Flu: what is how to treat

Грипп: что такое, как лечить

Everyone familiar with the feelings of sand in the eyes and beginnings in the throat, accompanied by an increase in body temperature and general weakness. In such a state there is no strength to get up to work, do household chores. The joints increases sensitivity, pain occur in muscles. This is a typical manifestation of the first influenza symptoms.


What is flu

Often you can hear that a man is sick with flu, although in fact people are used to mistaken to call any manifestation of ORVI. Viruses causing unpleasant symptoms characteristic of colds, a lot. The flu is different from other infectious respiratory diseases by the severity of the flow.

A lot of complications can be obtained if you do not comply with the recommendation of the attending physician. The influenza virus has many varieties. Each spring, scientists immunologists and infectious persons conduct research, trying to predict the next virus mutation. Following the research, the formula of a new flu vaccine is derived, which will be ready by the end of August. During this time, she will have time to go through all clinical trials and get the status of a safe product for a person. By September, the vaccine enters the clinics and ambulance for voluntary vaccination of the population.

Infection flu

Viral infection is transmitted by air-droplet. This means that it is enough to be in the same room with a patient, which may not even show any symptoms of the disease. During the conversation, the amount of saliva flies the patient's mouth. Together with it and exhaled air into the environment, many microorganisms, including the influenza virus, also distinguishes the patient. To get infected, it is enough to embody the following scenario:

  1. The sick person scratched his nose with his hand, he does not even know in the palm.

  2. He made a handshake with his friend or took the door handle through which he came into the room.

  3. The next incoming took a hand for an infected door handle.

  4. And the one who shook the hand of the patient, and the one who took the door handle, scratching his nose, will bring some of the viruses to their mucous membrane, thereby inviting them to reproduction.

The virus is enough one day to turn the mucous membranes in comfortable conditions for breeding. If the carrier has a strong immunity, the incubation period can last up to 5 days. During this time, the flu will select the most comfortable conditions for itself to go to the offensive. However, during these 5 days, while a person does not know that he has flu, he is already beginning to inflict them others, hugging, healthy, leading an active-social lifestyle.

How to distinguish the flu from another ORVI

The clinical picture of the influenza has its own characteristics to distinguish it from a cold or other acute respiratory viral infection.

The first thing to pay attention to is the rate of development of pain. In other words, to evaluate how quickly the patient has become bad. If its condition has deteriorated within two or three days, then this is not flu. Easy runny nose to which the next day joined a slight increase in temperature, indicates that this is either the result of supercooling, or some other viral infection.

Flu from the first manifestation to the patient's severe condition is developing in a few hours. The temperature rises immediately to 39˚C-40˚C, which can cause febrile cramps. A person is experiencing a pronounced headache, which is often accompanied by pain in muscles and fragmentation in the joints. The degree of severity is somewhat less than with other varieties of ARVI or with a cold. The cough usually with a dry influenza, breaking out of the chest. Pain in the throat may not be at all.

The flu is characterized by a strong worsening of the general condition. The patient is not so much complaining about certain respiratory symptoms, how many decays, head and articular pain notes.

How to treat flu

Influenza is a virus that, unlike bacteria, lives inside the cell. If with bacterial infections it is easy to fight with the help of antibiotics, then kill the virus - it means to kill the cage in which it settled. Otherwise, it is not to get to the causative agent. Winning the flu can human immunity.

During the increase in temperature, the body begins to produce a special protein - interferon. He sends signals to cells, mobilizing them to fight the causative agent. In other words, Interferon warns fabric cells that in the body of the enemy, and it is impossible to inward it. Cells mobilizing, rebuilding so that the virus does not have the ability to penetrate their protective barrier, and therefore cannot multiply.

Therefore, if the patient immediately begins to take antipyretic drugs, it does not give a chance to organize to develop interferon, which will warn cells about the impending threat. Doctors are not recommended to reduce the temperature if it does not cause febrile seizures.

How much influenza is sick

Influenza, like another respiratory viral disease, lasts at least 5-7 days. The body temperature should begin to decline by 3-4 days, and completely normalizes the 7th day of the disease. If this did not happen, it means that against the background of the flu, a bacterial infection was joined, and asslaved in bronchi or lungs. And this means that antibacterial therapy, prescribed by the attending physician, is needed.

In any case, the patient needs to comply with bed and peace for 7 days. The facilitation of the state for 4-5 days does not yet mean that it is possible to go to work and lead an active social lifestyle. During this period, breathing still distinguishes pathogenic viruses that will easily cause acute development of the disease.

In some cases, the improvement of the condition can delay up to 8-9 days. And in the case of complications, the hospital prolongs up to 14 days. During this time, the body will have to overcome the flu and cope with the bacterial complication if prescribed antibiotics will help him.

Published: October 20, 2018

Avoiding colds in the cold season succeeds a little. And during the epidemics, respiratory infections are distributed with lightning speed. Therefore, everyone without exception is good to know how to conduct treatment of colds and influenza at home to quickly recover and return to line. After all, it is not only unpleasant to lie with the temperature in bed, but simply once.

Determine the disease in symptoms

After the awakening laid nose and tricks in the throat? Early panic - these are the main manifestations of colds. Usually it proceeds without a strong deterioration of states. Some even go to work with a runny nose and cough. But it is not worth doing this. In addition, there is a risk of infecting others, the body may not withstand such loads. This will lead to tightening the disease. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to settle down a couple of days in bed. So the treatment of colds at home will quickly give the result. As a rule, subject to the recommendations of a specialist and creating an optimal environment for recovery, the disease passes in 5-7 days.

Influenza is a more serious case. It is characterized by a sharp start and sharp deterioration in the overall state. Characteristic symptoms include high body temperature, severe headache, chills, light-friendly, moderate nausea, sweating. With the appearance of these signs, you need to go to the hospital, and better - to cause a doctor to the house. How to treat flu in adults at home, should tell a specialist.

First actions for illness

Many prefer to treat cold and flu at home to quickly recover. After all, the doctor sends for a hospital for at least a week. And for some this is a non-disabilities: reports at work will not write themselves, and no one will close tasks. Therefore, people buy various advertised drugs in pharmacies and ask acquaintances, the better to treat the flu. This is the wrong approach to therapy.

If during a cold you can still do without professional assistance, then with flu - no. Do not risk your own health and hope for advertised funds. You need to quickly access the doctor: the sooner, the better. The specialist will appoint proven drugs and will tell how to treat flu in adults at home.

What means will help to defeat the virus?

To treat influenza at home, doctors recommend using medications with a comprehensive action. They not only sustain the pathogens, but also strengthen their own protective forces of the body, due to which they accelerate the process of recovery and reduce the risk of adverse effects. A good example of such a drug is Derinate. The tool possesses three useful properties:

  • antiviral - helps the body to deal with respiratory infection;
  • immunomodulatory - enhances its own protective forces, improves cellular and humoral immunity;
  • Reparative - restores the integrity of the nasopharynx mucosa and strengthens it, thereby prevents the penetration of viruses and bacteria into the body, reduces the risk of re-infection and the development of complications.

To treat the flu in adults at home, you can spray Derinat, and for children from the first days of life there are nasal drops. Before use, you need to consult with a specialist.

How to treat flu in adults at home?

To facilitate the basic symptoms of the disease and rather stand up on his feet, in coordination with the doctor you can use folk recipes. In the treatment of flu at home, honey, ginger, onions, garlic, lemons, rose robes, cranberries and lingonberries are useful. These ingredients are used when brewing teas, preparation of mors, useful decoctions and infusions. The gifts of nature will help restore nasal breathing, soften the pain in the throat, enrich the weakened organism with vitamins, minerals and microelements.

In order for the treatment of colds at home quickly, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room. Fresh air will clean the room from viruses, and the pathogenic microorganisms will not be able to re-hold an attack. Also do not forget about wet cleaning. Infectious agents are settled on surfaces and retain activity for several days. Air moisturizing is another valuable advice. Special humidifiers or wet terry towels will help create a suitable microclimate.

Observe the prescriptions of the doctor, create favorable conditions for recovery, and then the disease will pass in a short time. Be healthy!

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How to quickly cure ARVI and flu at home



Most often, viral infection caresses us surprise and attacks when you expect it the least. There are situations when you simply categorically impossible to hurt - people are counting on you, there are many cases that require your participation. Is there any express method that would help you to recover in one day?

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation: what methods you did not use, completely get rid of the cold, to recover from flu or other ARVI per day is impossible. But it is quite realistic to help your immunity, relieve most of the symptoms and temporarily returned to themselves. When urgent cases and problems are settled, it will be possible to return to a calm treatment rate at home.

Лечение ОРВИ дома

How to understand what you have ORVI or flu?

Everyone can get sick. Fatigue, stress and lack of sleep can do the breach in any immunity, how powerful would be. The first thing to do is to remember all the symptoms and determine what you encountered. Why is it important? The fact is that the methods of express treatment work well with ORVI, but it is better not to joke with the flu, and allow yourself to cheat as much as it is necessary.

How to distinguish flu from ORVI? The effect of flu virus is diagnosed the easiest way. He will not ceremony and hit immediately, already in the first hours after being penetrated into your body. It is manifested by a headache, brushes in muscles, general weakness, chills and a sharp increase in temperature to 39-40 degrees. Usually the next day after infection begins dry, unproductive cough.

The ARVI virus acts gradually, imperceptibly. The only thing he immediately gives out is sneezing. If you started often and unfortunately, it is most likely a runny nose will soon appear and will gradually grow pain in the throat.

In adults and in children, the symptoms of the listed diseases are the same.

So, where to start the fight against infection?

Washing and rinsing: the first line of defense

When the first symptoms appear, there is a chance to neutralize infection or at least reduce the intensity of the course of the disease. It will help to wash the nose with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and rinse with sea salt or soda. For washing the mucous membrane, a solution is prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon of peroxide half a glass of warm water. To rinse the throat into a glass of warm water, one teaspoon of salt and soda is added.

This is a recommendation for adults. If a child is sainted and carrying and rinsing in the usual way problematic, then the pharmacy sprays with sea water can be used.

Лечение ОРВИ и Гриппа дома

Cocktail from berries: drum dose of vitamins

Abundant warm drinking is a mandatory measure in symptomatic express treatment. It is better to start with a sea of ​​berries (raspberry, currant, lingonberry, cauldron). You can pour frozen berries with boiling water, crowded their mortar and strain through the sieve. Usually, after such a cocktail, temporary investment of symptoms immediately occurs.

Then during the day it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of liquid - warm water with lemon, tea with honey, decoction of linden flowers, chamomile infusions and other medicinal plants. If you want to get rid of the cold, and not help her, then eliminate coffee and sweet carbonated drinks.

Garlic and Ginger - Best Vegetable Disinfectors

In the treatment of ARVI and influenza, ginger is often used. The grated ginger root is an excellent disinfectant, warming and tonic. It can be added to tea, prepare on its basis infusions and decoctions. If you do not have problems with the stomach, you can use garlic. There is a proven recipe - squeeze juice from several garlic heads, then mix it with honey in proportion one to one and take this tool on one tablespoon twice a day.

Sliced ​​garlic highlights phytoncides into the air, which neutralize the infection. You can put next to the bed plate with grated or sliced ​​garlic.

Чеснок и имбирь против ОРВИ

Steam inhalations: the best remedy for cold

To cope with such an unpleasant symptom as steam inhalations with essential oils of medicinal plants will help. The essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, juniper, carnations help. You can also use a solution of propolis. To carry out inhalation you need to boil the pot of water, add 2-3 drops to the means and inhale its hot pairs of 7-10 minutes.

Sleep and full rest

If you picked up flu or orders, and going to treat yourself at home, then this condition is one of the most important. Most often, it is the lack of sleep and the lack of a full-fledged rest in combination with permanent stress and the cause of the capitulation of the body before infection.

Therefore, you need to act from the contrary - to go to bed no later than 22 hours and how to sleep. It is worth remembering that the bed regime is no coincidence that is one of the first medical recommendations in infectious diseases.

Important moment - to secure a full-fledged rest, you need to stop spending time on your smartphone and computer. Allow yourself to relax from the information. Dopamic starvation sometimes treats no worse than usual.

Change meals: the smaller the better

"You need to eat through strength", "you will not eat - you do not recover" - such installations from the times of our childhood do not bring anything but harm. If you eat at all you do not want, you can skip several food techniques, it will only benefit. The body at such a moment is needed for the fight against infection, and not to digest and the absorption of large food volumes: that is why the appetite disappears first when ORVI and influenza.

During treatment, avoid heavy, greasy, multi-storey dishes. Replace their broths and porridge on milk. Eat more fruits, greenery and vegetables. Sweet and flour ("fast" carbohydrates) in viral diseases are contraindicated.

Меняем питание

What drugs to use?

The best answer is no. With influenza and ORVI, the reception of antibiotics does not make any sense, since they do not act on viruses. If you are not a doctor, then independent medication is a dangerous solution. If there are serious difficulties of breathing, the temperature is high and not knocked down by paracetamol, you need to call a doctor to the house and then act according to its instructions.

If coughing suffers, you can do without drugs - mucolyts. Instead, you can use any of the listed folk methods:

  • champs, infancy and inhalation from "Breast fees" (sage, chamber, licorice, calendula);
  • Black radish juice with honey (for this, the cavity is cut in a large radish from above, where honey spoon is poured);
  • The famous Vietnamese balm "Sao Vang", which we call the "asterisk" (with a cold, is applied to the bridge, in the chest and back area).

Stop list: What can not be done in viral diseases

Drink alcohol and wipe alcohol. Viral diseases and so accompanied by the general intoxication of the body. If you add intoxicating alcohol to it, do not speed up, and slow down the recovery.

Run temperature with any increases. Increase in temperature is one of the measures with which immunity is struggling with infection. Use antipyretic drugs only then at a temperature of + 38 ° C and higher.

Refuse bathing and soul. In the process of treatment, toxins are allocated through the skin from then, so it is necessary to take a shower even more often than usual. The only exception - at elevated temperature it is better to use warm, and not hot water and avoid supercooling after the bath.

Do not ventilate the room, afraid of drafts . The motto "The Sun, Air and Water is our best friends" is relevant not only for healthy, but also for patients. With viral diseases, it is especially important to maintain the optimal level of humidity in the house (40-60%) and ensure constant access of fresh air.

This moment is so important that it is worth telling about it separately.

Normal humidity and high-quality ventilation - worst enemies of the virus

In the heating period, the air in the apartment is land than in the Gobi desert - about 15%, which is 3.5 times lower than the norm. Such air is overpowered by the mucous upper respiratory tract, reducing their protective function and making them vulnerable to viruses.

No less important to normal air circulation in the apartment.

With the cough and sneezing of the patient, the air is distinguished by an aerosol "cloud", consisting of the smallest particles of saliva and mucus. These particles of the virus use as transport, so if there is a patient in the house, infection of the other households is just a matter of time.

The probability of transmitting an infection with air-droplet is dramatically reduced if modern supply ventilation is installed in the house.

What are the shortcomings of normal ventilation?

Here it is quite logical to ask a question - why it is impossible to just play? Of course. But at the same time, to maintain the normal level of air exchange, you need to air every 1.5 - 2 hours. Another nuance: At night, fresh air is needed to us even more than the day, but if you are sick, then you can not leave the window open at night. In winter, in the spring and autumn, it can lead to supercooling and complications.

And that's not all. In many apartment buildings, the extractor for different reasons does not work as it should - this means that most of the time you breathe "waste" air, which contains viruses, dust and is oversaturated with carbon dioxide. You can forget about fast recovery in such conditions.

Why do you need "manual" ventilation, if you can make it automatic, trusting a simple and reliable device? We are talking about bizers (ventilators) and recuperators. Such equipment combines the functions of the supply ventilation and air purifier.

Small reference:

Brizer. Compact device in the housing equipped with an axial fan and air filter system. It is installed on the through canal in the outer wall, provides a constant influx of fresh air and its cleaning from street dust, smog and other contaminants.

Recuperator. A device with similar functions that is additionally equipped with a recovery unit - air heating system without electricity costs (by holding the "internal" heat of the room).

How are the bizers and recuperators useful during the epidemics of viral diseases?

  • Most models are equipped with filters that are capable of holding viruses and bacteria;
  • The recirculation function ensures cleaning of the "inner" air, making the microclimate is healthier;
  • Thanks to the air heating system, there are no drafts that are one of the main causes of colds;
  • In separate models, there are features such as air disinfecting with ultraviolet, as well as its cleaning from harmful microorganisms using a cold plasma generator (ozonator).

The products of such a Russian brand are well known on the brizer market, like Tion (Tion O2, Tion Lite, 3S and other models). In the category of available ventilators, it is worth noting the Oxy products. Among the recuperators, the equipment from companies Vakio and Ballu is especially in demand.

Prevention of viral infections - how it works on video

Okay, let's finite: flu is not treated. There are no effective ways / drugs that would help correctly cure flu, that is, kill the source of infection - the virus.

All we can do is relieve the severity of the symptoms and help our organism to destroy it yourself. In other words, the treatment of influenza is always symptomatic, and its success depends mainly from the patient's immunity fortress.

Source: https://medvisor.ru/articles/gripp-i-legochnye-zabolevaniya/kak-bistro-vylechit-gripp/

How to cope with flu. Main steps

So, it is useless to treat the flu. What then to do? Despite the abundance of Lifehakov and recipes that walk on the Internet, they all have a few simple things.

Rest and bedding

Carrying flu on the legs is dangerous for life. Some patients prefer to go to work and engage in ordinary affairs even with high temperatures. These people most likely do not fully understand what they face. Chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, inflammation of the kidneys, heart disease - and this is not a complete list of dangerous complications.

Как справиться с гриппом в домашних условиях

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Many liquid

At high temperatures, the body rapidly loses moisture that needs to be filled. Not necessarily water - it can be fruit juices, fruit, broths.

The main thing is to drink hot. So it will be better to dismiss mucus and sputum

Perfect in this case helps the lime color due to its streaming and diuretic effect. It can be booked both separately from tea and horses, and with it.

Antipyretic drugs for influenza

Of all the pill, powders and tablets, which are chosen pharmaceutical shelves, only NSAIDs and antipyretic are relevant. They are useful to facilitate the severity of symptoms.

Antibiotics in respiratory viral infection do not help and harmful. Numerous anti-influenza or, fence, homoeopathic drugs are generally ducts

Some clinical efficacy possess only neuraminidase inhibitors - "Tamiflu" and "Releza", and even if they are taken in the first couple of days after the start of the disease.

But the antipyretics should also be used with the mind. Churn the temperature if it is below 38.5 ° C, there is no point - so you just delay recovery. Only high temperature is dangerous - from 39 to 40 ° C.

There are quite a lot of drugs on the market (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, paracetamol, etc.), helping to remove the symptoms of the heat. Consult your doctor that you are suitable.

Tools of local applications

Also useful in the fight against the flu Local antiseptics for the nose and throat. You need to take care so that the nasophack mucus is well diluted and went out. Therefore, go back as follows with sprays and drops. However, remember that the vesseloring nasal droplets are addictive. They can not use longer than 3 days in a row.

It will be best to help with saline (ordinary saline) or based on sea water, since they have an antiseptic effect.

Как справиться с гриппом в домашних условиях

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Create tablets for resorption with anti-inflammatory effect (Faringosept, grammidine, lizobakt, etc.) - they will reduce the sharpness of the throat.

Folk remedies for influenza at home in adults

This general recommendations for the treatment of influenza ends. Babushkina recipes begin. Let's just say: in medicine, almost all of them pass under the labeling "ineffective and potentially dangerous methods of treatment."

Well, for example, putting the finely chopped garlic in the nose in the nose threatens the mucous burn. Fooling by nostrils by the Balm "Star" is similar. To breathe boiled potatoes under the blanket - in general dangerous. A great chance to harm the easy, drive the infection is even deeper or tritely awake.

However, in general, the moisturizing of the atmosphere in the room is a fairly useful thing. It, perhaps, can be attributed to the category "Film folk remedies that help."

If the air in your house is too dry, get a house humidifier, or put a wet towel on the battery. This will facilitate the symptoms of stagnation in the nose and cough. In addition, the influenza virus is worse circulate in a wet environment.

Народные средства при гриппе в домашних условиях

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However, in no case do not use warm fogging agents - they only help multiply by bacteria and mold. Also be sure to make wet cleaning in the house and do not forget to air the rooms at least once a day.

A good folk remedy for influenza is washing the nose and the rinse of the throat with a salt solution. A liter bank will require 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Use every half hour and necessarily before bedtime. Mineralka can also help, but only chloride sodium in composition

Bow and garlic with flu

Perhaps the most popular folk remedies for the fight against influenza and cold. And in that, in another, many phythonicides are natural antiseptics that kill microbes. And that, and the other do not kill the influenza virus, which means useless.

What is the meaning then? Probably in essential oils that help to clean your nose and relieve breathing. But it is better to do with pharmaceutical drops, right? At least it will not stink from the mouth.

The same can be said about lemon, oranges, currant and other products with vitamin C. All of them do not help with influenza.

How not to get influenza during the epidemic

Still, the best remedy against any disease is prevention. If you do not want to roll in an embrace with a blanket and nasal scarves, then you need to take some measures.

First, put the vaccination. Be sure to make it before starting the epidseason in the clinic at the place of residence. I need to put a flu vaccine every year, since the virus constantly mutters. Vaccination does not allow one hundred percent protection against illness, however, it completely accurately helps to move it and avoid complications.

Как не заболеть гриппом во время эпидемии

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Secondly, as close as possible to contact with sick. The flu virus is extremely infectious. Just two minutes near the patient to pick it up.

Here are some more advice, how not to get influenza during the epidemic:

  1. We wash your hands more often with soap (especially before meals and after the toilet) and wear with you an antiseptic;
  2. Regularly make wet cleaning in the house;

  3. It is not recommended to greet hands. If you do it, be sure to wash your hands and do not touch the face;

  4. If you use public transport - similarly. Do not touch the face and do not try your eyes during the trip and immediately after it;

  5. How not to get influenza during the epidemic

  6. Пореже расплачивайтесь наличными в магазинах, пользуйтесь бесконтактными способами оплаты.

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