How to completely remove Bluestacks emulator from the system

BlueStacks Emulator is a very powerful software product created to emulate any Android applications and games. But sometimes after using an emulator, you need to remove BlueStacks from a computer or laptop, fully and forever. To do this, we have placed a non-casual instruction that will help uninstall Bhonex emulator from the Windows system.

Removing BlueStacks from Windows System

  1. Open the control panel - Start - Control Panel - Programs and Components .Panel-System
  2. Find BlueStacks App Player and click on the item "Change / Delete ": Delete-bluestaks.
  3. Click " YES "and in the end " OK. ": Screenshot_7Screenshot_8.
  4. Now delete completely BlueStacks Notification Center, the program will ask a question "Save installed applications in the system": Screenshot_9

Congratulations! You deleted the program from your computer if you wish, you can also clean the registry from the residual emulator. You can also use any garbage cleaning program from the system, such as CCleaner. The program deletes unnecessary and temporary files from the system, it is completely safe for your computer.

Cleaning the computer registry from BlueStacks

Attention : All work with the registry Not recommended Conduct not an experienced user! Removing unnecessary entries in the registry can lead to a problem with the download and operation of your operating system! Be careful! .

  1. Run the registry press the key combination - "Win + R" , and write in the string regedit. Click OK:
  2. regedit.Call the search menu - "Edit - Find": Find.
  3. We enter the BlueStackack search string and click Find Next: Screenshot_1
  4. As a result, you will receive the registry key with the mention of BlueStacks, these keys can be deleted. After cleaning the web, BlueStacks will be deleted from the Windows system finally. Screenshot_2

If you have any problems, or an emulator removal instruction is unclear, you can leave your questions in the comments at the end of the record.

There are dozens of emulators offering users to feel a buzz from mobile games on the PC! Among the host of the same type of projects, one startup is allocated, which will pay all the attention in this article. Today we will talk about how to remove blobs from a computer completely .

We use standard Windows capabilities

To begin with, consider the simplest option of removing an incomplete emulator with PC. Below is a step-by-step instruction for the implementation of conceived in life:

  1. Through the Start menu or command line open Control Panel .
  2. In chapter "Programs" We find item "Delete Program" .Running Delete Program in Control Panel
  3. The window that opens shows a list of all applications installed on the computer. Locking LKM allocated Bluestacks app player .
  4. At the top of the panel we find a button "Delete / Change" . If this button is not, then click on the PCM to the desired graph and select it already there. Remove bluestacks through programs and components
  5. Window automatically opens "Uninstall" where confirm the seriousness of intentions.
  6. Several messages will inform about final removal, agree and move further. Bluestacks uninstall window
  7. Waiting for the completion of uninstalling.

Similarly, we get rid of the additional utility BlueStacks Notification Center If it is present in the list.

Registry cleaning

To properly remove BlueStacks, you need to get rid of residual files, in one word - software garbage. For this:

  1. We use the combination Win + R. .
  2. In field "Open" We enter the command regedit. .Run regedit through the execute window
  3. We see the editor window where we need a section "Edit" .
  4. In the drop-down menu, select item "To find…" . Alternative to its call - a combination Ctrl + F.
  5. We enter a search query identical to the name of the remote emulator. Bluestacks search in the registry editor
  6. Get rid of keys in the body of which there is a malfunctional name. Removal of unnecessary branches in the registry editorTo go to the next, click F3. .

Polishing file directories

The final stage of the cleansing events is concluded in the next set of step-by-step manuals:

  1. Press the key combination WIN. + ETo open the conductor.
  2. In an empty string "Search" We enter the name of the emulator "BlueStacks" .Search for folders named Bluestacks in Explorer
  3. The system, like a blood shaking, will find the remaining elements of the program.
  4. We delete them with standard Windows tools. Delete folders and files named Bluestacks in Explorer

In such a simple way, you can completely remove the application from a personal computer.

What the developers recommend

On the official website of the project there are several options that allow you to get rid of residual blobs files.

Step-by-step instructions straight from specialists are presented below:

  1. Use the key combination WIN. + ROr open the command line with another way.
  2. In the free field we enter the team % Temp% .Team -Temp- in the execute window
  3. All found files and folders containing the mention of the program name are subject to ruthless removal.

In most cases, a standard uninstaller will help to remove the software body.

Let's summarize

Full removal of BlueStacks - the lesson is simply simple and not requiring an advanced PC knowledge from the user. It is enough to have a basic understanding of the mechanisms of operation of the system and everything will turn out!

How to remove Blistx from a computer completely? This question requires a detailed answer. After all, even when uninstalling, traces from the program remain in the system. Therefore, we will tell about the correct implementation of this procedure.


In the course of the case, two effective ways will be disassembled:

  • Using system tools.
  • Work with a special utility from the developer of the emulator.

Using a standard method

This means uninstalling the program using the program tool "Programs and Components". It is he who uses most users. However, this option cannot be called reliable.

The fact is that this tool is not able to delete all application data. Therefore, after the implementation of the uninstall process, we will have to remove them manually. However, while we are talking about a simple distance. That's what you need to do.

  1. Open menu "Start" .
  2. Go to the catalog "Service - Windows" .
  3. Click on item "Control Panel" .Calling the control panel from the Start menu
  4. In a new window open "Programs and Components" . If such an item is not found, change the display option on "Small badges" .
  5. A list of installed applications opens. Here are looking for Bluestacks app player And click on the name of the right mouse button.
  6. In the menu that appears, click on item "Delete" .Delete button for bluestacks in the program and components window
  7. Click on the red button.
  8. Confirm the operation.
  9. Now we return to the list of installed programs and repeat the procedure for the component. BlueStacks Notification Center if it is present.
  10. After rebooting the computer.

The instructions above illustrate the way to call the "control panel", which is used in Windows 10. In earlier versions of the operating system, you will have to use another algorithm:

  1. First click on the keyboard WIN. + RAnd call the "Run" tool.
  2. In the string introduce Control and click "OK" or Ente ron keyboard. CONTROL command in the Run dialog box

After that, the component you need will start.

Option from developers

There is another way to remove BlueStacks correctly. It is based on the use of a special uninstaller, which can be downloaded on the official website. According to the creators of the product, it is much easier and safer:

  1. Load a special utility from here.
  2. Run file. BSTCleaner_ All. EXE .
  3. We are waiting for a while.
  4. In the completion window, click "OK" .Completing Bluestacks removal using HD-Uninstaller_Native

As soon as the Master finishes work, the Blists will be completely removed from your computer. By the way, this utility is suitable for all versions of the emulator. It remains only to clean the PC from the labels on the desktop if they are still left.

There are situations where users are wondering: "How to remove a blobx from a computer completely?". Depending on the ultimate goal, it is necessary to conduct your actions. Consider the most popular situations

Uninstall emulator

If you just didn't like BlueStacks, and you want to try any other Android emulator, you will need to simply uninstall in the control panel. If you need to subsequently reinstall it, in addition to deleting through the control panel, you must also clear the system registry from the BlueStacks emulator.

Option 1: Deleting Bluestacks emulator through the control panel

  1. Open the Control Panel (Start-> Control Panel) and go to "Programs and Components" .Program element and components in the control panel
  2. In the list that appears, find the Bluestacks of Apps Player this program needs to uninstall. Highlight the appropriate line and press the removal button.
  3. Specify the reasons (optional), and then click on "Delete" .Delete button to Bluestacks

Option 2: Cleaning the system registry after uninstallation

You can search for a long time in the registry traces of BlueStacks and delete them manually, while running on different links indicating, for example, on file names that do not belong to the previously installed program (for example, the same installer). But it is easier to use the BSMultitool program, which cleans the registry from garbage left by the emulator.

  1. Download the bsmultitool utility, unzip and run it with administrator rights.
  2. In the window that appears, enter the number 7.
  3. Next, enter "with" To agree with the terms of use of the utility. Confirmation of removal in Bsmultitool
  4. In the next window, enter "Y" To start the process of cleaning the registry.
  5. Wait for the registry cleaner and press the Q button to exit the program.

On this instruction, how to remove the Blistx from the computer, is over. Be sure to reboot PC after all the actions done!

Microsoft made a simplified option to delete the UWP or Win32 application on a Windows computer, sometimes it can be a "low-quality removal". These applications sometimes tend to leave registry entries or unwanted files even after their removal. This creates additional work, because we need to manually search for the remaining files and delete them manually. If we talk about the registry, then this is not the best option, as there are hundreds of thousands of records and not high-quality removal of programs, create custom settings and some saving data there. This manual will be useful in the case when the user plans to reinstall the program and correctly Delete  Bluestacks.

Fully remove bluestacks on a computer

First of all, you will need to remove it through the control panel. Type in the search, about the start, control Panel And open the window.

  • In the control panel, click on " Removing the program ".
  • Next you will be provided with a list in which you must find and highlight the program Bluestacks. Then click Delete from above on the panel.
  • Your work has not yet been completed. Now, as discussed above, you will need to delete all the remaining unwanted files one by one.

Panel Management "Programs"

Removing the remaining unnecessary files and records

Step 1 . Now the task is to find the folder BlueStackSsetup. Probably it is in the hidden in the folder ProgramData. root directory or disk C: \. In turn, the folder ProgramData. The default is also hidden.

Enable the Hidden Program Data folder

Step 2. . Now press the button combination Win + R. and enter the dialog box % Temp%. A new window will open in which allotes all files and folders, and remove them.

Quick login to Temp folder

Step 3. . As a precautionary measure, we will make one more step that will ensure the correct cleaning of BlueStacks from your computer. To do this, you need to open the registry editor.

  • Click Win + R. and enter regedit. .

Win + R.

  • In the opened registry editor, go through the next path and delete all the files in the Bluestacks folder.


This method is useful for the correct cleaning of all residual files for the entire software that is deleted using the control panel method and delete Windows programs. There is another way, it is third-party software to optimize the system, but I am a supporter of pragmatism and believe that Microsoft employs much better and smarter workers who know what to do the system and that it is bad or safe.

Download comments

How to remove blobs from a computer completely

BlueStacks is the most popular program for the Android operating system virtualization on Windows computers. She always properly fulfills its functions and practically never provokes failures in the operation of the OS. However, some users are no longer interested in interacting with this software, so they wish to remove it from their computers. Next, we want to demonstrate three available methods.

Fully remove the BlueStacks emulator in Windows

All the following methods in the end lead to the same result - the full purification of the PC from the traces of the emulator under consideration. However, the execution algorithm for each such option is different, so the user also opens. It is recommended to view all the instructions presented to find the optimal one as a result.

Method 1: third-party programs

Now there are many a wide variety of solutions from third-party developers, the functionality of which focuses on simplifying interaction with the computer and software. The list of such tools includes programs to delete other applications. Now we will take for an example of Iobit Uninstaller, since this representative will automatically clear the system and from residual files, which the standard options for deleting software do not know.

Download Iobit Uninstaller

  1. Download the Iobit Uninstaller by clicking on the link indicated above, and then install it and run it. In the main menu, move to the section "Programs" .
  2. Go to section with programs to remove BlueStacks via Iobit Uninstaller

  3. Here in the list, find bluestacks and highlight this line with a check mark.
  4. Selecting a string to remove BlueStacks via Iobit Uninstaller

  5. Click on the green button that appears from above. "Uninstall" .
  6. Confirmation of the startup of the Bluestacks removal operation via Iobit Uninstaller

  7. Make sure it is a tick near the item "Automatically delete all residual files" and then re-click on "Uninstall" .
  8. Additional options for removing BlueStacks via Iobit Uninstaller

  9. Expect the completion of this process.
  10. Displaying Bluestacks Delete Progress Via Iobit Uninstaller

  11. During the operation itself, the emulator window will open, where it will be necessary to confirm its intention to delete software.
  12. Running the removal in the branded uninstallacks via Iobit Uninstaller

  13. After confirm the warning that all personal data will be lost.
  14. Confirmation of the removal through the corporate uninstaller Bluestacks via Iobit Uninstaller

  15. Wait until the internal definulator of the software deletes the virtualization engine and all other files.
  16. Waiting for the completion of the Bluestacks branded uninstaller via Iobit Uninstaller

  17. You will be notified of the successful completion of the operation.
  18. Successful completion of the Bluestacks branded uninstaller via Iobit Uninstaller

  19. Additionally, a notification will appear and from Iobit Uninstaller, which will be said how many files and registry entries are removed.
  20. Successful removal of the Bluestacks program via Iobit Uninstaller

In the end, only restart the PC to ensure that all changes come into force, and you can be sure: BlueStacks accurately was completely removed from the operating system. If the program above for some reason has not arranged for some reason, use any other similar solution. The predominant majority of such software functions the same, so with an understanding of the uninstaling process there will be no difficulties.

Read more: programs to remove programs

Method 2: Corporate Uninstaller

The developers of the software under consideration today offer users if necessary, use one of the branded Masters to remove BlueStacks, which will have to download additionally. This method is suitable in those situations when you want to fulfill this action as quickly as possible without resorting to the use of third-party solutions.

  1. To begin with, you will need to fulfill the official recommendations. Open the utility "Run" holding a key combination Win + R. and then enter there % Temp% and click on the key ENTER .
  2. Run a folder with temporary files through execute when removing BlueStacks in Windows

  3. In the catalog that opens, find the directory called "BlueStacks" , Click on it right mouse button.
  4. Calling the context menu to remove the Bluestacks temporary folder in Windows

  5. When the context menu appears, specify the option "Delete" .
  6. Deleting the Bluestacks temporary folder in Windows through the context menu

  7. Run by a direct link to download the Bluestacks official uninstallator to get the executable file. After receiving, run it. A window will appear on the screen in which the removal process will appear.
  8. Launch of the Bluestacks branded uninstaller in Windows

  9. You will be notified that the operation is successfully completed.
  10. Successful removal of bluestacks in Windows through a corporate uninstaller

Additionally, we note that this method also recommends developers in those situations where you want to first delete the current version of the software, and then download a new one from the official site.

Method 3: Built-in Windows

The last method of our today's article is the most difficult, since here the user will have to perform each effect with their own hands. As you know, there is a built-in option that allows you to delete software. We offer to use it, and then delete residual files.

  1. Open "Start" And go B. "Control Panel" or "Options" (Depends on the version of Windows).
  2. Switch to parameters to delete BlueStacks in Windows

  3. In the menu that appears, select the category "Programs and Components" or "Applications" .
  4. Go to the list of applications to delete BlueStacks in Windows

  5. Run down the list to find there BlueStacks, and then click on this line of the LKM.
  6. Select the Bluestacks program in Windows for further removal

  7. Click on the button that appears "Delete" .
  8. Running the removal process of the Bluestacks program in Windows

  9. The standard emulator uninstaller opens. In it, click on the red button "Delete" .
  10. Confirmation of the launch of uninstalling the Bluestacks program in Windows

  11. Expect to complete the removal.
  12. Waiting for the end of the removal of the Bluestacks program in Windows

  13. You will be notified that everything went well. After that, you can click on "Completed" .
  14. Successful completion of the removal of the Bluestacks program in Windows

  15. Now proceed to clean the residual files. To start, run "Run" (Win + R. ) where you enter % Temp% And click on ENTER .
  16. Go to folder with temporary files to remove residual Bluestacks files in Windows

  17. Click PCM by folder "BlueStacks" To open the context menu.
  18. Selecting the Bluestacks temporary folder in Windows to remove residual files

  19. We click on "Delete" .
  20. Delete Bluestacks folder in Windows when cleansing residual files

  21. Next through the same utility "Run" Launch "Registry Editor" , introducing regedit. .
  22. Go to the registry editor for searching and removing residual Bluestacks files in Windows

  23. Use the function "To find" In chapter "Edit" (Ctrl + F. ) To call the search box of values.
  24. Running the view search window in the Bluestacks Registry Editor in Windows

  25. Enter the name of the software in the field and start searching.
  26. Search Bluestacks values ​​in Windows via registry editor

  27. Remove the value found via the context menu call.
  28. Deleting the keyword keys of the Bluestacks program in Windows

  29. Click down F3. To continue searching for values ​​and clean all them.
  30. Deleting all Bluestacks program keys in Windows through the registry editor

Now you can be confident one hundred percent that BlueStacks are completely removed from the computer, since each effect on cleansing was performed manually. This option is not the easiest, but it will allow you to do without the use of third-party tools, therefore takes place.

You learned about the three Bluestacks removal methods on Windows PC. Select the appropriate instructions and take turns each step to solve the task.

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WELL NO How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

Blistx emulator is required to launch Android software on PC. However, not on every laptop it works correctly. Therefore, many have a question - how to remove BlueStacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer together with installed applications, or if it is not deleted in standard methods. Consider possible solutions.

Proper blotchyx removal

Uninstallator Windows

Running control panel in windows 7

Control Panel in Wine Search Results

  • Then go to the "Programs and Components" link (for this it must be selected the "Minor Icons" viewer):

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

  • Now in the list of the installed software we find an unnecessary element (in this case - BlueStacks App Player), select the left mouse button and press the "Delete" button at the top of the screen:

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

  • In the window that opens, you can specify the reason for its solution, after which you continue the operation of eliminating the emulator:

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

Unfortunately, the standard procedure is not always performed correctly, errors may occur. Yes, and after completion, traces remain in the system. They have to be brushed manually:

  • Run the registry editor by pressing the key combination WIN. + R By completing the command:


Content Temp folder

  • Call the search form using a combination Ctrl + F or through the "Edit" menu at the top of the window. We enter the query "BlueStacks" And we start looking for entries in the registry, then remove them alternately:

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

  • We repeat the previous steps until it remains a single mention of the program;
  • Now it remains to be eliminated "File garbage" in the Program Files directory on the system disk (most likely - c):

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

  • Next, remove the trash from the hidden folder Program Data. You can get into it as follows - click WIN. + R and enter a request:

% ProgramData%

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

That's all! You can still restart the system for maximum cleaning efficiency.

How to remove the bluette from the computer completely, if well deleted

You can resort to third-party software. Personally tested by me the following utilities:

Here are detailed video reviews for each program:

Each of the listed options has a function of forced removal. That is, even if the BluesTacks 4 installer is damaged, does not start, then the programs will be able to find all traces in the registry, folders and safely remove them.

Corporate uninstaller

On the official page The emulator support is the topic dedicated to the correct removal of the Blistx on Windows 10 8 7.

  • First, you should clear the directory with temporal TEM files: you can get into it already familiar to the method - through the "Run" console, called a combination WIN. + R :

% Temp%

How to remove bluestacks completely from a Windows 7 8 10 computer: All methods

  • We highlight all the contents and delete it:

содержимое папки temp

A warning may be displayed that at the moment it is impossible to delete some objects as they are used by the applications running. This is normal!

  • Download BSTCleaner_all (universal version) with the aforementioned page, run the utility. Literally in a few seconds there will be automatic elimination. You do not need to choose, confirm. Only restart the PC upon completion of the operation.



All possible methods were considered how to remove BlueStacks completely from a Windows 10 8 7. 7. If the text instruction seemed you not too understandable, then watch the video with Our YouTube Canal :

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