An article on the types of varieties of the origin of this bulk plant.

What patchuli looks like

This is a small shrub that grows in tropical latitudes, where the warm climate is combined with high humidity. His homeland is the Philippine and Seychelles, Java, Singapore, Sumatra, bred it in India and Burma. It is in such climatic conditions it is possible to obtain essential oils from this plant. Its height does not exceed 70-100 cm. Patchouli leaves contain a large number of essential oils. It is they who give this plant to this aroma.

A few decades ago, agronomists tried to grow patchouli in Abkhazia. But due to the insufficient number of sunny days a year and humidity, these attempts were not crowned with success. In our latitudes, patchouli can grow only as a decorative shrub that no longer has such an aroma.

What smells of patchouli

Fragrance patchouli deep and multifaceted. He is a spicy, spicy warm, in it, heard wood and herbal notes and barely catchy fruit tones. At the same time, the fragrance of Patchouli is incredibly resistant. It is referred to as a group of pheromones. Pheromon, like Aphrodisiac, increases sexual attraction.

In India, the leaves of Patchouli dried and put together with clothes to scare away moles and bugs. Thanks to this circumstance and established trade in Europe with India, the leaves of patchouli, and then essential oil from them, got into the best houses of European nobility.

Total selective and niche perfumery

Application Patchouli in Perfumery

The fragrance of Patchouli was particularly popular in Napoleon's time, but by the end of the XIX century she lost it. Grave oriental flavors are in demand. The patchouli in perfumes can be considered the aroma "shocking" Elsa Skiaparelli, which she released in 1937.

In the 60s of the XX century, the fragrance of Patchouli fell in love with hippie. He began to associate with freedom, joy and carelessness. Since then, he began to recruit popularity.

Notes Patchouli can be heard in such aromas, such as Creed Aventus, Kilian Back to Black, Mancera Pink Prestigium, Montale Patchouli Leaves, Amouage Dia Pour Homme (Dia Man) and many others.

What can be done with essential oil patchouli

Patchouli essential oil, you can buy, for example, in a pharmacy or in a store with incense. Prices for 1 vials with a volume of 10 ml begins from 150 rubles. The spectrum of application is quite wide. Unless you should use it in food.

The fragrance of Patchouli helps calm down after a busy day and relax. If you are difficult to fall asleep or insomnia torments you, then this fragrance will help you better and stronger sleep.

To house the smell of patchouli, you need to use 5 - 8 drops of oil in the aromalamp by 15 m 2You can add 6 drops in the bathroom. And if you want to add it to creams and masks, then there will be 1 drops per 100 ml of a cosmetics.

To use patchouli oil for erotic massage, you need to add 1 or 2 drops to 100 ml of massage oil.

Cosmetic ice can be prepared for skin care. For this, in 200 ml of water, 4 drops of essential oil patchouli and 1 teaspoon of honey are bred. The resulting solution is spilled by molds and frozen.

The effect of essential oil Patchouli is quite strong, so it is very important to observe the dosage. And if you have a ulcer or gastritis or you are pregnant, it is prohibited to use it. Discounts!Discounts!

Believers about Patchouli

In the old days, people believed that the smell of patchouli in the house would attract wealth and well-being, the world will reign peace and mutual understanding. Therefore, this fragrance is firmly associated with homemade warmth and comfort.

Curious and another myth of Patchouli: In order for the wallet to always be money, you need to lubricate the zipper or the button with one drip of the oil or the button. And if the money will randomly lose money from such a wallet, they will certainly return to the owner. Some even lubricate them bank cards and corners of the bill.

It is also believed that this fragrance contributes to success in work affairs, a stable growth of income and well-being.

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Place of birth of this herbaceous low shrub - Malaysia. In Europe, it appeared only after 1826. The fragrance of Patchouli has a rescued resinous smell and many of the properties only inherent in it. A perennial plant is actively used in medicine: when healing snakes and insects from the bites, the regulation of the psycho - emotional state of a person, difficult to heal wounds and burns. In the life of the aroma of essential oil Patchouli was initially used mainly to protect the tissues from moth, a little later, the simply began to move with dry leaves of patchouli their cashmere shawls and fur. Until now in India, women flavory bedding with this perennial shrub.

Description of the fragrance Patchouli

What is the fragrance of Patchouli? Let's start with the fact that it is sharp enough, therefore, in perfume compositions, it acts as a medium or lower note. In general, the fragrance of Patchouli resinous and woody, therefore it is not surprising that most often the essential oil of shrub is used in unisex or in purely male perfumes. Because of its intensity, earthy and warmth, the fragrance of patchouli is often associated with Asia or East. Nevertheless, in European perfume compositions, it sounds harmonious and modern.

Fragrance Patchouli in perfumery

Thanks to its properties of aphrodisiac, the fragrance of Patchouli in perfumery occupies one of the most honorable places among the most interesting esters and essences. It all started with the mentioned aromatization of cashmere chatters and expensive fur. Perfume manufacturers then noticed that young girls who looked into the products with a fragrance of Patchouli are popular with men. So the active use of patchouli in perfumery began. However, by the middle of the 19th century, fashion went on Patchouli, and this smell even became considered a sign of a bad taste. Floral notes began to play a dominant role in the manufacture of spirits. Later, with the arrival of chip aromas, the male fragrance of Patchouli in combination with Bergamot and the oak moss returned to himself for her own glory.

Patchouli essential oil

Essential oil patchouli is not easy. Young leaves are pre-dried, then subjected to overheated steam. It turns out a thick viscous greenish liquid, dense and heavy, remotely resembling the smell of burning foliage and seasonings from India. If the essential oil patchouli is stored correctly, then with the time of its quality, it is improved as a good weathered wine.

Patchuli alcohol contained in young leaves is the main carrier of the characteristic odor. Its amount directly affects the fragrance of Patchouli, but other ingredients are played a considerable role in addition to this component: other ingredients: Bulnest, Alfa-Guyen, Alpha Patchlen. They give the essential oil resinity, depth and completeness of the sound.

Only two varieties of a plant are suitable for processing: Pogostemon Cablin Benth and Pogostemon Patchou. To improve the quality and increase the volume of the finished substance, the leaves are subjected to pre-drying leaves before processing steam. Then, for a period of one and a half days, an extraction is carried out using steam.

Properties of fragrance Patchouli

The unique properties of the fragrance of Patchouli were known since ancient times. It calms the nervous system, helps the regeneration of skin tissues, positively affects the work of the internal organs of the body, treats dermatoses and many other diseases. The fragrance of Patchouli increases sexual attraction, therefore is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac. Beneficially affects hormonal and endocrine systems.

Fragrances with notes Patchouli

To date, the essential oil of Patchouli is considered one of the most popular components of perfume compositions, both male and female. These are mainly wood, fuys, chip and oriental families.

Mistral Patchouli from Atelier Cologne

Freshness of male cologne of Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli is comparable to a strong sea wind. Indonesian patchouli in the Union with Vetiver and Benzoine here is a resistant base. And the aroma of grapefruit, pepper and star anise opens. Mistral Patchouli will be an excellent addition to the image of the experienced yachtsman.

Fragrance Patchouli

Patchouli leaves from Montale

In the collection of Oriental fragrances, Montale did not cost and without patchouli - characteristic oriental notes. Wood-oriental Patchouli Leaves has magnetic power and inexpensiveness. Its warm and luxurious composition from Ladan, oak, Vanilla, Ambra and White Musk are suitable for both women and men.

Fragrance Patchouli from Montale

Eastern Harmony Patchouli Patch

Patchouli and white musk made up harmonious blowing, which became the basis of the unisex fragrance of L`artisan parfumeur patchouli patch. A stylish and sensual musical bouquet of Anisa, Osmantus and spices emphasize the wood-resinistic character of the composition.

Fragrance Patchouli Patchouli Patch

Unexpected Patchouli from Le Labo

The fragrance for women and men Le Labo Patchouli 24 is a fantasy perfume about how Patchouli could be. Moreover, very unusual and unexpected. Here the patchouli smells like leather, vanilla, styrax and birch tar.

Fragrance Patchouli from Le Labo

Patchouli Intirigan from Parfumerie Generale

In the royal aroma of Parfumerie Generalent Patchouli No 8, Patchouli is overflowing with many excellent faces surrounded by spices, citrus and musk. The Sandal of Mysore recalls the famous incense nippers, emphasizing the exotic and oriental style composition.

Fragrance Patchouli Parfumerie Generale

Bohemian patchouli from LM Parfums

In the aroma of LM Parfums Patchouli Boheme, Patchouli acts in the framework of a number of impressive notes. Here it demonstrates his best qualities - smoking, resinity and earthy.

Fragrance Patchouli from LM Parfums

Black Patchouli from Histoires De Parfums

The black color in the Histoires De Parfums Noir Patchouli fasteners personifies the secret and power. Like a wizard elixir, he exudes sensuality and sexuality. Note Dominant Patchouli is surrounded here with a mixture of spices, flowers, berries, musk, skin and vanilla.

Fragrance Patchouli from Histoires de Parfums

Real Patchouli Bois 1920 Unisex Aroma BOIS 1920 Real Patchouli, like Patchouli 24 from Le Labo, there is an interpretation of the smell of patchouli, - complex, sensual and languid. And although there are no notes in the composition, in honor of which the whole composition is named, it is this modern aroma that sounds like "real patchouli".

Fragrance Patchouli from Bois 1920

What looks like the smell

The smell is sharp enough, so it is more often used to design a basic or medium note. The main accents of the fragrance: a noble tree and resin. Quite more suitable for men's aromas. In combination with citrus, floral, fruit chords are often found in female perfume collections.

The most famous perfume with the fragrance of Patchouli

Patchouli can more often meet in men's perfume collections, but women's flavors are increasingly paying attention to sensual, warm, slightly bitter notes of Eastern incense.

Among the most popular modern flavors having a fragrance of Patchouli in the composition can be noted:

Where used in perfumery and cosmetology

The fragrance of Patchouli for the first time received wide fame during Napoleon, but by the end of the XIX century was forced to give the palm of the championship to the heavier and vivid Eastern fragrance.

The second birth of Patchouli celebrates in 1937, when the Great Elsa Skiaparelli released his famous scent "Shocking". In the 60s, a light carefree fragrance fell in the soul of freedom-loving hippies, which, without knowing it, spread fashion on him around the world.

Since then, Patchouli has been unshakable on top of the perfume industry.

In cosmetology, Patchouli essential oil also applies very active. As part of creams, oil helps effectively deal with a number of delicate problems:

  • Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Ensures the initial signs of irritation and fading of the skin.
  • Removes wrinkles and stretching.
  • Makes the skin elastic and elastic.

Patchouli is considered an excellent hair care agent. It is enough to add a few drops of oil into the usual means for washing the head. The effect will appear after several applications: the hair will become stronger, shiny, itching will disappear, go to the past problems with dandruff.

What are the patchouli

In perfumery, a combination of patchouli with sandals and ylang-ylangs often use. These components create a very harmonious combination due to a thin balance between the lower, medium and upper notes of aromas.

Patchouli oil

Another popular "tandem" is a combination of patchouli with lavender. The thin fragrance of lavender magically modifies spicy tart notes of patchouli, creating a completely unique composition.

Oils, flowers, leaves: What's the differences

The main source of the unique smell of Patchouli is the leaves of the plant. It is precisely the essential oil. Beautiful small flowers for these purposes are not used.

Patchouli Oil.

Thick, dark brown essential oil belong to the group of pheromones. It has long been used to enhance sexual attraction, improving sensuality, inciting passion.

What people suits what signs of the zodiac

Astrology also highly appreciates the noble fragrance of Patchouli. His tart spicy notes perfectly suit people with energetic, active, accustomed to achieving their goals. Patchouli will probably have to soul born under these signs of the zodiac:

Lee allergic

Allergic reactions can manifest themselves anything, including patchouli. This is associated with the individual intolerance to the organism of certain chemical components of the substance.

To any serious consequences for human health, the manifestation of such allergies will be given hardly, but to reduce discomfort from the use of perfume or essential oils in this case it is better to refrain.

Unique properties and bright, not a similar fragrance made an east shrub of Patchouli with a present legislator mod modern perfumery industry. His wood and grassy notes can be found in the works of the best perfume houses. Try fragrance Patchouli and maybe you fall in love with him forever.


Patchouli is a small deciduous shrub growing mainly in countries with a tropical climate. The height of the adult plant does not exceed 80-100 cm.

Best weather conditions for the plant are a combination of heat and high humidity. Huge patchouli plantations can be found in India, Burma, in Seychelles and the Philippine Islands, in Burma, Singapore, on the Islands of Java and Sumatra.

In Europe, the fragrance of Patchouli came to the Middle Ages from India. Here, local merchants before sending large batches of clothing add the dried leaves of the plant. The tart smell helped to scare moles and bugs. The rich european fragrance of the wondrous plant came to the soul and soon Patchouli firmly secured in the world of exquisite perfumery.

Later several attempts were made to improve the cultivation of Patchouli closer to the bottomless European market. Agronomas tried to breed a fragrant shrub in Abkhazia, but even there there was little sun. Without a sufficient amount of sunlight, patchouli does not produce the necessary concentration of essential oils. The fragrance is less saturated and not so persistent.

Patchouli came to us from the East. In the old days they were impregnated with clothing to get rid of moths. And then people noticed the unimaginable sensual fragrance of Patchouli, becoming used as aromamaslo and as other means. Now a lot of people are interested in what the smell of patchouli is like, why he is so popular. Consider the same versatility of this stunning fragrance and its use.

What's the smell of patchouliTurning magic

Fragrance Patchouli is first of all a riddle. Each in it opens something new. But there are certain features that people consider common in this aroma. Giving patchoulie smell has a whole bouquet of warm, bitter, tart notes. He gives the breath of an earthen well, the murmur of water in the stream, the calm of the warm evening of a distant eastern country. The fragrance is fulfilled by the energy of the sunset, the same heavy, but protecting, mysterious.

Patchouli in perfumery

Fragrance Patchouli is amazing. And this explains why it is so actively used in perfumery. Possessing tart and heavy notes, it is usually used in the production of incense for men. However, spirits with the smell of Patchouli are also suitable for women.

The composition of perfumera fragrance is often called the Eastern precisely thanks to the part of the spirits of Patchouli - warm, tart, earthy. This fragrance is perfectly combined with the smells of lavender or bergamot, but it is very careful to add it to the composition with brown and juniper notes.

Patchouli is also suitable for flavoring tissues and clothing.

Aromatherapy Patchouli

People are very much appreciated by patchouli flavor, because it has a whole bouquet of useful properties:

  • Soothes, relieves tension and stress, warns depression;
  • Makes cheerful, gives a charge of active action for the whole day;
  • Improves the work of the brain, gives freedom of creativity, a person becomes concentrated and attentive;
  • The human skin gets rid of dryness and at the same time from unnecessary fluid, patchouli eliminates various skin infections and inflammation, as well as unpleasant odors.

Aromamaslo patchouli also has erotic properties. It acts not only as Aphrodisiac, but also restores the human hormonal balance.

Application of Aromamasla Patchouli

Patchouli-based aromatic oil is a strong agent. Always need to remember the doses that can be made in one case. Otherwise, a very large concentration of the substance can spoil all the aroma and pleasure from it. It is important to know that:

  • Pregnant women in the last month should limit themselves from the use of patchouli oil;
  • How stronger than others, aromaaslo patchouli needs to be made at less concentrations. For example, three drops of this oil will be enough in the aroma;
  • To enrich the oil ready-made cosmetics, remember the rule "five drops of aromamasla for twenty grams of funds." But in a means to care for hair, we will be twice as smaller;
  • Hot bath, filled with witchcraft of tap fragrance Patchouli, will be a great way to relax after a hard working day or get a charge of cheerfulness to the next one. To do this, it will be enough to add 4-5 drops of aromamasla into water;
  • Patchouli is beautifully cared about legs, removing unpleasant odors. In the foot bath, you can add up to seven drops of oil at once;
  • Massage with oil patchouli will allow you to forget what gray weekdays are. But it is worth remembering that it needs to be mixed with other oil with a more fat consistency. For example, if you use peach or soybean, add such oil to patchouli in a ratio of 10 to 7;
  • As mentioned above, this tool copes perfectly with the moth: only ten drops on a liter of water can help get rid of this attack.

As you can see, everyone will find in a stunning aroma of patchouli for themselves not only something new, but also useful.

Patchouli. Image from open sources
Patchouli. Image from open sources

Patchouli essential oil (POGOSTEMON CABLIN) - It has a deep, heavy, earthy fragrance, someone resembles the smell of mold, is used with antiquity for awakening of attraction and sensuality, often used to compose spirits and incense. For example, Patchouli is part of famous "TABU" и "Shocking" .

Patchouli oil has acquired a special popularity in the 60s - the time of the youth movement of hippies, they loved him for the ability to mask unpleasant smells and create an atmosphere of love.

The plant received its name from two words Pachchai. - Green and Ilai. - leaf. It is believed that fragrance Patchouli associated with wealth And has the ability to attract it.

Historical reference

Patchouli. Image from open sources
Patchouli. Image from open sources

Patchouli essential oil is popular for many centuries in India and Asia. Traditionally, it was used in the bite of snakes and poisonous insects, for the awakening of sensuality and intelligence.

When removing from India of fabrics and textiles, the merchants were treated with spicy oil patchouli to protect against moli during a long journey. Soon the fragrance of Patchouli helped distinguish oriental goods from the European, which sometimes tried to issue a script.

In the east, Patchouli flavored bed linen to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

In Japan and Malay, Patchouli was used against headaches, pain in his stomach and cold. Wounded wounds and cuts pouted leaves.

Along with jasmine and sandalwood oil, Patchouli was very popular in the 1960s, in the era of the "Power of Flowers".

Obtaining, composition and quality of essential oil Patchouli

Patchouli refers to the same plant family as mint, prefers a tropical climate and heat, but does not like straight sunlight. Initially, it grown only in Malaysia and Indonesia, to date, cultivated in Southeast Asia (India, China, Madagascar), Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, the Islands of the Caribbean. The essential oil from dry leaves is obtained in Europe and America.

With a shrub, Patchouli collect harvest several times a year, and the process of extracting oil is simple, so it quite affordable by price . First, the leaves are manually sorted and dried in the shade, exposing fermentation, then remove the oil by distillation by water vapor. The fact is that the fragrance appears only after fading and drying the leaves. The oil output is up to 3-5%, the aroma is resistant, spicy with a tint of the Earth, balsamic-sweet. The oil is thick, mustard-amber color with a greenish tint. In the year, the total oil generation reaches 750 tons.

Essential oil Patchouli should be made up and turn into brown syrup, then it will acquire a full saturated fragrance, this oil has a property to improve with long-term storage, like expensive whiskey. therefore Weathered oil patchouli more valuable , rather than the extracted, since it is characterized by a thinner aroma. Sometimes it is difficult to extract from the bottle due to a dense consistency to facilitate extraction you need to warm up the bottle in your hands and clean the needle dosimeter.

Chemical composition Patchouli: The main part of the oil alcohol Patchouliol (40%) and Patchlen, Azulelen, Guen, Phenol Eugenol.

For Purchase It is worthwhile Falsification Cubebom (Tropical shrub) and cedar oil, as well as non-standard fractions obtained by distilling oil from lower grades Patchouli.

Bush Patchouli. Image from open sources
Bush Patchouli. Image from open sources

Therapeutic properties of essential oil Patchouli

  • Wonderful anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial agent. Helps in the treatment and healing of wounds, scars, losing and insect bites;
  • Contributes to the good work of the endocrine and immune system;
  • Reduces increased pressure, eliminates headaches;
  • Reduces appetite, improves digestion, helps with an irritable intestinal syndrome;
  • Displays fluid from the body, has a light diuretic effect;
  • Used in treatment insomnia , stress and irritability.

Cosmetic properties of essential oil Patchouli

  • It has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to cope with various skin problems - acne, eczema, allergies, fungus, herpes;
  • Rejuvenates and updates skin cells, often used for mature, dry skin, for the ability to return it to life. Softens, smoothes and pulls the skin, eliminates redness, peeling and edema;
  • It has a positive impact on the scalp and hair, eliminating dandruff and giving power and gloss with hair;
  • Eleks rid of cellulite and declarations.

Psycho-emotional and bioenergetic effects of essential oil Patchouli

  • Fragrance meditation. Beneficially affects the nervous system, promotes relaxation, pacification and bringing the body into equilibrium. Clarifies consciousness and soothes;
  • Powerful antidepressant that helps raise the mood and tide of optimism;
  • It leads to harmony three of the most important energy center: creative, heart and wisdom center. Develops artistry, awakens the inner power;
  • The aroma of successful negotiations helps to convince any other companion in its right;
  • Aphrodisiac, sensual fragrance helps to remove coldness, compositeness, anxiety and intimacy fear, is able to strengthen sensations. Acts both women and men helping to achieve pleasure and create a special atmosphere of attraction and love.

Magical properties of essential oil Patchouli

Spicy, earthy fragrance Patchouli. Different peoples are often associated with material benefits and wealth. Patchouli is used in many rites and rituals for financial well-being, attracting the energy of prosperity, abundance and receipt of other goods.

Ways to attract finances with patchouli you will find further in the section with recipes.

Dosages when using essential oil Patchouli

Photos from the site -, author - @ stanislav71
Photos from the site -, author - @ stanislav71

Oil burner: 1-2 drops on 5 m² of room area.

Arommedal: 2-3 drops.

Aromavandines: 4-6 drops on emulsifier (milk, honey, salt).

Massage: 6-8 drops at 15-20 ml of vegetable oil.

Reflexomassage: In proportion 1: 1 with vegetable oil.

Enrichment of cosmetics: 5-7 drops at 15 gr. cosmetic base.

Contraindications and precautions

  • Contraindicated in pregnancy, especially early and later timers;
  • May interfere with blood coagulation and interact with accepted preparations for liquefying or increasing blood consumption;
  • Has a soothing property with a small dosage and stimulating with a greater dosage;
  • Individual intolerance is possible, for some aroma it seems too intrusive;
  • When applied to the skin, a feeling of cold tingling appears, the reaction is natural and after 1-2 minutes disappears;
  • Since intensive action oil, try to avoid overdose and consult with your doctor before applying.

Combinability of essential oil Patchouli with other oils

Patchouli essential oil well combined with the following oils :

  • Citrus;
  • Rosemary;
  • Geranium;
  • Sandal;
  • Lavender ;
  • Cedar;
  • Vetiver;
  • Incense;
  • Bergamot;
  • Neroli;
  • Myrrh;
  • Rose flower;
  • Pink tree;
  • Sage nutrition;
  • Lemgrass;
  • Ginger.

As a lock (fixer) oil patchouli saves the smell of the whole mixture spirits and incense. For Europeans, you can get acquainted with Patchouli with combinations of fragrance patchouli and ginger which is complimentary, and delivering from the marsh shade. A mixture of patchouli and orange is particularly powerful. Also a successful combination of Patchouli is a grapefruit and lemongrass.

Recipes with essential oil Patchouli

Photos from the site -, author - @ stanislav71
Photos from the site -, author - @ stanislav71

Rising a mood mixture for aromalamp

  • 3 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of rosemary.

Antidepressive mixture for aroma lamp

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of lavender;
  • 2 drops ylang-ylang.

Sensual mix for aroma

  • 4 drops of patchouli;
  • 1 drop xlang-ylang;
  • 1 drop of tubers;
  • 1 drop of bergamot;
  • 1 drop of lemon.

Men's mixture for aroma lamps for potency

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 1 drop of sandal;
  • 1 drop cinnamon.

Blend into an aroma to attract wealth

  • 3 drops of vetiveri;
  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 1 drop of ginger.

Mixture of oils for spraying indoors

The fragrance will raise the Spirit and will bring a feeling of joy:

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of lemon;
  • 2 drops of Bergamot.

Essential oils are dissolved first in a small amount of alcohol, then add distilled water and break the resulting mixture into the spray gun. Shake thoroughly before spraying.

Sensual massage mixture with patchouli for two

  • 2 tablespoons of grape bone oil;
  • 1 drop of patchouli;
  • 1 drop of geranium;
  • 1 drop of Bergamot.

Everything is well mixed and used for massage.

Hair care

For cooking mask mix:

  • 1 tbsp. Spoon of jojoba or almond oil;
  • 3 drops of patchouli.

Apply on the skin of the head 2 hours before washing and buy a terry towel. When washing the hair on 1 tablespoon of shampoo add 3 drops of patchouli.

Caring for fading skin

Prepare oil mixture:

  • 1 t. Spoon of olive oil (jojoba, peach);
  • 1-2 drops of patchouli.

Thoroughly stirring and take a few drops on the tips of the fingers, it is easy to lure into the skin of the face by massaging movements.

Steam bath from black dots and acne

In a bowl with hot water, add:

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of lavender;
  • 2 drops of lemon.

Burn over the mission, duration 7-10 minutes. After that make a cleansing mask.

Apple mask with patchouli

Obtain an apple on a shallow grater, add:

  • 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil;
  • 1 tbsp. spoon sour cream;
  • 3 drops of patchouli;
  • Whipped protein.

Apply to the purified face and neck. After 15 minutes, washed away.

East Hand Cream

On 2 tbsp. Spoons of warm olive oil:

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of sandal
  • 1 drop of incense;
  • 1 drop of nutmeg.

Apply in the evening.

To attract financial well-being

To activate and attract money, take a cotton ball and drip on it literally a couple of drops of essential oil patchouli. Inhaling the fragrance, close your eyes and imagine how much money comes to you.

With you can wear a handkerchief, soaked with oils:

  • 2 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of pines.

The fragrance helps to get money, achieve prosperity and financial stability.

To derive cash amulets, a wallet or wallet, use such a mixture:

  • 3 drops of patchouli;
  • 2 drops of cedar;
  • 1 drop of nutmeg;
  • 1 drop cinnamon.

Essential oils can help attract cash flow.

To attract the perfect partner and love

Mostly breathe aroma patchouli spraying his houses. And when leaving home, take a handkerchief with ourselves:

  • 1 drop of patchouli;
  • 1 drop of sandal or roses.

For Visualization This mixture is suitable:

  • 1 tbsp. spoon of almond oil;
  • 5 drops of patchouli;
  • 1 drop cinnamon.

Mix everything and smear a white candle, light and during her burning visualize the perfect partner.

For couples wishing to start children

Find the picture or the image on which the children are depicted, it is important that you like it, so much in a pair of oil drops of Patchouli and put on a prominent place in the apartment.

Means from moth

Prepare an alcohol solution with essential oil Patchouli:

  • 10 ml of ethyl alcohol;
  • 7 drops of patchouli.

Stir carefully and spray cabinets. Patchouli is an excellent wardrobe tool, leaving a pleasant Fleur on clothes.

Musky spirits

On 3 teaspoons of the alcohol base Add:

  • 10 drops of patchouli;
  • 8 drops of the sandale;
  • 4 drops ylang-ylang;
  • 4 drops of jasmine;
  • 2 drops of carnations;
  • 1 drop cinnamon.

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Before using the essential oils necessarily Consult a doctor or a certified aromatherapy specialist for contraindications.
Remember that only 100% natural and high-quality essential oils will be useful and effective.

Perfume Patchouli

For most women, there is a perfume with fragrance patchouli necessarily, because this is a powerful classic. More often the plant is added to luxurious oriental and wood-spicy motifs. Frequent notes in the composition - a thin sandalwood, enveloping musk, spicy spices, night violet and fragile iris, as well as a majestic amber. We offer to study in more detail what kind of grass and how it affects the image. And we will also tell about the most popular brands of perfumes with a blue-bedside in the composition.


Patchouli Spirits for Women

Any of them has its own shade and character, usually select them under a specific case and image, and patchuli no exception. Patchouli belongs to woody families with a warm soft aftertaste with a noticeable sweetness.

The essential oil of this plant is a natural retainer since Napoleon. Then the Indian shawls were in fashion and enjoy aromatics from the same country. The resulting resinous smell became associated with luxury and charm. Interest in exotic gained momentum, and now on the shelves of perfume shops you can find many species of perfume with the participation of this semi-stationist.

It is sharp enough, so used as a medium or basic note. The main accents of the plant consist in the aroma of resin and expensive wood. And usually add to unisex or male perfume.

The cloud turned out to earth and warm, intense, rich and special. Therefore, it is often associated with East and Asia. But with a competent combination, it can sound bright and in modern.

How it looks in perfumery

We advise not to forget that this motive refers to powerful aphrodisiacs, so it rightfully occupies one of the most honored places among other esters.

Once girls just hung up in huge shawls and scarves, in which the patchuli leaves are woven. These are expensive things, and such ladies enjoyed special fame. Over time, the popularity of clothing element has fed, and Indian spices remained interesting for both buyers and perfume manufacturers.

If the toilet water is intended for a woman, then combined with floral, fruit, citrus chords to reduce the landsca of aromatics. When the chip male smells appeared - they began to use patchouli in a complex with oak moss and tea bergamot.

Properties of Aroma

Spirits Patchouli for Men

This is an unusual plant, which is able to beneficially affect the state of the nervous system, regenerate tissues, stimulate the work of many internal organs. It has a good soothing effect, helps to feel more confident, adds activity, especially in combination with invigorating cytrus.

Patchuli notes are capable of raising libido and excite. This is a natural aphrodisiac who knows how to increase the sensuality and interest of the opposite sex. Well affects the endocrine system and hormones.

List of women's spirits with a smell of patchouli

Now this is a popular aromatic family that becomes the basis or heart of chip, fuys, wood, oriental and even oriental compositions. Perfume water is produced not only for men, but also in the form of unisex, there are even a few female brands. We suggest to consider the most popular among them.

Inxiating Patchouli Impérial from the world famous Christian Dior

Female patchouli perfume

Luxurious and sensual, warm spicy and slightly balsamic, it fits all. Aromatic notes are mixed with wood, and the incense themselves reflect the elegance of the fashion house of Dior.

This smell takes the owner to a small marine spices of the East. It looks stylish and beautiful, and an amazing combination is obtained in one bottle with an acute coriander and smoky tint. This is a new collection of origin from 2018, but already managed to collect fans around him.

Buyers clearly hear the white cedar here, strict ambru, cinnamon and beans thin. Somewhere on the background plays mandarin, vanilla and velvet rose, and sandal motifs complement the fragrant picture. It is believed that he is not too steady, but it is very bright and stored.

Fashionable Patchouli Eau de Parfum from appetizing Molinard

Patchouli perfume

Another warm spicy patchuli fragrance with a balsamic and citrus tint. The musk and sandal and sandal cable firmly fix light vanilla and neroli in the heart, and geranium and orange opened this composition.

This is a very resistant smell, in whose severity does not doubt - it is heard even in a pair of meters from the owner. It is allowed to wear at any time of the year - users note its versatility. Equally, it is suitable for day and evening use.

Spirits with Fragrance Patchouli

Balm of this unisex perfume is allocated from the first chords. He is wood and warmly spicy, like most of those like him. Pronounced oriental, this is excellent water for a business meeting or a date.

From the first notes, the imagination is striking - a bitter orange in a mixture with different juicy citrus and fragile nevity. The heart is hidden and gradually begin to show the face of a small jasmine, velvet rose, the tart root of the iris. Strict amber will be combined in the database, as if enthusiastic light musk, Olibanum and sweet white chocolate. In addition to it - incense and benzoin.

Perfect Patchouli Absolu from the famous Tom Ford

Spirits with notes Patchouli

These are perfume with an absolute smell of patchouli for men and women. Balsamic and woody, this slightly earthy fragrance is really remembered. His warm spice is perfectly held. But it is not suitable because of the pronounced rigor.

The composition of the unusual Kashmir Tree, pleasant rosemary, Nagarmot and Lavrushka become alternately heard. In the base part, an enveloping musk is overflow, leather gloves and a little moss.

You need to be careful - he likes not everyone. But those who approached, talk about the ability to reveal to the autumn. This is an incredibly resistant smell with a strong loop.

Stunning White Patchouli from the same Tom Ford

perfume with patchouli female

Legendary perfume with white patchouli - what is it and how they smell. Patchuli and white ceiling, this motive will definitely not remain not seen. In the starting accents it is worth noting the sharpness of the coriander and the ease of flowers, fluffy peony and warm bergamot.

In the heart there is a fragile rose, sophisticated Jasmine and Ambrett. In the database - incense, an expensive wood of oily rocks. It looks wonderful during the change of seasons, especially during the day. Stalls stands, and the plume is also at the height.

Ambry Purple Patchouli from the famous Tom Ford

Perfume with patchouli women's list

If you thought, in what other male and female spirits from Tom Ford there is a fragrance of Patchouli, then this is he. Earthy is expressed, he slowly reveals in its composition Peruvian Balsam, then - herbaceous vetiver and complex amber. Against the background - beautiful jasmine.

Customers mark the brightness and resistance of smell, as well as the complexity of the loop. It looks better in the cold season.

Mysterious Black Orchid from able to surprise Tom Ford

Patchouli perfume male

This perfume has an unusual structure - it is warm spicy and earthen, but at the same time sweet, and the cocoa looks smarter at its faces.

In the upper notes of the Gardenia, bright black currant, lemon acid and the uniqueness of the mandarin. Do not forget about Bergamot and Jasmine. In the heart, fruits, spices, white lotus and feminine orchid are clearly felt. The base portion is represented by sandalwood, grass of vetiver and vanilla. Dark bitter chocolate feels separately.

Buyers award the unusual resistance and severity of the loop, recommend using in the winter-autumn period, especially in the evening.

Female IDYLLE DUET ROSE-PATCHOULI from an unforgettable guerlain

Male perfume with patchouli

Pink and woody, this balsamic and warm spicy tint of spirits for women can attract attention. Bulgarian rose, powdered violet and incense as dominant thoughts.

The result was very resistant and expressive. The unusual form of the bottle only adds to him elegance and sensuality.

Soft floral Mistral Patchouli from the sophisticated Atelier Cologne

Perfume with the smell of patchouli female

A distinct patchuli fragrance amazing imagination, like his warm spice. In the starting chords, a juicy slightly bitter pomel can be heard, spicy black pepper and star anise. In a heart motive - noticeable geranium, incense and neat barely audible iris. In the database it is worth noting the Taitian Vetiver and Benzoin.

Many users say that it has medium resistance, and the plume is strongly expressed. It is better to use the time of the year, especially well in spring and autumn.

Woody Patchouli ELIXIR from Reminiscence

patchouli what it smells perfume

Balsamic and patchuli, this powder smell has a limited number of notes - there are only 3. Patchouli, sandalwood base and white neat cedar on the background.

It is advisable to use it in winter or in autumn days. It is said about him as a stable substance, which is heard mainly near the skin.

Aldehyde Patchouli Blanc from Wonderful Reminiscence

In which spirits there are patchouli

One of the unusual shades of this perfume is a hawthorn. Thin and intriguing, it sets the tempo of the game of halftone and changing the faces. Among the first star Anis with aldehydes, the heart is powder and the plant, and in the base part, sandalwood and amber cloud were noted, and with them musk and strict gray amber.

It is easy to get from the locker at any time of the year, but it is better for the daytime. He likes the absolute majority of buyers. Resistance is average, the loop is pronounced.

Mysterious Borneo 1834 from Magnificent Serge Lutens

Perfume with fragrance Patchouli female

The motif is warm, spicy, with a shaded effect of cocoa and a balsamic tone. He has a small sweet melody, unusual for earthy-patchulia and eastern families. As part of white flowers added by the cardamomon and French Labdanum.

Buyers are recommended to use them in the cold months. This is the most resistant fragrance with a well-visible loop.

Ambrow Patchouli Leaves from Unique Montale

Perfume with the smell of patchouli

Montal knows how to hit perfume in the heart. Therefore, Patchuliyevaya appeared on the light, but at the same time the vanilla smell with warm spice. Against the background of them accompanying a gray light amber, a musky center and Labdanum.

This is a series of unisex, so there is no extra sweetness or caramelness, and the vanilla does not seem too sugar. Its resistance at the highest level, the loop is also marked as strong. It is better to apply it in autumn and winter time.

Earthy Nightfall Patchouli from the famous brand Carolina Herrera

Perfume with fragrance Patchouli

Spicy fragrance is distinguished by amazing patch, which are brought from Indonesia. In addition to them, in the composition of benzoin and cinnamon sticks. The durability of its average, like the loop. You can use in summer and winter, but better when it's cold outside.

Flower Dia from Delightful Amouage

Perfume with a note of patchouli

Aldehyd, with pink and fresh melodies. In the upper chords, cyclamen, playful tarhoon and gentle velvet leaves of violets. In addition to them, figir and Bergamot, a sage played on the background.

The color of oranges and peaches sounds in the heart, fluffy peonies and Turkish roses, iris roots. In the database - sandalwood, vanilla sticks, wandering incense luggage, guayak and heliotrope, white muskyness and cedar bark. Very resistant, with a bright aftertaste.

If none of the above shades have not been attractive enough, on the site there is a whole directory in which you can always choose the perfect composition. And remember - he must like you, and only then everyone else. We can easily find your sound, for a specific image or mood.

How to choose a female or male perfume with a fragrance Patchouli

fragrance patchouli in what spirits

First you need to decide what you like and under what event is required image. Everyone wants to ensure that people are interested in turning around. Perfumery should be chosen depending on the impression that it should produce. If you want to provoke a tiger in yourself, we recommend mixing with citrus. When the plans are a romantic date - capture the bottle with the eastern family, it will help to cause affectionate feelings of others.

It has the meaning and concentration of essential oils. If you get perfume, then on the skin it will hold up to 8-10 hours. Parfum water is usually less stable, and toilet and will not withstand more than half of the standard working day. We recommend to make a choice, taking into account what is required of smell. If you do not want to constantly update the sound - buy the most concentrated funds.

We do not advise without preliminary sample to buy patchuli solo - if, besides this plant, there will be almost nothing in the composition, then it may not be so pleasant as it seemed.

We reviewed the most popular varieties of perfume and spirits with a note of patchouli. Some of them are bright and expressive, especially for the solemn evening. Others are very different from them - they are simple, uncomplicated, but with a thin raisin. Which one will suit more for a particular event or mood - to solve only you. We are ready to help choose and tell about the features of each of the flavors.


Fragrance Patchouli in perfumery

Fragrance Patchouli in perfumery

Perfumery is an industry that is annually updated with new ingredients for spirits and toilet water. . However, not novelties have been specially popularity, but already established, familiar and familiar flames. One of the most interesting flavors has patchouli oil, widely used in this area. About his features and let's talk in this article.


The word "Patchouli" came to us from Tamil, where it translates as "green leaf". In nature, Patchouli is Shrub, and his homeland is Asia. Essential oil is obtained by special processing of plant leaves. Interestingly, fresh foliage absolutely no smell. It she acquires only in the dried and fermented state.

Patchouli is used in perfumes for more than one century. This plant has acquired particular popularity in the XIX century, when dry foliage was laid out things intended for transportation. During the way, the fabric had time to stick through the noble aroma, and this immediately noticed the fashionista of that time.

From Patchouli began to prepare oil, which was then used in the production of perfume. In the 70s of the 20th century, perfumes with the addition of Patchouli acquired a "second breathing". They were adored informals, masking the smell of marijuana with the help of the spirits.

Today, Patchouli has the same fragrance as all previous century. This is a unique ingredient that does not need substitutes, and used in its pure form to this day. The fragrance of this component is impossible to confuse with anything. It is often called oriental, and there are reasons for this: sweet, drunk, tart, resembling a desert wind and herbs. In this aroma there is warmth and exotic, it smells of land, tree, evening air of the East. Most often, patchouli is used for male perfumes, but there are many female perfumes.

Combine such a component with a ylang-ylang, fresh citrus, bergamot, sandalle.


In oil, Patchouli, added to perfume products, have many positive properties. Let's see how it can affect a person, being in the perfume composition.

  • Patchouli is one of the most powerful aphrodisia Therefore, perfume with such an aroma instantly attracts to its owner of the opposite sex. Such spirits increase the sensuality of the ladies, frank, attach confidence in their beauty.
  • People who choose perfume with patchouli often note that He has a beneficial effect on the emotional state. Oil in the composition of spirits soothes, leads to the order of thought, relieves anxiety and prevents the emergence of depression.
  • Along with the soothing properties of perfume with the fragrance of Patchouli may be toned And not only your owner, but also the people around him. Wood-earth fragrance raises the mood, contributes to the disclosure of creative potential.
  • One of the most famous properties of Patchouli - Ability to remove nausea. Therefore, if you are traveling in transport and you donate or go to an interview for an important position, and you are sick of excitement, just skip the perfume with patchouli or sprinkle the clavicle and wrists. Unpleasant symptoms will remove as hand.

Who comes up?

Severe notes Patchouli for a long time was considered the prerogative of men, but lately everything has changed, and now there are many female fragrances with this component. Immediately it is worth noting that This smell is an amateur, and such spirits are not suitable for everyone. . For example, this is not the best choice for very young girls. Tart and passionate fragrance it is better to choose older women who possess charisma and their own style, only then he will be able to fully reveal.

Most of the whole fragrance patchouli is suitable for women with oriental appearance. The lady with a train of such a fragrance is quite capable of carrying the thought of the opposite sex in the distant times of harem, it will envelop the mystery and mystery, will allow the tart of the scent of the East to breathe. A no less interesting choice will be patchouli for cararestic brunettes.

But gentle blue-eyed blondes are better to choose fresh floral or berry notes.

Separately, it is worth saying about the season for which the fragrance of Patchouli is suitable. This component refers to warm gamme . Inhaling it, I want to feel comfort: Wrap it in a warm plaid, light the fireplace, drink a cup of coffee to the eastern. This is the perfect perfume for autumn and winter. For warm months, he will probably be somewhat heavy. However, this concerns only female perfumery: representatives of a strong sex with such toilet water will be successful regardless of the time of year.

Popular flavors

As already mentioned, the fragrance of Patchouli is suitable for both women and men. Let's see which perfume products are considered the best, according to both parties.

For women

Women's flavors should choose especially carefully, because spirits with patchouli are incredibly insidious: they are revealed slowly, and will pass for some time before the smell will become completed. There are interesting perfumes for women who deserve a lot of positive feedback.

  • White Patchouli Tom Ford. A very penetrated deep fragrance, which is characterized by ambiguity. Its disclosure depends not only on the type of skin, but also on air temperature. To predict how precisely the fragrance will be revealed, it is impossible, and its "highlight" lies in it. Top notes contain gentle peony, fresh bergamot and warm coriander. Cardiac echoes with a sensual breathing of roses and jasmine. Basic - these are patchouli, wood and incense.
  • Velvet Patchouli Dolce & Gabbana. Velvety fragrance, causing a feeling of home heat and comfort. This is a perfume from the Mono series, here not to find the merging of multiple ingredients. Slightly felt tobacco, but no more. As for the main component, Patchouli, he appears with its original smell - the fact that there were also centuries before the manufacture of perfumes. Spirits are disclosed gradually, and by completing this process, leave a light woody loop.
  • PATCHOULI PATCH L`Artisan Parfumeur . Classic fragrance, many incomprehensible. This is a perfume with an amateur, most of all it is suitable for mature ladies. It smells like dry leaves of patchouli, as if crawled in the palms. The upper notes are a combination of anise and cumin, seasoned with musk, and the heart is an iris, thin and gentle. Basic component - sandalwood, white cedar and vetiver.
  • Patchouli Leaves Montale. A rather interesting fragrance and not quite characteristic for patchouli, as it can be called, rather, cool than warm. Will be the perfect choice for women who love freshness. In perfume clearly audible notes vanilla, amber, musk. The aroma is calm, remarkably comes to the autumn, places, knitted sweaters. Not recommended for hot months.
  • MON PARFUM CHERI, PAR CAMILLE ANNICK GOUTIAL. Sensual and gentle perfume, where the patchouli is not the main role. Here this component only successfully complements other notes: iris and plums. The flower note is weak, barely tangible, much stronger manifests itself with a plum fragrance: mature, drunk. Heliotrop is also present in the composition. MON PARFUM CHERI, PAR CAMILLE ANNICK GOUTIAL - these are spirits for cool, rainy days. They are perfect for those who love and appreciate thoughts alone with them.
  • Coquillete Paris Sumatra. Fresh and sophisticated perfume with patchouli collected on the island of Sumatra. The tenderness of the aroma attaches Chinese jasmine, and sharpness is black pepper and cinnamon. Revealing with heart notes, perfume exudes the scent of the sweet cedar composition, patchouli and musk, the base is vanilla.

For men

As part of a male perfume, patchouli can be used in different notes, but in most cases this ingredient is not the main one. It must be supplemented with other chords so that the fragrance is full and courageous. Here are some popular elections of strong sex representatives.

  • Armaf Niche Platinum. Tart, with the obvious notes of the land of the fragrance, where the patchouli becomes a spectacular background for the herbal chords of the Lanenik. This is a complex, sensual aroma with a multitude of overflows, which immediately attracts the attention of others.
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million . Chic purely male fragrance. The effect adds a form of a bottle stylized under the gold ingot. Luxurious smell contains notes of fresh citrus, shades of leather and wood. A basic note is the patchouli, slightly seasoned with amber.
  • DIOR HOMME, CHRISTIAN DIOR . One of the most religious flavors containing patchouli notes. It does not differ in heavily, brutality, but is considered a chic aroma for strong sex. Ambry's density and patchouli is effectively combined with the ease of lavender and sage. Complement to a similar combination of iris and cocoa.
  • Hugo Boss Baldessarini Del Mar. An excellent choice for men who loving the danger, extreme and adventure. This perfume begins to open up the freshness of Mandarin and Bergamot, in which cinnamon and cedar walnut are thin and imperceptibly. Basic notes contain ambru, patchouli and vetiver, thanks to which a delightful courageous fragrance is being created, immediately causing a millionaire from American films in thoughts.

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Perfume ABC: Patchouli

Patchouli is perennial shrub tropical plants from Pogostemon (Pogostemon). Their leaves are famous for their strong and attractive aroma: that is why they are used in perfumes for more than one century. Motherland Patchouli is Asia, namely the Philippines, but now this plant is also found in West Africa and South America.

The name "Patchouli" comes from Tamil words: Patchai, which means "green", and ELLAI - "Sheet". This plant fell from the east to Europe due to the well-known conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte. From Egypt, he brought several cashmere cards to France, which fragrant the fragrance of oil patchouli. At that time, it was used to scare insects, and the origin of the smell itself was stored in a strict mystery. Oriental fabrics quickly gained popularity in Europe and began to be copied by local masters, but the fragrance of Patchouli continued to be brought from the east. However, in 1837, the famous Spanish monk and Botanik Francisco Manuel Blanco, who studied the nature of the Philippines, revealed the secret of the mysterious plant.

The peak of the glory of the flavor of Patchouli in Europe and America fell on the 60s-70s of the 20th century. It was a favorite scent of hippies, which widely used the oil and incense of this plant. Unfortunately, thanks to Hippie, Patchouli oil received a bad reputation, because the flavors they used were obtained from inexpensive and low-quality raw materials. The Association of Patchouli with Hippy Culture also led to the wrong perception of this smell, which was considered too strong and low-rotatory.

However, it is not at all. The smell of oil Patchouli strongly depends on the cultivation methods, the time of collection of leaves, processes and drying and distillation methods. To obtain the highest quality aroma, only 3-4 main pairs of mature leaves are used, where the highest concentration of oil. They are dried in a special way and produce oil by steam distillation. This is a time-consuming and responsible process that directly depends on the manufacturer who carefully monitors all stages. High-quality oil has a rich dark green shade and rich, musk-earthen aroma with a wooded tint. It is usually used as a basic note in perfumes, combining with many essential oils: vetiver oil, sandalwood and cedar wood, bergamot, jasmine, roses, vanilla and others. Another interesting property of Patchouli oil - with age, it becomes only better and rich, acquiring a deeper and rich aroma with a light fruit tint.

Now Patchouli is widely used by perfumes to create fragrances, both for women and for men.

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