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How to create your own website for free with your own hands - Step-by-step instructions

How to create a site for free and independently with a complete zero without having technical knowledge? What is a "domain" and "hosting" and why are they needed? What is the "HTML site", "CMS system" and "site constructor" and what are their key differences from each other?

If you are close to the issues listed above, ask you to get comfortable, and we will try to answer them in detail in this instruction. We understand all importance, after all, learning to create modern and functional sites, you can build online representation not only for yourself or your company, but also to offer such services to other interested people. To date, this is one of the most promising and stable types of Internet earnings.

What do you need?

The technical aspects of creating their own site largely depend on the right choice of the necessary tools. First of all, it is worth understanding that today there are three main ways to independently create a website:

  • through Designers sites ;
  • through CMS systems ;
  • by independent writing source code Site.

Let's consider each of these ways in more detail. Let's start with the one that, in our opinion, is better suited for newcomers.

We are convinced that if you are limited time or desire to understand, the best way will be the creation of the site in the designer. We have chosen the most efficient and easy-to-use that to create a site will not need any knowledge in the field of layout, programming and web design.

So, Site Designer - This is a specialized online service that includes ready-made options for graphic design for the created sites, as well as a convenient and intuitive user interface. Ideally, a modern site designer should allow anyone to create his own Internet resource without the need to get knowledge in the field of web programming and design.

The most popular site constructors

  • WIX. - One of the most popular sites, which allows you to quickly and easily create Internet resources of really high quality. On our site you will find a detailed overview of this designer, as well as a step-by-step guide to work with it. Recommended!
  • Ukit. - Designer, which allows you to create modern sites, and then successfully engage in their SEO-Promotion. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, and also includes an advanced analytics system. Especially for readers of our site, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to work with this designer.
  • NETHOUSE. - Designer, which is perfect for creating website sites, portfolio sites, online stores. It is quite simple in primary development and further use. We have prepared its detailed review, as well as step-by-step guide.
  • UMI - Another simple to master and use the site constructor. Read our detailed review, as well as a step-by-step guide to work with it.

In addition, specifically for readers of our site we have made a rating of the best design designers. Be sure to pay attention to it to analyze all possible options!

Let's briefly run through the site creation stages in Designer Wix. . It is perfect for business people who do not want to dive into the subtleties of creating sites and save them from the need to make their first resource on " Golcome »HTML or deal with CMS features.

The process itself consists of several clear and simple steps, which is slightly lower!

Step one Registration in the designer and entrance to the account. We pass a simple registration procedure by filling out these forms or simply logged in in one of the popular social networks.

Step two - We choose the basic design template for the future site. The designer provides users with a collection of more than 500 unique free templates! There is no such choice anywhere!

Your task will choose the most suitable on the functionality and visual design template, after which you can start tuning and filling it.

Step Third - We decorate and personalize the site. First of all, it is necessary to give a resource created a unique name. It is worth noting that if necessary, a site name assigned at this step can be changed at any time. By default, you get the third level domain (species / Vash. ), But you can easily connect your domain 2go level.

The visual editor with the simplicity of MS PowerPoint, allows you to change any item of the site being created, as well as without any problems add or delete a wide variety of blocks and modules.

In particular, you can:

  • Add needed Pages and fill them with content .
  • Photo galleries and videos .
  • A variety of functional elements such as Forms, buttons and menu .
  • Buttons of social networks .
  • Functional for keeping Blog company .
  • Implement full-fledged online store .
  • Activate SEO-tools To promote the site being created.
  • Add Colorful Favicon. .
  • Diverse Counters and metrics To track the important parameters and characteristics of the site.
  • And many more and many different modules for different destinations.

Step fourth - Final strokes and launch.

  • Check the mobile version, make sure that everything suits you.
  • Confirm the previously entered contact details.
  • Be sure to do " Preview "Before starting the site.
  • Finally, click " Publication "To make the site you have become part of the World Wide Web and has been available to all users.
Of course, the creation of a site is a creative process and most likely you will constantly return to it and introduce new features and chips. The designer makes it possible to concentrate on the most important and enjoy the creation process.

As a result, you get a high-quality site with a convenient mobile version and completely without technical knowledge. If you have any questions about the constructor, then you can find the answer to them in our detailed step-by-step instructions.

Term CMS. Comes from English expression CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. and used to designate the so-called " Content management systems "( Site ). These same systems are often called " engines »For sites. To date, any CMS system allows you to manage the entire contents of the site using a simple and visual interface.

It is quite natural that the choice of the CMS system depends on the purpose of creating a specific site. Each engine for the site has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is worth considering that all CMS systems are divided into two large groups: free and paid engines.

  • WordPress. - Great for creating blogs, business card sites, corporate sites. By the way, the site that you are currently reading is running on the basis of this CMS. And we have already published a guide in which it tells how to create a site on WordPress.
  • Joomla Another multifunctional CMS system, which allows you to create both a simple business card or corporate website and a full-fledged online store. Be sure to read our guide on how to create a Joomla site.
  • Instantcms - First of all, this engine is designed to create social networks, urban portals, as well as dating sites and online clubs;
  • Drupal. - Another popular CMS system, which is great for creating corporate sites, business card sites, as well as portfolio sites, social networks and online stores;
  • OpenCart. - The CMS system is designed primarily to create online stores. At the same time, it is worth considering that it is easy to use, but it is quite difficult in the development plan. As practice shows, to develop a full-fledged online store based on this engine, an experienced PHP programmer is required.
  • phpbb. - Excellent CMS system designed to create forums.
  • «1C-Bitrix »- Powerful and multifunctional sites management system. It allows you to create and maintain Internet resources of almost any type. As key features, it is worth highlighting the simplicity of managing the created site, high performance, integration with 1C. (This is a very important point for Russian online stores. ), as well as extensive mobile administration capabilities.
  • UMI.cms - Another worthy representative of paid CMS systems. The motto of his developers - " Convenience for people " Especially for this engine, 500 unique templates were created, which will fit almost for any site and at the same time will provide the possibility of refinement to each specific project. A 2500 developers will be happy to assist you in creating a site based on UMI.cms and its " Shutching "It is under your goals.
  • oscommerce - paid CMS system designed to create modern online stores and possessing richest functionality .

Especially for those who want to learn to independently write the source code of the site being created, we have prepared step-by-step instructions for creating a simple site on HTML. Go!

Attention! If you are an absolute novice or simply do not want to dive with the code and other technical moments, can you safely go to the "Create a site from scratch or on the site constructor? »

As the first example, we will create a simple HTML site which will consist of just one page. HTML (HyperText Markup Language. - Hypertext marking language ) - Universal language designed to describe web pages. Its task is to specify the browser, which and how to display when downloading the page in the user's browser. Each of his tags describes a page fragment.

Below is the source code of the simplest HTML PAN :

<! DOCTYPE HTML> <HTML> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV = "CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT = "TEXT / HTML; CHARSET = Windows-1251" /> <Base Href = "https: //www.internet- "/> <title> travel agency </ title> <META NAME =" Description "content =" page description "/> <Meta name =" keywords "content = "Keywords" /> <link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text / css" href = "style.css" media = "screen" /> </ head> <body> <div id = "page"> <Header> <a href="/" title="" class="logo"> <img src = "images / logo.png" alt = "Travel agency" /> </a> <div class = "phone" > +7 (123) 45-67-89 </ div> <nav> <ul id = "top_menu"> <li> <a href="index.html"> About company </a> </ li> < Li> <a href="services.html"> our services </a> </ li> <li> <a href="contacts.html"> contacts </a> </ li> </ ul> </ nav> <div class = "header_img"> <img src = "images / header_img.jpg" alt = "travel agency" /> </ div> </ header> <section id = "content"> <h1> Welcome you On the website of the turbule! </ h1> <img src = "images / content_img.jpg" alt = "picture" class = "float-right" /> <p> Hello! We are glad to welcome you on the website of the tourist agency "Tourburo"! We offer our customers only the most interesting and exciting adventure tours around the world! </ P> <p> only here you can fly to India on an elephant and plunge into the deep blue sea, keeping the shark fin. But do not worry - every customer of our agency is insured by the full program and craves adventures again and again! </ P> <p> If you have nothing to do, you really decided to engage in adventures on your head, you invite you to our company offices across the country To select the most delicious offers. </ p> </ section> <Footer> <a href="httpps://" title= "Sight construction from A to Z"> Website Building from A to Z </a> <br /> All rights reserved </ footer> </ div> </ body> </ html> 

Copy this code into a new text file and save it on your computer. Specify for the saved file name index.html . Then open this file in any browser and look at the result.

Please note that by default any web server is trying to issue a browser that is the page title. index.html . Therefore, in 99% of cases, the source code of the main page of the site is saved in the file under the name and this is considered a good tone.

Full version of this simplest HTML site You can download as Archive (10.8MB) . After unpacking the archive launch HTML / index.html. .

An independent creation of a site from scratch consists of three main steps:

  • Creating a site layout . It is at this stage that a clear visual representation appears, how the Internet resource created will look like. Most often used Adobe Photoshop. or other raster editors.
  • Site layout . At this stage, you begin laying the site from the layout .psd. , mobile adaptation and testing the correct display in various browsers.
  • PHP implementation . At this stage, the site turns out of static in dynamic.

Let's deal with all these stages in more detail.

Most often layout ( In this case, this word is worth understanding the visual design ) The site is created in the programs that are called graphic editors. The most popular are Adobe Photoshop. и CorelDraw. . We recommend using it Photoshop. Since he is slightly easier in mastering and at the same time he has the richest possibilities. In addition, it is they who use all web designers.

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop. . We ask him the name - Mysite. .

Select 1000 permission per 1000 pixels. It guarantees a correct display from any user, the vertical size can be increased in the future.

Select the resolution of 72 pixels per inch and RGB-color . We make these installations necessarily, since they are responsible for the correct display of the web page.

Then set the background color F7F7C5. In hexadecimal format or choose it with the help of the colors palette.

After that, select the menu item «View "-" Guides »and activate the display of linecas and guides.

In the menu item «View "-" Binding K. »It is necessary to verify that the binding to the guide and boundaries of the document is included.

Using tools «Text" , Introduce the text name of the future site, slogan under it, as well as the contact phone number on the right at the top of the layout.

To the left of the logo and to the right of the contact number of the phone, we carry out guides that will allow you to designate the framework on the width of the site.

Then using the tool «Forms »Create a rectangle with rounded edges ( Radius - 8 points ) And with it, we designate a place under the image that will be located in the header of the site.

Now it's time to insert an image into the header of the site.

Using tools «Text », and font Georgia. included in the standard set of operating system Windows Create a navigation menu and header of the main page of the site.

Then using the tool «Text »and font «Arial », add the text of the main page. In this case, it is best to use block text for subsequent work with it.

For the header in the text we use a black font. For the navigation menu - white.

By moving the right border of the main text block, insert the image into the page of the page ( To the right of the text ).

Using tool «Forms »«Straight », Conduct the final line under the text of the page.

For tool «Text » (Arial font ) We place a copywriter in the basement of the page ( Under Liniya ).

Cut the necessary image fragments needed for clamps using tools «Cutting » (We highlighted the main picture in the header and the picture in the text of the page ).

As a result of the work done, we created a full-fledged site layout. In case you want to make your own changes in the page layout, PSD file. You can also find in Archive .

In order to save and use the results of the work done in the form of images for subsequent site layout, go to the menu «File »And choose paragraph «Save for web ». Then tighten the quality of the output images and save them.

As a result, we get a lot of graphic fragments for our future template. In the folder where the template itself was saved, a folder appears with images ( Images ). We select the necessary and rename.

The page layout is created, the necessary fragments are obtained, you can go to the layout.

First of all, you need to create a new text file and save it called index.html .

The first line of this file should look like this:

She will inform the browser as it is to handle the contents of the page. Next follows a set of tags:

<HTML> <Head> "Head" document </ head> <body> "body" document </ BODY> </ html> 

A pair of tagov <HTML> ... </ html> suggests that inside contains HTML code .

Inside <Head> ... </ Head> There are tags that are not displayed in the user browser window. As a rule, they start with the words META, and are called meta tags, but tag <title> ... </ title> Displayed as a header of the browser window and analyzed by search engines.

Next, there is a pair of tag <Body> ... </ Body> In which the contents of the page are concluded. It is this part that is often called the body of the page is displayed in the user's browser.

It is also important to understand that there are several ways to organize content. The most popular of them is an organization with blocks ( <Div> ... </ div> ) and in the form of tables ( <Table> ... </ Table> ).

As for the format of the display of elements, it can be specified as directly using the appropriate tags and using the style tables. CSS. . At the same time, it is the second method that is most preferable, since it allows you to re-apply component styles. Style Table Set either in the tag <Head> or in a separate file ( Most often, this file has a name Style.css. ) reference to which is also located inside <Head> .

In our case, the structure of the site elements is as follows:

Fundamental documents describing all components of a language used when creating sites are specifications.

To study all the basic HTML tags, their purpose, and the principles of using style sheets ( CSS. ) You can in our section of articles: "Layout of the site" .

On the HTML page , created in the previous example, everything defined in advance and will not change when handling users. Such pages are customary to be called static, to create them quite grabs the means provided by the HTML hypertext language.

If the information provided by users of the site varies depending on any factors or requests, it is said that the web page contains dynamic content ( is dynamic ).

To create such pages it is necessary to use languages Web programming . Among them are the most widespread PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails for UNIX Systems , and for Windows Characterized by the development of dynamic content using funds .Net .

It all concerns the server part, and for programming on the client side most often used Javascript. .

In prepared by us Archive There is a folder php. in which the file is saved index.php. . It is it that allows you to implement three pages of our test site using Php. .

Php. - This is the most popular web programming language designed to create dynamic web pages. The main difference between the dynamic web page from static lies in the fact that it is formed on the server, and the final result is transmitted to the user's browser.

Within the framework of this article, we will not delve into the Debresses of PHP programming and for clarity, limit ourselves to the simple inserts of the code fragments.

The essence of these actions is that we endure the cap and the basement of the site in the individual files: Header.php. и Footer.php. respectively. And then on pages with textual content insert them into the site layout using Php. . You can do this with the help of the code below:

<? PHP Include ('Templates / Header.php'); // Inserting the header of the site?> ... <? PHP Include ('templates / footer.php'); // Insert the basement of the site?> 

Try starting a file in the browser php / index.php. . Did not work out? Of course not. After all, the browser does not know what to do with the teams from which it consists Php file. (He is a php script ).

In order for any Php script Completed successfully, it must be processed by the interpreter of the language. Such an interpreter is necessarily present on all web servers and allows you to process PHP code . But how to see what has changed as a result of our work?

To debug web applications and implement a full-fledged web server on computers running operating system Windows , a free package was created Denwer (For your convenience, he is present in the prepared Archive ). It includes a web server Apache. , interpreters of such web programming languages ​​as PHP and Perl, database Mysql as well as tools to work with email.

Installing application package Denwer Does not require any serious effort. Run the installation file, carry out all its requirements. Select the letter of the virtual disk to quickly access the web server, create shortcuts. That's all! Denwer ready for work!

We have just installed the web server starts clicking on the label Start denwer (you can be called otherwise ). After starting the web server, copy to the folder Home / / www / located on the virtual disk appeared in the system ( usually Z), the contents of the PHP folder from Archive with which we work except the file index.html .

After that type in the address bar of the browser . Familiar picture? Now go through the links located on top of the page. Works? Excellent!

The key difference between the creation from scratch (be it using CMS systems or source code) from the site constructor is that the creation of a site from scratch involves the possibility not only to create a site that meets your needs, but also to manage all the capabilities that you yourself And laid.

In turn, the creation of an Internet resource using a particular site designer will not require the presence of special technical skills. Any of the above designers allows you to create a full-fledged site literally in a few hours. However, the designer's choice must be taken extremely carefully. The choice is yours!

In the table below, we tried to summarize the key advantages and disadvantages of the site from scratch VS site constructor:

Comparative characteristics Sites created using the designer Sites created by yourself from scratch
Easy to create Simply Hard
The speed of creation Very fast Long
The ability to edit source code No there is
Ability to promote search engines Possible nuances Absolute freedom
Flexibility in setting up design and functionality Limited Not limited
Ability to transfer to another hosting No more often there is

What method of creating a site is most preferable?

In fact, there is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your goals and tasks. Maybe you want to explore the most popular CMS systems? Or maybe learn how to generate source code created by the site? Nothing is impossible!

But if you want to create a modern and really high-quality site in a maximum short time, we recommend using it Constructors of sites !

We list several useful programs that will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of independent creation of the site:

NotePad ++. - Text editor that allows you to create and edit the source code of the site being created. Excellent replacement program " Notebook "Included in the operating system Windows .

Adobe Dreamweaver - Powerful and multifunctional program for creating sites. In addition, it includes the ability to preview the resource being created.

NetBeans. - application development environment that allows you to work effectively with such marking languages ​​and web programming as HTML , CSS. , Javascript. и Php. .

Suppose you have already created your first site, but what should any World Wide Web can do to him?

Domain is the name of the site. In addition, under the term " House N "Often understand the address of your site in the network" the Internet "

An excellent example of a domain may be the name of the site where you are now - .

As can be seen from the above example, the domain name of the site consists of two parts:

  • directly the name of the site - in our case it Internet-technologies. ;
  • Selected domain zone. In our case, the domain zone was chosen " .ru. " The domain zone is specified in the address of the site after its name.

It is also worth noting that there are domains of different levels. It is very easy to figure it out - just look at the number of separated points of the site's address. For example:

  • - second level domain;
  • - third-level domain (he is a subdomain).

Domain zones can be different. Most often, the choice of domain zone depends on the country or destination of each particular site.

The most commonly used domain zones:

  • .ru. - the most popular domain zone in the framework of the Russian-speaking segment of the World Wide Web;
  • BlIb - often the domain zone is used for business subject sites;
  • .com. - This domain zone is most often used for commercial and corporate sites;
  • .info. - In this domain zone, information sites are quite often located;
  • .net - Another popular domain zone suitable for Internet-related projects;
  • .rf - Official domain zone of the Russian Federation

Important! We strongly recommend using domains in the zone .rf . This is due to the complexity in promoting the site located in this domain zone.

If most of the target audience is located in Russia, we recommend registering a domain in the zone " .ru. "

When choosing a domain for your own website, we recommend that we guide the following principles:

  • originality and ease of memorization;
  • Maximum length - 12 characters;
  • Ease of set on a latin;
  • The absence in the name of the domain name "dash" (preferably, but not necessarily).
  • The purity of the history of the domain and the absence of any sanctions on it by search engines. This can be checked using the service " Whois History. "

We recommend using the services of a reliable and proven domain name registrar time - WebNames. . We use it.

Among other things, the site of this registrar allows you to directly select a name (domain) for your site. Make it is quite simple.

To do this, just enter the desired domain name in the corresponding field and click the " Search Domain "

In order for the site you created, it becomes available to all users of the World Wide Web, in addition to the domain your Internet resource also need hosting. Term " Hosting »The service is denoted by the location of your site on the Internet. The provision of such services is engaged in a large number of companies that are called " Hosters "

You must clearly understand that all sites that are available on the unstashes of the World Wide Web are somewhere. If we talk more specifically, they are ( their files ) on server hard drives ( Powerful computers ), which are at the disposal of companies - hosters.

Since almost any site consists of different types of files ( databases, texts, pictures, video ), Access to them from different computers is carried out by processing a query facing the site, which is located on the Hoster company server.

The cost of hosting can vary greatly depending on how large and visited the site you will create. The good news is that most sites are not required to truly costly hosting.

When choosing a hosting for the site being created, we recommend guided by the following criteria:

  • Stable work . The hosting you have chosen must work steadily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, you will carry reputational losses in the eyes of visitors, and also lose confidence from search engines. In this regard, it is worth paying special attention to such a parameter as Uptime hosting. UPTIME is the time during which the site works in normal mode and visitors can open it in their browser without any problems. It must be as close as possible to 100%. In turn, the site response time demonstrates how fast your site responds to a request coming from the user's browser. The smaller the response time, the better.
  • Simplicity and convenience of the user interface . When entering into your personal account, the entire control panel must be not only available, but also intuitively understandable. In particular, you must see the current balance, as well as to have quick access to all basic hosting functions.
  • Professional Russian Support Service . Fast, qualified and speaking language for you. Technical support is very important in the event of various failures in the site and the need for their operational elimination.
  • Service cost . This aspect is important for both novice webmasters that have a limited budget, as well as for owners of large-scale Internet projects requiring the use of really expensive hosting.

For our part, we can recommend you such reliable and tested hosting providers as Beget. (For beginners and advanced webmasters ), as well as FastVPS. (For those who need high-performance hosting ).

Suppose you have already created the site, bought a domain and hosting. What to do next?

Now you need to place all the files of our site on the server of your chosen hosting provider. There are several ways to do it at once. Let's talk about them.

  1. This is loading the contents of your site by HTTP protocol Using the hosting control panel.
  2. According to the protocol FTP. with the help of the so-called FTP client .

It is the second way that is the fastest. For this task, we recommend one of the best free FTP clients FileZilla. .

After establishing communication with FTP server The hosting provider chosen by you ( Usually after payment hosting provider transmits an IP address, login and login password ) Available disk space will be displayed as a logic device ( Like the usual hard drives of the computer ) On one of the two panels of the program used. After that, it will remain run the copying process and wait for its end.

Thus, your site will be published on the Internet and will be available to all users of the World Wide Web. At this stage, it will be possible to dial in the address bar of the browser its domain name and admire the result of the work done.

Why start learning the future webmaster (creator of sites)?

We recommend to start learning the site construction in the following order:

  • Basics HTML ;
  • Basics CSS. ;
  • Basics Php. .

As for further education and development, to create one-page sites will be useful to master such a program as ABOBE MUSE. . If you want to create multifunctional sites to order, be sure to find time for mastering CMS WordPress After all, it is now the most popular and common.

How to find and choose specialists to create a site

You need a website, but you do not want to create it yourself? Then it will be necessary to find really good and competent specialists. Let's figure it out how to do it.

There are several criteria at once, which should be relying when choosing specialists to create a website. We highlight the main:

  • The presence of portfolio successfully completed projects. If the performer you have chosen or the performers team do not have a portfolio, it raises questions.
  • The ability to explain complex things in simple language. If you have from the very beginning of communication " load "Complex terms and do not give them some clear explanations, it is better to find another performer.
  • It is desirable to have an artist's own site. Remember the expression "with Apodin without sapog "? Often it is the analogy is true, but there are exceptions here.
  • Positive feedback from real customers. Excellent if you manage to talk with customers, asking them to contact the performer.

As practice shows, you can always find specialists who are ready to create a site, on Freelance Exchange. Here are just some of them:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Where can I go through professional training of site creation?

At the moment, this is taught on specialized courses. It is important to understand that several diverse specialists are always involved in the process of professional creation of sites:

  • designer;
  • vestigur
  • programmer;
  • manager.

In this regard, it is necessary to understand that specialized courses allow you to master a specific profession and close a certain front of work related to the creation of the site. If you are looking for such courses, pay attention to the following training online platforms:

  • ;
  • .

Can I explore the basics of site buildings for free?

Yes, you can. To date, there are a large number of high-quality and absolutely free video courses related to the topic of site buildings. In particular, we can recommend the following:

  • Video Course " HTML »;
  • Video Course " CSS. »;
  • Video Course " Domain and hosting »;

Is it possible to create your own website?

Of course! To this end, it is best to use site designers, as they are great for beginners and at the same time provide truly extensive opportunities.

Is it possible to create a full-fledged site absolutely free?

No. Even if you are all developed ourselves (from scratch or on CMS. ) You still need to buy hosting and domain. It costs no big money, but still money.

If you take the designers of sites, you can create for free and test the site for free, but it is impossible to bind your own domain name for the created resource.

Option with free subdomains, which often use site designers, or free hosting should not be treated as a full.

Therefore, attachments, even if minimal, will be required. But do not be upset - it's usually, as a couple of cups of coffee per month.

Is it possible to make money on the creation of sites?

Of course! If you become a qualified specialist and create sites for other people, be sure to earn on it.

As for the potential level of income received, it will depend on several factors immediately. Among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Your experience you will have accumulated;
  • solvency of your customers;
  • the ability to negotiate with potential customers and sell their services to them;
  • Niche in which you will work;
  • Type of site being created.

Yes, diverse types of sites (their creation ) Stand in different ways. If we talk about the average prices of the market, at the moment they are as follows:

  • creation of a business card - from $ 100. ;
  • Creating a corporate site - from $ 500. ;
  • creating an online store - from $ 1000. ;
  • Creating a news site - from 700 $ ;
  • Creating an information SEO-site - from 300 $ ;
  • Creating an Internet portal - from $ 3000. ;
  • Creating a single-page site - from 400 $ ;
  • Creating a blog - from $ 50. ;
  • Creating a forum - from 300 $ .

In addition, you should not forget that you can successfully monetize your own website. We devoted to this question at once two interesting articles. The first talks about how to independently promote the site, and the second is devoted to how to make money on its website. Be sure to get acquainted with them!

Thank you for reading this article. We will be very happy if our recommendations will help you. Also, thank you for husky and sharing. Stay with us, and you will learn more interesting!

Maybe you have any questions about creating sites? Specify them in the comments, and we will try to help you!

For many users, the site creation process seems to be something impossible, especially when it comes to independent design and encoding a web resource. At first glance, it may not seem difficult, but with the arrival of various designers to make it set to everyone.

In today's article, I will figure out the main techniques related to web development, and also show you how to create a site for free with your own hands.

Step 1: Platform Selection

Before moving to the review of popular platforms for web development, it is worth understanding what the site is generally consisting of and how those pages that we see on the Internet are made. We will not deepen into complex aspects, let's talk only about the main components of the site:

  • HTML is a markup language that determines the content and structure of the website. Thanks to him, we see all the contents of the page. Technically is a simple file with the .html extension, which is independently created by the user. The main elements of the "code" are tags and attributes.
  • CSS is a text file in the .css format, which contains the rules for describing the HTML page. This component allows us to visually customize HTML markup language. For example, change the color of the background, enlarge the font, add an image or register the effects to different items.
  • JavaScript is a scripting programming language. Its main idea is to improve the capabilities of the site, for example, to add a "husky" function, download new posts in the tape, run animation and so on.

Please note that CSS and JavaScript are optional components, and you can easily make a site without them. However, if you still have to live without JavaScript, you can create a full-fledged site without CSS. In practice, of course, it is possible, but it will look like a web resource from the 2000s.

Son Son Mamina Girlfriend

As soon as an HTML file with a tied style table (CSS) will be created on the local computer, the site is ready, i.e. It can be unloaded on the Internet. But not everything is so simple simple - this approach is "a little" outdated. Now you can most often meet the relationship of these components with the content management system - CMS. This is a site engine that has a wide functionality and allows you to create a powerful resource without programming knowledge.

That is, you can independently create a site on HTML and CSS, and then embed it into one of the CMS. Or you can install CMS to the server and make a website using templates. Naturally, the template will never be able to replace the site created from scratch, but this is a great way for those who do not know the markup language and cannot program.

Top 5 best CMS to launch the site in 2021:

  1. WordPress.
  2. Joomla!
  3. Drupal.
  4. TYPO3.
  5. Serendipity.

The first in the list is WordPress, and heads the top it is not just like that. WP is the most popular content management system in the world. It created a lot of popular sites:,, and many others. In addition, WordPress is famous for its template solutions.

Despite the fact that WordPress is very popular, you need certain skills to work with it. In addition, to independently create a unique and selling site without connecting the programmer will be quite problematic. The solution to the problem can be the use of site designer. In it you can create a site by simple dragging of visual blocks.

List of 5 popular site designers in 2021:

  1. Tilda Publishing
  2. Lpgenerator.
  3. WIX.
  4. Ukit.
  5. ucoz.

I recommend paying attention to Tilda - a powerful tool for creating various sites: ledding, multi-page, online stores. This is the perfect designer for those who do not understand the web development. Even a child - the service interface is extremely simple to create a site on Tilde. Of course, the tilde has and advanced functionality - for example, you can add a third-party code to recreate what the standard functionality cannot be made. To work, the Personal Tariff connection will be connected, the cost of which is 750 rubles per month.

Wait to run away, this is not such a big amount, and now you will be sure about it. The fact is that the hosting has already built in Tilda and the protected HTTPS protocol is connected for free. The only extra expense is the payment of the domain name. On the usual site, for example, on WordPress, you will need to pay hosting, as well as connect the SSL certificate for a separate value. Therefore, 750 rubles per month is not such a big amount, especially if the site brings a large stream of customers.

So, we discussed the basic structure of the site and looked at the best platforms for its creation. Now you can switch to the choice of hosting and domain name.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and hosting

Each site on the network is identified by a unique name - for example, or This name is called a domain, usually it is purchased from the domain registrar, and then installed on hosting. There are also free domains, but this option is more suitable for the test site, rather than for a full and worker.

When the domain name is purchased, you will need to attach it to your site. To do this, you need to register on the hosting, add a website there and only then connect the domain. In the case of Timeweb, everything is much easier - create a website and purchase a domain for it in a single control panel!

Let's create an account on the TimeWeb hosting and connect a domain to it:

  1. Go to Official Hosting Page And in the top menu, click on the "Login for Customer" button. Free hosting
  2. On the displayed page, choose "Register". Hosting Timeweb registration
  3. We enter your name and postal address, then click "Become a Client." TimeWeb Hosting
  4. The 10-day test period is activated. Now we will be redirected to your personal account - here all interactions with the site will occur. To connect a new domain to it, open the section "Domains and subdomains". How to connect a new domain on Timeweb
  5. Here we can how to register a new domain, and add an existing one. If you previously bought somewhere a domain name or want to get free, then select "Add Domain". To buy a new domain, you must click on the "Register Domain" button and select the desired name. For example, connect a free domain that is issued by hosting. How to connect a free domain on Timeweb
  6. TimeVEB allows you to use the test zones,,, For example, we can create a free domain of the Please note that the domain name can be occupied. If it is free, then a green tick will appear opposite it. After that, you can click on the Add button. How to add a new domain on Timeweb
  7. Ready! Now we can go through the specified domain - just enter it in the browser query string where page addresses are prescribed. As a result, information about hosting should be displayed - this is normal, since we have not yet created the site. Site on TimeWeb.

As you can see, connect your domain is not at all difficult. Now you can go to the creation of your own website.

Step 3: Create a website

Earlier, we reviewed popular CMS platforms, and also connected the domain name to the future site. We turn directly to the development of the website - in this article we will not write their code, and consider only those methods of building a page that beginners can take advantage. This is using templates in WordPress, as well as designing the site in Tilda.

How to create a site on WordPress.

Domain We have already connected, now let's connect it with our site, but for the beginning we will create its base pattern. To do this, in the Personal Cabinet TimeWeb we will do the following:

  1. Go to the CMS Directory section and select WordPress. How to TimeWeb Install WordPress
  2. In the displayed window, select "Install the application". How to put on TimeWeb Wordpress
  3. Select a domain name, activate the creation of a new database and click on "start installation". How to host TimeWeb to put WordPress
  4. Ready! Now the domain is connected to the new site, and we can move to its upgrade. To begin with, open the administrative panel to "Go to Appendix". How to open a WordPress admin post after installation
  5. We enter the data for the input specified after installing WordPress, and click "Log in". How to enter the administrative panel WordPress
  6. Next, we fall into the WordPress admin. - Here we will spend all modifications with the site. First of all, we are interested in its appearance - for this, we turn to the section "Appearance" -> "Topics" and press "add a new one" on the right part. How to change the topic in WordPress
  7. We choose the "Popular" tab and fall into a huge shop with various topics - at the moment there are 3918. For example, take the topic "Agencyup" and install it. How to install the topic in WordPress
  8. On the same page activate it. How to activate the topic in WordPress
  9. Now we can open the site and make sure that the topic is activated. To do this, in the upper left corner, you will put the mouse cursor on the name WordPress and click on "Go to the site". How to see your site on Wordpress
  10. As a result, we will appear before us. To customize it, in the top menu there is a special button "Configure", which opens access to editing available blocks: Menu, Futher, Main page, and other items. How to configure a template in WordPress

This is how the site creation is on WordPress. In addition to using those available, you can create your own - in this case, you will need HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. In addition, you can build a good business - creating websites on WordPress is very popular all over the world!

How to create a site on Tilda.

If in WordPress to create a unique site requires knowledge of the markup language, CSS-styles and other things, then in Tilda you can do without them, and now you will be sure about it.

Let's create a simple site from several template blocks and one Zero block:

  1. Go to the official Tilda page and register. Tilda registration
  2. After that, we get to the main page of the site designer. First of all, connect the Personal tariff to access all functions. For new accounts, it is issued for free for 2 weeks. Open the "Tariffs and Payment" section to connect it. How to connect a free Personal tariff in Tilda
  3. Select "activate". Free Personal Tilda Account
  4. Return to the "My Sites" section and create a blank site. How to create a site on a tilde
  5. We come up with the name name. Creating a site on Tilde
  6. Create a new page. How to create a new page on Tilde
  7. As a result, we will display a list of available templates, as well as the ability to create an empty page. Let's take the first template for example and add Zero-block to it - let's see what it represents and what is the functionality in the designer. How to create your site on Tilde
  8. Let's go a little by the main buttons. At the top of the menu, through which we can go to the preview of the website, publish it, configure and appeal to technical support. The "Publish" button allows you to make changes to the real site - if you corrected any blocks, then you can save these changes using the "Publish" button. Below are the various blocks over which one menu is located - it is responsible for editing the block itself. How to create your site from scratch on tilde
  9. Zero unit is the block that we can create with your own hands. At the moment, we are only temporary options, which we can adjust with limited functionality, i.e. Add to the right-hand some picture we will not work. It is for this that there is a Zero block - an assistant for limitless customization. To add it, you must first create a new unit - for this you will bring the mouse over the area between any two blocks and click on the button in the form of a plus. How to add zero block in tilde
  10. The next step in the lower left corner is chosen "zero block". How to create a zero block in tilde
  11. We carry the mouse cursor on the created block and go to its editing. How to edit a block in tilde
  12. It is here that we can make all kinds of changes - add text as we want to change its font, work with various tools and much more. In general, the functionality is quite extensive. You can independently explore the Zero block, and if something is incomprehensible, refer to Tilda Reference Center . After editing the block, do not forget to click on "Save" and "Close" to get out of it. How to save zero block in tilde
  13. Now let's see what happened to us - for this, in the upper right corner, click "Publish". How to publish a site in Tilde
  14. Click "Open page" next step. How to open your site on tilde
  15. As a result, we see that the template created by us was applied. How to create your site on a tilde for free

Naturally, the development of a full-fledged web resource will take several days, and even more. Now you can practice the creation of Zero blocks, as well as experiment with template solutions. Remember that the template is not always bad.

On this, my introductory instructions for creating sites comes to an end. Today we talked about what websites consist of which platforms are used for them, and also tried to create a site on Wordpress and Tilda. I hope that very soon creating websites will be your hobby.

Thank you for attention!

How to create a site itself. Creating sites for teapots.

Income to create your own website, but the task seems complicated? They offer instructions for teapots, which will separate everything in its place and will help navigate, and also step by step to come to the result without solid knowledge in web programming.

How to develop a site from scratch can be found in this video:

Video Tutorial №0: «How to create a site yourself without knowledge »

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Website creation: where to start a newcomer

Before proceeding to developing a web resource, it is important to determine which tools will be needed for this, and, of course, at least approximately calculate the budget for the creation and launch of the site. At the very beginning, you still need to choose the information niche with which you will work, that is, the subject of the site. When all this is solved, only then can be started to develop the site. Let's look more in more detail, from which it costs to push off.

The book "How to make a site and start earning"

If you are a beginner in creating sites, I recommend starting learning from the book - "How to make a site and start earning" .

Buy the book "How to make a site and start earning" you can on the site

Free course "How to create your site for 6 days"

Also, except for the book, you can start learning from the free course. The course is designed for 6 days. During this time, you will create a website, forum, blog or online store.

Link to a free course:

If you give time and this article, you can completely create a website on the article in Zen.

Choosing an idea

This is a very important step that precedes the development of the site, regardless of whether it will be some kind of blog selling or news publ. For any business, an idea is important. If it is not, then all the efforts can go to the Nammark. Even if the idea appears ambitious, there is still a risk of not reaching success due to incorrect solutions on the implementation of the project.

However, the idea should be interesting to users, and the developer, as well as it should be useful. Otherwise, you just can not completely give up the project and lose the motivation.

Setting the goal

It is important to clearly represent why you need a website. Each specific project goals can be their own. But if we consider generally, you can focus on the following, and then specify them under yourself:

  • find and keep the target audience;
  • form customer confidence;
  • process applications if your task is to create an online store from scratch yourself;
  • give users useful information;
  • provide content to download;
  • Automate certain processes.

Modernize the list, complete it and move on.

How to choose the theme and name of the web resource

When you decide with the idea, the next step occurs. Let me remind you that the topic should be interesting to you, you should be an expert in it. Otherwise, users will immediately understand that there is some kind of catch. Accordingly, to unwind the site in the future will be very difficult.

To make the site yourself, it is important to choose a name that will reflect the essence of your project and will be easy to remember. In addition, the name must be unique, not copied from another resource.

Well, if the name of the site and its domain will coincide. So visitors will easily find you, simply by entering the address in the browser search bar. For commercial projects, choose domain zones RU, BY, COM, NET, ORG. Then you simplify the process of promotion and indexing.

The choice of hosting also should be considered responsibly. After all, high-quality access to the resource, advanced developer tools is important for us. You can read more about hosting in the appropriate article on the channel.

Hosting company and domain registration:

  • (I recommend) Russia and the CIS
  • Hosterby. (I recommend) (Belarus)

What to do site yourself

Turning to the next stage, relying on the goals set, go to the selection of the site type. This will affect the filling of the resource and its further promotion. Among the huge variety of species, we will highlight the most common:

  • Online store - platform is designed to familiarize yourself with the company's products and subsequent sale.
  • The corporate site is a major business card of the company where guide is provided: services, catalogs, news, online service, vacancy.
  • Business card - a simple resource with a small number of pages where information about the company, advertising, customer reviews, the cost of services, contacts are often placed.
  • SEO-site - usually provides information from various areas, from cooking dishes to the complex car repair.
  • Information portal - Fresh world news, etc.
  • Web portal - Combining useful services for users, such as poster, transport timetable, weather forecast.
  • Blog - reviews, thoughts, tips, photos from one person.
  • Landing - a resource aimed at selling some specific product.
  • Internet service - In one place, services are combined for user convenience: mailing, payments, mail, stock exchange.
  • Forum - a site dedicated to a specific topic so that users find each other in interest.

Sites are also classified according to certain criteria:

  • for the purpose of creating (commercial and non-commercial resources);
  • in accessibility (open, semi-closed and closed);
  • In the number of audience (blog, portal, homepage, thematic web resource, etc.);
  • on functional design (flash site, dynamic, set of statistics pages);
  • By location (public or local).

Solving the question, how to make your site, you need to decide on the type of resource. It does not always happen just. Sometimes the site combines several species in themselves. But the more accurate you decide on the classification, the easier it will work with the site.

How to make a site and what is needed for this

Within the framework of this topic, we will not deepen with the creation of complex sites, for beginners it will be enough to deal with simple web resources, in demand for promoting business or services.

Stages of creation, not touching the functionality, we have already touched, it's time to go to ways. The site, as you understand, is not just a beautiful picture, more important for the resource - content, functionality and ease of use.

To start, whether it is a development of an online store or a forum creation, a domain and server is required. Read more about hosting can be read in the article on the channel.

So how to make the site yourself from scratch? We will need three main components:

  • Directly site (content, design, structure).
  • Domain (blog article: How to buy Domain ).
  • Hosting (blog article: How to buy hosting ).

Video tutorial what domain is

In this video language, consider what a domain is.

Video tutorial what hosting

In this video language, consider what hosting is.

Articles in Zen:

Instructions for creating a site from scratch do it yourself

How to make your site without having technical knowledge? What is CMS and site designer? What is the algorithm to act to develop a web resource?

If you are interested in these questions, below you will find answers to them. When creating an online store or creating a forum, or a resource of another orientation, you yourself at least once, you can offer your services to the interested audience.

How to Make Website: Technical Aspects

The site development process is more dependent on the proper selection of tools. Today, there are three main ways to create sites on their own:

  • using CMS systems;
  • with the help of designers;
  • By writing the code on your own.

If the last way will need to have appropriate training, then for beginners in this case, the first two are most suitable, so we will analyze them in more detail.

Designer sites

The creation of the site on the designer is suitable for those who do not want to spend time on learning technologies and tools. Here you can choose both free and paid option. It all depends on your requests.

The most popular platform is the most popular:

Recommended designers I marked emoticons: 🔥

  • 🔥 ukit. - Designer for those after the creation of the site independently plans to engage in its co-advancement. This is an intuitive interface, a modern analytics system.

Get acquainted with the designer can on the site Ukit >>>

  • 🔥 UMI. - Another simple designer to create sites with convenient control.

Get acquainted with the designer can on the site UMI >>>

How to create a site itself. Creating sites for teapots.
  • 🔥 Ucraft. - Another convenient site constructor. The management is quite lightweight, there is a logo designer.

Get acquainted with the designer can on the site UCRAFT >>>

How to create a site itself. Creating sites for teapots.
  • Lpgenerator. - Designer sites in a large functionality, CRM system, a / b Testing, analytics and more.
  • 🔥 Bitrix24. - A good constructor, a comfortable constructor, is CRM.

Get acquainted with the designer can on the site Bitrix24 >>>

  • 🔥 Lpmotor - Easy in managing the designer of sites, Landing, online stores, quiz and sales aircraft.

Get acquainted with the designer can on the site LPMotor >>>

  • WIX. - Designer for easy and fast creation of high quality sites, so that it has gained wide popularity, as has already been noted above.
  • NETHOUSE. - The designer is suitable for creating online stores, business cards, portfolio. Master it easily, as used in the future.
  • Tilda. - Another convenient constructor for creating websites and Landing Page.

CMS: Which engine to choose to create a site

Site Management, or Engine Management, allows you to manage content through a visual interface. The CMS selection depends on what purpose the web resource is haunting. If you choose the platform correctly at the initial stage, it will be easier to create a website, how to manage it in the future. There are paid CMS and free versions. Before choosing the desired service, it is important to estimate all its advantages and disadvantages.

Free versions of CMS.

The engines that are provided free of charge today are surprised by their quality. But in order for them to successfully use, you will have to pull certain knowledge.

Article blog: How to install CMS for hosting yourself

Among free platforms have proven well-established:

  • WordPress is a great option for blogs, corporate resources, business cards, single-bars.

An example of installing WordPress on hosting TimeWeb.

Below in the article will be a video tutorial for the purchase of a domain and hosting from Timeweb

An example of configuring a free WordPress template

In this video language, consider setting up a free template on the WordPress.

For more details about the creation of the site in my blog, I tell about other templates and other options for creating a site.

  • Joomla is a platform with multiple functions, suitable for simple sites and to create large online stores.
  • Drupal is a popular CMS with a large set of features that is suitable for creating web resources of any orientation.
  • Instantcms - The engine is designed predominantly for urban portals, social. Networks, online clubs, dating sites.
  • PHPBB is a platform with which the forums are being created.
  • OpenCart - Engine is great for creating online stores. But due to the complex functional, the newcomer may need a programmer's help.

A series of video tutorials on installing OpenCart on hosting and filling of online store goods

In this video, consider the installation of OpenCart on hosting and filling the online store.

Create a site on a paid control system (CMS)

Unlike previous versions, paid engines are distinguished by advanced functionality regarding the editing of content and seo-advancement. Here, without experience in programming it will be difficult to do. We give examples of paid CMS:

Creating a site to "1C-Bitrix"

High-performance and powerful system that allows you to work with absolutely any platform. It is noteworthy that there is integration with 1C, which is important for online stores, and administering capabilities through mobile devices.

  • oscommerce - Excellent system for steep online stores, widest functionality.
  • UMI.cms - also a decent paid system. There are many unique templates in it, more than 500, there is a possibility of refinement for a specific project.

How to make a website yourself: Structure

When you develop your own website, it is important to think through its structure, because it depends on this, it will also be convenient to navigate through the resource pages, everything will be clear. In sections and subsections should not be unnecessary information, it distracts and leads the potential client. Think out that each element is in its place, and the logic was traced.

What to place on the site

Content that you post on the site should be useful, interesting and unique, fully disclose user requests. Before pouring photos and videos, they need to be facilitated using special tools. If you forget about it, the page can be loaded for a very long time. It is unlikely that the user wants to wait until it occurs.

Site design

Website creation from scratch requires design development. This is also an important point, because it determines the impression that the user who visits your web resource will be at the user. Will he be neat and pleasant, will irritate vision or soothe? Can the user understand the navigation of the buttons? In CMS, you can pre-create a prototype of the future site using geometric shapes. In the future, it will simplify the work process.

How to make a site yourself: layout

Of course, you can use ready-made solutions. But I recommend not to be lazy and get at least a knowledge base for HTML and CSS. Even if you first see these abbreviations, it is not necessary to scare. Not everything is so scary as it may seem at first glance. In addition, there are assistants in building sites. Here is some of them:

  • NotePade ++ - Comfortable notebook with good functionality.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver - With this program, you can easily facilitate the process of creating the site, as well as pre-see the design and functionality of the project through the browser.
  • PhpDesigner is a program that helps create a site of any complexity.
  • BALSAMIQ MOCKUPS - You can create a framework of a future web resource on this application.
  • Adobi Muz - the program will help create both the easiest site and the most difficult resource. By the way, there are many videos on YouTube, which will be taught to handle these programs.

7 Rules for creating a domain

The topic of the domain name above, we have already touched a little, now let's go deep into it, because it depends on it whether your site will be recognizable on the network. To choose something one, sonorous and short, it is better to make a list where at least 50 options will be.

But it is with a domain when creating a site there may be problems. Imagine how many resources on the Internet and how many names are already busy. I recommend to consider when inventing the name, parameters such as uniqueness, attractiveness, simplicity.

But this is not all you need to know. I offer several rules that will help create an effective domain name:

  • Uniqueness. To be impossible to confuse your site, the name should not be repeated anywhere. Do not use brand domains by changing them a bit, so you lose the audience, even if your business niches are different.
  • Keys. Select keywords to your project, and then swipe brainstorming. Perhaps you will handle useful ideas.
  • Simple writing. Domain The user should be comfortable to write even on Latin. Choose a capacious name, without complex combinations of characters.
  • Optimal expansion. We are interested, first of all, the upper domains, as they are easier to promote them. These include: RU, BY, UA, COM, NET, ORG.
  • Memory. Strive to the user to see the name of the site for the first time, I immediately remember him. So it will be easier to find, entering the name in the address bar, and not through the search, which can lead to competitors.
  • Laconicity. We don't need long words, the domain should be short. Even in advertising, the short word works advantageous than a long word.
  • Lack of numbers and dash. Try not to use the data symbols in the domain name. This complicates their set and memorization.

Author rights. Check if your name is not taken, otherwise you will violate the copyright. So you risk losing and domain, and the site, and even the company. To check this, you can simply enter a name in the address bar IL to use a special web service.

  • Article blog: How to buy Domain

Videos for buying a domain and hosting

Buy a domain and hosting on TimeWeb. (I recommend) Russia and the CIS

Domain by Hosterby. (I recommend) Belarus

How to start the site

When all preparatory steps are passed, the site is created on CMS, the domain and hosting are selected, the resource can be launched. Do not forget to get SSL certificate from the provider. It will need to be updated once every 6 months, but you get protected from unauthorized access of others. It is not difficult, a hoster will help you with the certificate installation.

Before running the created site, it must be tested, reveal the shortcomings and correct them if they are detected. Otherwise, the resource when used may not behave unpredictable. For example, a product sorting will not work in the online store, or a feedback button will disappear.

If everything works clearly, you need to transfer the site to the server and open access to visitors. You can do this using a conductor program, for example, Failzilla. Focusing on this step-by-step instruction (will be at the end of the article), as well as my video on the YouTube Channel You can create your first site yourself.

Site indexation

The process of creating a site from scratch we reviewed. Here, the resource is on the network, but for its users able to find, the site needs to index. If you say simply, to introduce the search engine. You can perform it in manual mode or automatically. Usually a new site takes about 2 weeks so that search engines recognize it. More information about the indexing process can be found in my blog.

Creating a site yourself for free from scratch or on site constructor?

If you compare the creation of a site from scratch (CMS or source code) and developing on the constructor, then the main difference is that in the first case you will not only make the site, but also manage the capabilities that themselves and laid.

No special knowledge designers are required to work with designers. It is necessary to make a little effort and spend time, and the web resource will be ready for use. We give a visual comparison of the pros and cons of site creation for beginners on the designer and independently.

How to create a site itself. Creating sites for teapots.

If you wonder what kind of way to give preference, it is unambiguous to respond difficult. It all depends on what goals and tasks you put before the site. Of course, I recommend creating a site yourself, so you will have more opportunities and experience. Yes, and on the designer it is impossible to make a high-class site.


Even if you do not own programming tools and website buildings, a good site with a well-thought-out structure, a beautiful design and good functionality, relying on the above described. I hope the information was useful for newbies and now you have an idea how to create your site from scratch yourself. Use the recommendations and stay on the channel to learn a lot of interesting things.

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My YouTube Channel - Here you will find video tutorials on the creation of the site, promotion of sites and earnings on the Internet.
❗ Additional information can be found - I have a blog .
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❗ Services - by SEO-promotion sites .
Watch for new video tutorials -
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If you need to open an IP in Belarus or Minsk, I advise you to read an article on the Zen Channel:

I recommend items that will be useful to you, on Zen:

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It seems that all goods and services are now sold through the social network. In VKontakte and Instagram, you can find both small shops of needlework candles, jewelry or desserts and companies selling national houses. But if your business becomes closely there - it is worth thinking about creating the site. You can collect all the information about your product or services, talk about the main advantages, show photos and customer reviews.

The creation of the site is a time-consuming business. We will tell, through what stages will have to go through which nuances worth paying attention to.

Before creating a website, analyze competitors, understand how they sell. Website creation will not raise sales automatically. If you have a small beauty salon or a small pizzeria, you will be more suitable for the social networks, which are easier to promote, and the costs are less.

Several specialists are engaged in creating sites: designer, projection, programmer. Copywriters and content managers fill the sites with texts, and marketers are promoting ready-made pages. Manager project manager project.

You can contact a specialist who will gather a turnkey site - and even find all employees. Or try to become the project manager himself and hire the team of specialists.

Step 1. Determine the purpose of creating a site

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the purpose of creating the site. They usually have two species - commercial and non-commercial.

If you plan to attract customers through the site, then your goal is definitely commercial. It means that the site functionality must be appropriate: you have to develop the order form, catalog of goods and a basket.

If the main flow of orders goes to you not through the site - most likely you have no commercial goals. Then from the site you can do, for example, a news portal or a blog that will tell about interesting events, one way or another connected with your product.

Then try to define the tasks that the site should solve. For example:

  • Ordering;
  • collecting customer contacts;
  • placement of materials for download - for example, product catalogs;
  • consulting customers before buying;
  • Re-sales.
The girl looks at the phone and computer screen

Step 2. Select the type of site

The type of site depends on what functions it performs - sells, introduces the product or simply entertains your customers, working on the company's image.

Online store

Its main difference - the goods can be chosen, add to the basket and buy right on the spot. To do this, the site should be able to register and create a personal account. So buyers will be able not only to pay for the order, but also to track it. And after some time, make a re-purchase.

Each product will need a card with a photo and description. To pay for orders by the card, you will need to connect payment systems. You can also add the ability to assign discounts - for example, to arrange a sale for the holiday.

Service site

If you do not need to sell products, you can restrict ourselves to a small site with multiple pages. This type will suit the beauty salon, cafe, medical clinic. On multiple pages, the company's main services will be painted, maybe the price list is posted.

Website business card

A small site, often a single-student, which contains the most basic information about the company and contacts. This can be a portfolio of a specialist, such as a lawyer or a photographer. Or a presentation of one brief and understandable service: salt room, a solarium or even a one-time event - exhibitions or concert.

Company website, or corporate website

Unlike a business card, consists of several pages: the menu may include pages of the second and third level. Suitable for posting more information. It may contain a catalog of goods, company news, information about projects and partners.

Portals, News Blogs

The main goal is an interesting file feed. On such sites, you can usually meet many articles, tests, photos and videos.


Will be useful if customers have many questions related to your goods and services. Gradually, a small community can even form around your business. True, now forums are often replaced by groups and chats in social networks.

Address line browser

Step 3. Invent the name and domain name

The domain name for the site is the name of the site, which is driven into the address bar, for example The name should reflect the name of the brand, but at the same time be memorable and easily read. Ideally, you must be able to easily dictate it - without any "ES as a dollar". Do not choose too long names - it is desirable to limit ourselves to 12 characters. Also worth avoiding numbers and characters. And, of course, errors are all associated with fraudulent resources.

The top-level domain, or the domain zone - these are the letters that stand at the end of the address after the point: .ru, .com or .org. Thanks to them, it is possible to understand where the organization is located or in which country it leads its activities. The most popular domain is .com, but it makes no sense to use if you work only in Russia. It will suit the usual .ru. In addition, the use of domains of other countries, search engines can apply penalty sanctions to your site.

Recently, except geographical domains began to appear professional: agency, .media, .travel. They immediately indicate the sphere of your activity.

The domain name you buy is not forever, but only rent. Therefore, you will have to pay for it regularly, for example once a year. Choosing a domain name for the site, be sure to check whether it does not match the competitor address. If the name is already busy, add a short word to the title that refers to your field of activity. For example, you can add shop to the name of the store, and toys - toys. Buy a domain name for the site, pick up and register a domain, for example, on WebNames sites,,

Step 4. Choose hosting

Hosting is a place on the server where all the materials of your site will be stored. When choosing it, pay attention to the UPTIME indicator is the time of smooth operation. It must be as close as possible to 100%. It is also desirable to choose hostings with understandable functionality and the Russian support service. It is to her that you will apply if the site stops working.

Like a domain name, hosting is rented. The rental price depends on the volume of the repository. Therefore, if you do not plan to create a large portal, then the expensive hosting you will not need. But also to use free hosting for the site is also not worth it - it is unreliable. The server can suddenly "fall", and all materials from your site will disappear at an indefinable time.

Step 5. Select the platform, or the site engine

The site platform is about the same as the operating system for the computer. It depends on how many functions you can add to your site and how convenient will it be used.

The platform can be created in three ways:

  • using the site constructor;
  • with CMS;
  • Write code yourself.
Website Wix on the phone

Site designers

An option that is most suitable for newcomers. Create a site on the constructor is almost as easy as to register on the social network. By default, you will be assigned a domain name of the constructor, that is, the But many services make it possible to pay extra and remove the design name from the address.

We advise the site on the constructor only if you need to get the result as quickly as possible and cheap. For example, you need to test a new market segment or sell tickets to the event. For capital sites, designers are not suitable. Such resources are heavier to promote.

Examples of designers: Tilda, Mobirise, Wix, Nethouse.

Website WordPress on the tablet

CMS system

CMS, or Content Management System is a site management system, also called admin. They are paid and free.

The most famous free administration system is WordPress. It created about a quarter of all sites on the Internet. It is great for blogs, business card sites, portfolio, corporate sites. For beginners, this is the perfect option: the administration of the administrator is intuitive and does not require special knowledge.

Paid platforms provide more opportunities for personalization. But, in order to use them, you will have to learn a little html or call the help of a programmer.

The most famous paid CMS is "1C-Bitrix". It allows you to create large sites and can integrate with the 1C system - this is especially important for online stores.

Program code on a laptop

Self Writing Site Code

To create a site from scratch, you will need to go through three main stages:

  1. Recruiling site layout . At this stage, the designer thinks out how the basic elements of the site will look like - "cap", menus, blocks with information, banners. Usually for this use Adobe Photoshop or other graphic editors.
  2. Worst . At this stage, the code is written, and the elements created are embedded in the site.
  3. PHP implementation . The site ceases to be just a picture, users can interact with it, for example, leave orders.

A self-created site has more opportunities both in design and promotion. But working with it will require much more time and skills. Make changes to it will be harder.

Step 6. Collect the semantic site kernel

The semantic kernel of the site is a set of key queries by which users will find your site in search engines - Google and Yandex. For example, "buy furniture Tver", "Cakes to order Moscow" or "Sew curtains to order Falcon." By drawing out a list of such requests, you will understand which articles and news will be needed to promote the site. If there is a large number of expert, well-structured and frequently updated information on a particular topic, search engines will more often show the site in extradition. So customers will be able to get to you directly from the search engines.

Choose requests for your topic, or "keys", you can use the free Yandex.WordStat service. It needs to be driven into words related to the company's activities, and see how often people are looking for them on the Internet. The more digit, the more popular inquiry. You should not write articles only on popular topics - so you can not move. Focus on requests for medium popularity.

Wireframe site

Step 7. Think up the site structure

Now that you have dealt with the type of site and the semantic core, you can sample structure. This is a kind of page pages. You can even make it on paper. In order for the search engines to show the site at the beginning of the search for issuance, comply with such recommendations:

  1. Make the opportunity to get home from any page. For example, using the site cap and logo, which can always click.
  2. Do not forget "bread crumbs." These are the buttons with which you can go step back from any page of the site. For example, in the clothing store to leave the page of a specific dresses back to the general directory.
  3. Do not create more than 4 levels of pages. It is worth staying on: Clothing -> Dresses -> Festive dresses -> Wedding dresses.

Step 8. Consipient Content Site

Before starting the site, it is worth preparing content, that is, texts, photos and video so that the pages are not empty. You can do it yourself or entrust specialists - copywriters and content managers.

That's what to pay attention to:

  • Texts should be unique. It is not worth copying articles from competitors sites or reprint the pages from Wikipedia.
  • Photos and videos should not weigh a lot. For example, the weight of one photo should not exceed 1 MB. Some CMS automatically squeeze the photos or allow it to do when loading. If there is no such option, you can optimize the photos using different converters or in Adobe Photoshop graphic editors.
View sites on two tablets

Step 9. We check usability, or ease of use of the site

Analysis of usability can be carried out after starting the site to make it more and more convenient for users. But even before the launch, it is necessary to make sure that:

  • The font site is not too small.
  • There is no large number of pop-ups that interfere with the user to see the basic information on the page.
  • There are "bread crumbs", thanks to which the user at any time can return to the previous page.
  • From the main page, the user can easily get on secondary pages, such as a product catalog.
  • The user can find all the necessary information about paying, delivery, return and contacts.

Now in the trend is the maximum simplicity. It is believed that the user must make no more than 2 clicks from the moment of logging in to the target action, for example, pressing the "Add to Cart" button. If the path is longer, you can lose customers.

Step 10. Create design

If you are using WordPress Designers or Systems, you can choose a design from ready-made free templates - to make it just as easy as you change the screensaver on the phone. If you want to add the site of the individuality, you will have to be performed into the foundations of HTML and CSS. Then the template can be finalized to your needs: change the head hat, change colors.

Important: Check how the site will look on various devices - ordinary computers, tablets and mobile phones. If your page is inconvenient to browse from the smartphone, you can lose part of the sales. Good news: template sites, as a rule, already contain mobile versions.

Step 11. Getting Started

If the site layout you have developed yourself, you will need to do code under it. These are engaged in cameramen and programmers. Taking the work, check if the result matches the layout.

View profiles of vestors

You can brand yourself in yourself in Atom, Sublime and Visual Studio Code programs.

Step 12. Run the site

Before starting, you need to test in the browser, whether everything works correctly, and only then open access for all.

When the domain is registered, hosting is paid, the site is checked for performance, it is transferred to the server. To do this, use FileZilla type conductors - they transfer files from your computer to hosting.

Home Google on Tablet

Bonus: indexation in search engines

To get the site to Google and Yandex search engines and displayed on different requests, it is necessary that search engines are checked. This process can be accelerated if you create robots.txt and sitemap.xml files and send them to Yandex.Vebmaster and Google Search Console.

The robots.txt file creates a programmer that writes the site code. This file contains recommendations for search engines - that they can be scanned, and what is not. For example, it is worth banning the search engine view the contents of the client basket and system files.

The sitemap.xml file is a site map. It indicates how pages are organized on the site and how the information on them is updated. It is necessary that the search engine remembers how often you need to scan your site and update the results in extradition.

Important from time to time to analyze indexation. Especially if there are many pages on your site and they are often updated. Find out whether the search engines are indexed, you can in several ways:

  1. Enter Site: and the name of your site, for example Site: The number of results will be equal to the number of pages approved by the search engine.
  2. View Google Search Console in the Google Index Status section and in Yandex.Vebmaster in the section "Indexing - Pages in Search".
  3. Take advantage of the RDS BAR browser extensions, which will display whether a specific page was indexed.

There are several reasons for which search engines can index not all pages:

  1. Site less than 3 months.
  2. The Robots file has limitations to indexing certain pages.
  3. You rarely update information on the site and create new pages.
  4. The site has low speed, the pages are slowly loaded. This can happen if there are "heavy" photos or videos on the pages.
  5. Search engines imposed on you sanctions for using fraudulent circuits or "gray" promotion.

It can be useful

{{Card_top_93250,93150,92250,2000987,92200,92150,93500,93200_c = 8}}

NETHOUSE - a decent competitor Tilda, Wix and other site designers. He has a powerful functionality, while working there simply and understandable.

In Nethouse, you can create business cards, personal blogs, online shopping, lending. In the 100+ page templates library.

For free for users accommodation on the third level domain - species " " If you pay any tariff, then get the domain of the form " " is free.

Distinctive features of NETHOUSE - many opportunities to configure the pages of events (Children's holidays, festivals, concerts) And online stores - with online payments, catalog, filters, personal offices and baskets.

  • Free to register for events or sell tickets there.
  • Receive notifications by Telegram. . For example, about a new order.
  • Sell ​​on promotional and discounts.
  • Share access rights for different users.
  • Notify customers about the status of an order by SMS.
  • Create a multi-level catalog of goods with filters, sorting and searching for goods.
  • Unload Products B. Yandex Market .
  • Customize and send postal mails directly from the admin.
  • Include the function of premitting reviews on the site.
  • Take payments Yandex.Cassu .
  • Connect Google Analytics and Yandex.Metric, AMOCRM, "Moisklad", "Big Bird" .
  • Work with delivery services: CDEK, Russian Post, Boxberry .
  • Add to the roller YouTube, Rutube, Vimeo .

Minus - you will not be able to register your online buyer's office online store.

In the site admin. You can customize the settings for the online store: set the amount of the minimum order and free shipping, specify the numbering of the articles, customize payments, export and import of goods and much more.
In the appropriate section, you can create promotions. For example, give a discount on the amount of purchase more than 2 thousand rubles (you can substitute any number) or sell certain products at a reduced price.
  • Create Sitemap.xml. и robots.txt .
  • Register tags ( Title, Description, Keywords ), headlines and subtitles, Alt. .
  • Tune CNC Site.

In a free version of the designer, you can create an unlimited number of sites, add 5 products to the catalog and 20 photos to the "Photo Gallery" section. SSL certificate also included.

The minimum tariff in which there is no advertising will cost 300 rubles per month for sites and 650 rubles per month for online stores. When it is connected, you will receive 3000 rubles to contextual advertising in Google.

You can create an unlimited number of page pages for free. If the event is paid, then the company takes the commission - 4.9% of sales.

NETHOUSE tariffs

Table of contents

  1. Top-3 best platforms
  2. Do it yourself or order?
  3. Ways to create a site
  4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusions and recommendations
  6. Reviews and questions

1. Best services for independent site creation

What to choose what is better For self-creating site - Designer or CMS? The answer is unequivocal: Only site designer . Why? Everything is simple: since you need a council of this kind, it means that development experience is either no, or it is less than necessary to solve your task. Dancing with a tambourine around the installation of CMS, the search for hosting will take a lot of time and means - you do not get the desired result. Most likely you need ONO Create one site For yourself - a small business card for a business, a platform for the provision of services, a portfolio or, perhaps a blog, a small store for several tens or hundreds of goods. Designers help solve such tasks The most rational way . What for the money that in the investment, labor and receipt of the reverse benefit.

Below are shown Top 3 best site designers A-class. All of them are well combined with the inexperience of newbies, help achieve a result without starting knowledge of HTML and programming. Each of them is functionally advanced against the background of analogs. You can safely use, it remains only to decide which one to choose exactly.


Create a site yourself in

UKIT is the best designer for self-creating sites. First of all, the service is designed for business owners, private entrepreneurs and specialists from different fields of activity. Allows you to collect bright business card sites, a portfolio of works that sell lending (single-page, landing pages), as well as blogs and online shopping. Administrant interface is modern, intuitive. No coding and complex settings. The templates are diverse and quickly configured, have an adaptive layout (automatically adjusted under the screen of any device). For advertising (sales) of their services (goods), the engine is suitable ideal, while possessing low in its niche cost and high efficiency.

UKIT functionality is built on the basis of the visual Drag & Drop Editor and contains 400+ thematic templates. They are originally equipped with demo data by stepping that you can get a ready-made website in 20 minutes. Filling the pages by dragging the mouse cursor to any part of the widgets and content blocks of various purposes: Text, Gallery, Slider, Online Calculator, Living Chat, Button Return Call, SOBBAR, etc. - It remains only to enter your information. - Installing the site templateReady Templates of UKIT sites

To create an online store in UKIT, it is enough to connect the widget "Commodity Store". On its basis, you can make a beautiful showcase from any items, set options (size, weight, color), set the markup. The basket for adding goods on the site will appear automatically. In the settings of the widget, you can select currency, edit the order form, set the delivery and payment settings (Offline, Paypal, Yandex.Cass, Wallet One - "Unified Cashier" with more than 100 payment methods).

Online store in designer ukit.comAdding goods to the online store UKIT

In order not to lose a single buyer, the widget is AMOCRM - the client accounting system and transactions to control and increase sales. It will automatically get all applications from customers by e-mail, telephone, c forms on the site, through chat rooms and messengers. Perhaps this is the easiest to use the store from all existing ones. For several dozen items - the most suitable option. Although goods may be an unlimited quantity. True, in such cases it is better to use the store designer adapted for such purpose.

Independent creation of website companies in designer ukit.comEditing the page "About company" in ukit

A separate mention deserves an online calculator UCALC to calculate the cost of goods or services. This widget, which, after configuring the UCALC service, will display the selected online calculator (counting the required number of building materials, delivery costs, taxi call, room cleaning, etc.). It has more than 20 ready-made patterns of calculators, each has a beautiful design and themes of decoration. You can create your own from scratch. Mega-comfortable and useful thing for a business site (enhances conversion), like table / price widgets: With their help, you can upload beautifully designed schedules or costs of something using the specified settings.

The process of creating a site in UKIT for 1 min. 33 seconds:

The service is also a good applicant for the creation of a personal blog, educational site or some institution, municipal or private. Yukit has the ability to activate the site mode for visually impaired people. This will easily comply with the requirement of the law for such a plan of sites - to have a mandatory version for the visually impaired. In the other systems without dancing with a tambourine can not do. If necessary, you can create a multilingual site.

The UKIT provides four tariff plan:

  1. Premium ($ 4 / month or $ 48 / year) - All the possibilities of the designer, an unlimited number of pages, a place on hosting and visitors, attaching their domains (species, Without advertising ;
  2. Premium + ($ 8 / month or $ 96 / year) - additionally provides advanced statistics and access to all premium templates;
  3. "Shop" ($ 9.6 / month or $ 115 / year) - Opens access to the online store widget, basket and online payment. there is 14 days free testing;
  4. "PRO" ($ 12 / month or $ 144 / year) - For professionals, inserting your code to the site, the ability to create a color palette manually.

there is free 14-day Test period. Promotrode UGUIDE-25 will provide additional discount -25% on any rate, for example, "Premium" will cost everything in $ 36 / year . The promotional code will work in case of payment for a period of 3 months. Additional stocks dedicated to holidays will benefit to save and buy premium Yukit almost free, plus a discount to the promotional code.

Premium Plan - is the most optimal option for most users. The remaining three add functionality required to create a store and web developers who want to manually bring the site to the desired condition by injection of their code. For additional savings from 20% to 30%, we advise you to take tariffs at once 1-2 years ahead. It will be more expensive to pay. There is a detailed comparison of tariffs.

How to create your site on the WIX

Wix - Designer of sites, recognized by many critics and, who, I have an example of how the engine should be with a visual editor for beginners. It is good and is one of the most popular in the world. But still not flawless: the scene against the background of analogues. But it's all uncritically, even the price. If the Wix is ​​like, it will be comfortable to work.

The pronounced advantage of the WIX over competitors is its built-in templates. They are very diverse, beautiful, creative and all free. In addition, there are many of them. All lie in the thematic categories and have a preview mode. Unfortunately, to change the template to another in the process of work will not work: it's a big difference between templates, which will not allow you to wear already available content in another without a violation of the structure. An explicit drawback, the cost of creativity of the approach, so to speak. Therefore, you need to choose from the first time, so "seven times look once installed" (C).

Selection of template for site on Wix

WIX allows you to make impressive business cards, lending, blogs, shops. Cozy portfolio or damn Attractive corporate website Platform will issue a couple of hours for a couple of hours. The system has many interesting widgets. In addition to the standard gentleman dialing, there is a video insertion on the background, different types of menus, a variety of effects and so on. The site-spectacle on the WIX is easy. Another thing is that the overloaded page can lag and terribly slow down, for which many users complain. Beauty requires victims, it is necessary to comply with the balance.

Editing the site Wix.

If it were not for the cost of paid tariffs, WIX would be an ideal solution for the entire audience of novice users. But, alas, for this money, many will prefer anything more practical. WIX is a wow effects constructor. It is pleasant, born, friendly, but roads on the standards of competitors. The middle of the tariffs "Combo" will drag on $ 99 / year. There are 2 more more expensive.

WIX offers five premium plans:

  1. "Connect Domain" ($ 5.95 / month or $ 49 / year) - the ability to connect your domain, get premium technical support and 500 MB of disk space, but does not remove the advertisement WIX;
  2. "Combo" ($ 10.95 / month or $ 99 / year) - 3 GB of places, free domain, removal of advertising, Favon;
  3. "Unlimited" ($ 15.95 / month or $ 149 / year) - increasing disk space up to 10 GB, forms designer, Site Booster application;
  4. "ECOMMERCE" ($ 19.90 / month or $ 194 / year) - 20 GB of space, the ability to connect the basket. Tariff for shopping;
  5. "VIP" ($ 30 / month or $ 294 / year) - All the advantages of Ecommerce, plus 10 e-mail newsletters / month, and also an audit of the site by Wix experts (design, usability, SEO).

If the rates are not embarrassed, and the upcoming task falls into the circle of WIX capabilities, it can be safely used. Get a good set of tools and pleasure from work. Developers often introduce a 50% discount on any of the tariffs. Subscribe to the newsletter by registering, and do not miss the moment.

Still, WIX, perhaps, is the brightest to perceive the engine with a visual editor. Your money, taking into account the discounts more than worthy. Yes, and without it does not lose much in appeal.

How to create a free site in UCoz

UCOZ is the most powerful, universal site designer, focused on creating all types of sites of any degree of complexity. It is free - you can really get a hosting, the subdomain and the engine itself at the disposal of an unlimited period for free. Without paying a single tariff, you can connect your own domain (view and use almost all available functionality (the exception will be the store module, Pro SEO module, the ability to connect PHP scripts and HTTPS). The main feature of the free version: 400 MB of hosting places and advertising will be displayed.

Web service can not be called simple, but in the logic of the control panel you will not refuse. The system allows you to operate with a huge set of tools, which are enough for the creation of a high-quality blog, forum, shop or portal. There is nothing about business cards or lending sites.

Installing the template

All UCOZ power is hidden in a solid module set and the ability to edit the source code of pages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS). The settings are very much, but most of the beginners useful / understandable will not be more than a third. The rest is to grow. A set of modules can be determined independently.

Users who are looking for where to create an online store will delight louder than everyone. On this field, UCoz is omnipotent, thanks to the module "Online Store" (the so-called Ushop). Of which there are even synchronization with 1C accounting products. Imports from CSV and YML will allow export goods from a file or pass with Aliexpress / Yandex.Market. This will allow you to quickly fill your own and deploy partner stores from the specified sites. Thanks to the subagents, you can make a real supermarket in which other sellers will sell their goods, and the store owner will receive a percentage from them.

UCOZ control panel

In the online store on the basis of UCOZ you can sell any types of goods: material, eclectronic, product file, product in the form of services. Set discounts, stocks, markups, set options (color, size, count), use delivery cost calculator. Many of the most different ways of payment and delivery. There is a whole bunch of different thin settings, in general, all the diversity is not listed.

Creating an online store in the designer UCoz

Separately, it should be noted the profitability of the system for those who need to create a public institution site. In addition to the fact that you can use it for free, there is another interesting nuance. There is a law on which such resources are required to have a version for visually impaired. In UCoz, such a version can be included in one click. For non-commercial and general education sites, YUKOS is ideal in all respects. Plus, advertising on request in technical support is removed to all educational sites.

The connection of the paid tariff will be able to simplify life. First of all, the disappearance of the advertising banner of the system ( Advertising is displayed only On the sites created free of charge ). Premium user status will give a maximum to use additional UCoz features without restrictions. The loyalty program will allow when creating a new site to get any rate with a 50% discount rate for the first 48 hours. Plus, you can get free of charge as a gift domain and premium template to choose from (when subscribing for a year starting with "optimal").

Five service packages are available on UCOZ:

  1. "Minimum" ($ 2.99 / month or $ 28 / year) - reduced Advertising banner , +1 GB places, antivirus, Yandex.Fid module.
  2. "Basic" ($ 5.99 / month or $ 57 / year) - lack of advertising, 2 GB of space, 1 Appeal to premium support, autoresing data 1 time in 2 weeks.
  3. "Optimal" ($ 7.99 / month or $ 76 / year) - 10 GB of places, 2 access to technical support, premium antivirus, free premium template and domain when paying for the year.
  4. "Shop" ($ 9.99 / month or $ 95 / year) - 10 GB of places and full functionality for the online store.
  5. "Maximum" ($ 15.99 / month or $ 153 / year) - 20 GB of places, lively chat with technical support service, autoresoring every 3 days.

The UCOZ web service is equally well suited for beginners, pros and web studios. Large selection of free and professional premium templates, universal functionality, a million additional features, the convenience of admin and low cost (or the complete absence on the free-tariff). After its use, most engines will seem dull, limited. Start the way with Yukoz and the rest of the tools in the future you will not be needed. You can solve any tasks without going beyond its limits. Engine for all occasions.

2. Order "Turnkey" or do yourself?

Order the creation of a "turnkey" site makes sense to companies, that is legal entities . This is the case when the management needs to obtain a guarantee of the result and materially responsible for solving the problem. All on the papers, in contracts, timing. The funds are allocated, the artist is found - third-party specialist or a web studio. This is the right option, especially if a large-scale and expensive project is planned. If something goes wrong, you can find ends and demand the correction of the situation or compensation for damage. It is also immediately desirable to prominate the conditions of administration of the site after passing - who will be engaged in this, the amount of payment for services, which is included in the concept of further maintenance.

For private people и Small business entrepreneurs Order a "turnkey" site is unprofitable. Tritely unreasonably expensive, troublesome, and, as a rule, a small amount of work does not correspond to investments. Pay for the subsequent service site few people can or want. Moreover, the performer is likely to be hired from familiar or more or less accessible by freelancers. In both cases, we should not expect high-quality technical support for the site, even for money. Such performers seek to earn on the turnover of finished sites, and not on their support. With a lot of probability, you can get a project without a captain at the helm. It will be necessary to the customer or to learn them yourself to manage, or watch his decline.

Ordering the "turnkey" site only if you or your company really do there is a budget with a margin . First of all, the promotion, promotion and purchase of advertising in Yandex Direct or Google Adsense. Plus, a competent specialist will need to be engaged in the administration of the site. For money, every day.

Just get a site under the order of Schridogoga - this is not a way out. What then to do with it - who and how will it be serviced? Anyway, the owner will independently have to understand the intricacies of its administration and promotion. Is it not easier to immediately throw out attempts to go out from the head to other people's skills and work on your own? If the project is simple (website-business card, portfolio, blog, corporate website, Landing, forum), will be won, in any case.

3. Two ways to create a website: CMS + hosting or designer

Sites are made on CMS. either in Designers sites . There are still self-written and built on the frameworks "engines", but, this is not at all suitable options, they will lead to the dark forest, do not take them into the calculation.

What your site can be created:


- This is a special distribution (program, script), the so-called "engine", which, after installation, is a mixture of a graphical interface and a text editor to create and manage sites.

To use CMS, you need a hosting (the server on which the "engine" is installed and where all the site files will be stored). Therefore, it is necessary to be a competent PC user. Confident handling of a computer, understanding of software in a broad sense - the basic necessity, which in the presence of perseverance will allow a newcomer to create a site in such a program. All technical nuances lie on the shoulders of the user itself.

Designer sites

- This is an online service for creating sites that works out of the box - initially comes with a hosting, ready-made templates and, in fact, the "designer" itself for managing and editing the site.

Designers dictate completely different, significantly simplified, approach to work compared to CMS. They eliminate the need to set up hosting, install CMS, create MySQL databases, work with FTP, the need to connect modules, plugins and do not require programming skills. The user receives the medium-free from many technical difficulties to develop sites.

Both options have their advantages and minuses depending on the point of view of the evaluating person. We only note that CMS as a class of tools for creating sites has appeared much earlier cloud designers. The latter became the result of evolution and adaptation of complex systems for the needs of the mass user. Over time, the site supplements have acquired an intuitive interface and a visual editor (WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get" - "What you see, then you will get"). The best of them already work on the basis of AI (artificial intelligence) and the possibilities are superior to some CMS.

3.1 Features of creating a site on CMS

Creating a site based on CMS requires a hosting rental - a remote server on which the site files will lie. As a rule, the Hosting Control Panels make it possible to install a wide range of free CMS automatically. However, it is necessary to manually create a database for a new site in the phpMyadmin section and connect it (to specify the login and password before installing the engine).

Top 3 most popular CMS:

Immediately we note an important point: it is unlikely that it turns out to wrench between numerous CMS, choosing testing the best of them. The fact is that CMS, despite some of the similarities of the interfaces and general principles in the basic moments, differ quite significantly. The study of each of them needs to be given the time: View templates (quality, prices, availability), engine structure and the same templates, evaluate the range and installation of modules, familiarize yourself with the examples of ready-made sites from the adept engine of the selected engine. For testing the work of individual modules and plugins, it is not about it is clearly long and troublesome. Their set for the selected system must be developed individually.

If there is no purpose in the plans to learn how to work with the code directly, then No special need Use CMS in general.

CMS distinction Most site designers are direct access to the engine files. Via FTP client or built into hosting control panel File Manager. This makes it possible to edit the site code in the free mode: files of any modules, templates, pages, basic functions. Of course, for this you need an understanding and knowledge of programming. The skills of working with HTML / CSS are required by default, but to them, as a rule, PHP and JavaScript are added.

Features of the site creation in CMS:

  • It will takes the purchase of reliable, fast hosting and domain.
  • As a rule, in a set with the engine there are several basic patterns, although there are also exceptions like WordPress, in which the built-in shop is thousands of free templates. Templates can be bought from system developers, web studios or freelancers. The range of different systems is different, you need to google.
  • Many things, especially related to design editing, is customary to do through the code. In some systems, the plugins are also installed directly via FTP by copying files (for example, in DLE), and not through the control panel installer (both in Joomla or WordPress).
  • It is worth choosing specialized CMS under their task. This will guarantee the presence of the desired functional (at least base) out of the box. For example, to create online stores it is worth using only profile systems (1c-Bitrix, OpenCart, PrestaShop). Avoid creating sites, the main functionality of which will be fully held on the plugins.
  • If you decide to use free download templates, be sure to check that there are other hidden links or maliciously in them. Methods of checking are different, you need to google for specific cases.
  • For any CMS, after familiarization with the basic functionality, you need to find out the list of available plugins, their cost and opportunity. Surely, over time, you will need something from them, otherwise it simply does not happen.
  • Create backup copies (backups) of the site before installing large plug-ins and after reaching the current goal large on the technical point of view. We highly recommend downloading and store backups on your computer.
  • Any free CMS has a community, forum, official website or something else. When using paid systems, in most cases, you can count on official technical support for money.

There is no particular sense to talk about the use of basic functions, since their implementation is usually more or less accessible. CMS interfaces differ significantly, so some common algorithms like a sequence of actions to create pages, filling out the common site settings and otherwise allocate. We give an episode as an example. Features: In Joomla, you need to create and activate the menu module before creating the menu, otherwise nothing will work. You can also create an empty menu that will not have bindings to at least one published page. This is a specific case of a particular system. There are enough such small and larger nuances from any CMS. It is necessary to study each personally to work with it productively.

3.2 Features of the site creation in site designers

From a technical point of view, start using designers much easier. The structural control panel (admin) of many designers resemble them in CMS, some huge difference, on average, no. Tools for creating pages, menus, content filling, general site settings, SEO - All this is implemented for similar principles. The point is different: there is no need to rent separately hosting, customize databases, site security settings manually, climb into code, search and install plugins.

Top 3 most popular designers:

With a lot of probability, in the presence of average work experience with PC and network, anyone can master the control panel of any designer in a few hours or a couple of days. However, simplicity of technical handling of this kind of systems does not guarantee the receipt with their help. Since it is not possible to master and tune in a sense, there is another nuance: it is necessary to prevent the structure of the future site well and it is necessary to implement it with the means of the selected system, as well as fill the content of the appropriate quality.

Using the designer Do not have to turn from a person in a programmer And spend a bunch of time and money for everything, except for development, actually, the site itself. When working with designers from the list of cases, 80% of works are falling, mandatory in the case of CMS.

Different constructors have quite a lot of common features in the site creation algorithm. Conditionally, such systems can be divided into those supplied with the WYSIWYG editor (visual editor, often has the support of Drag & Drop, works with widgets), and all others. By the way, the second category with its control panels is very reminded by CMS, and on the principles of administration sites there is little different.

Features of creating sites in designers:

  • The start of the works is almost always the same: registration, selection of template, filling out general information about the site, input to the control panel.
  • Hosting is always configured properly, protected, the creation of databases occurs automatically without user participation.
  • Any constructor has a set of ready-made patterns sorted by category.
  • Any system has several paid tariff plans delimited by the difference in the capabilities provided.
  • Approximately the third service of services, the value of tariff plans is not final. Many systems practice promotions, promotional codes and other ways to reduce the cost of tariff plans up to 80%. Discounts are quite real.
  • In most cases, templates are supplied with demo content, which serves as a visual example and helps to better understand the site as well as possible.
  • Most systems will allow to build a site completely without coding, even if you support the ability to edit pattern code, modules and other things.
  • There is always a built-in FAQ and technical support, but the implementation can be different: live chat, forum, knowledge base, feedback form, quiquet system.
  • All constructors allow you to connect analytics from search engines, your domain and work with SEO settings.
  • 99% of site designers have a trial or free tariff plan. They are easy to test, just register.
  • The possibilities of designers are constantly expanding, updated, current updates of the web industry are being introduced. Which, as a result, are presented to the user on the scenery.

More specifically, to learn more about the features of separate systems better from the reviews or by personal tests. We have enough materials for most popular services. At the end of the current section, we note that there are site designers for any task: shopping, blog, forum, business cards or lending site. Choose, as in the case of CMS, there are profile systems, there are more highly specialized capabilities.

4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time do you need to create a site? For 5-10 minutes to do?

It depends on which site is speech. If we are talking about the finished structure, say, business cards, but not filled with content (texts, tables, images), then yes - in 10 minutes using a designer with a visual editor like ukit it is quite possible to do. When working with portfolio, you can meet in 3 minutes. There is little sense from such a rush, however, it is possible.

During the specified time, you will have a ready-made layout of the site. Filling content can take from 1 hour to a week - depending on how much and what you are going to publish. But, repeat, purely technically create a website for 5-10 minutes - it is real. And even easy. But only in the designer. In CMS, notepad or with a framework, it is impossible to do for such a small time. Even in raw form.

2. Is it possible to create a site absolutely free?

No. It is categorically impossible. Who and what you did not promise. At a minimum, you will have to buy hosting and domain (sites on gift subdomains and free hosting we do not consider both full-fledged). But to test, you can try your strength as much as possible for free: many designers have triles and free tariff plans. But you will not be allowed to connect your domain (only one exclusion is UCOZ).

For CMS, it will be necessary to purchase hosting, domain and related site components (optional - template, plugins). In general, in creating a site in any case, at least the value of the domain or the minimum tariff of the selected designer (approximately $ 4-8 / month) should be investigated. No other way.

3. Creating a site in notepad. Is this true possible?

Purely theoretically, it is possible. Moreover, in the network you can find many ancient web pages created by manually using a notepad. But such a "site" will cause nostalgia on Likhim 90s. Now someone is unlikely to be delighted with such a site.

So the creation of the site in the notebook is archaism and the relic of the past. So no one does. Creating simple pages in notepad was used earlier to train HTML at various courses. No more.

5. Conclusions and recommendations

For money it is more profitable to create a site with your own hands. It is technically a bit more complicated than ordering it with the developer. But it will be cheaper at times, and there will be a clear understanding that and how it works, saving also on further maintenance or refinement.

Constructors of sites, such as UKIT, Wix and UCOZ are a universal set for all occasions, they are bestsellers on the online constructor market. Each has its own unique chips and opportunities. Having conceived the creation of the site, it makes sense to get acquainted, first of all with them: →. UKIT - useful In the field of creating diverse business cards for business or services. It has the best visual editor in the market, understandable at an intuitive level. I will like it to those who need without unnecessary trouble and high costs to create a high-level lending or an attractive store. Well suited for the portfolio, promotional pages and in general, where it is necessary to concisely and beautifully present graphic materials for advertising. →. WIX - pleases Farming of templates and relatively large features for the platform with a visual editor. It is suitable for creating a beautiful business card or a stylish blog. You can also think about the store, but only about small and if it does not bother the cost. The price can be easily reduced by twice, waiting for the closest holiday, - during these periods WIX distributes good discounts to everyone. →. UCOZ - Suitable For any tasks. In principle, the business card on it is not much more complicated than in the UKIT or WIX. If it is not planned to be limited to a single site, then you need to immediately start from Yukoz. It will take a little longer time, but the universal tool will be mastered, which will help in any formulation of future requirements. Shops, blogs, forums, bulletin boards, portals ...

For each constructor, detailed instructions are attached to how to create a site in it, in addition to the Internet there is a lot of lessons what and how to do. Each of the systems presented here has its own knowledge base (FAQ), where step by step creation of the site from scratch is painted. After putting the goal, you in a couple of days reading articles and watching video on YouTube spread to a complete complete set of knowledge necessary to start working in a niche. It will relieve the difficulties of administration. Yes, and considerable money will save.

How to create your site for free. Step-by-step instructions from A to Z

Before you - a very simple guide on how to make a site from scratch per hour.

To create a site, you need to perform only three simple steps: 1. Select a platform for the site2. Select a domain name (www.) And hosting3. Customize and custom website

Step # 1: Platform Selection

First of all, it is necessary to decide on which platform you will make your website. This question requires increased attention. There is a large selection of content management systems. It will be annoyed if after some time you will understand that the system you chose is completely not suitable for you and your site.

Make a site with complete functionality and beautiful design for everyone, even a newcomer with modest knowledge of computers and all that is connected with them. But keep in mind that the wrong choice of the platform can turn into large problems.

The use of some platforms requires knowledge of the foundations of HTML / CSS or other coding languages, so you should help you appreciate your abilities in this area. For beginners, the WordPress platform is perfect.

Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla are three basic platforms on which most websites are based. Below is the statistics of the use of the most popular platforms in 2020:

  • WordPress - 50% of Websites
  • Drupal - 18% of websites
  • Joomla - 7% of Websites
Platform use statistics

As follows from the diagram, almost half of the websites are developed on the WordPress platform.

Why WordPress, not site designers (WIX, UCOZ)?

Because at the moment Wordpress is the easiest way to create a website. But there are more important reasons:

1. WordPress platform is free and offers a large selection of topics. You can download and install WordPress can be completely free. Moreover, the WordPress developer community was bothering a fame, creating many beautiful topics and templates. Thus, you can choose a unique design and launch your site much faster than expected.

2. The perfect option for newbies. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will not have any problems with the addition of content. You can add any free plugins to your site, turning it into a one-page website a business card or making it similar to the page in social network . Plugins allow you to add feedback forms, forms to design a subscription, image gallery and much more.

3. WordPress is suitable for both large and small sites. Normal blog, beautiful commercial site, online store ... WordPress platform is perfect for a practical any website. This platform is used online giants such as Ebay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA.

4. Your site will be "responsive", that is, working on any mobile devices. Your website will look great and work on any mobile device, including a smartphone and a tablet. You will not even need to specifically hire a web designer.

5. Good technical support and a large community of developers who are ready to help. Since the platform enjoys a huge number of people (webmasters, bloggers, developers of themes and plugins), quickly find an answer to the question of interest to you becomes much easier. Moreover, WordPress offers many free resources located on YouTube and the technical support forum platform.

There are other website designers and content management systems.

Drupal. This is a multifunctional platform, which is especially popular among web developers and experienced encoders. However, for beginners, this is not the best choice, since work with the platform requires special knowledge.

Platform Joomla It looks like WordPress and is great for a wide variety of sites. But to sharpen the platform for their needs, you should be able to encode (at least a bit).

Why is the site designer?

Designer sites is the easiest and most quick way to create a site. Available to everyone, does not require knowledge of programming, HTML, CSS, etc. As a rule, hosting is already included in the price. Another distinctive feature is safety. Unlike CMS, hackers will not be able to hack your site. The leading Russian designer sites is NETHOUSE. . It has favorable prices (from 1 ruble per month), many convenient integrations with other popular services. In addition, resources operating on it are perfectly indexed in search engines.

Step # 2: Search for a domain name and hosting

To start a new website, you will need two things:

  • Domain Name (Web Address:
  • Hosting (service that connects your site to the Internet)

WordPress Platform itself is free, but the domain name and hosting will cost you about $ 3-5 per month. From such a sum, your budget will not suffer.

Own domain name looks more solid than the site on someone else's domain (you Moreover, the price is quite acceptable.

Also thanks to your own hosting, your site will boot faster and working properly.

How to find a domain name and hosting?

We advise use Majordomo. - Popular Russian hosting provider, with which you can place a website on the network (from 99 rubles per month - cheaper than a cup of coffee) and register a domain (.ru and .rf for only 140 rubles per year). The company has one of the fastest virtual hosting platforms in RuNet on SSD drives. The first 14 days of hosting are provided free of charge. As a gift to hosting, you will receive a number of gifts: 3000 rubles for advertising in Google, SSL certificate, protection against DDoS attacks and much more.

You can also familiarize yourself with the offers of other hosting providers. You can even decide on an independent hosting, but keep in mind that it is very difficult. To avoid problems in the future, it is better to purchase a good hosting that meets all the requirements of the WordPress platform.

With the acquisition of a domain name and hosting, you will also receive a personal email address (or addresses). The address [email protected] looks much more professionally than the standard address on Gmail or Yahoo.

If you already have a domain name and hosting, boldly skip this step and go to step 3 on the configuration of the site.

What domain name to choose?

The choice of a good name for the website can become the most difficult task in the process of creating a website. The domain name must be:

  • Attention
  • unique
  • Easy memorable.

How to choose a domain name: Quick Start Guide

I collected several main tips to help you choose a good domain name for your website:

1. 10 keywords Make a list of 10 keywords that most accurately characterize your business. Then start experimenting with them: Separate them into parts, make up new words from them, add prefixes and suffixes. So you will have many interesting ideas for the name of the domain.

2. The name must be unique Do not buy a name, because of which your site will be confused with another site. Focus on uniqueness, otherwise your project will fail before launch. Never buy domains that are a modified form of an existing name (multiple name; name written through a hyphen or errors).

3. Choose names with the .com extension and local top-level domains Today, the lack of extensions of domains is not observed. But the problem is that only a few of them deserve your attention. If you are going to create and develop your own brand, then for this purpose, domain names are considered to be the best option with the .com extension. If you want to attract an international audience to your site, choose .com, .org or .NET extensions (in this sequence). For preference to local domains. Example: .ru for Russia or .es for Spain. However, avoid domains

4. The name should be easy to remember and allow you to easily find your site. Although people are usually looking for sites through Google's search engine, your domain name should be easy to write. Refuse too long names, as well as names that have a complex writing or include difficult words or sounds. It will bring a big impact on the marketing value of your brand.

5. Name must remain in memory Take care that your domain name is lying and memorable. Then people will easier advise your site to each other and find it on the Internet. You may have a wonderful website, but no one will speak about him just because people will not be able to remember his name.

6. Short domain name - key success A short domain name is easily written and easily remembered. Moreover, a short name allows you to accommodate more characters in the URL on the search results page and harmoniously looks on promotional materials.

7. Do not forget about copyright Although this error is found and rare, it can become a fatal blow for a domain and company. By choosing a name for your website, make sure that you do not violate the copyright of other people. Before buying a URL, be sure to check its availability on the website.

8. Avoid digits and dash If the name contains a dash or numbers, it is more difficult to pronounce, memorize and dial on the keyboard.

Step # 3: Website Setup

So you bought a domain name and decided on hosting. A start!

Now it's time to run the website. First of all, you need to install WordPress on your domain.

Installing WordPress

There are two ways to install the WordPress platform, and one of them is much easier than the other.

1. To create a site on WordPress (Joomla or Drupal), use the "Installation to One Click" function.

Almost any self-respecting hosting offers the "Installation in 1 Click" feature for WordPress, which greatly simplifies the task.

If you choose at Majordomo or a hosting similar to him, you will find this feature on the control panel of your account.

That's what you need to do (on different hostings these steps can be slightly different):

1. Enter your hosting account.2. Go to the control panel. Find the WordPress or WebSite.4 icon. Select the domain on which you want to install your site.5. By clicking on the Install Now button, you will get access to your new Web site on WordPress.

2. Manual installation (if necessary)


Some hosting companies do not provide the "Installation in 1 Click" function for WordPress. In this case, follow this instruction to install WordPress manually:

1) Download WordPress from here: Create a new folder on the desktop and unzip into it WordPress3) Find the WP-config-sample.php file and rename it to WP-config.php4) Open the WP file -config.php (for example, in notepad) and enter the following data:

  • Define ('db_name', 'database_name_here'); - database name (if you do not know, ask your hosting company)
  • Define ('db_user', 'username_here'); - Your username on hosting
  • DEFINE ('DB_PASSWORD', 'PASSWORD_HERE'); - Your password on hosting

After making changes, save the file.

5) Go to the FTP server of your hosting (for this you need to download FileZilla). The FTP server address usually has the following form: The username and password coincide with the username and password for hosting.

6) If you see the "index" file, delete it. Then download the file from your WordPress folder to the FTP server. In FileZilla, you can drag objects with the mouse.

7) Then go to the URL: will see this page:

Manual installation

Fill in the fields - and ready!

Topic Selection / Template for the site

So, you purchased a domain name and hosting. You installed and configured WordPress on your server. Now you can go to explore the virtual world of your new website. I had time to give your site professional / beautiful / unusual (choose any adjective to your taste) view. It is very simple. You will not have time to look back, how everything will be ready! The WordPress platform automatically sets the standard theme that looks like this:


This topic is called Twenty Fifteen. Among its advantages is simplicity and minimalism. But you probably want to choose something more unique for your website.

Fortunately, WordPress offers you thousands of those who will make your site unforgettable.

How to find the perfect topic for your website?

1. Go to Wordpress Control Panel If you do not know how to do this, here is the exact address of the control panel: (instead of "Yoursite" enter your domain name). This is what the WordPress control panel looks like:

WordPress panel

If you still do not understand everything, do not worry. I will explain in detail what to do next.

2. Check out the topics The control panel offers access to more than 1,500 free to those for your site. On the sidebar, click on the Appearance (view), then select Themes.

If you have higher requirements for site design, you should pay attention to paid topics. Paid topics have a number of advantages compared to free. First, reliable code. Secondly, high-quality technical support in case you have problems. Also paid topics look more spectacular to have a wider functionality.

But do not rush to choose a paid topic. I strongly recommend that you carefully view all the topics. Among them are a lot of really high-quality options. As can be seen from the screenshot above, install a new topic for the website is absolutely not difficult. To search, you can use keywords and / or filters. Search for a suitable topic may take some time, but the result is definitely worth the effort! Try to choose "Adaptive" themes, that is, those that will look good on any mobile device. To do this, simply indicate "Responsive" as one of the keywords!

3. Install a new topic To install a new topic, click on the Install first, and then on Activate (activate).

Important: When you change the topic, your posts, pages and content do not disappear anywhere. You can change the themes as much as you want!

How to create a logo?

When you start a new site (be it a blog or a regular site), it is often necessary to make a logo for it (how to create a logo for the site, read here). Depending on your artistic abilities, the creation of a logo can be either an exciting task for you or a real nightmare. There are many services that are ready to generate a logo for free for you. One of these services is Logaster.

You only need to enter the name of your website and choose the type of your business. The platform will generate tens of options for excellent logos. You can immediately download your favorite version or before edit it. Logaster supports all standard formats (PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG). Create Logaster Professional logo Now it is possible to absolutely any person, even without skills in the design area.

Moreover, Logaster boasts the latest tools to edit images. You can easily change the color, text and location of items on the logo. Logeaster also offers a wide range of icons and fonts for every taste.

Of course, it is best to hire a professional designer. However, the price of such a service bite, and time will need much more. If this option does not suit you, you can always resort to the help of online generators.

Examples of beautiful logos you can find here.

How to add content and create new pages?

So, you set a new topic. Now you can proceed to the creation of content.

Adding and editing pages Want to add the "Services" or "About Me" page?

  • On the Side Control Panel, select Pages -> Add New (Pages - Add New)
  • You will see a page that is very similar to the Microsoft Word interface. Add text, images and more - in a word, form your page. Save the changes.

Adding pages in the menu To add a new page on the navigation pane, follow these steps:

  • Click on UPDATE to save all changes on the page.
  • Click on Appearance -> Menus (Menu View) on the Side Control Panel
  • Find the page you created, check it with the checkbox and click on Add to Menu.

Adding and editing posts If you want to place a blog on your website, now you should pay attention to the "Posts" section. You can group your posts in various categories.

To add a blog to your site, you can use various categories and posts. For example, you want to create a category called "Blog". To do this, simply add it to the menu and start posting.

That's what you need to do: a. Create a new category by selecting POSTS -> Categories (Posts - Categories) .B. Create a post by selecting POSTS -> Add New (Posts - Add New). Writing a post, add it to the appropriate category.

By creating a category, simply add it to the menu.

Customization and unlimited settings

In this section, I will tell you how you can configure your website.

Change titles and tags According to the headers of the pages, users determine what topic your website is dedicated. Also, headlines affect how search engines determine the rating of your site. Therefore, the headlines must contain the relevant keywords (but it is natural to sound).

Each page of your site should have a unique title. At the end of the title add TEGLINES. To change the header and TEGLAIN, select Settings -> General (Options - General) and fill in the following form:

Static Page

Disable comments for posts and pages Some websites (mainly, companies and organizations sites) prohibit users to leave comments on the pages.

Want to close comments on WordPress? 1 pages. Creating a new page, click on Screen Options (Screen Options). in the upper right corner.2. Click on the Discussion section. At the bottom will appear the option of Allow Comments .3. Remove the checkbox from the Allow Comments option.

Do you want comments to be disabled on each default page? Select Settings -> Discussion (Discussion Settings) and uncheck the Allow People to Post Comments on New Articles (Allow visitors to post comments on new articles).


Creating a static main page Static page is a page that does not change. Unlike a blog, where the new article is always displayed on top, the placement of content on the static page remains unchanged (both on the home page).

To create a static main page, follow these steps: 1. Select Settings -> Reading (Settings - Reading) 2. Select the static page you created. Front page means your homepage, and Posts Page is the main page of your blog (if your site is not only a blog).

If you do not configure the static page, WordPress will show your latest posts on the home page.

Static Page

Editing side panel

In most topics, the WordPress on the right is the side panel (sometimes it is located on the left).

If you want to remove the sidebar or remove unnecessary functions (for example, Categories (categories), Meta (META) and Archives), follow the following: 1. Select Appearance -> Widgets (View Widgets) on the WordPress.2 control panel. Here you can drag different "partitions" to your sidebar or remove unnecessary functions.

Installing plugins to expand WordPress capabilities

What is a plugin? Plugins are additional modules that extend the standard WordPress features, allowing users to add new features and options. These are convenient templates that save you from the need to create a specific function from scratch.

With plugins, you can add galleries with photos and feedback forms, as well as optimize your website and even create an online store.

How to install a new plugin? To install plugins, select Plugins -> Add New (Plugins - Add New).

For WordPress available 25,000 free plugins, so you choose from what. To install the selected plugin, simply click on Install.

To save your time, I made a list of the most popular and useful plugins:

  • Contact Form 7: This is a very convenient feature. Thanks to her, visitors can send me emails without entering your email box.
  • Yoast SEO for WordPress: Mandatory plugin for those who want to carry out the search engine optimization of their site. The tool allows you to edit title tags, meta-descriptions and more. And all this right on the page (no more settings!)
  • Google Analytics: Want to keep track of traffic on your website and study the behavior of your visitors? Then install this plugin, connect it to your Google Account - and Finally!

Although this is not all useful plugins, it is worth it from them. You can find more plugins here.

That's all! Congratulations on the successful creation of a new website!

If you did not have to deal with writing code and work with websites, then the site creation may seem like a truly awesome task. But do not rush to look for a web developer. This guide will help you quickly and efficiently make a site from scratch, and completely free.

If you diligently follow this guide, then you are the proud owner of your own website! I really liked writing this guide for you, and I hope it helped you create a website that you always dreamed about!


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