Many men of different ages face the same problem - a beautiful, intelligent and very cute girl who causes a feeling of deep sympathy. But how to tell her about it? How to make a lady believe in the sincerity of the feelings with her sharing? "How to hint a girl, what do I like her?" This question is asked hardly more often than thinking of the method, how to make an offer to your beloved woman. What to do in such cases? How to understand whether time has time for recognition? How to behave in order not to get to see.

How to start a familiarity?

Imagine a simple situation: you are walking down the street, you go in public transport or make purchases in the store. And here you see her - the girl of his dreams. Well, or just very pretty and cute. What to do? How to be? It is logical that the best solution will come and speak with her, but how to do it?

Or, suppose it is a colleague on work, a classmate or a classmate, a common acquaintance ... In short, you see with enviable regularity, but what to do next - it is not clear.

Why don't many men have difficulty communicating with the girls cute? Causes can be different. However, the most common are:

  • Excessive impairment
  • Experienced negative experience
  • Diffidence,
  • Fear of failure or ridicule
  • Low self-esteem,
  • The popularity of a sympathetic girl,
  • Social layer difference
  • The inability to approach the girl, because the lady is not alone.

Many items from the list above one way or another testify to self-esteem. In order to cope with uncertainty, a long work is needed. It will not be superfluous to visit a male psychologist or psychotherapist, but it is unlikely that a pretty girl will wait for a long time.

Therefore, you can use the tips below.

  • If you feel a strong constraint, it is still worth trying to push the moment when the girl will remain alone, or at least in the distance from all the others. But it is not necessary to obsessively pursue it at a distance - it will cause excessive tension and much faster will be a reason for ridicule, if not the girl itself, then her surroundings.
  • Often, it is simply not possible to wait for the chance to catch the girl alone. A good alternative will be waiting when the smallest number of people around it will be around it, and offer her for a long time to move away. And aside from people to make a conversation with her.

But what if you are not familiar and met for the first time? Output one - to overcome your constraint and approach. But how to start acquaintance? There are many recommended phrases that are replete with the Internet. It is not necessary for your mom's son-in-law? ", And" called from the Heavenly Office, the angel disappeared, but I won't say anyone that I saw you "and many others. Do not use them.

Why such categoricalness? Everything is simple. If you, approaching a pretty girl, is not initially confident in yourself and braving it immediately noticeable. No need to seem to those who are not. It is very noticeable, from here, it is often quite aggressive and mocking answers. It happens that the girl who thought a second ago something like "what a nice young man" after such a phrase continues the thought is very impartial.

Therefore, the rule is first - be yourself. Yes, perhaps you are shy, you blush, pale and stutter. More sincerity and openness from the first minutes is more likely to be successful.

The rule is the second - say what you think and feel. No confused phrases. If the girl struck her beauty - and say "the girl, you are very beautiful, can I meet you?" First, in this case, there are only two answers, or not. Secondly, the girl will be very pleased to hear the sincere compliment. Thirdly, even if she responds with refusal, remember: negative experience is also experience. Thus, you will learn at least to overcome your constraint, which will help to help in the future. And the more such approaches you will make, the less stress will be with each subsequent.

Suppose the girl agrees to meet and leave his phone number - offered her not to postpone and sit in a cafe or stroll. Even if there is no time for it, so you will show your interest.

You should not call or write immediately - the abundance of attention from a unconscious person may not just alert, but also push. Wait at least until the evening.

You can and need to ask common questions that will learn about the mood of the girl, some events of her life, interests and hobbies.

It is impossible to ask questions for sexual topics, rude, use extreme expression, put pressure on the addresses, be too annoying.

Observing these simple rules, you have every chance of first and subsequent dates.

What should not speak during dating?

Pickup community is replete with various ways of dating. Let's be honest - perhaps once, these phrases brought now and were interesting to someone, but now they cause only a grin.

What categorically should not speak when meeting:

  • "I see that you are bored without me. Now I am entertaining you, "
  • "I know you love hot guys - here I am,"
  • "Someone said that you are alone - I am ready to destroy your loneliness,"
  • "What do you do with me with your beauty - I'm fighting, wounded in my heart!",
  • "You are created for love, and I am ready to give it to you,"
  • "Seeing you, I felt something that I never felt! You must leave the phone number, or I die on the spot! ",
  • "I heard one angel ran out of Paradise - I won't tell anyone where you, if you agree to give me your room,"
  • "I love hot stuff like you - but you are special!",
  • "I am ready to fall in front of you on your knees, just do not disappear without a trace!".

These and many similar phrases are ready to destroy even a relatively good impression. Especially negatively affects various "I", which is better to avoid in great abundance.

How to understand if the girl likes?

So, you communicate. The girl is definitely very sweet and beautiful. You are interested together. How to understand: Is it just a pleasant pastime, or does she really like it?

The most banal council - listen to yourself. If you regularly return thoughts to a new acquaintance, if you really wonder and important what happens in her life, most likely you like it. Also, the following signs can also speak about sympathy:

  • She seems the best among all the girls what you know
  • Similarity of interests and views on life,
  • Easy communication without arising awkwardness,
  • A large number of common topics
  • She positively affects you,
  • The absence of any annoying factors in behavior, appearance and judgments,
  • Appearing feeling inspiration when communicating, meetings and even one form of this girl,
  • You start to dress much more carefully, use perfume, look better than usual when you know what you see.

If most of them matches or all items - yes, you like it. And it's time to admit to her own feelings.

This may look like many modern relations: two like each other, but shy to admit. But life would be easier and more interesting from both!

It's time to admit the girl what she likes

So, if she definitely likes, it's time to say about it. But how? You communicate, walk, you are good together, but what words to choose to tell about your sympathy? "How to say a girl, what do I like her?" Frequent question.

One of the best ways to tell about the feelings is honest and right to inform "you really like you." But, agrees, not always enough courage for such a statement, and I would like even such a simple recognition to be original and memorable.

You can choose various ways, pick up various phrases. For example:

  • Ask her that she considers the most nice. When she responds, tell her: "And for me the cutest you, because you really like you."
  • Ask, if she likes ... Well, for example, pizza. In any case, we can say that either "I also like pizza, but you like you even more", or "Pizza, of course, is not very, but you are beautiful!" It is not necessary to compare with food, but it is also not worth learning in the search for original comparisons.
  • Create a romantic situation. You can choose a walk in the park, a lake or a pond, a star night or a beautiful place - such a situation, as well as recognition, will be remembered for a long time.
  • Tell her what she's special for you. It may be the phrase "I have never met such girls like you. And maybe for someone you are usual, but for me you are special. I like you very much. "
  • Do it compliments - they must be sincere and go from the soul, from the heart itself. It may be "you are unusually honey, you have such a stunning smile. Like everything in you, and you like you very much. "
  • Share some problem ladies. At the same time, it is not necessary to create it yourself. First, you will show yourself by a person who can always rely on, and secondly, you will be able to tell her that she is extraordinary and you are ready to continue your communication more closely.

In any case, remember: recognition in own feelings should always be sincere and not be voiced for their own mercenary interests. Yes, the answer will not always be mutual, but this is not a reason to be afraid of further relationships. Clean feelings are always very expensive.

However, you can not tell her right about the feelings, but hinting a girl about sympathy, but so that the opportunity to understand the hint was wrong. Create the most romantic atmosphere, and it will begin to understand.

What and how to write, if you say words, no courage?

The girl really likes, but he personally does not personally have any opportunity - too much constraint, fear of being rejected or any other reasons. What to do in this case? It is worth writing about it.

But how to write? What to choose the words? What if she does not understand? The age of technology can approach both mobile messengers and social networks. A special effect will produce a personally written regular paper letter. Write a lady anything you think. Let it seem stupid and ridiculous, but the words coming from the soul always differ from the fictional one. If you write poems - then it's time to devote her strings. If you draw - give her your creation. It is not necessary to send by mail - it is imperceptibly in a bag or pocket, throw yourself in the mailbox yourself - just try so that she turned out to be the recipient.

After all, girls love secrets and adventures - you can send her small messages with prompts, then invite her to a date, where and tell you about your feelings. You can make such messages anonymous - it will warm her interest in his fan. Show fiction and originality - surprise. It is also necessary to remember that the girls love when humor is present in communication. But do not write standard jokes or highly specialized humor. Write her a funny story from my life, and then casually mentioning it with a personal communication with your chosen. It will make an effect on it, be sure.

What exactly to write to her? Avoid template phrases, be interesting and sincere, describe what exactly you like it, why it makes you feel such feelings. Be romantic.

Other ways to hint to the girl what she likes

The girls understand the hints well enough and feel sympathy for their person. Not everything, of course, but most. Therefore, if you lack courage to say or write it straight - hint. There is a huge variety of opportunities. For example:

  • Delicate it with something delicious. It will be fine if you can find out what exactly she loves,
  • Help her - convey a bag, make a report, prepare a task,
  • Always listen carefully, support the conversation,
  • Just support it
  • Laugh with her jokes,
  • Help with solving her problems
  • Talk about her more good, and not only it, but also in general companies,
  • Emphasize its strengths - "You so wonderfully defended your work - I couldn't have something like that,"
  • Interested in her life.

Increased attention to his person in any case will make the girl think about what it is connected with, and, of course, she will think about your sympathy. But do not be too intrusive - if she has the feeling that she is being pursued and do not "breathe" anything cannot be anything else. Therefore, be there, but do not fool all its existence. There are many ways, explicit and implicit, how to tell the girl that I like it. An even more ways are how to hint the girl that she is pretty. It all depends on the fantasy and what exactly you are willing to do that she learned about it.

It is also worth mentioning a few words about failures and unreserved sympathy. There are such situations when you say to a person "love you" or "I like you very much," and you hear that these feelings of love or sympathy are not mutual. For many, it becomes a strong shock - fear appears that in the future any recognition or communication will end the same way. And with this uncertainty, it is very difficult to fight, especially if first of all remember the experience of negative experience.

Say yourself: "I can". Say: "I am bold, and I have nothing to fear, no one likes anyone." Do not get ready for the worst, always believe in the best.

In the end, on one female individual, the Light Wedge did not go. Wait a little, the feelings will catch. Then look around around you surrounds a lot of beautiful other girls!

The girls are very tied to feelings and emotions, it is very important for them a variety and ease of communication. Surprise, do not lose, and everything will work out!

Test: Does your second half do not change?

Do you suspect your partner deceives you? Pass the test and learn whether you can drive your afternoon.

A man of all ages is in difficulty when he cannot open his feelings of the beautiful young lady. All his thoughts occupies the only problem - how to tell the girl that I like it and what an answer awaits it. It is necessary to overcome your fear and follow the recommendations.

Why guys are afraid to admit in feelings

Guys are brave and strong when it comes to male issues. But love makes them soft and vulnerable. Often you can see how the head of the department skillfully controls his subordinates, without fearing to express all his thoughts, feelings. But with his beloved girl, he becomes quiet, timid, shy. This is due to the fact that men are not particularly accustomed to expressing tender feelings and tell the girl that I like her, for him already feat.

Other reasons for fear of recognition:

  1. Fear to hear failure.
  2. Low self-esteem.
  3. There is no experience with the opposite sex.
  4. Previous relations were unsuccessful.
  5. Doubt in your own feelings.

If the girl is beautiful, popular in the company, then the waters are desperately frighten the crowds of fans surrounding it. And the man is afraid that all his friends and girlfriends will begin to laugh at him.

What is important to know the guy for successful communication

First of all, the man needs to be patient and determined. And there are several important principles, the observance of which will lead a guy to the cherished goal:

  1. Optimistic mood. A young man must be confident in herself, his own. He should not be passed before difficulties.
  2. Hug a guyAppearance. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of clothing, shoes. On time to take a shower and use a pleasant perfume. It will not hurt to do sports, swimming.
  3. Sense of tact. A man should always understand what and where to say how to joke. Not welcome to communicate with a girl using abnormative vocabulary, jargon words.
  4. More actions. Do not be secretly sigh and dream of a lady without taking any action. The guy risks stay without a couple, because a more active competitor will take his place.
  5. Openness in communication. The man is desirable to be able to maintain a conversation on any topics, including personal ones. The companion will feel that she is trusted, and herself will behave more openly.

If the fear interfers to communicate with the lady, then you can rehearse the dialogues of the house. As a partner, sister, girlfriend, friend or mirror will come up.

How to hint a girl that she is nice to me

Experienced guys advised to hint about their sympathy with the help of various techniques.

Effective techniques:

  1. Make a compliment. Pleasant words spoken from the soul will ask any girl to taste.
  2. Tell the truth. Some men do not like to pull a decisive moment for a long time. Therefore, they do not have problems about how to explain to the girl what she likes. Young people openly declare their sympathy.
  3. Select from other Pers. Gently hint the lady that he is nice when she is near.
  4. Find a general hobby. If a film that likes both a guy and a girl came to the rental, then they should go to a session together. Community of interests, a pleasant atmosphere will help future partners to close.
  5. Show interest in.

A girl with time will notice the efforts of a man and will appreciate them. He needs to be patient and not despair ahead of time.

What and how to write if you say no courage

There are young people who in the presence of the opposite sex cannot connect two words. For them, there is one way out - to write about your sensual experiences in the letter. You can send a lady anonymous messages that the girl will intrigue. In the last letter, the guy is recommended to reveal their identity and invite coffee to a cup.

How to tell her without hint

Before the meeting, a man should prepare a simple phrase, which will understand the girl what she likes. For example: "You are the girl about which I dreamed about. I'm mad about you".

"You need to know what I like you."

In the process of confession, it is not necessary to smile stupid, try to translate everything in a joke. It is necessary to watch the lady in the eyes so that she saw all the sincerity of the feelings.

How to hint at meetings

Suggest to meet the easiest of the correspondence. Properly chosen words will not bring insults and the girl, most likely, will send a positive answer.

Recognition in love

Examples of phrases:

  1. "You are not indifferent to me. I want us to become a couple. "
  2. "I am happy when you're near. I want us to always be together. "
  3. "My sympathy has grown into something more. Let's transfer the relationship to a new level. "

Just a few words can greatly change the lives of two people. The main thing is that they are from the soul.

How to confess to her love

Banal phrase "I love you!" Never outlines yourself. These cherished three words dream of hearing every young person. If the guy feels that he is ready to pronounce confession, then you do not need to pull. You should take a lover away from prying eyes and in a relaxed atmosphere to decisively say simple words.

How to hint through humor

The girls appreciate a good sense of humor. Therefore, you can make her hint in the form of a joke. For example, the phrase "Your mother is not needed?" Immediately gives the lady to understand that it is not indifferent. You can offer to become the heroes of the play, where they will play beloved. "Let's play a novel, where you get pregnant and then you will have to marry." Creative girls will appreciate the originality of the approach. You can count on the continuation of the relationship.

Recognition in feelings via the Internet

Modern youth spends more and more time on the Internet, freezes on social networks. Many guys fear openly admit the girl what she likes. Then the World Wide Web comes to the rescue. Several rules for communicating via messages:

  1. You should write clear, unambiguous phrases. Otherwise, the lady may incorrectly interpret the thought. And think that the young man laughs over her.
  2. How to say a girl what she likesCopying other people's words is not recommended. The style immediately gives the substitution. The girl will decide that the guy is configured to be frozen.
  3. It is better to write a few nice words, describing the first time of the meeting. And in conclusion, tell how she fascinated him.
  4. Before sending a message, you need to check the text for errors.
  5. You should not use emoticons too often. At first, all thoughts better express words.

Correspondence is no less difficult than communication directly. It is recommended to answer as much as possible as much as possible, I wonder, avoiding closed phrases.

Step-by-step instruction

In a conversation with a girlfriend, the guys rarely feel awkward. Otherwise, the case is when the girl liked in the conversation is included. Young people are immediately lost, the nefple is responsible, some will even blush. For shy, detailed instructions were developed, with the help of which the object of attention will be conquered in the near future.

Step 1. Become friends

Before building plans for a serious relationship, the guy is recommended to try to make friends with a girl. He must find common interests, come up with topics for conversations to interest the lady of the heart. Young man should introduce a young lady with his friends, make friends with her girlfriends. He needs to become necessary, important, irreplaceable, so that she wanted to share with him happy and incessant events.

A psychological comfort is important between friends, then a joyful time together will be joy. If young specials do not respond to the efforts taken by a man, he needs to think about the feasibility of his actions. Perhaps he is uninteresting to the girl and nothing is worthwhile from the relationship.

Step 2. Find common interests

Relationships are primarily tied on the basis of similar interests. After acquaintance with the lady, it is necessary to figure out what it is interested. Perhaps she likes the same books, movies, games, as a guy. Or they attend one pool, gym. Maybe they love certain types of sports or adore cook. Then they will be found about what to talk on the first date.

A young man should carefully listen to what the girl tells about. Any information coming from it will be useful.

In the process of communication, the guy should give to understand the lady that he had fun with her free hours. She will be fun to hear it, she willingly agree to meet further.

Step 3. Watch for hygiene

A man must have enough time to pay for body care. After all, the appearance is the first to draw attention to young features.

The guy looks into the mirror

Basic Rules:

  1. Hair must be clean, neatly hairstyles. It is necessary to regularly visit the hairdresser so that the haircut looked well-kept.
  2. Clothes should be deferred. If the trousers assume the presence of arrows, then it is not necessary to forget about it when ironing. Spots are not welcome. Even small marks will be accurately detected by the companion.
  3. Do not forget about the manicure. Dirty nails have not yet fascinated anyone. This applies to the unshaven person. Behind the beard and mustache, too, you need to properly care.
  4. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of perfume. It should not be too sweet or sharp.

The guy can not look dirty in the eyes of a cute lady. Otherwise, all his efforts will be in vain.

Step 4. Smile

The girl feels easily and comfortable if there is a cheerful guy who can joke next to her. A good sense of humor is another plus in a piggy bank of positive qualities. Jokes should be interesting and decent, otherwise the companion can be offended.

A man is recommended to smile more often and do everything in order for the face of the lady also played a smile. He should not tell her about problems at work, about the difficulties in relationships with his parents, only if she herself won't ask for sad thoughts.

When communicating, the body language is important. Do not cross the hands during the conversation, lower the chin, stuff your shoulders. Such a pose tells the ladies about the closetness of her companion, which is not too favorable for the relationship.

Step 5. Flirtite

Hold on handsFlirt is an exciting art. Sincere laughter, a mumbling smile, barely noticeable touchs make up the basis of successful courtesies. When talking, you can carefully correct her hair curls, lean closer to face, whisper something in secret on the ear. In the company, the guy should periodically throw views on their companion, waiting for it to feel and respond to the same.

For a farewell, a man is allowed to easily enjoy the lady by the shoulders, kiss in the temple. But enough for the fifth point is strictly prohibited. A young person might think that the guy carries her goal with one goal - to lay in bed. Then the relationship will end, and without starting.

Do not forget about the elementary rules of courtesy. If the girl comes into the room, you need to open the door in front of it. Going down the stairs - the guy is obliged to offer her hand.

Step 6. Admit to feelings

After prolonged communication, the time comes when you can impede the moment for recognizing feelings. The man is better to think about their speech in advance, so that in the solemn the moment they do not reject in front of the companion. Phrases should go from the heart. You do not need to try to invent and select ideal phrases, which will sound beautifully, without reflecting the essence.

The guy must choose a comfortable place to conversate where no one will hurt them. At the time of admission it is impossible to look at the floor, to tele your fingers, twitch. It is necessary to exhale, focus and, looking into the eyes, pronounce important words. The girl first hesitates from surprise, confused. It is necessary to give her time to understand what is happening.

Step 7. Expect a response

Do not hurry the lady with the answer. Perhaps she was not ready for such a turn of events. And the new information completely stunned it. If a man is insist on an immediate response, he will only achieve a negative reaction to his recognition. The lady should carefully consider the proposal, weigh everything in and against.

If the feelings are mutual, then the young person will certainly report it at the first opportunity. The guy needs to be patient.

Step 8. Prepare for a positive answer.

It should always be hoped for a favorable outcome of events. But the worst option is also not worth discounting. If the lady responds positively to recognition, then a man in all previous steps behaved correctly.

Further, the young man is recommended to draw a plan for further action. Good arrange a date in some romantic place. You can go on a small journey through local attractions.

After a date, experts on relationships advise to present a small girl, but a cute gift (figurine, frame, keychain). It will be the first thing that will celebrate the beginning of official relations.

Step 9. Develop a romantic relationship

Girls are mostly romantic, so the accelerated development of relations is not welcomed. People must get used to each other, to their new status. The ladies love when they are advised to them, therefore, even in the trifles men, it is recommended to ask the opinion of their beloved.

Come to one

After the guy knows the lady better, he can arrange small surprises to her who will definitely like.

It is important to spend a lot of time together, see at least several times a week. But it does not need to forget about friends, relatives.

Useful advice

Before confusing in feelings, the guy needs to watch the girl. It is important for him to find out what feelings he causes, is it nice to her society.

For this you need:

  1. Interested in her life.
  2. Perform a lot of hours.
  3. Find it on social networks and tie a correspondence.
  4. Offer any help. It should feel a strong male shoulder.
  5. Show halanery. Girls like raised people.

A man will use to start familiarizing with girlfriends. They know her better, so they can give a good advice on courtship.

With girls, it is better to talk openly, soulful. They appreciate directness, perseverance and originality. Therefore, making confession, a man needs to talk about their feelings without a rustle. So he appears more chances to get a positive answer.

Home "He and she" How to hint a girl, what do I like her?

It is sometimes difficult to get courage and tell the girl about what you feel to her, so we will analyze in this article, how to hint the girl that I like her personally or by correspondence in contact, and whether it is worth using a social network while trying to tell her about His emotions.

Like any person, we are inherent to nervous, be afraid to confess in your feelings, but the fear of getting a refusal may not enable you to build a happy relationship.

Therefore, you need to collect all the will in the fist and admit to the girl in his sympathy, perhaps she is also afraid to admit to you in their feelings. So, the most necessary in the first stages is to know the girl closer, understand what she likes, and what she wants. And only then look for an approach to it.

Do not forget that all the girls are different - one loves when she is talking about her feelings directly, and the other may be afraid of it.

How to give to understand the girl, what do you like, saying about her appearance?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Oh neither twist, and guys often plan for a long time and reflect on how to give to understand the girl that you like it, what to tell her where to say, and when to say. If you have a feeling for the girl, you are crazy about her appearance, then several phrases, from which she will understand what attracts you in it will be able to help you, for example:

  • "You have such beautiful eyes, I just can't break away!";
  • "So cool hair is glittered in the sun, such soft";
  • "It is immediately clear that you are engaged in sports, a beautiful figure."

If you decide to focus on the girl's appearance, you should not tell her, for example, about her chubby brushes, she can start complex and upset because of this or complements about her buttocks and chest, can also disappoint her, and she will consider you a vulgar , a sauna guy.

How to give to understand the girl what she likes you through your teamwork?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Build plans for the future, and think about how to give to understand the girl, what do you like to understand using the methods of joint plans? Then it is worth understanding one simple truth - your sincerity with a barely familiar girl will be regarded as a joke, but if you have already talked for a lot of time and already think about how to meet dawns and sunsets together, then these phrases will help you:

  • "You know, next year I want to arrange you an unforgettable Valentine's Day";
  • "Maybe, of course, I am a hurry event, but a joint holiday on the sea at summer vacation, will give us the opportunity to relax and prepare for the new school year. How do you like my offer? "

Hinting through the compliments and manifestations of sympathy

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

A compliment is the easiest and most favorable step towards the heart of the girl, so they can be thought of a huge set, and the girl will always be nice. The main thing is not to rearrange and do not translate a compliment to everyday flattery.

If you want to conquer your beloved, you should learn to say compliments correctly. It is not necessary to memorize them, and to make an impression on the girl, do not speak obvious things, for example: "There is no one beautiful in the world," it is quite boring and have come to everyone. Substate to complements creatively:

  • "Having traveled Polimir, I did not meet in the light of such a treasure as you";
  • "Before our meeting I thought I was telling you, but seeing your charming smile, I forgot all the words."

Most importantly, do not forget to be sincere. If she understands that you are really delighted with her, then you will appreciate your perseverance. And if you try to get off the text, it will immediately understand it and get angry. It is not necessary to say very often compliments, let them become unexpected.

If suddenly you are overdoing, and your girlfriend is upset, ask her forgiveness, and that they did not want to offend her.

You do not need long offers, say briefly, clearly and your intonation should not bring you.

How to tell her without hints?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

If you still cannot overcome yourself or are not a male representative who can constantly fuck and say compliments to girls, but are a serious straight guy, not trouble. It is even good, as the option is suitable for you, speak immediately and the truth about what you still want from the girl.

For example, let it be light, not intricate phrases:

  • "You are very beautiful, smart and I really like you very much!";
  • "I will say honestly, I'm crazy about you!".

Tell the girl about what exactly you attracted in her than it was separated among others. And then she will feel their superiority over other female individuals, that she is extremely pollen.

Speak everything honestly, do not try to invent, because if you begin to hide before the next compliment, it will seem very strange.

How to hint at the meeting?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Let's imagine that you are already familiar with this girl, study for example in one group or class, work together, or you are at different courses, and now you have met a look, and you realized that this is exactly the girl with which you would like to spend Permanently your time. Then you should not pull, it is time to confess her about your feelings, but should not do this in the crowd. Let you stay one on one. So that you feel more confident, and she was not confused, as well as her answer to be sincere, because in the crowd of surrounding the eyes, it may not alone, so that you cannot be offended or on the contrary.

And if suddenly your privacy took place, take the courage, tell her that you like to spend time with her, communicate, and you want to go to a new level, inviting it to the first date.

How to confess to her love?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

In fact, it is easier to invite a girl on a date than then after some time a period of time say that you love her. Immediately begin to come in the head, and suddenly she does not answer reciprocity? Is this love really? What should I do if she also says that he loves me? You need to be prepared as a positive answer and to the negative. And for this you need to prepare.


Practice in your speech. Decide that you say after the words "I love you." Veda girl will surely want to hear some continuation.

Recognition in love must be memorable, therefore, to get more chances that you are not refused, choose a place of date, as well as agree with a girl about time and date in advance.

Even if confessed in their feelings, you will not hear the answer, do not start asking questions: "Do you love me?", "Do you want to say something?". The girl may not feel love for you, and could just be confused and indulged. Therefore, before the meeting, you are taking care and sustainability.


Seeing his chosen, it is not necessary to rush at once with the words of recognition in love. Take a walk, enjoy a friend, wait for a suitable romantic moment, and only then tell her: "I love you."

Do not rush a girl, she needs to be aware of what heard.

It is important to remember several tips:

  • Try not to be nervous, and not to build a person who you are not;
  • Before admitting her about his feelings, think well, and do you really love her;
  • In practice, there is nothing shameful, so rehearsed your speech;
  • At the meeting, make your girlfriend all your attention, take care of her;
  • Having admitted to love, do not enter her, she will open to you when she is ready.

How to hint through humor?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

You are a cheerful and responsive guy, so it can be your trump card in the sleeve. Try to demonstrate your sympathy for it using positive notes, for example, phrases:

  1. "And I would marry you!";
  2. "I envy your cat's life, maybe you will take me in his place?"

If suddenly, the girl also decided to joke, and even if it did not work very well, you should not criticize it, support and dare together.

How to give to understand the girl, what do you like, if you saw her for the first time?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Now we will try to give to understand the girl that we liked it, but at the same time you saw her for the first time. Here you have to sweat, the most important thing is to try to bring it to the dialogue, because if it is not interested in you, then it will refuse to talk to you, and you just can not express your feelings.

What do we need to do?

  • Try with the simplest, ask her time or how to go to a certain place;
  • After the answer, you can make it a compliment, and if you get a smile in her face, you can continue to communicate further;
  • Ask, whether it does not want to spend time with you or talk on the phone, online;
  • The girl concerned in you can and herself hints to you that they do not mind to spend time with you, for a detailed acquaintance;
  • If after compliments you saw how her face was embarrassed, or she tries to lead and turn away from you, then you should not spend your time on it.

What should I remember with hints?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Now we will deal with hints. They will depend on the type of your beloved, as we would not advise you to use vulgar hints for a modest and intelligent lady, she simply will not understand you correctly, but will also experience disgust for you.

Let's figure it out on the examples. Let the first will be "relaxed", here it is with such a type of women you can throw to bed themes and other topics 18+, and also directly talk about your sympathy, about a beautiful, sexual body, etc.

There is also a "quiet-scrubber", with them you need to choose hints in careful, as such girls usually hide any emotions in themselves.

In order to understand what type of your girl belongs to, let it reveal in the usual general, look at how she dress and behaves with other people, and only then choose an approach for recognition.

How to hint to the girl, what do I like the correspondence?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

We believe that the Internet is not the best place for recognition in love, of course, about it is slightly lower, but if it came to the hints on the Internet, then let's look at how to hint the girl that I like the correspondence, using the most simple ways.

The easiest and most effective way is to write it with direct text that it is not indifferent to you. Of the advantages - she can immediately answer you reciprocating or not, but from the minuses - the girl can just ignore the message, you do not respond to you, since it may come dozens of exactly the same recognition.

Also, as an option, you can sow her musical compositions, which in one degree or another hints at your feelings for the girl. You should not stop on the music, you can also throw the video recordings or simple pictures. The interested girl will answer you reciprocity, and then you can already offer her that is more serious than just hints.

Now we hope that you have no questions left about how to hint the girl that I like it in VC, since the methods described by us are higher, are 100% effective and there or you will receive a refusal, or the continuation where you can already invite Her live date.

Why is the hints to the girl in the VK it is bad?

  • If you have not seen a girl before, but tuned to recognition in love or sympathy, then we do not advise you to do it through social networks or other remote methods.
  • Here are a few reasons why we believe that to recognize in your feelings the Internet is a bad thing:
  • Your beloved can read the message and immediately exit the network, I do not say anything, just ignoring your recognition;
  • On social networks, beautiful girls are often confessed in love and, moreover, several times a day, if you want to be in that company of men who did not answer, then daring;
  • You will not be able to transfer all sincerity and show how important it is for you through messages in VC or SMS, it is best to do it with an eye on your eye at your meeting;
  • Another girl may seem that you are trying to play it or you want to mock it, so it just leaves this message without an answer, or the smiley will throw you.

We advise you to confess in your feelings live. The text on the screen transmits little to your real feelings, but the words said "eyes in the eye" really make the heart beat more often and remain in memory!

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How to hint a girl on the relationship

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

A person cannot live alone. He always needs communication. Moreover, communication is not with all in a row. And since all people are different, then the moment of tying relationships, both personal and business, all different.

Someone can easily speak or get acquainted with any person. And for another person, this is an insurmountable barrier. There is nothing impossible! Will learn.

Let's start with the fact that we are already familiar, for example, we are learning together or are in the same company. How to hint on the relationship? This implies sympathy. So, we like the person.

  1. First of all, this person is "free" from obligations to others or the other. Simply put, isn't he meet with someone? If this answer is positive or he worries little, then we think about the second question.
  2. Do exactly do we want more close relationships than is at the moment? Well, we know this person, so as not to have to be disappointed. There is a saying: "Before you make a desire, think, and what if it turns out!" So here, before you cut the distance in the relationship, imagine that it has already happened. Arranges? Then forward. It is time to move to specific examples.

Here, it can be said not so difficult. Girls, as a rule, are waiting and hoping to meet with strong (not necessarily physically), interesting (versatile), a decisive young man. You can find many more epithets, but we will use distributed.

  • Now it is necessary to take advantage of all this (or part). So, you need to follow your words and actions, especially when you are near. And near you need to be, as often as possible, but do not bother.
  • You can invite to the movies or for a walk and not necessarily together (for a start you can with friends). And to provide signs of attention, for example, to offer a hand, leaving transport, water or ice cream, and so on. To try, so that she realize that you care for her. Women always notice the signs of attention, but only sincere.
  • Meeting or a date should not be one to understand whether the further continuation of your relationship will be. Get used to good quickly. And try to constantly talk, so that it is always interesting. Sometimes just a few words can attract the attention of the girl, because she will hear what always dreamed of hearing from a young man.
  • Here, of course, we use female things, that is, a smile, but not grinding or smile.
  • You can pay attention to what you like when you care about and protect. For example, sitting in a movie or walking in the park, show that you are scared.
  • To try to constantly talk, and more listen more than "twitter" himself. In the process of a conversation, you can find out what interests he has (to listen to it is interesting). And whether these relationships are clear to you.

The most important thing is not to be shy. You want to continue the relationship. So everything is in your hands. As you want, it will be. We are all people and hope for meetings, for love, for understanding. And you can get love and understanding from another person only when it is ready to give it myself. And nothing else. Successes!

How to hint at the wedding

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Considering the album with family photos, attract the attention of a young man to the wedding pictures of your parents. Tell me, that it must be very romantic, so nice to get married and live together a long life. It will be more effective if the case will be able to focus on his own parents beloved at the wedding. This can be done when you will be visiting them. Ask his mom about her wedding: how she chose a dress, how many guests were, where the celebration was celebrated.

To work together with your favorite, find the film, in which considerable attention is paid to the wedding, prepare for it.

Such paintings are suitable as, for example, "wedding stir" with Jennifer Lopez, "escaped the bride" or the "wedding of the best friend" with Julia Roberts.

If the young man did not give the proper visibility to view the symbolic film, in a short time again invite it to a movie with a similar plot.

To tell him more often, which of your friends get married or prepares for this joyful event.

No matter how you leave the book on the table, whose name talks about the wedding.

If you go with your favorite marriage to your girlfriend, tear it to throw a bouquet for you. You can arrange another provocation. Bake the pie with a small inedible object inside. This may be, for example, a figurine of a bride or ring.

Ask a girlfriend to distribute to every idle young man on a piece of the cake and say that the one who finds a baked object in his portion, he marries during the year.

Of course, you will have to take care that the ambulance symbol caught your boyfriend.

Finally, if nothing works on your beloved, let him eat a reason. And when he starts to claim complaints, tell me that he behaves like a legitimate husband, and meanwhile you are still a free girl. This, of course, is an extreme way, the result of which is unpredictable.

How to offer a girl to meet

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

If you are afraid of failure with such a sentence, you should not immediately fall into despair. First you need to know your choices. Invite her somewhere, talk. Find out what she thinks about more serious relationships. All this must be done before you offer the girl to meet. Make everything gradually, make it unexpected and pleasant surprises. So you will be more concerned more and learn more about your companion;

- If you all have already thought about and ready to offer a girl to meet, then make it in a memorable form - a parachute jump and proposal to be together; Dinner under the moon on the roof of the house, etc. So, everything is in your hands. Bring more romanticism in your offer;

  • - younger practices that are less than 18 years old, you can simply say that it becomes your girlfriend;
  • - In order not to be immediately negativity from your offer, from the first days of communication just communicate with neutral themes. The main thing is that they were general and interesting both;
  • - In general, the more you will be with her, to communicate, make pleasant surprises, to arrange all sorts of thematic parties for her - the better. All this will only positively affect your further relations and over time she will wait for you when you offer a girl to meet;

- Attention and constant compliments - will make their job. After all, girls love ears. So do not forget about it;

- One of the moments of a positive result is a properly thoughtful first date. It should not burden anyone nor it, with some obligations. Unobtrusive atmosphere, and communication about everything and nothing.

So, guys, listen and begin to act really. Only decisive actions you can achieve the result. Action, not sighing and lowering hands.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

No need to reinvent the wheel. You can simply offer her such an option. Words to say about it. If she expected more, then you learned her badly;

So before such a responsible case, it's good to find her - hobbies than it is wondering what she likes more in life, etc. And, relying on everything recognized, you can and without words to interest her, as a person who is not alien to someone else's life. She can and herself tell you such;

Now there are plenty of opportunities and methods to offer a girl to meet in order to invite to be your girlfriend. From drawing paint on asphalt, up to the jump from the bridge on the rope, with words, about what be mine. The main thing is to proceed it from you and sincere feelings;

Romance. Create such a situation. Candles, wine, light pleasant music. You can even sing her favorite song. It does not matter that you are poorly singing - it will be from the soul. After, in the process of the conversation, you can make such an offer. We think that it will not stand after this and agree to be your girlfriend;

You can also give her flowers, with their delivery to you to work. And the bouquet will be a note from you with the same recognition. This will be very unexpectedly pleasant, and she will be, what to boast of his friend's friends;

Do not be afraid of anything - even failure. Maybe a person is simply not ready, maybe he will see the timidity in your eyes. And in a man, a woman wants to see only confident man. When you decide to offer a girl to meet, always look into her eyes. Do not look around. Ugly and insincere will look.

Not always guys are ready to openly offer a girl to meet - fear of failure, many prefer to hint that they would like rapprochement. You need to hint with a girl too with the mind.

If you are not familiar, you need to adjust your acquaintance so that you can easily come to her. It may be imprompt, the effect of an unexpected meeting. It all depends on where you usually meet it. Remember about such moments from the movies and come up with your version of your dating.

If you have common acquaintances - ask you to imagine. So you not only enter the circle of her acquaintances. Most likely she will give her request. What she will understand your interest in her person. Start talking more with a girl. At a distance, it is unlikely that what happens. To interest it, you must enter her circle of communication.

When you enter into a company of her friends, you can begin to ask her about it. This, firstly, will help you learn it in absentia, and, secondly, pleasures, most likely, will give a girl that you are actively interested in her. Therefore, in such a conversation, try to get a review about it as much as possible.

At this stage, it will begin to pay attention to you. Become a noticeable against the background of her friends, for example, stand out about clothes. Try to attract your friends as possible as possible. If they start response well, it is pollen to her.

Try to meet it as if you are not enough as often as possible. An observant girl will be able to guess that you specifically wait for it.

Try to learn about her interests. How to hint to a girl on relationship using her hobbies? Very simple. Tell me that it interests you too. You will have a common topic for conversations, and nothing brings clips as fast as common hobbies and an interesting conversation.

Start your attention signs to it - compliments, minor help, care. It is nice to girls, she will not be able to stay indifferent.

Start giving gifts. Something is expensive and substantial - about, for example, for a birthday. And just so completely suitable pleasant little things - soft toys, a greeting card with humor, preferably with a hint of your feelings, chocolate and the like pleasant things. Most likely she guesses your feelings. Now it remains only to understand how to hint the girl on the relationship is already specifically.

If you compose poems or write interesting stories, - great! Dedote her one of my works. It should be read between the rows about the sincerity of your feelings. Send her to E-mail, or in the old man, lower the mailbox in the mailbox.

None of the girls will remain indifferent. If she won't want to meet you, most likely, at the stage of gifts, she would talk to you about it.

If she favorably accepts your courtship, it means that she is also just afraid of talking about his feelings and is waiting for you the first serious step.

In principle, you can already begin to act more actively, having stopped just hinting. If before that she did not show anything towards you in relation to you, then it's time to act. Perhaps you should not immediately admit to love, try to become closer to her.

Invite a girl in a cafe or movie. If you are interested in as a man, she is unlikely to refuse. Start with her meeting alone. Start with an innocent reason, "invite to the movies to a novelty or arrange a party to be able to invite it to the dance.

Most girls are very sensitive and always know who they really like. Be confident, choose the right moment and invite it on a date, where you will wait for it with flowers. Most likely, this is how your relationship will begin.

You can start on the other hand. Get her a good friend. So you can be more often with her, surround her care and attention so that she is used to spending time with you and sometimes it could no longer do without you. Such relations have two development options.

They can become strong family, or, on the contrary. You can stay in the status of an eternal friend dedicated to all secrets, but she will not be able to perceive you differently. In short, you will have to act in terms of the situation.

And if you choose the last option, do not tighten in order to translate the relationship to a qualitatively different level.

Unfortunately, these are the rules that the man himself has to be initiated. Those options when the girl herself is hanging on the neck, is most likely unlikely to end with serious relationships. It rarely happens that two halves having met, immediately understand that they are a couple. Usually, the girl is still looking and evaluated. And the man remains only to hint at the desire to meet.

Did you refuse? No need to panic!

However, dear guys, you should not fall in spirit. After all, it is not the only one that you would like to spend time with great pleasure. There is still a one that will appreciate your desire to be with her together.

Sources: How to hint on the relationship? A person cannot live alone. For one just start dating, but for another stumbling point. How to hint on the relationship? Men and women have different ways for this. As well as its own features. The article will tell you about it.

How to hint at the wedding Romantic relationships are sometimes dragging so much that one of the parties, which, as a rule, is a girl, a desire appears to hint that it would be nice to legitimize the relationship. However, always

How to offer a girl to meet Are you in love, but are you afraid about it to tell your girlfriend? This is often becoming a big barrier to establish relations between a man and a girl. The reason is that guys are always afraid

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As a girl to say, I like her: Tips and recommendations:

If at the form of a charming person, you lose the gift of speech and clumsy stumble in a flat place, then this accurately means what you fell in love. But know a wonderful feeling - this is just the beginning.

After all, ahead is the most difficult - to inform the Beauty about his intentions. This is perhaps the most relevant problem among young people. "But how to say a girl that I like her?" - you ask.

We devote this important issue to our article.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship


It should be remembered that the synthesis and rudeness will not like a single girl. Therefore, recognition in feelings should be unobtrusive and easy. Do not invite her on a date when you are noble. To begin with, try to find common interests. Occupy than a girl is interested in and much most often walks, then the question "How to say a girl that I like her?" disappears by itself.

For example, if you visit the same section or you have common friends, offer a girl to spend it. This will be the first gesture on the path to the purpose of the goal.


After you communicate several times, you can think about a date. No need to offer her expensive restaurants or gifts. To begin with, go to the park, eat ice cream. So you get better learning each other. In communication should behave openly. Better if you yourself yourself. It is this quality in men attracts all the girls.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

So, so that the date goes to "Hurray", be sure to present the girl flowers. No need to give a luxury bouquet. It will be enough for several spring colors (if it is time for the year).

Remember: the appearance in this situation is also important. No need expensive tuxedo. Quite clean and tidy clothes. It is very important in this situation to smell well.


Do not brag. The girls do not like this very much. It is also important not to ask stupid and frank questions. "How to say a girl that I like her if a date is nearing an end?" - you ask. Very simple. The best time is when you come to her house. It is this romantic moment and will allow you to confess in feelings. Dare!

After you pronounce the cherished words, you should remember: do not try to kiss the girl. If she wants it, then you will understand. Be sure to ask if she liked a date, whether she wants to meet you again. If the answer is positive, you can safely invite it to the restaurant (if the means allow you to).

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

What if the young man is shy

"How to say a girl what she likes? SMS What will suit this? " - you ask. Very easy. Write a recognition in a humorous form or in the form of a poem. Only to do it is necessary after the first date, otherwise you can introduce it into confusion.

An excellent option will be a luxurious bouquet that should be sent to her home or to work. This will definitely please the beauty.

If the girl does not know you

"How to say a girl that I like her if we are not familiar?" - And such a question you can ask. This is, of course, more complicated. But there is nothing impossible in this world. So, below we will give some tips on this situation.

  1. Follow the girl more often. When she notices you, prove yourself from the best side.
  2. Get acquainted with her friends or classmates (classmates).
  3. Look at her reaction when she sees you among your friends.
  4. During a common walk, throw her views (just do not overdo it).
  5. Offer friends (and she including) to ride a boat together or invite them to their holiday.
  6. Try to stay with her alone.
  7. When this happens, ask an indirect question, something like: "Would you like to eat ice cream or stroll?"
  8. When the answer is positive, proceed to the actions that are described above.

You should not worry if in response you will hear the answer not like. After all, there is still a whole life.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

If a girl is engaged in another man

"Does the girl say that I like her if she meets with another?" - The question is very delicate. In this situation, it all depends on your intentions. If you are driving a light sympathy, it is better to look at another person. If your feelings have switched to something more, then trying happiness is still worth it.


Do not know what to say a girl who likes? The answer is quite banal. Tell me, as is. After all, someone who will tell you before you may appear soon. Good luck!

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How to say a girl that I like her

Our online calorie calculator will find calorie, proteins, fats and carbohydrates of your favorite dishes and products. Lunar calendar for 2019 will open your secrets of success, wealth, good luck in love.

Modern young guys rarely experiences awkwardness in communicating with girls, if we are talking about a regular conversation. Another thing is when the young man nourishes sympathy towards a beautiful lady, but does not decide to admit it. Whether the situation is not the case, whether the language does not turn to pronounce cherished words.

From here there is a need to study the step-by-step instructions that we will provide below. So, proceed.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Step number 1. Become friends

  1. Before building relationships and recognize in sympathy, get acquainted with the girl closer. To do this, it is necessary to become friends or at least buddies.
  2. Sit and think what exactly you hooked you? How well do you understand each other's jokes, can you go through the routine and misunderstanding?
  3. In relations, the main thing is that two people feel comfortable at the moments of joint pastime.

    When you make friends, recognize each other closer, the connection can grow into something more.

  4. Invite a girl with you for a walk when you are going to spend time in the company of friends. Meet her girlfriends, try to please them.
  5. For the development of friendly relations, become not just a partner for work or study, but a real support, psychologist, trustee.
  6. If the lady does not come to contact and does not seek to become friends with you, it is likely that it is not interested. Think again if you need similar meaningless ties.

how to communicate with a girl so she fell in love

Step number 2. Find common interests

  1. It is difficult to build full-fledged romantic relations to people who do not have common interests. After communicating with the girl, find out what you have in common. Perhaps you play in the same volleyball team or go together into a simulator room.
  2. Relieve yourself from this information.

    Talk movies and books that like both. Speak about domestic animals. As soon as you notice the slightest similarity, grab about it and spin.

  3. At this stage it is necessary to show a girl that you have fun together.

    Common points of contact can be a good soil for the development of a more serious connection.

Step number 3. Watch out for hygiene

  1. To feel confident, you need to follow appearance and hygiene. First of all, the girl draws attention to the state of nails, hair, shoes and clothing.
  2. During your joint pastime, you follow the cleanliness of T-shirts and shirts, find the pants if necessary, clean the shoes. You should always look neat.
  3. If the girl sees that a man is watching himself, she concludes that he will take care of her. Do not neglect the elementary procedures, such as male manicure and shave.
  4. Go responsibly to the choice of perfume, it should not be too cerebral or cutting scent. It is enough to obscure yourself with cologne 1-2 times, no more.

how to understand that the girl is in love with you

Step number 4. Smile

  1. Girls love charming guys who are constantly joking, smile, but at the same time they do not look vulgar. If the relationship has already been fixed on a friendly field, you can "pix" the lady.
  2. Your jokes should not be rude to not offend passion.

    Do not ship young individuals with your problems if she herself does not ask to tell what the matter is. No one loves inflated sad guys.

  3. Keep confidently, do not stumble, raise the selection above. Separate your shoulders to show your openness.

    Do not cross your hands on the chest during communication.

Step number 5. Flirtite

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

  1. Flirt lies in mumbling touch, stroking, sincere smile, jokes. Act the bolder. During the conversation, lean closer to the girl hearing your breath.
  2. When forgiveness, lightly enjoy her behind your back, giving it to understand that we are glad to meet. At parties and other events sits nearby, tell her on the ear of funny stories and feel free to laugh together.
  3. It is important that the flirting is mature, unobtrusive. Do not have enough girl for the "fifth point", it is ugly. Open the door before the passage, serve a hand on the steps.
  4. Always hold the visual contact, especially when you are in one company, but at different angles of the room. She should catch your look at himself and answer him.

how to offer a girl to meet

Step number 6. Admit to feelings

  1. After a long and successful communication, it was time to confess the feelings. Treat in advance what you will say the lady of the heart. Recognition should sound confident and not dramatic.
  2. Adhere to the rules of brevity and meaningability, do not leave "water" in the ears.

    No need to start from afar, making up a complex scenario or history, go immediately to the point.

  3. When a person tries to come up with perfect recognition, in fact it turns out to be crumpled, inconcess and empty. Speech should be clinging the girl, it means that speak from the heart.
  4. Come to solve the task with the hitsrea.

    For example, you walk together in the park and laugh. Contact as if necessary: ​​"You're wonderful, it is for that I adore you!". Or: "Your sense of humor drives me crazy!", "I like you to impossible!".

  5. Creek of the soul will make the girl to come up, wait some time and appreciate her reaction.

    Choose the right place to recognize, it must be low and cozy. On all over the conversation, see the lady in the eye.

Step number 7. Expect a response

  1. Girls are mysterious creatures, never understand what they have on the mind. After said words, expect a response, do not push the young person. What you said is comparable to the bomb.
  2. If you hurry a lady, it will take off.

    Give the girl time to think about your relationship and the further development of events.

  3. Even if the feelings are mutual, young features must come to them itself and admit this. Tell me that you do not require a response now, invite a girl in the movies, giving her time to think.

How to invite a girl on a date

Step number 8. Prepare for a positive answer.

  1. Get ready for good, but count on a bad thing to eliminate the broken heart in the future. If the girl responds with reciprocity, then you feel about special people.
  2. Think over the plan for further action. Relationships should be romantic, especially at first.

    Arrange a date on the shore of the lake or the sea, go to the park on a picnic, pick up the mountains.

  3. Be sure to prepare a small present, which give your official second half after a date. It can be a key chain, a bouquet of flowers, a set of chocolate chocolates or eggs "Kinder Surprise".

Step number 9. Develop a romantic relationship

  1. When everything goes successfully, and you will already fasten your connection with an innocent kiss, proceed to the next step. Here the main thing is not to hurry. Girls do not like the rapid development of relationships.
  2. For excellent ladies, the slow, but confident achievement of mutual understanding. For this, plan a date together, respect each other's desire.
  3. You can make a surprise in the event that you know a young person pretty good. Cut together the time at least 3-4 times a week, and better every day at least 1.5 hours. It will help to get closer.
  4. It is known that the Code of the guy comes into relationships, he throws his friends and acquaintances, because he is passionate about the girl on the ears.

    Do not do this, save your personal space.

Recognition in feelings via the Internet

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

  1. Some guys are easier to open a girl through SMS or social networks. This is not surprising, because technological progress imposed its mark on society. In addition, to express sympathy on the Internet is easier.
  2. If you do not have the opportunity to talk to a girl personally, prepare a message for it. Of course, you first need to talk tightly on correspondence to make sure in mutual feelings.
  3. Then work on the text, do not copy the love poems from the Internet. Recose in sympathy in the evening when everyone wants sincere conversations and revelations.
  4. Make a letter so that it is as romantic as possible. Start from the moment of the first meeting, come to the way you slowly fell in love with it. Be sure to check literacy and punctuation.

It is easy to admit to the girl in sympathy, if approaching it responsibly. Do not hurry, first make friends and identify common interests. Gradually start flirting, open a lady in a psychological plan, spend alone more time.

how to impress the girl

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How to hint a girl on the relationship?

Do not be surprised when the guy does not know how to offer to meet a girl. Someone is easily, another causes difficulty. We hope that the following advice will answer the question of how to hint the girl on the relationship.

Start careful

If the girl agreed to come to the first date, or responded to your message on social networks, it already says that she sympathizes you. But, sometimes the girl perceives the guy just like a friend. Here and begin difficulties. The guy does not know how to make a hint of a girl on a relationship, and understand what he likes.

In any case, before you offer to meet, you need to go through the process of courtship. It is during courtship that you can hint, or say right about your desires.

We offer several options that will help you understand how much you like to the girl, and is it worth counting on further relationships:

  1. Start with the invitations in the movie . Take regular tickets, not LoveSeat. If a girl likes your society, think about the following dates;
  2. After several walks and campaigns on cinemas, You can invite the choices to dine . If she agreed, it can already be considered success. While you are ordered dishes, you can talk and understand how much you likes the chapter;
  3. Invite a girl stroll . If this is the first date, you can not go together, but with friends. Just do it so that the girlfriend realize that this is the date;
  4. the most important stage, before proposing relationships, is considered Invitation home . If after numerous dates, movies on movies and restaurants, your chosen all the time refuses to go home, then the development of two events options. You need to wait a little more, or leave the idea with this girlfriend.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

Do not forget before using the proposed recommendations, carefully ask if the girl does not have any obligations to another person.

The second, no less important point is to be an honest answer to the question: you really dream to meet with this representative of the beautiful sex.

If you have received satisfying answers on both questions, we boldly begin to courtiems.

Hint of a relationship in social network

Now many young people get acquainted through social networks. Communication with the girl you like can be started with a request for friends. If you are accepted, then start the cheek photo, and write creative comments to them with compliments. And only then you can go to personal messages.

Many guys do not know how to hint to the girl on VKontakte's relationship. First of all, find a way to interest. Through the messages, ask about hobbies, interests, about what the girl likes to do in his free time. Throw her interesting, funny pictures, videos, music. Look at the reaction. If you get friendly answers, you can move to recognition.

Of the original ways, how to hint the girl on the relationship in VK, you can take a bold step. If you have an active search in the status, then change it to meet with (the name of the beauty you like). If you are responsible, then everything is fine. It will only stay to meet in reality.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

If this option is not suitable, then send the girl poems with a hint of the relationship. Try to write yourself, and it does not matter if the words somewhere will not be rhyme. You can choose creative poems on the Internet, only that they come to a specific situation.

So that everything happens

To achieve the location of the girl you like is not as difficult as it seems. So that the thought turned out one hundred percent, and she herself wanted to meet, take advantage of the best advice:

  • Be sure and are configured to a positive result;
  • Sincerity is necessary in all (behavior, conversations);
  • Do not leave the beauty even for one day;
  • You will not only be interested in your welfare, but also listen to her stories;
  • Choose topics for conversations that are interesting to you both;
  • If your chosen has some problems, then offer help. Become closer to her so that the girl can contact you at any time;
  • Try not to discuss the relationship of other people;
  • Do not praise with some achievements, especially in the area of ​​relationships.

Almost all girls like unexpected, creative offers to meet. You can ask friends and organize a flashmob. Friends can lay out the inscription in the form of a heart or words offering relationships. And at this time, offer to meet.

If it is difficult for you to voice the words of the offer to meet, then make an album with photos under which specify the reasons why you like the girl. At the end of the album, place recognition with the proposal of relationships.

Try to take advantage of one or more suggested advice, and after some time you will see the result. Most likely it will be positive. Rarely, what kind of girl will be able to resist such a pressure and attention.

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How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

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How to hint a girl, what do you like? Just need to act!

There are such situations when a woman already loves you, and in order to make the right step in the right direction, it is quite easy to invite it somewhere. But there are other cases.

For example, you need to make a 1st step in order that it appears sympathy. And most importantly - act right. Very often there are such situations when you do not know how to hint the maiden that she likes for you.

Or just appears horror that it will refuse. What still do in such cases?

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

How to hint the maiden, what does she like for you? First, you do not need to pull rubber. Know that intrigue can abyss as rapidly as it seems. And if you're canite, then the possibility that she will be with you will significantly decrease. In addition, you can always find a young man who will begin to act earlier than you.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

If a woman begins to worry about your presence, stumble and bite the sponge without special things, then this is the 1st sign that it is interested in for you.

We should never forget that people start almost always to behave like fools when there is an object of their reeble. Because if you can say: "I really like a woman," then you need to act instantly, as you try this sign.

A kiss will be very active in such a situation, but the reaction to it can be completely different - from slap to a response kiss. It should also be aware.

Flirt is one of the most effective answers to the question of how to hint the maiden that she likes for you. This concerns both women and men. Yes, and in flirting should be paid to signs.

If the object of your reeble is worried, it cannot focus his own eyes and does not know where to go, it can be said that your signs of attention began to act, and the usual game will soon turn into something more.

How to say a girl that I like her: the best ways to hint on the relationship

It is worth aware that the hints of the maiden will be the least effective if you are afraid of failure. Know that even a negative answer is invaluable experience.

But if there is an uncertainty in their own actions, then the experience will not work. Well, you can simply talk nonsense that it does not raise your reputation in the country's inverse floor.

Therefore, throw away all your doubts and proceed to the seduction of the girls you like.

In order to answer a hundred percent to the question of how to hint the girl, what she likes for you, one ordinary thing should be realized: all compliments and gentle phrases should be said from the whole soul.

If a woman feeds False in your words, then enthusiasm will instantly disappear. And you should not hurry with confessions and with verses. Wait until you stay alone. Hurry does not need anyone.

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How to hint a girl about what I like her? | Relationship. Note

It is believed that guys should be initiated in relations, but not everyone knows how to properly admit the girl in his sympathy, how to make these first difficult steps. Answer to the question "How to hint a girl, what do I like her?" The following effective tips will be:

  1. Try to prove to her that you feel in a special way. In a noisy company, find the opportunity to retire for conversation. In her presence do not pay much attention to other girls. Be polite, tactful and respectable.
  2. Speaking of compliments: about her attractive appearance, smile, beautiful figure. Let it be uncomfortable words, but coming from the heart.
  3. Do not forget to give flowers and gifts, not only on holidays, but without any reason. It is always nice.

Recognition should only be done after a trust relationship will arise between you. It is reasonable to prepare a girl at this point: for a while, before admitting, it is advisable to hint at how much you like it. By her reaction, you can understand your attitude towards you.

The girl will definitely be understood, you are prettier or not. She can use women's tactics and hint to you about it, for example, a body tongue - a look, gestures, touches.

About the fact that you are not disseminated to her, you will understand more time with you at her wish.

If the girl appeals to you for advice or help, it also shows sympathy: she is weak and defenseless and expects support for a strong man.

What should I talk at the time of recognition?

Talk about feelings is preferably alone. Because in a personal conversation with the help of emotions and intonation, you can make accents in the most significant moments to emphasize your sincerity. The surrounding environment should also have a pleasant conversation.

Be collapse to get to the main one. Explain how you are glad that I got acquainted with her and that you really appreciate your friendship. Next, I should tell the girl what she likes you. Moreover, you should make it clear that you do not require a momentary answer.

Logical conclusion can be an invitation for a date.

Too beautiful phrases of romantic films in life look ridiculous. Be open and stay yourself. Then you can count on reciprocity.

Sometimes young people lack courage to recognize an eye on the eye. In this case, you should think about whether this girl really do you really? After all, in order for the relationship to be formed, in some situations they will have to make concessions, compromises, partly sacrificing their interests.

If you find it difficult to make a small effort on yourself, so that your relationships develop on whether to continue them? In addition, a written explanation for a girl can calculate the manifestation of insecurity in your feelings for her. And then this will definitely affect her decision.

However, the choice of a method of recognition may depend on the characteristics of the character and worldview of the girl. If it is an extraordinary person, then the original message is what you need.

If a personal conversation is not possible for various reasons, use social networks or SMS. This method of explanation is appropriate when you are separated by a long distance, and the conversation is already explicitly called. Your message must be competent.

If you are not strong in Russian, contact special applications. The girl will definitely appreciate your attention to the details and made efforts. After all, all this speaks respectfulness to her.

And in the correspondence it is not recommended to use slang and ambiguous phrases.

How to write a message to a girl who likes, in Odnoklassniki or VKontakte

  1. For recognition in sympathy, you should choose a convenient time. If you know for sure that the girl is busy, do not write a message immediately. The optimal option is the evening.
  2. The words of the message need to be thought out in advance. It should be concise, understandable, but memorable.
  3. If nothing really happens to come up with, you can resort to the masterpieces of world classics, the main thing is that the text is not large. Everything needs to be observed in everything.
  4. You can not restrict ourselves to the phrase "you are very nice to me." This is not enough to report on the seriousness of intentions.

    Recognition should contain a compliment, emphasizing the advantages of the girl, as well as the proposal to continue relations, such as a date.

  5. In reinforcement, you can send a postcard, your joint photo or a whole photo collage.
  6. The original message can be done using a video.

    The video message must be previously recorded on the camera. His scenario must be thought out to the smallest detail: your clothes, hairstyle, facial expression, words, "scenery". Perfect option - Park, river. You can attract friends to record flashmob, for example, in the form of a pulsating heart.

The Internet gives a lot of examples, which SMS should be written to express sympathy. Here are some of the most successful:

  1. "You are very cute and fun. I am easy to communicate with you. "
  2. "It can be seen that you love sports: you have a cool figure."
  3. "You have very beautiful silky hair. So I want to touch them. "
  4. "You have unusual eyes. When I look at them, I can not lie. "
  5. "I am very often thinking about you, about us. It seems to me that we will be an excellent pair. "
  6. "They say, the angels live in heaven and rarely descend to Earth. I was lucky because I met my angel. "

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From this article you will learn when it is better to confess that you like the girl, how to offer her to meet, is there a chance to increase your chances of a positive reaction and what to do if you refused.

Should I immediately confess in your feelings

Relationships with a girl rarely begin with recognition. As a rule, first men try to reveal the response sympathy, to understand whether the woman really comes up and learn more about their passion. After all, externally beloved can be attractive, but her interests do not coincide completely with men.

It is for this reason that everything begins from the period, in the people called candy-bought. A man and a woman spend together a large amount of time: communicate in social networks during separation, go to various institutions and so on.

Sometimes a man is trying to win the location also with various gifts, surprises. In the continuation of this topic, you can read the article Important details that will help conquer your favorite girl .

No women who do not like flowers. Photo:
No women who do not like flowers. Photo:

The latter is usually done just like that, from a pure heart. A man wants to make a sweetheart nice. The goal of all other events is to understand how interesting the woman is interesting, what her views on the relationship, which she wants from life and her young man.

This is a rather important point, since the decision to be together must be taken with a cold head. The further, the more difficult it will be part. You won't be alone alone with an attractive appearance.

But. It was necessary to say all this, but the rare in love guy really thinks over my words and starts to analyze his girlfriend, try to look for shortcomings in it and seriously reflect on the future. All underwater stones will get out a little later, of course, if the relationship will last more than six months.

And nevertheless, a man is recognized in their own feelings, as a rule, do not hurry. If only because they want to make sure that the reaction will be respond. If there was a sufficiently long period of meetings, and the lady does not come up with various excuses to skip a date, most likely its reaction will be positive.

How to say a girl what she likes you

When is it best to say that the girl do you like? In each case, everything is individually. The best moment usually occurs spontaneously .

It seems to be nothing noticeable evening, you usually go to accomplish your lover home, but all the nature shouts from pleasure and these words directly suggest, flying out of the language. In this case, it is not worth limiting, especially if you and earlier thought about it.

The most important words are always pronounced in a whisper. Photo:
The most important words are always pronounced in a whisper. Photo:

At all, it is not necessary to complicate everything. Use classic methods. Let the flower with the words of recognition seem to be banal, but believe me, such little things seem to be insignificant to any girl if the words sound from the mouth of a loved one who has long liked himself.

Be sincere, do not use blanks and doused phrases from the Internet. Speak from the soul and exactly what you want to pronounce, being with a girl.

If you are a modest and shy person, there will be nothing wrong to write about your feelings in the message. The first time to do it is quite difficult, but over time, the fear disappears and you can repeat your words looking into the eyes. You will already be sure that the reaction will be positive.

But again, choose for this suitable time and speak sincere, without quotation and harvested risks. Read a little more in the article How to confess the feelings, if you love and stay with a broken heart .

How to offer meet

Sometimes the proposal occurs simultaneously with the recognition. In some cases, a little later, when a man is fully ready. But it happens that the relationship has long been long ago, although the question did not sound at all. You decide whether if your desire or not.

If you prefer clarity, I can give a few useful tips. Let's start with the fact that this Offer is a matter of two people. So if you want to do something original, for example, organize a flashmob, throw it on the Wall of the VK some message-recognition or foul in instagram photo - remember, this is not the best idea. Still, the girl can refuse. In this case, you will be much more complicated. Too many people will be mixed in this failure.

The offer is just two people. Photo:
The offer is just two people. Photo:

Write a beautiful private message. And better, if it is sincere, written independently and from the soul. In the end, no one requires an essay of 5 sheets. Let Messedzh be simple and understandable, without evidence and clarification, only what you actually experience.

Want to do it in verses? In this case, it will be better to write yourself. It is likely that the girl will show "your" creation with your acquaintances. Imagine how it will look when someone from the company wants to google and it turns out that recognition is written at all and not at all for her. This is a serious reason for resentment.

How to offer a girl to meet romantic and at the same time beautifully? Again, do not be afraid of the classics. Let all these ideas about recognition have long been described in love novels and seem to be banal, but believe me, any girl wants to become the heroine of such a book.

By the way, Why don't you know what kind of your woman likes and not to prepare something original on the basis of it is its interests? Give her a gift copy of a favorite book or signed by a favorite performer disk with a nested postcard with a proposal to meet. The main thing is that the "basic message" was noticed with you.

Come up with something creative, addressed to it. Difficult to non-standard thinking? I can offer a book " Rice assault "Michael Mikalco. Thanks to her, you will learn to issue original ideas. It will be useful not yet once.

Cover of Michael Mikalco
Cover of Michael Mikalco's book "Ricestore". Photo:

Will it take care of the girl if she refused

Do I need to "fight for love" if the girl refused you? How do you behave? Will your friends stay?

Let's start with the fact that the refusal should be taken restrained. It is difficult to cope with emotions, but it is necessary to do this. In the first minutes, you can talk a lot of unpleasant, make it nonsense, about which you will soon regret.

Be care. Much will no longer have any difference, the most important thing is to find out for what reason she refuses you and it is important here that the woman answers honestly. Otherwise, you will still have any questions for a long time. The rest will help you my article about how to forget your loved one and whether to do it .

By the way, if in your life there were already unpleasant episodes with girls who, as you think, influenced your life or you are very shy and this is the first relationship for which you have decided, and therefore worry, you can sign up for me on Skype consultation .

Stay friends with a girl with whom you did not associate relationships can be, but only if you really can perceive it like a friend And do not hoping that someday she will pay attention to you. Unfortunately, this may not happen, but you will be stuck in this story for a long time, it will be difficult to build other relationships.

Will you be able to enjoy it to successes with men, listen about problems with a young man. So come friends. Why do you need similar suffering?

Observe the relationship of your beloved girl with another hard and there is no need. Photo:
Observe the relationship of your beloved girl with another hard and there is no need. Photo:

You can easily remember those stories when, after many years, the woman paid attention to a friend who was near all this time. But at such moments, for some reason, no one thinks about how the friend himself lived all this time? What was his life?

And what do you think? Leave your comments, subscribe and read more interesting articles.

To new meetings.

As a preface, I will note that I am always against learned patterns and harvested material. Therefore, do not use the material of this article as a magic tablet.

Always learn to generate the necessary words yourself.

1. Initially, it is better not to hint, but to say as it is (a girl is not a telepath)

The best thing is to always say right and as it is.

For example, tell her: " You `re cool. You are super! I like you! »

  • Tell her why you chose it among the other ladies. And then then she will feel chosen by you! And then she will feel special for you! And it is super attractive and strong.
  • It is better not to hint, but talk straight! The girl is not a telepath and does not know how to read thoughts.
  • So you remind you yourself why you have every reason to be with her near, and what she clings you. From here, motivation and confidence appear.

This is the first point on how to tell the girl, what I like her.

2. If you really cling to her appearance (hairstyle), voice it

For example, you can make a compliment to her hairstyle if she is really cool:

  1. «I like your hair "
  2. «Wow, I like your hairstyle! "

3. Hints for a joint future where you are already in love with a couple

You can use phrases for the projection of your joint future, where you are already in love with a couple:

  • «What are you doing on February 14? "
  • «What are you doing for Valentine's Day next year? "

These are such subtle hints on the sympathy of the girl.

4. You can give compliments about its pretty, if it really cute

guy like the girl and he knows how to say about it

Compliments on what kind of girl is cute, you can come up with different and very much.

If it is really cute, there should be no problems with this.

If only because she reads his femininity charm from your face.

For example: " You are so cute. I'll give you a gift for the new year "

So I do not worry about how to hint the girl that I like her.

5. Give her to understand what is happening with you inside because of her

You can tell her implicitly, thereby creating some kind of intrigue.

«Why do you do it with me? "- Ask her, thereby you will understand that it is very attractive for you.

6. Hints about her style at the beginning of dating

«Hi, I like your style "- You can start familiarizing from these words.

I am talking about the case when the beauty is quite unfamiliar to you, and you make the first approach to it.

7. Suggest playing funny roles as in the novel, voice your scenario

«Let's play a novel where you get pregnant from me and then we will have to marry "- This phrase you suggest to play different roles on funny topics.

The guy wants to say to his girlfriend about what she likes

Having said such words, I am no longer asking questions on how to give to understand the girl that I like her.

8. Use this phrase to manifest sympathy for it and mental intimacy.

«Want to be my second half? "- the phrase of sympathy for it and spiritual proximity (an example of an extractor to start a conversation with a stranger).

In no case do not say these words from the position that you cannot live without it, and she supposedly somehow completed you.

9. Let her compliment and blame her for it at the same time

«You are so cool and pretty. What are you doing with me? "- I make it a compliment and I blame her at the same time.

For example, these words closes a dilemma on how to admit to the girl that I like her.

10. Be to her as close as possible.

«I want to be closer next to a pleasant girl "- Say it, if she does not understand what is happening, and you are climbing her closer.

Thus, she better feels your condition, it is transmitted to it. It also happens in cases where the guy knows everything about how to flirt with a girl.

11. In case you want to offer her to meet

Soldier is going to tell the nurse that she likes it

We will analyze the question of how to hint the girl on the relationship correctly.

  1. Do not need to not necessarily hint about a serious relationship.
  2. Relationships will start only when you spend the night in bed together. And think about them only after that. It's not before. Therefore, it makes no sense to meet before that - zero!
  3. I liked the girl, I usually say that I want to see it more often. Optional word to copy my words into the word.

This is something like this: "Listen, you're cool, and I feel good with you. Let's see more often and cool time together! "

Then I usually ask, what days it is more often free.

I never have any problems with how to tell the girl that I like her and suggest to meet.

For those who want to admit to her love

For those guys who ask questions on how to tell the girl that I love her.

To begin with, ask yourself:

  • Have you slept together before this or have you had nothing? If not, it is stupid to hurry with such statements.
  • Do you want to say it, because you feel not self-sufficient and think that the girl will somehow complement you? If the answer is "yes," then it is most likely sooner or later she will throw you.
  • Is this a sense of your feelings? If no answer, then why hurry with such statements? It is better to say approximate words as in the 11th point just above or running and choose the words suitable for you from all 23 points.

For those who want to confess to the love of their passion, it should be remembered and Realize the following .

A woman does not want to be an adventure, she wants to go to an adventure with you. She wants to go to a more significant and greater event than she herself. Otherwise, if your focus is completely only on it, it loses interest to you, and you become in need of her eyes.

Remember this, so you won't need the phrases on how to hint the girl that you want to meet with her, and remove all doubts.

12. Invite her to the adventure with you

«Want to go on a date? Do you want to stir my novel with me? "- It is better to speak unfamiliar beauty when you just saw her.

a man likes a beautiful girl, and he is going to tell her about it

Thus, you invite it to an adventure.

And I say it is not even with the goal to invite or call it somewhere, but I just find any reason to start a conversation with her.

This is all done playfully and words must correspond to your state, that is, there must be congruence.

In the opposite case, this item will not suit you.

Then you can continue to communicate, changing the topic to any other topic.

13. We use jokes with hints of bed

«I just posted on Facebook that we were engaged in love "- rapprochement through positive emotions and humor.

By this I can develop further the topic of how to say the girl that I want her.

Ideally should not be filters at all. Know everything about how to get rid of shyness in communicating and in life in general.

14. Be choosing, and not those who choose

«I choose you, I like to communicate with you "- You show this phrase that you choose her.

15. If you see her for the first time

«I just saw you and could not come "- Use when approaching a stranger.

Men like a low girl, and he wishes her about it

You do not need to be megaharismatical to know everything about how to get acquainted with the girl if you are shy.

16. Tell her that she is better than all other women who around

"I like you more than those girls" - And show on any random girls near.

Another word as an addition to the discussion of the topic on how to say to the girl, what I need her, beautifully.

This can be done like in the club, if you just met her and on a date.

17. Jokes on the topic of weddings and her mom

"Can I call my mother and say that I met my wife?" - Hints on your marriage in a joke.

18. We voicate your feelings and feeling to her with humor

There is such a strong chemistry between us, as in the series "In all grave" - Jump what you feel to her with humor.

It is always better to talk about your feelings for her in your own words without learned text.

Thus, you pump this ability in yourself, you will not need some kind of harvested material and you will know everything about how to communicate with the girl.

19. It is not necessary to call the reason why you pull to her

"I really pull to you. I do not know why "- voiced your strong attraction to her.

20. Let her know what exactly I want to be now the most

"I like to be in the company with you more than with friends" "You chose her among others and you want to be most."

man so much like the girl that he doesn't even know what to say to her

21. Kiss Her.

To the question of how to hint the girl on a kiss:

  • Proceed from the position that You give a kiss, and do not take .
  • Usually I kiss myself and it is verbally I do not ask permission .
  • If initially you positioned itself correctly, then the resistance will not be a kiss.

How did I do

I had a case when one woman intentionally began to pass away from my kiss. Initially, I did everything right and did not see the reasons for resistance.

I did not want to play these cats and immediately said right: " I want to kiss you" .

What she answered: " And if I do not know how to kiss? "(And everything became immediately clear).

What I answered: " I will teach you" .

And the resistance was no longer. So easily without any games and other nonsense, you can hint at the girl for the first kiss.

Video with my approach

In addition to the topic, I decided to show my video, where I get into the shopping center with a hot woman.

In it, you can clearly see what I wrote about this article.

It can also find answers to the topic of how to tell the girl that she is beautiful, in his own words.

About finding the topic for conversation with women on dates I tell in another article of the site.

22. We use role change chip

Cleaning the roles between you and hooks for a joint future:

  • "If you take me on a date, where are you driving me?".
  • "Where will you tell me on our date with you?".
  • "Enough to seduce me" - The tricky phrase with the change of roles with which you remove responsibility.

Adrian Lima is a famous model girl that likes many men

Let even she seduces you, and you, but it will remind you that you are a man and a woman.

23. Thin not repulsive words about her figure and face at the same time

"Remove your breasts, hide it from me, I want to see only your beautiful face."

Here is such a compliment to her figure and appearance at the same time, helps to confess in sympathy in the girl can be given.

Key important points about which it is worth remembering

  • You give her to understand that you allocate her among others and why do you like it.
  • When you say a girl about his sympathy, looking straight in the eye. Glupoupe to take the glance, look aside and speak nowhere.
  • Be as simple as possible!
  • Be foolish, do not be serious about everything.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Expressing yourself, do not try to impress.
  • Do not be afraid to touch her and touch it. She herself waits for this.
  • Never consider your openness in sympathy for a girl as weakness. It is always plus and it's strong. But at the same time do not think that she immediately floats after your words and wants you.
  • Be honest and congruent. Say what you think (do not forget about adequacy).
  • Let your emotions go out, and they will attract it.
  • Do not focus on harvested words! Let them say ugly, but from the soul. And it will be your best words that borrowed from someone or prepared in advance.
  • Do not try to mow under James Bond or another kinherman from the film, voicing his cool phrases. It will only be a cheaper and unnatural copy of the kinherman, whose life you can still not live.
  • The best thing you get is to be the best.
  • It should be understood that many of phrases were spoken in a state of flow, and no need to wait after these phrases of unreal reactions from a woman and quick adoption. In any case, it is necessary to continue to communicate and do not depend on the harvested phrases.
  • The sooner you give her to understand that you feel about it, the better. That longer you pull with how to show sympathy for the girl, the more awkward it will be later.
  • Speak about your sympathy in those places where there is no social pressure and unnecessary condemning views of people. Better - alone.

Why the Internet or SMS is the worst ways of manifestations of sympathy and feelings

If you want to confess the girl about your sympathy and intentions for the first time, then never do it online.

It is better to ask yourself: "What prevented this to do in your first minutes of dating when meeting?".

What prevented hinting a girl about what you likeed, when did you see her for the first time?

Why the Internet is so bad for this:

  1. Girl can read your message and just get out From the online mode, even without answering your deep lines of insane love.
  2. On the Internet very beautiful women In social networks, write letters of recognition in love sometimes several dozen men per day. Do you want to be one of these gray fans?
  3. All sincerity and honesty of your sympathy , the whole openness of a woman can be transferred only through your eyes when meeting with an eye on the eyes. But not through the monitor.
  4. Woman might think you are shivering Or just throw up, after reading your message. And there is no wrong positioning and misunderstanding you.

While all!

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