
  • Select the menu item "Self-loading" → "Write a disk image"; Ultraiso-Windows-Boot-USB-Update-Screenshot-4
  • This window appears. Ultraiso-Windows-Boot-USB-UPDATE-SCREENSHOT-5

Here you need to pay attention to the "Record Method" item. Ultraiso developers are recommended to choose USB-HDD +. It is worth explaining that the recording technique offered by the program at this step, namely: USB-HDD, USB-ZIP, USB-HDD +, USB-Zip +, USB-HDD + V2, USB-ZIP + V 2 is all modes of emulation of the corresponding devices . For example, the main difference between the USB-HDD method from USB-HDD + is reduced to the fact that when using the extended mode (USB-HDD +), the loading flash drive will most likely be compatible with the BIOS (UEFI) of a computer (laptop) and so on, rather than using the basic USB-HDD. In turn, USB-HDD + V2 will provide compatibility of your loading flash drive with almost any, even very specific iron, so we recommend immediately using it (see the screenshot).

  • When using Ultraiso, there is no need to format a USB flash drive in advance, the program will do everything itself, the only thing before inserting a USB flash drive and start recording, make sure that it is not important for you. However, after you click "Write", the program will warn you about this this message; Ultraiso-Windows-Boot-USB-UPDATE-SCREENSHOT-6
  • We are waiting for the end of the recording process, on its completion we get a universal bootable flash drive with which we can easily be able to install Windows operating system (in our case Windows 10) to any computer, laptop, and so on; Ultraiso-Windows Boot-USB-Update-Screenshot-7

That's all. The loading flash drive is ready. Click the "Close" button.

And what if it will be interesting:

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Today I will tell you how to record the image of Windows on a USB USB flash drive.

What do we need for this:

1) download image Windows in format ISO.

2) download the program itself Ultraiso.

3) A flash drive will need not less than 8GB of memory.

We downloaded the image of Windows, downloaded and installed the Ultra ISO program!

Start Ultra Iso

How to record Windows 7, 8, 10 on a USB USB USB using the Ultraiso program

Open our image of Windows double pressing the mouse.

Next at the top we click on the tab Self-loading - Write the image of the hard disk ...

How to record Windows 7, 8, 10 on a USB USB USB using the Ultraiso program

The window will open, in the first line, choose our flash drive, you don't need to change anything more, then we must press the button Format, Window opens, put a tick Fast (cleaning table of contents) and click the button To begin.

How to record Windows 7, 8, 10 on a USB USB USB using the Ultraiso program

After the flash drive formatted click the button Write down agree with the tip of the clamp YES

The process of writing our windows image on the USB flash drive has begun.

We are waiting when the recording process comes to the end!

Congratulations, your installed USB flash drive is ready!

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The use of disk images in recent years is increasingly gaining popularity, so many programs for reading ISO images appeared, which helps in vain not use the drive. What is ISO? This is an image of a file where data and disk structure are stored. In addition, many laptops are sold without it. In order to use a virtual disk, you need to have a special drive where it will be recorded. In order to deal with all the nuances, you need to download the Ultraiso Pro Torrent utility from our site completely free. If you want to know how to use Ultraiso, then read this article to the end.

Creating a bootable flash drive in Ultraiso

In order to make a bootable flash drive, it is required to follow this algorithm:

  1. Download the desired disk image of Windows 10 from the Internet.
  2. After it is loaded, open it in the ultra ISO utility.
  3. When this is done, select the independent download section.
  4. Click on the "Write an image of a hard disk" section to record on the USB flash drive.
  5. When a pop-up window appears, press the name of the media, after which it is on the "Record" button. Agree to the license agreement, and after wait for the end of the process.

Please note that for a full-fledged entry you need to have administrator rights. Otherwise an error will occur.

If, instead of making the Windows installation flash drive, you want to create a disk, it is necessary to click on the "Record SD Record" button located on the toolbar. When a new window appears, make a selection of the required drive, then click on the "Record" key. After that, wait when the process is completed.

Remember that the developers have added the possibility of a hidden record, and also already set values ​​acceptable for recording. If in the Hide Boot Partition section, put the Hidden value, you will not be able to detect the recordable media, because it will be hidden. Take it into account when you change the settings.

Creating a disk image

  1. The first thing is to run the download of the downloaded Ultraiso 9.7 downloaded program, and then understand how to use it. After that, rename the ISO file, as you want. In order to do this, right-click on the shortcut and select "Rename".
  2. After that, add the necessary files. Below is the "conductor" where you can find the required materials by dragging them to the right side.
  3. When files have been added, it is required to save it. To do this, press the combination of hot keys "Ctrl + S", and then click on the Save button.
  4. At this stage you need to decide on the format, it is best to choose. This is explained by the fact that the format is standard, so any program for opening an ISO will cope with this material.

If you do not plan to further enjoy the program in question, you can change the format. Some formats are suitable for a class to use them in Nero software, Alchogol 120%.

Specify the folder where the end product will be located, and then press the Save key. After that, the ISO adapter will start saving the image. It does not take a lot of time.

Congratulations, the process was successful! Following this instruction, you do not have to deal with how to use the Ultraiso program to unpack the ISO.

Record image on disk or flash drive

Record the image on the USB flash drive in ultra iso

To record Windows on the USB flash drive, you need to adhere to this algorithm. First, you will perform the usual and expected actions: perform the start of the application and paste the USB flash drive.

Please note that the files available on the carrier will be erased, so it is better to save them in another place.

An ISO entry to USB is required with administrator rights so that there are no problems. So, follow these steps:

  1. After everything starts, you should click on the "Open File" section, after which you search for the image you need.
  2. The next step is to choose the recording method: "self-loading", and then click on the "Record Disk" button.
  3. At this stage, make sure that all parameters are marked and meet all the required settings.
  4. If the media is not formatted, then you want to click on the "Format" menu, after which you choose the type FAT32. If everything was done in advance, then it is necessary to open an ISO, and then "write down", agreeing to the license agreement.
  5. After a few minutes, the autoload flash drive will be created, and you can continue working with a way.

If all actions have been correctly executed, then the name of the image will be the name of the flash drive. So you can write anything, even Windows 7,64 bits or a popular game.

How to burn an image on the disk

  1. Insert into the drive required disk, and then open Portable ISO Reader.
  2. Add an image to the utility by dragging the desired file to the work surface. Or enter the application menu, then go to the "File" section, and then select the necessary one through "Open". When the pop-up window appears, click on the desired material.
  3. When the image is added to the software, it is necessary to start burning. To do this, go to the "Tools" section, followed by to "write down".
  4. As soon as the new window appears, you can see several parameters required to read ISO:
    • Drive unit. If the device has several connected drives, it is worth noting the desired to record.
    • Record speed. First, the maximum speed is set, but it is best to make a lower parameter for excellent work.
    • Recording method. It is best to touch anything here.
    • Image file. In this place, the location of the file required for recording is indicated.
  5. If you record a rewritable disk, then it must be cleaned. To do this, click on the special button.
  6. When everything is ready, you should start burning by clicking "write down."

Please note that you can record any image. If an error occurs: "Unknown image format", you should use the editor of the images.

The process will end in a few minutes, after which the ending alert will pop up.

Creating a virtual drive in Ultraiso

This algorithm will be shown how to use Ultraiso Premium Edition to create a virtual drive:

  1. Go to the program settings that are in the "Options" section.
  2. Open the "Virtual Drive" section to specify the quantity. They should be no less than devices.
  3. You can complete the process, and you can rename all drives to it easier to navigate. Select a disc where you want to change the name, and then click on the "New Drive Letter" tab.

If you have enabled the program not on behalf of the administrator, the window will pop up with an error warning. To resolve it, read the article: How to fix errors in Ultraiso.

The process of creating a virtual drive is successfully completed, so you can enjoy the image by mounting, after which it is possible to use materials in Ultraiso located in the image. On how to mount the image, you can read below. When is it necessary? When you use licensed games that do not work without a disk. You can mount the image into the drive to pretend that the disk is in the drive. If necessary, you can always unmount the image.

Mounting image

Mounting images of an optical drive occurs quite simple, because this is a simple process of connecting the disk to the drive only in the virtual world. If we speak in general by a simple language, then you simply virtually insert the disk into the drive. In the software under consideration, this can be done in two ways, using the application directly or conduit.

Method 1: Run through the application

  1. First start the application to open the image used for installation. In order to do this, click "File", after which "open".
  2. Specify the folder where it is located, highlight it, and then open.
  3. Use the menu to go to the "Mounting to Virtual Drive" section in the tools.
  4. When the pop-up window appears, specify the desired drive, then click on the Mount button.

The program can briefly hang, but do not be afraid, because the developers simply did not provide for the tracking string. After a couple of seconds, the mount will be completed, after which it will be possible to continue.

Method 2: Windows Explorer

The presented method allows you to do a faster work, because you do not have to open your program.

  1. Open the folder where Iso is located.
  2. Click on it right-click, then select the menu "Ultraiso", followed by the "Mount Image into Virtual Drive" section.
  3. After the actions made, the mount will be completed.

This method has a little disadvantage, because it is impossible to notice that the image disk is crowded.

Installing Games With Ultra Iso

Very often, users ask how to install the game using ISO. This question arises due to the existing copy protection. Many toys have licensed protection that require disc in the drive. Read the article to the end to know all the nuances of working with software.

Creating an image of the game

First insert a license disk containing the game into the drive. After that, open by, making it on the name of the administrator, and then click "Create".

Specify the desired drive and place where the image will be saved. The format must necessarily be. It is that the program can recognize it.

Wait until the end of the process.


  1. Close the windows that do not need during operation, click Open.
  2. Specify the place where the gaming data was saved.
  3. Press the "Mount" key, after creating a virtual drive. How to do it above.
  4. Wait until the program is mounted. Close the utility.
  5. Go to the drive where the mounted game is located to find the file "setup.exe". Perform the same actions as when ordinary installation.

On this work on this issue is completed. This is such an interesting way is presented to use licensed toys without a special disk. Now the game will always run until there is a virtual drive. Use with pleasure!


Now you figured out what is needed and how to use Ultraiso. We hope that this article was helpful, and also could teach you to many rules of use. The application is pleasant in operation, so there should be no problems. Pleasant use!

Windows Recording Program on USB

For many it is no secret that Ultraiso is one of the best programs to record Windows images of all versions on the USB flash drive. That is, in fact, with its help, you just a few clicks create a bootable flash drive from an ISO image. How to do this you will learn in this article.

Windows USB / DVD Download Tool is also one of the best programs to write a Windows image flash drive.

So, to start recording Windows 7 on the USB flash drive via Ultraiso launch the program. We have the main window.

Windows Recording Program on USB

The main window of the Ultraiso program

In it, select "File" -> "Open".

программа для записи винды на флешку

Open Windows image

In the window that opens, select the Windows image that will be recorded on the USB flash drive. His you had to download in advance, for example on the Internet.

Windows Recording Program on USB

Select an image to write

Select the ISO image and click the "Open" button.

Now we insert the flash drive to which our image will be recorded in the USB connector.

Attention. On the flash drive there should be no important data for you, as all of them will be destroyed when formatting.

Next, select in the upper menu "Self-loading" -> "Write a hard disk image".

программа для записи windows на флешку

Go directly to the entry in Ultraiso

A window will open in which you want to check that the flash drive you need is used, while the recording method should stand "USB-HDD +" and all other parameters as in the figure below.

Windows Recording Program on USB

Expose Windows Image Recording Settings on a USB flash drive

At first we click the "Format" button. In the window that opens, select the file system "FAT32" and put the box "Cleaning table of contents".

программа для записи windows на флешку

Prepare a flash drive to record Windows

Next, click "Start" and in the window that opens, the "OK" button opens.

Windows Recording Program on USB

Data Removal Warning

After a few seconds, the flash drive will be formatted. Click "OK" and close the formatting window.

Now, in order to record Windows 7 on the USB flash drive via Ultraiso, press the "Write" button and in the window that opens, "Yes".

программа для записи windows на флешку

Data Removal Warning

программа для записи windows на флешку

Recording Windows 7 on the USB flash drive via ultraiso

The recording process begins. After which you need to close the Ultraiso program and your boot flash drive will be ready for operation. You will only be left to set up the BIOS download from the flash drive and you can start installing Windows.

The recording time depends on many parameters, ranging from the tank and the speed of the flash drive, ending with the image that you write to it. But on average within 15 minutes your bootable flash drive with Windows will be ready.

Now you know how Ultraiso - programs for writing Windows on a flash drive to write Windows 7 and make the bootable flash drive from the ISO image.

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