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The series "Star Wars" was remembered by a bright plot, thanks to him the audience were able to learn about the existence of a fictional universe, in which the dark and bright side of the force oppose. Some words that sound in the ribbon may seem incomprehensible, for example, Jedi, Junling and Padavan. What do they mean and how are connected with each other?

The meaning of the word Padavan

Padavan is a Jedi student who has to go through the workout under the control of his teacher Master Jedi, as well as Master of Jedi.

Fine skill are located as follows:

  • Unling;
  • Padavan;
  • Knight Jedi;
  • Master / Master.

Padavan was supposed to perform tasks, both the simplest and high level of complexity. Over time, after the experience gains enough, he will qualify for the title of knight-jedy. Junling is the first title, but as soon as the teacher agrees to take a young warrior under his leadership, he immediately becomes Padavan.

Distinctive feature of Padavana in the presence of pigtails which he wore in the ear. The bald from the nature of the race did not even have the right to even think about to join the light side of the force.

Obi-Van Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker

The character of the "Star Wars" Anakin Skywalle was lucky to become Padavan without his stay in the status of jungle, as the boy joined the ranks of the warriors in the ten years, and this is at local standards a fairly large age. Obi-Van Kenobi agrees to become his teacher.

Who is Padana?

Padavan, who belonged to the light side of force, did not have the right to experience anger I had to learn to control my emotions.

As for representatives of the Dark Order, they had to strive for complete control of fire inside each of them. Sugpent negative emotions, such as rage, anger, cunning and hatred, contacted an increase in their strength.

Who is Padana?

The fall of the republic makes its adjustments

The great extermination of the Jedi was the reason for the disappearance of such a title as "Padavan". Luke Skywalker becomes the founder of the new Jedi Order. The presence of pigtails is now optional, and "Padavans" newcomers stop calling. From this point on, only the term "student" is used everywhere.

The number of Jedi knights is rapidly decreasing, as a result of which the restrictions on the number of students in the calculation of one Jedi are removed by order Skywalker. Even Skywoke himself takes to his training two nephews: Anakina and Jaysen. However, no problems in the new system did not cost. One master to pay due attention to several students was difficult, cases were recorded that some students could pass through the dark side. Most likely, this is the reason for the recovery of the initial rule.

Jedi time chronology

At the time of the Jedi, there was a special form of time calculus. The Navinskaya battle ended the victory of the insurgent alliance. Since then, a new chronology has been used in the rebel alliance. It is indicated in this way: "Before me. b. " - to the Yavin battle, and "p. I. b. " - after the Yavin battle . So, to 40 p. I. b. Pupils again appear traditional pigtails. To the term "Padavan" will return only after 130 "p. I. b. ".

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