How to open a cafe and where to start: Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions: how to open your cafe from scratch

Cafe is the most popular format of catering catering. To start this business, no multimillion costs. With good work, the cafe is easily acquired by a constant loyal clientele. In one place you can work on dozens of years and even convey this business inheritance.

But that the cafe brings a constant stable income, it is necessary to study the key points of this business before it is discovered. Of course, your real experience will not replace nothing, but still, it is worth knowing where to start if you decide to open your cafe from scratch.

For our users, we wrote a book about the opening of a small cafe where only practical recommendations were collected, examples and calculations. This is a little more than just a step-by-step instruction, so we highly recommend you to read it.

What do you know, reading our book? Before opening your cafe, you need to answer a number of questions:

  • Where will you open a cafe? It will be a shopping center, a lively street, a sleeping area or a closed territory of the type of office center, university, enterprises?
  • Are your potential customers there enough? How to evaluate the intended attendance of your cafe?
  • How are your competitors go? What niche in the catering market can you take?
  • Where to buy equipment, furniture and dishes for your cafe?
  • How to legally solve the issue with musical accompaniment?
  • What is needed in order to get permission to open a cafe?

Our instruction book will tell you where to start to open your cafe. But we did not limit themselves only by the description of the order of opening a cafe. You will learn about how to evaluate the menu of the institution for profitability, what are the performance indicators of the working cafe, which your chef should do, and what zone of responsibility should be controlled by yourself.

How much is it worth opening a cafe from scratch

How much money you need to open a cafeTo understand how much money you need to open a cafe, you need to decide on the format of your institution. At the preliminary stage of the assessment of the location, the activities of competitors, possible attendance, the average check can already be assumed what day income will bring your cafe. A good payback period of the cafe will be one year of its work at full capacity, of this and it is necessary to proceed when calculating how much money you need to open your cafe.

All costs of opening a cafe from scratch can be divided into one-time and those that will have to carry the entire period of activity of the cafe. We collect this data in the table:

One-time costs when opening a cafe

Permanent Cafe Working Expenses

Design and repair of the room

Purchase of products

Purchase of furniture

Salary of Personnel

Purchase of dishes

Taxes and insurance premiums

Purchase of equipment


Signboard and outdoor advertising

Copyright for music

We did not point out the table of the most important expenditure item - to the room, since the situation here can be different:

  • You already have your own cafe room;
  • You are planning to buy a room;
  • The room for the cafe will be rented.

Most often, the cafe room is removed. There are several reasons for this. First, the square, where there is good attendance, are often located in shopping centers, where the room can only be rented. Secondly, rent, and not buying the premises reduces the cost of the opening of the cafe. Thirdly, despite all the preliminary calculations, the placement of the cafe may be unsuccessful.

What you need to open a cafeRent a room for a cafe is necessary with the mind. About what is needed to pay attention to when concluding a lease agreement with the owner, we told in our book. Well, if your room, congratulations, your risks when opening a cafe from zero will be significantly less.

In each case, the amount of costs when opening a cafe from zero will be different. In our book, we calculated the cost of opening a summer type cafe for 20 people. One-time costs got 500 thousand rubles Plus 330 thousand rubles accounted for constant costs for the first month of the cafe, taking into account the rental of the premises. TOTAL, 830 thousand rubles.

For beginners business, we advise you to consider the option of franchise in the field of catering. Open cafes on a franchise in some cases will be cheaper, due to the fact that the franchisor is interested in promoting his brand. For example, he can offer you equipment in installments, for rent or even at all in free use. Of course, he will recover their expenses later when receiving monthly payments from you, but at the first stage, the work of a cafe on a franchise will help you quickly start making a profit.

When choosing a franchise, consider that examples of expenses and income in the franchisor offer may not be entirely reliable. The franchisor is interested in selling you a franchise, so recalculate all the figures themselves and add those expenses that are not taken into account in its iris.

Are you going to open your business? Do not forget about the current account - it will simplify the management of the business, pay taxes and insurance premiums. Moreover, many banks now offer favorable conditions for the opening and conducting a conschange account. You can get acquainted with proposals on our website.

50 percent discount on alpha bank

How to open a cafe from scratch: business plan

Where to start if you decide to open your cafe from scratchDoes a business plan need a cafe opening? If we talk about a professionally compiled document with formulas, charts and marketing research, then it will cost that it is not suiced. Unfortunately, even an expensive document prepared by experts will not guarantee you declared income figures. Business plan is just a plan, more or less accurate in it will be only digits of expenses.

However, before opening your cafe, it is necessary to calculate its revenue. Yes, it will only be alleged, but you must imagine what you can count on a good organization of the cafe.

We propose to replace a professional business plan for opening a cafe by an example with the calculations of the consumable and revenue. You can also find such an example in our book. In this example, we calculated not only the amount of expenses, but also how many visitors should go to the cafe, what should be the average check, and what can be the payback period of your cafe.

What documents are needed to open a cafe

What permissions need to open a cafe? Cafe is a catering company, and such institutions are under increased attention of supervisory authorities. Answering the question: "What do you need to open a cafe?", We must draw your attention to certain bureaucratic barriers.

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining permits for opening a cafe can take you a lot of time. The procedure itself is explicitly prescribed in any regulatory act, because Coordination should be obtained in different services.

In a package of documents for opening a cafe in 2021 will be included:

  • coordination with the fire inspection;
  • Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion from Rospotrebnadzor for compliance with the cafe requirements;
  • permission to open a cafe from the local administration;
  • permission to place outdoor advertising;
  • License for alcohol, if you sell it;
  • Coordination with police on placing an alarm button.

Cafe opening procedure in 2016The most difficult way to get the resolution of Rospotrebnadzor to the opening of the cafe, because To do this, you must comply with the requirements of several special documents (SNiP). During the issuance of concluding, Rospotrebnadzor will ask for contracts for disinfection, garbage removal, laundry services, technological project of equipment binding to electricity, water, sewage and other documents. Next, the program of sanitary production control will be approved, according to the plan of which will be checked for further activities. We advise not to enter into a lease agreement until you learned the sanitary requirements for your type of café. It is possible that the premises you choose can not meet them at all.

It is easier to open a cafe in a room where the catering point has already been, or in a Fudcourt's shopping center, where a certain assistance will be provided to the administration of the shopping center.

Answer what you need documents for opening a cafe in Russia, you can in specialized law firms that help in obtaining different licenses, approvals, permits. It is no secret that great importance in this matter has connections, knowledge of procedures, regional features, so if you have the opportunity to order such services, it is worth using this.

In any case, do not despair, get permissive documents for opening a cafe can be independently, especially since this should be done only once. Look at how many circular catering points, they all were able to overcome these bureaucratic obstacles. You can and you.

If you still have questions, we recommend watching a video to open a cafe:

See also:

Ksenia Korchagin, restaurant lawyer

Marina Vladimirovna All restaurants opened up. St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Moscow. 6 institutions for 6 years. Somewhere was mistaken. Prepared fines. Fixed errors. And the same problem pops up in another restaurant.

Once she decided - enough to feed the state with fines! It must be reduced costs. Invited me, accountant, safety engineer. We discussed all the prescriptions, all the requirements, all the money spent on errors. And they made a check list with legal points that need to know when opening the restaurant. With the resolution of the restaurater, the public experience.

Sign up to tax

From 3 days

What to choose an IP or a legal entity?

IP will not be able to sell strong alcohol, only beer

IP is responsible for debts with all its property.

Apartment, where you are registered, will not be taken for debts. And the rest of the property, the car can.

The owner of Yul is responsible only to the size of the authorized capital of the Journey.

IP will immediately spend revenue for personal needs, and the owner of Yul will receive cash only after dividend payments.

    • Submit documents for the registration of MFC, tax or electronic in the tax service (e-signature will be required). How to issue an electronic signature ~ 1650 rubles.
    • After 3 business days, you will receive documents on registration - the list of records of the EGRIP. Documents can give hands, forward at or by email.
  • How to register oh

    Contact a lawyer for registration, the cost of services from 5000 rubles.

    For self-registration:


    Form a package of documents.


    Submit documents for registration.

    In MFC,


    or electronically.

    For the electronic submission of documents: Get EP, install

    PPDG program

    , download the entire document package, each document sign the EP of the founders, download, send to

    Tax service



    Take the registration documents after 3 working days. In MFC, tax. At e-delivery - can send to your email.

from 7 days

If the room was designed for catering, then most likely the necessary requirements have already been fulfilled.

Requirements for inputs

  • When placed in a residential building, the restaurant must have isolated from the residential part of the building. From the side of the residential yard it is impossible to take products.
  • The number of inputs, their size, distance from each other must be consistent with fire standards, the law 123-ФЗ,


    . This is calculated in the construction project of the building or the reconstruction of the premises. Given the floor area, the maximum possible number of visitors and workers.

    Whether the fireproof norms are met by consultation in the FGBU "Test Fire Lab" at the Emergencies Ministry of Your Region.

Requirements for selling alcohol

  • We need 2 outputs of any size. Service and for visitors.
  • Installation format - Restaurant, bar, cafe or buffet with service hall. Alcohol can trade only such types of institutions. Requirements for them, including at the premises in GOST 30389-2013 and 31985-2013.
  • The room should not be among schools, hospitals, educational and medical centers, museums, on the territories adjacent to the station and airports. Full list of ban points.

    On the market and in trading pavilions will be allowed to trade only beer and (with license) products up to 16.5%. alcohol.

    The boundaries of the territories around the place of the ban defines the administration of the settlement. Territories are constantly updated.

  • When placed in a residential building or on the territory adjacent to it, the area of ​​the service hall must be from 20 square meters. m. But the law of the region in such places may generally prohibit sales of alcohol or increase the hall area.

    It is possible to check if the premises in the prohibition zone can be consulted in the Regional Department issuing alcohol licenses or to find the "Scheme of the boundaries of the territories on which the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of catering services is not allowed.

    The issuing license organ is called differently in each region. Search in the search engine "Department of Issuing Licensies Alcohol Your Region".

  • When renting premises, make up the contract for the year or more.

From 1 day

Up to 20 thousand rubles a fine For disappointment. After 3 months, the penalty will not be prescribed (the statute of limitations will expire).

  • Fill out the notification form.
  • Pass it into Rospotrebnadzor or via MFC. There are other ways to feed.
  • Save the notification with a marking on receiving Rospotrebnadzor or MFC. It will be required when checking and for designing an alcohol license.
Sample notification with RPN marks.

Most likely in 2020, restaurants will not be fined at all. There is no violation for any other mentioned. It's connected with

By the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation

On the suspension of most inspections of the IP and JUR. Persons at the time of coronavirus.

Up to 250 thousand rubles fine For the lack of contracts (often checks Rospotrebnadzor, less often Rosprirodnadzor). The duty to remove waste can be entrusted to the landlord.

An example of the formulation of the lease agreement.


The landlord is obliged to organize the export of waste generated as a result of the tenant's activities.


The export of tenant waste is made by specialized organizations carrying out the export and placement (disposal) of waste, on the basis of contracts concluded with the landlord.


Waste to be exported in accordance with PP. 3.2. This Agreement is collected by the Tenant in specially designed garbage containers (hereinafter - containers) provided by the landlord.


All rights and obligations on the fee for the negative impact on the environment, as well as the responsibility for non-compliance with environmental legislation, including in the field of waste management, are assigned to the landlord.


  • Tell the waste passport and documents confirming its class.
  • Enclose the contract with the contractor. It is enough for the contractor to have a license to work with this waste code. Request to it (sufficiently pages from the application to the license, where your waste code is specified). The contract with the contractor without a license is equivalent to the absence of a contract.

Waste solid utility (TKO)

1-3 days

Washing class IV, code 7 33100 0172 4

In most regions, the contract must be concluded with the regional operator (PO).

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, while the contract can be concluded with any licensed company. The waste collection container can be installed on a public or private container area.

If you put on your own container platform, you can pay not according to the standard, but for the actual volume. It's cheaper. Example of calculation.

Food waste

from 5-14 days

Waste V, Code 7 36 100 01 30 5

License for exporting contractor is not needed.

Provide the contract frequency of export at least 2 times a week or when accumulating 2/3 of the container.

In 2020 Cost in Yaroslavl ~ 824 rubles / m3.

Exhaust fryer and vegetable oil

from 14 days

Washing class IV, code 7 36 111 11 32 4

If Rospotrebnadzor reveals the work of the fryer, except the contract for export and disposal, will necessarily require a magazine quality control and taking into account the use of frying fats. Sample magazine.

In order not to pay for the export and not report to the departure, the waste oil can be regularly

Deliveries. Look in the search engine "Export of Fryer Oil Your Region".

Waste when unloading the grease trap (zh)

from 14 days

Washing class IV, code 7 36 101 01 39 4

Zhu are installed to clear the drainage of sewage. Clean tested


. And their subscribers are charged fines for dirty drains. Daughters amounts can be hundreds of thousand rubles.

The contract will require Rospotrebnadzor if it reveals the work of the ZhU.

In order not to pay for the export and not report to the departure, housing is hiding from Rospotrebnadzor in the floor. But if there are more than 200 places in the restaurant, the installation of the Zhu becomes obligatory and the waste from it must be executed officially.

Exhaust bactericidal lamps

from 14 days

Waste Idle I, Code 4 71 101 01 52 1

Bactericidal lamps are needed for disinfection of premises for the preparation of salads, cutting, decoration of cakes. Full list of rooms.

Rospotrebnadzor checks whether there are lamps, whether the log is maintained by their work and instruction manual. How to fulfill the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and sample magazine.

The contract for the disposal of spent lamps Rospotrebnadzor usually does not request. Very rarely, such an agreement can check Rosprirodnadzor.

Rosprirodnadzor can show the magazine of the work of lamps, according to which the spent lamps have not yet been.

from 30 days

Up to 20 thousand rubles a fine or suspending activities for the lack of PPK (when checking Rospotrebnadzor)

PPK is a document with a list of events that undertakes to carry out a restaurant to prepare products safe to consumers. General requirements for PPKs Installed SP 1.1.1058-01.

You can write your PPK on the basis of a typical program. Be sure to include in the text section of laboratory studies (typical section here). PPK filling.

Testing Rospotrebnadzor is usually enough that there are PPKs, and laboratory studies are carried out.

from 30 days

Up to 20 thousand rubles a fine For the non-administration of KHASSP procedures (when checking Rospotrebnadzor).

KHASSP is "safety procedures in the production process." These include - control the quality of manufacturing, storage conditions of products, cleanliness of premises, hygiene workers. Full list of procedures.

The cost of services for the introduction of HASSP from 70 thousand rubles. Specialists in HasSP are small, including in Rospotrebnadzor.

Up to 30 thousand rubles a fine For the lack of contract (when checking Rospotrebnadzor).

Conducting sanitary and hygienic studies of water, products, washes

3 days

Such studies perform accredited laboratories.

The frequency of laboratory studies is defined in your PPK. If you were developed by the PPK on the basis of a standard section, the period of controlling drinking water is 2 times a year, finished products - 1 time in 6 months, washes from the equipment - 1 time per quarter.

Keep laboratory research protocols. When checking, their number must be compared with your PPK.

Deratization and disinsection of premises

1-3 days

Provide a contract frequency of deratization from 1 time per month, drugs that have declarations.

The procedure for carrying out works is determined by the joint venture, SanPine The cost depends on the areas and frequency of processing.

1-3 days

Up to 130 thousand rubles fine and the risk of suspending activities for work without medical equipment (checks Rospotrebnadzor, labor inspection).

The medical record should be, all workers, even at the accountant.

It note the passage of medical examinations and


Passage frequency:

  • The medical examination must pass everything before admission to work and annually. List of doctors and analyzes. Cooks, waiters additionally pass psychiatric examinations 1 time in 5 years.
  • Sanminimums receive only working with products (chefs, waiters, drivers carrying finished products). It is held when taking a job and 1 time in 2 years. Cooks in contact with meat, milk, baking, pass it annually.

Control the timeline is convenient in the journal.

Medicaging stores employer. Accounting for the movement of books can be conducted in the journal. To check the accuracy of the bear, use the Rospotrebnadzor registry.

Observe the copyright of music

From 3 days

Up to 5 million rubles For the inclusion of music without the contract is entitled to demand

Right holders.

Basic inspection - RAO and WIPO. They have the right to demand remuneration for the music of any authors.

Up to 40 thousand rubles The confiscation of musical equipment has fines in favor of the state. The protocols on the offense constitute the police. Usually checks are initiated by RAO and WIPO.

Even if the music included the bartender or hired animator, the guilty recognize the restaurant.


We need in all cases of the sound of "other people's" works in the institution.

From the Internet, radio, music TV channels, disks, from a flash drive, through a telephone column, with a living performance not our own works of invited musicians.

Without a contract for the use of copyright and related rights, music can reproduce only citizens for non-commercial personal use. Sing the song at home, turn on the radio in your car.

  • To do no restrictions to perform "live" someone else's music - enter into 2 contracts with RAO and WIPO. These same agreements will allow phonograms.

    Cafe costs for 75 seats in a large city of ~ 8000 rubles per month.

  • In order to include phonograms without restrictions, enter into an agreement with the RAO and WIPO agent. For example, LLC "Formax" Player FONMIX.

    Costs ~ 3500 per month.

  • You can: turn on the phonograms recorded more than 50 years ago, perform folklore (music without the author) and the music of the authors who deceased more than 70 years ago (classical). Here you can make a mistake, turning on the Beethoven written by the modern orchestra. Thus, violate the rights of performers from the orchestra.

Register to FGIS "Mercury"

5 days

Up to 20 thousand rubles a fine For reception, storage, processing of products without much (actively monitors Rosselkhoznadzor).

ISR is veterinary accompanying documents.

We need for the production of animal origin (meat, milk).

ICCs are made only in electronic form. In the federal system of FSIS Mercury.

The supplier of ICC creates. Buyer ICC exercises, confirming the receipt of the goods. Register in the system to buy legal meat, milk, honey. For registration, you need to apply for the separation of the Rosselkhoznadzor of your region or electronic. Instructions for electronic registration.

For alcohol trade

License License

from 30 days

200-500 thousand rubles Penalty For the sale of alcohol without a license. Protocols for violations account for Rosalkogol Rosal regulation or police. Without a license, you can sell only beer, beer drinks, sidroth, Poire, Medovukha.

The license issues the licensing authority of your subject of the Russian Federation. Look in the search engine "Department issuing licenses alcohol your region".

In Moscow - the Department of Trade and Services. In St. Petersburg - Committee on Industrial Policy. In the Murmansk region - the Licensing Office of the Ministry of Investments.

Collect documents. The list is established by law 171-FZ.

  1. Application for issuing a license for retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of catering services (2 copies). Blank take on the website of the licensing body of your region.

    For example, samples for the Yaroslavl region: Application form Clearing application

  2. Documents

    On the Rights to the room.

  3. Plan room (copy).
  4. Notification Rospotrebnadzor on the beginning of the provision of catering services (copy).
  5. Documents

    On the state registration of the organization, on the formulation of tax accounting (copies).
  6. Charter Yul.

    (Copy + Original for Furnishing).
  7. Platery.

    About payment of states. In the amount of 65,000 rubles for each year of the license, a maximum of 5 years.

Submit documents to the licensing authority of your subject on paper or electronically through the Public Services portal.

Connect to the EGAIS system

from 5 days

Up to 200 thousand rubles a fine For violation of the order of alcohol accounting (check the Rosal accelerated regulation and the authority issued by the license).

In the EGAIS system, you need to confirm the receipt and make implementation and alcohol, and beer.

To record all operations, register in the system. Get an electronic signature of IP or Yul, log in on it in a personal account on the Egas website.

Up to 30 thousand rubles a fine For work without the cashier and the use of cash registers (CCT), which is not relevant to the law (identifies the tax inspectorate).

  • Buy an online cashier with a fiscal drive included in the FTS registry. Whether the drive is included in the registry, you can check on the tax on the factory number from the PN passport. What cash register for the restaurant.
  • Get an electronic signature of IP or Yul for remote registration of the CCT into the tax.
  • Enclose the contract with the fiscal data operator. It will transfer payment details from the cash desk in the tax. The list of all PD operators is on the tax site.
  • Register the cashier to the tax.

Subscribe and consumer corner

From 1 day

Up to 10 thousand rubles a fine For the discrepancy between the design of the law (Rospotrebnadzor is actively checking).

  • The signboard should contain the name of the organization or IP, address, mode of operation, type of establishment (restaurant, bar, cafe). This can be a printed ad inlet.
  • Consumer corner is placed in the lobby, before the service hall. You can place a stand on the wall or remove all documents into the plastic folder.

Anton Gasparyan

Cowholder restaurant DOME1791

According to my calculations, two million rubles needed to open the restaurant. We spent 20 million with a partner.

I am doing business since 2014. My main project is a quest studio in Moscow. AT Some kind I wanted to make a moment something In the hometown - Vologda, and I decided to open a restaurant there. Work on it began in 2016, and we opened right in front of Lokdanom - in March 2020. I'll tell you how kept afloat.

How decided to open a business in an unfamiliar niche

Once I arrived in Vologda to visit my parents and celebrate the New Year. I went to "Buking" to take off the room, and was surprised: there were no places even in hostels for the next week. "Hostel is what you need to open here," I thought.

I didn't want to move to Vologda, and I needed a partner to whom you can trust and which would Take up Ourser. They became my classmate, tired of jurisprudence.

The idea with hostels failed. We sounded all the hotels and hostels of Vologda and realized that most of the time they empty, and it was fashionable to open them all over Russia. Then my colleague proposed to make a hookah - they are in trend and a little cost. Six months later, we came to the idea of ​​opening a full-fledged restaurant with a kitchen and a bar.

We wanted to do everything perfect. But neither of me nor a partner had no idea what about the restaurant business - we didn't even know how coffee was working.

It seems to me that the problem of Russian entrepreneurship is just that people are too confident and are taken for projects without experience.

We did not know which format would work in Vologda, so decided to do, as in Moscow: to be a stylish interior, and the kitchen is with a beautiful feed and fashionable combinations of products. Then it was: what was popular with Muscovites, after a few years I became a trend in Vologda.

According to the calculations, we needed a little more than two million rubles for the opening of the restaurant. These are the main costs we attached:

  • For repair and design project - 700 000 Р;
  • on furniture - 700 000 Р;
  • For rent for the first two months and deposit - 300 000 Р;
  • on hookahs, tobacco and all sorts of little things - 300 000 Р.

I planned money to earn money, developing my business in Moscow. We had no experience in creating such institutions, but we were sure that the project would be inexpensive and quickly pay off: the main thing is to start, and we will find the money along the go. For new activities, a limited liability company on a simplified tax system has been registered.


How to simplify life with the help of "Excel"

The course, about how the tables will help plan the budget, consider expenses and streamline household cases

Start learning

Building on the shortest city street

Somehow Arkady Novikova, I read that 60% of the success of the restaurant is its location.

To find a profitable location, we began to study how pedestrian flows in Vologda are distributed. We came to restaurants at different times of the day and watched attendance, communicated with Barmen or familiar who had their own institutions. Sometimes I could just stand and watch pedestrian traffic.

Two places 10 meters from each other could give opposite results: in one there was a complete landing, in another maximum one table is busy. I think this feature of small cities.

As a result, we concluded that the best place in Vologda is the area near the Stone Bridge. This is a pedestrian historic bridge in the heart of the city. All central pedestrian traffic will be converged to the Stone Bridge, this something Like the patriarch or Kuznetsky bridge in Moscow.

So looks street at night. The stone bridge was built in the 18th century. Now it is the shortest and only pedestrian street of the city. Photo: Ivan Pugach
So looks street at night. The stone bridge was built in the 18th century. Now it is the shortest and only pedestrian street of the city. Photo: Ivan Pugach

In addition to the place, we were important area - 150-200 M. ², suitable planning and not too expensive rental. But there were no such stone bridge. But it was a steep place in a historic building at the corner - with spacious halls, brick arches inside, large windows and a roof dome.

Inside the room, all overlaps rotted, the brick penetrated the mold, and all this was on a huge area of ​​400 m². But it happens as if you wear virtual reality glasses - and you see how everything will look in the future. It became our intrusive idea, and we decided to take a chance, despite the understanding that the repair would be expensive, and the restoration could delay.

This looked the building of our future restaurant to restoration. In such a state, no one wanted to rent the building
This looked the building of our future restaurant to restoration. In such a state, no one wanted to rent the building

We were able to negotiate the owner of the building that it would restore the object at his own expense, and we will pay it 15% of the revenue for rent, but the minimum rate will be 254,000 Р. For example, if we make revenue 2 500 000 Рthen pay 375 000 Р.

For the period of construction, agreed to pay 100,000 Рper month. In the original form building would be All the same, no one rented, and so the owner essentially became an investor with constant progressive income.

The landlord was engaged only by restoration. He restored the bearing walls and overlaps between the floors, changed the windows and made the main communications: wiring, sewage, heating. Repair should have been done with a partner. Then we were confident that we would get on the finish and the interior in six months.

So from the street looks like a building after restoration. Its main feature is a ten meter dome with the preserved 18th century beams. Under & nbsp; in the end, we ended up a separate room
So from the street looks like a building after restoration. Its main feature is a ten meter dome with the preserved 18th century beams. Under it, we eventually made a separate room.
The historical finish inside the dome was not preserved, but the designer tried to make it close to the style of the architecture of the building. For & NBSP; This we installed 108 & nbsp; Classic style caissons is an ornament from the trapezoids in the photo
The historical finish inside the dome was not preserved, but the designer tried to make it close to the style of the architecture of the building. To do this, we installed 108 caissons in the classic style - this is an ornament from the trapezoids in the photo

Repair for 4 years, touched by designer and loans

The restoration of the owner of the building was gone 2 years. Further we needed to align the floors, strengthen the overlaps and complete the finish - it reminds the repair of the apartment when the developer transmits only bare walls. We still needed to build new walls to make the bathrooms and the kitchen according to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. In the kitchen there should be four zones in the kitchen: a hot shop, a cold shop, a zone where the workpieces are made, and the zone where the dishes are soaked. The kitchen project must be given to Rospotrebnadzor to coordinate.

During the restoration, we began to look for an interior designer. His recommended a familiar architect from Vologda, they say, a guy with fresh ideas in the design of catering. We met, the designer showed pleasant renders, and we decided to work. The designer did the restaurant project, helped with the selection of material, followed the work of the builders during the repair and invented the design of the furniture.

For the year, he prepared the basis for the design project: made renders of the restaurant, came up with the general style of the establishment, made plans for the construction of walls and the chart of guests. It cost 200,000 Р. The building was restored, so we did not hurry with design work.

Then he had a creative crisis, and he could not work further. Sometimes disappeared for two weeks and disconnected the phone. We could not risk, so refused to be your services. Justice Most of the restaurant's design is the ideas of the first designer. But then we needed a person which would It was available every day and controlled finishing work.

Search for a new designer, ready to take on someone else's work, took another three months. As a result, the whole design project cost us 500,000 Р, plus we made 250,000 РAs a security payment for the room - that is, spent 750,000 Рwithout even starting the finish. The design project was a multi-page document with schemes of all works, there each room was previously described, which materials should be used, where and what should be located.

Another problem was the working force in Vologda. I'm used to that there are many people in the capital who can perform high-quality projects in a short time. But in Vologda, there are completely different salaries, and professional masters from the southern republics do not seek to go here for the sake 25 000-30 000 Р.

We had to change five building brigades: one brigade went to the holidays and did not come out of the binge, others simply performed poorly work or refused to redo.

From entering into a lease agreement before the opening of the restaurant passed four years. By 2019, 18 million rubles have already invested in the project. Thought to recoup these spending for 2-3 years. Half of the amount with the partner we invested from their savings, profits from business and earnings, the other was taken into debt among familiar and bank. Part of the money was able to save due to the rental, because the owner of the building was restored.

At the time of the opening, we had 2,400,000 РFor rent, but in the summer the landlord suggested that we pay half immediately and after that we reset - against the background of all the events that occurred.

The loans took only four: three in the bank and one in the resource support fund of Vologda is a project of city authorities, which supports small and medium business.

We took loans with the expectation - the faster they will discover, the faster we will give. No one I did not think that everything will be closed in March.

Initially, we planned to pay for costs with money from my basic business - quests. Before the pandemic, they were popular, but over time, the demand for them began to fall. If I opened a business now, hardly this is would be Restaurant, it is much more profitable to invest in real estate.

By 2020, we decided to open at least First floor. By this time, we had a kitchen equipped, toilets, wardrobe, bar and whole finish of the first floor were made. Almost a dodel floor under the dome, it remained only to buy furniture and make lighting.

We opened with a room at 9 tables and a bar for 8 people, now we have 15 tables and 2 bars - lower bar and upstairs, under the dome. In general, we have about 60 seats.

Restaurant opening costs - 17,580,000 Р

Repair and decoration, fee workers 5,000,000 Р
Equipment for kitchen and dishes 3,400,000 Р
Communications 2,500,000 Р
Furniture 2,000,000 Р
Bar rack and inventory 1,000,000 Р
Rent 1,000,000 Р
Payment by the main team 800,000 Р
Design project, brandbook, corporate identity 600,000 Р
Interior and lighting elements 600,000 Р
Audio and video equipment 400,000 Р
Cash equipment and alcohol licenses 280,000 Р

Repair and decoration, fee workers

5,000,000 Р

Equipment for kitchen and dishes

3,400,000 Р

Bar rack and inventory

1,000,000 Р

Payment by the main team

800,000 Р

Design project, brandbook, corporate identity

600,000 Р

Interior and lighting elements

600,000 Р

Audio and video equipment

400,000 Р

Cash equipment and alcohol licenses

280,000 Р

Most popular dish in Russia

For the basis of the menu, we took European cuisine, but we tried to diversify it. For example, instead of traditional carbonara or pasta of bolognese, we have a bird with a duck with a duck - this is such a very small paste, look like a look at Kusks - and Penne with a stacker and bow-shallot.

Our cook wanted more freedom and & nbsp; do a non-standard menu. I & NBSP; same & nbsp; adhered to the idea of ​​making the menu is concise, but & nbsp; so that each dish is interesting. In & NBSP; The result we & NBSP; found a common language and & nbsp; made the European menu with & nbsp; branches. In the photo of a pike perch with a pan
Our cook wanted more freedom and make a non-standard menu. I am He adhered to the idea to make the menu is concise, but that each dish was interesting. As a result, we found a common language and made the European menu with branches. In the photo of a pike perch with a pan
And this is a beet salad with a cheese mousse and a duck

And this is a beet salad with a cheese mousse and a duck

And this is a beet salad with a cheese mousse and a duckAnd this is a beet salad with a cheese mousse and a duck
An example of the menu. We made prices a little lower than that of such establishments in the city. But the dumping did not become - it was necessary to emphasize that the level of the institution is higher than the average. The most expensive dish we had a stake of salmon with Edamam and Spinach - 600 <Span Class = RUBLE> P </ SPAN>
An example of the menu. We made prices a little lower than that of such establishments in the city. But the dumping did not become - it was necessary to emphasize that the level of the institution is higher than the average. The most expensive dish we had a steak of salmon with Edamam and Spinach - 600 Р
One of the most popular dishes is a salad with crispy eggplants. His customers are most often laid out in "Instagram"
One of the most popular dishes is a salad with crispy eggplants. His customers are most often laid out in "Instagram"

From the menu experimented Chef, which we found in Vologda. We did not have Some Special requirements K. Chef. We just walked around restaurants, looked where the most tasty was fed, and communicated with cooks: they told about the project, asked how they see the kitchen and that would you like do.

Middle Check per person - in the area 900-950 Р. On average, we make a mark-up for a dish of 250% - it allows you to earn at our expenses. There are lowarial positions, such as a steak of salmon. It goes with a minimum markup 100%, but it is impossible to remove it from the menu, it is already a classic.

In the top of the dish, the classic salad Caesar with chicken is holding - this is the most popular dish in almost all restaurants of Russia. Alcohol is most often taken by Aperol-syringe, Intercourse and Pinot Grijio.

The main principle of our kitchen is seasonality. In winter, it is difficult to get high-quality vegetables, so we try to cook from well-known products to all products: beets, celery, greenery, root, mushrooms. Additionally began to grow microells right in the restaurant. Part of the products we buy from suppliers sometimes we buy something in network hypermarkets on the corporate map.

In order to find Some Rare products like ducks or artichokes, problems usually do not occur - Vologda Still Not so far from Moscow, you can find almost everything.

In the bar map we made focus on the author's tinctures and cocktails. The wine card was made small - this feature of a local restaurant business. Very expensive wines usually no one offers, because they are simply no one will buy. Despite this, 30% of sales from the bar is wine. Following popularity there are coffee, teas and cocktails.

We ordered dishes from local masters in Vologda - plates, cups for coffee and tea and snack dishes. The dishes often beats, and we decided that it would be more convenient to purchase plates from those who can be ordered.

Good tableware is expensive, and the locale turned out yet Slightly cheaper - we paid about 250,000 РFor a complete set of about 250 people - with an additional dosakup for a year. In Vologda, it is harder to choose and buy dishes, and it is not always necessary to order from Moscow convenient, so many institutions often have similar plates and appliances, and we wanted something special.

The team and opening right in front of the locked

We started looking for employees for another two years before discovery, during repair. The first time in the team were Chef, Administrator I. Bar manager. The administrator was looking for and taught waiters to work in the hall, and part-time was made by Content for social networks, Bar Manager Engaged in a bar card. Many of those whom we called to ourselves continued to work at old works and waited when we start.

Accounting We had on an outsource, at the time of the opening we took about 14 people to the team and continued to look for people. The main criterion for the selection of employees was the desire to do with us something Interesting and new. Many of this lacked at the past work.

The first floor began working just before mid-March 2020 in test mode. The first three days we allowed only friends and acquaintances to get feedback from them. Every guest was given a questionnaire, where he anonymously had to appreciate the restaurant in different parameters and write a wish. Parameters were such: staff work, interior, quality dishes, feed rate. The last guest of these days the People's Artist of Russia Evgeny Knyazev came to us. He just walked past, knocked in a closed door and asked: "Can I have a cup of tea?" Of course, we let him in.

After that, we closed for another few days to refine the wishes. For example, we muffled the light because it seemed to people very bright, filters were put on some lamps, something Changed the dishes in the recipe and finalized the interior. At first, they worked from 18:00 and without a signboard - the format was tested before the official discovery, until they agreed a sign with the city administration.

The first guests were attracted through targeted advertising in "Instagram" and in Vkontakte. Focused on subscribers in similar establishments. First conducted many contests, through some kind Time Sarafan Radio Start Giving Fruits.

In advertising posts, we told about the opening of a new restaurant and our dishes, about a 25% discount on the menu from Monday to Thursday. Before the discovery, two boxes of sparkling wine played in "Instagram" player.

There are no marketer and a smashing of the marketer, we ourselves are conducting social networks and customize advertising themselves. I have the skills of launching targeted advertising, and our administrator copes well with writing posts. The best advertising in Vologda was a sorrolhed radio. Our guests are laid out a lot of posts and stories from the restaurant, and it works best. In two evenings, up to 200 new subscribers could come from their posts.

To increase attendance, we tried to enter a 25% discount on the main menu on the weekdays and a 10% discount on the birthday. The first discount did not work, and later we replaced it on a separate daytime menu. But it works well a birthday discount, we regularly come to celebrate holidays.

First discovery: Restaurant worked only 15 days

The first time after the opening of the full landing on weekdays was not at all, the revenue on such a day was about 15,000 Р. On Friday and Saturday evening, in general, almost all the tables were busy - came familiar and familiar acquaintances, as well as those who wanted to see a new institution. The most rotten day was Monday.

We opened on March 13, and on March 27, the governor said that all the establishments of the catering establish due to Pandemic. Then we did not even imagine, for what period it will all be delayed - thought that in a month the restaurant will resume work.

It was aggravated by all the fact that my Moscow business was closed on March 23, and we did not have accumulations. By the time our revenue was only 500,000 Р- For 3 fridays, 2 Saturdays and one corporate party, but this lacked even for salaries to employees, I had to take it.

The next day we decided: let our team walk and delight all the workpieces than they rotate in the kitchen.

March 28 was a beaker during the plague. We arranged corporate, but no one knew what to do tomorrow.

I had no idea how to pay for rent, loans, salaries. I moved to Quarantine from Moscow to Vologda. To finally do not go crazy, we came to get out and finished the second floor with a dome, which was the highlight of our restaurant.

We did not want to open delivery. In Vologda, it works only on pizza, burgers and sushi, us would have had Menu the menu and additionally insert into it all. I talked with the owners of cafes and restaurants, Who launched the delivery: they noted that this work in minus, orders comes a little and have to reduce prices. In addition, if we stopped the work of the restaurant, one could agree with the owner and at least Do not pay rent.

Employees just sat at home. When it became clear that the restaurant business may not open for several more months, they began to look for another job. Besides Chef: He went to work after a monthly rest and took up the development of the day and summer menu.

During this period, almost everyone was in the same position: suppliers were left without clients, banks faced the fact that entrepreneurs could not pay loans. Therefore, everyone was interested in creating the most soft conditions for the market. Vologda in this regard is not Moscow, where the landlord can always recall the vacated place with a good location. If banks and owners did not meet they would Just lost all customers in the future.

Many suppliers extended the postponement of payments, banks gave us credit holidays, and the landlord did not pay for the months of downtime. But I asked to close at least Half of the debt, which has accumulated during the repair - we had to urgently look for 1.2 million rubles for this, friends helped. From the state we received payments to employees of 12 100 Рand 28,000 Рon sanitary processing.

The most difficult thing was in vacuo and not know what to do next and when everything is over. We witnessed the closure of many food enterprises in Vologda. But they themselves did not think about it: those who had something to lose were closed, and we had nothing to lose. Some debts at that time were 20 million rubles.

New debts and second discovery

In June, the restrictions began to be removed in Moscow, but in Vologda, it was not even a hint. Just in case, we started collecting staff to be ready when restaurants will be allowed to work.

As staff collected during Lokdauna - a separate story. Briefly was like this: we found new people - the urban did not open up - people went. And so several times. From the staff by the time four people remained, lacked still 15-20: waiters, bartenders, kitchen workers. They were looking for them on Hedkhanter, through targeted advertising in social networks and in closed institutions - from there the majority came, another part of the workers returned from the first set. In Vologda, there is a little more than 300,000 people, everyone knows each other through two handshakes, so rumors about admission to work disagree quickly.

On August 4, our governor allowed to work as a catering, and in two weeks we opened again.

The plan to exit crisis was the following:

  1. Open second floor. The dome was our china and played the recognition of the place, so it was important to finish it. After the opening of the second floor we had a reputation of a fashionable place.
  2. To receive guests from 12 o'clock in the afternoon, not from 18. We also removed the day discount and instead introduced a menu with lower prices from 12 to 17 hours - it helped to increase traffic at daytime.
  3. Pay debts to suppliers who stayed from March - about a million rubles.
  4. Do not raise food prices. The crisis and the weakening of the ruble led to the increase in prices for all types of goods, including alcohol, but salaries People have remained at the same level, and even decreased. In such conditions, it is difficult to raise prices.

In October, for one month, we were able to reach the operating profit for one month, then everything went to the decline again: the incidence increased, the catering was restricted until 22:00, customers were less. The restriction before 22:00 seems to be nonsense, but the evenings of Friday and Saturday is the best time for restaurants. In essence we were deprived somewhere 8 full landings only for these two days - this is about 400,000 РRevenue with an average check about 1200 Р.

In February, we counted the costs and income and realized that prices for all consumables and deliveries increased, so marginality began to decline. For example, our wine list almost all consists of foreign wines, the ruble depreciated, and suppliers raised prices. Recently listened to "Business FM", That this problem touched on many restaurants, but the prices for dishes are also not particularly railing - just no one will come.

Restaurant business is now, as one of the restaurants said, it resembles zombies - we work, but many are almost dead.

Attendance of the restaurant B. 2020-2021 years

Month Man per month
September 1643.
October 2421.
November 1803.
December 1834.
January 2488.
February 2619.

How much we earn

Bar and kitchen revenue is distributed approximately in half, it rarely happens otherwise. For example, in January there were many tourists and they came mostly during the day when they drink little alcohol - then the kitchen brought more money. If restrictions on the time of work are introduced, the kitchen also breaks forward, as alcohol drink more in the evenings and at night.

After Lokdaun in October, we got a revenue of about 2.5 million rubles and were able to start giving debts. In November, the revenue decreased to 1.8 million, in January due to the influx of tourists we set a record - 2.8 million rubles.

What in the dry residue: open the restaurant entered 20 more than millions of rubles. During this year, we received a profit only in one month and all it was allowed to repay deferred payments and debts to suppliers. I think we will start making a profit when the monthly income will exceed at least 2 million rubles. But now it is difficult to build forecasts, waiting for the improvement of the situation with a pandemic.

Expenditures in November 2020 - 1,657,000 Р

Photo 580,000 Р
Products and alcohol 480,000 Р
Rent 270,000 Р
Other consumables and minor spending 175,000 Р
Communal payments 107,000 Р
Household goods 45,000 Р

Products and alcohol

480,000 Р

Other consumables and minor spending

175,000 Р

Communal payments

107,000 Р

Revenue for 5 months - 10 665 000 Р

September 1,590,000 Р
October 2 450 000 Р
November 1 800,000 Р
December 2 025,000 Р
January 2,800,000 Р

Investments in the restaurant business were always considered risky. Success in this area largely depends on the subjective factors. Those who seriously thought about how to open their restaurant, you need to decide where to start. As a basis, you can take an affordable room or an interesting concept.

IDEA restaurant

Catering businessThis is an archiving question. Paying a check, customers are calculated not only for the eaten and drunk. For their money, they want to get comfort, comfort and pleasant pastime.

To attract visitors, the institution should be allocated among themselves similar.

For this you need an idea, an interesting interior solution, and best of all - a certain topic. Do not make the main bid on the exotic. Irish pub, a hookah or vegetarian cafe in a crisis to open very risky.

Open kitchen

Now in the trend restaurant with an open kitchen. His feature is that as a show, clients demonstrate the work of the cook or even provide the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the dishes ordered.

The process can be organized in different ways. In any case, visitors demonstrate only the final part of the preparation: cutting, frying, serving. Cleaning potatoes, cutting carcass and other unsightly work passes in another room.

Restaurant in the shopping and entertainment center

The advantages of such an idea:

  1. The organization of the Fast Casual facility is possible. This is a cross between an elite restaurant and fast food. Differs in moderate prices and elements of self-service.
  2. The influx of customers is largely provided at the expense of neighboring enterprises - outlets, bowling, children's rooms. On working days, business lunches are relevant, on weekends - family leisure. In the evening you can count on a youth audience.
  3. Large scatter available areas. You can agree on renting 70-400 and more squares.
  4. The presence of all necessary communications, including ventilation.
  5. Minimum investments in repair. The basic part of the costs falls on decoration.


  1. If the restaurant does not plan to occupy the whole floor, as a hall it will get a "naked" space. Walls are missing not only within the institution. It is not fenced off from neighboring organizations, stairs, passages.
  2. The rent is high and increases annually.
  3. Due to the high cost of the square, many restaurants prefer to cooperate with the kitchen on outsourcing.

Restaurant in the central city


  1. The first floor is a suitable place to accommodate the classic restaurant. The base involves a dedicated elevator and marketing justification (view of the starry sky through a glass ceiling, a panorama of the city, birds in cells).
  2. This is an elite institution for a secured public. Allows you to create a coziness, relax and privacy situation.
  3. The configuration of the room allows it to melt it: highlight a banquet room and individual cabinets. In the presence of sufficient areas, you can serve a wedding or an anniversary without closing the institution for other visitors.


  1. We choose the roomIts brainchild has to be placed in a residential building. Before opening your restaurant or cafe, you need to get the permission of all residents. But this does not guarantee the lack of dissatisfied. Complaints can multiply increasing the number of checks by state structures.
  2. The problem with the release of electrical power. The total consumption of the catering establishment for 30 seats is at least 45 kW. We will have to draw up a project, assert it, pull the cable from the nearest point of connection.
  3. Large costs for repairs. The center is a predominantly old fund - rotten beams, crumbling walls, unsuitable communications, as well as difficulties with the equipment of sound and vibration insulation, ventilation.

Country restaurant


  1. Arrangement of the territory of the garden, fountains, alpine slides gives the institution a unique charm.
  2. The placement of gazebo in the summer allows you to expand the area of ​​service and diversify the rest of the clients.
  3. It is possible to expand the activity and organize a whole complex: motel, bath, horseback riding and similar.


  1. Investments in the reconstruction and equipment of someone else's room are meaningless. It needs to build or buy it. You can take into partners of the property owner.
  2. Large costs of maintaining institutions and utilities. Especially in winter. Seasonality earnings.
  3. Riskiness. The restaurant is designed for secured people, and - moving by their own transport.

Calculation of spending on permits

Personnel searchTo say for sure how much it costs to open a restaurant from scratch, it is impossible. This is an equation with a multitude of unknown. However, part of the cost is still constant.

  1. Registration of economic activities. IP will not fit: private owners are not given alcohol licenses. Optimum option - LLC. If you register it yourself, you need to count on costs about 15 thousand rubles.
  2. The SES challenge to issue a conclusion on the lighting standards will cost 3 thousand 500 rubles, for measuring noise - in 3 thousand rubles. Challenge firefighters for accreditation of the institution is nominally free.
  3. The alcohol retail license costs 65 thousand rubles. per year (sub. 94 p.1 Art.333.33 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation). Its issuance is conjugate with a variety of bureaucratic procedures. Catering organizations are trying to get it for the maximum period - 5 years. This is a one-time cost of 325 thousand rubles.

Other attachments

Businessmen going to open a restaurant from scratch takes care of the cost of equipment and other initial investments. They differ depending on the type of establishment and place of its location.

Opening a restaurant in Moscow, it is worth calculating at least 1.5 thousand dollars per square meter. By choosing the placement of the city of Medium Size, this amount can be divided into two.

  1. Rent ranges from 500 rubles. per square. m. and indefinitely. It is worth considering that when concluding a contract, the property owners request an advance for several months ahead. Rent will have to pay at the time of repair.
  2. Delicious cuisineThe cost of equipment also varies widely. It can be own (new or used) or rented. Rent of the required minimum for the middle hand restaurant will be from 40 thousand rubles. per month.
  3. The kitchenette list depends on the complexity of the menu.
  4. The equipment for the hall can provide or not to assume the presence of a bar counter.
  5. Tablecloths, dishes and everything you need to open a restaurant will cost at least 60 thousand rubles.
  6. Personnel salary:
  • Chef - from 30 thousand rubles;
  • Cook hot shop - from 15 thousand rubles. (2 people);
  • Cold shop - from 10 thousand rubles;
  • waiters - from 7 thousand rubles;
  • Cleaner - 6 thousand rubles;
  • dishwasher - 6 thousand rubles. (Mrots for 2018 is 9849 p.).

When calculating the state you need to multiply two, since people will work in two shifts. In addition, it is necessary to hire at least an incoming accountant with a salary of 8 thousand rubles.

Those who think about how to open their restaurant from scratch, you should choose the account automation system: R-keeper, IIKO or analog. Such a program will pay for itself, because theft is drought by the staff. The cost of expenses should also be added to advertising.

How to open your restaurant: Video

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Your business: how to open a restaurant from scratch

Your business: how to open a restaurant from scratch

* The calculations use average data in Russia

The catering market today is tough competition. But in this segment there will always be a place for a beginner. Take a niche - not the main problem. Much more difficult to stay in it and succeed.

The field of catering today is characterized by high competition. According to 2GIS, the number of catering establishments in 2019 in the cities of million painters increased by 15% compared with last year. And let the growth are mainly due to the addition of mini-coffee shops, coffee shops, Fresh bars, pizzerias and other things, but even the most "heavy" restaurant segment added 7%. A year earlier, the increase in the number of restaurants was fixed at 3%.

On the one hand, such numbers speak about the popularity of catering among entrepreneurs and the growth of food culture outside the house among Russians. But these figures themselves do not promise anything. Restaurants remain leaders in the number of bankruptcies, and most of the institutions are closed in the first year of work. Therefore, the first stage in the preparation of the project of the restaurant is the market research. It is not necessary to be a marketer or order an expensive market analysis. You will be quite a common assessment.

Questions to which marketing research should be answered:

  • Who is the main market players? Where are they located? Based on this information, you should choose a suitable place for your institution;

  • What are the demand and level of competition in your segment? Answering this question, you will appreciate the success of the business idea itself and understand whether to realize it at all;

  • What is the situation of competitors (menu, quality of service, interior, chips)? Visit the establishments of your potential competitors to take into account their experience, advantages and mistakes;

  • Who is your client (budget, interests, preferences, age)? This will help determine the target audience. It is important to understand the desires of its customers to create a popular institution;

  • What abroad and in major cities? Almost all innovations in the public catering market come to us from abroad, and from there penetrate Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities. Therefore, new ideas and concepts can be spacked there.

The more practical information you will collect, the easier it will be on the market and avoid mistakes in the first stages. Analysis of the market, which includes the assessment of competitors, demand and modern trends, is the basis of your business. With this, real work on the project begins: a business plan, a concept and format of the institution, a menu development, a restaurant design, and so on.

Studying the market should be the foundation where you will build your business.

Restaurant concept selection

Under the conditions of tough competition you need to stand out. Your task is to offer visitors what has not yet suggested. And here it is not necessary about the exotic menu or spectacular scenery. Cook a client can be both convenient service, and profitable offers, and additional services.

How to choose a concept? Three key questions should be answered

  • Who is the visitor of your institution?

  • Where is the restaurant?

  • What can attract your target audience?

The concept of the institution is as important as the food in it. It includes not only the choice of direction (pizzeria, Chinese restaurant, youth cafe, coffee shop), but also characteristics such as: corporate identity, design project, philosophy of institution, atmosphere, portrait of a visitor, chips that will allocate your restaurant from many others.

By the way, you can entrust this stage to specialists. Today in the restaurant business developed the development concept of the institution. Specialists will help you not only develop corporate identity and design, but also to solve organizational work on the design, repair and configuration of the restaurant. Such services will significantly simplify the preparation process, but "eaten" a considerable piece of your budget. On average, the service "Turnkey Restaurant" for a place of 100 sq.m. It will cost 400-500 thousand rubles.

Making a restaurant business plan

After you have decided on the idea and concept, you need to make a business plan. It will avoid unnecessary spending and mistakes at the start, evaluate the amount of work, define the temporary and financial framework of the project. The business plan should be responsible for the following questions:

  • What positions will be in the menu?

  • How much money is needed to open a restaurant?

  • What equipment needs to be purchased?

  • How many employees will need to hire?

  • How much can you earn?

  • How to advertise your institution in the market?

Thus, a business plan is a kind of model of your institution that will determine the development algorithm for project implementation and resources that will be required for this. You will calculate key business indicators:

  • Initial investments;

  • Revenue;

  • Monthly expenses;

  • Net profit;

  • Payback period.

When making a business plan, one of the most frequent questions is how to plan profits. Calculate expenses a little easier. Helps practice. But revenues have to be considered in advance. And here it is important to get real amounts.

The catering market is a specific business, where it is not so easy to calculate the level of income. This indicator depends on the set of factors. Therefore, the assessment of the revenue of the restaurant is quite subjective and relies on the indicators of other institutions. But for you these amounts will be a guideline, and not a guarantee of earnings. Since the planning of profits is akin to fortunate on the coffee grounds, it is usually taken to draw up three scenarios for the development of events - negative, positive and most expected.

Calculations of profits can be done on the basis of the number of seats, the average check, the level of fill in the middle of the person's stay in the restaurant, but the results can be very inaccurate. It is more reasonable to visit several institutions of competitors like a similar price category and calculate their customers on weekdays, on weekends and holidays, day and evening, and then remove the average. Of course, for calculations, it is not necessary to attend the restaurant, and even the clock day. Counts can be guided, for example, from a car with a calculator in hand and with a multiplication table in the head. This study will help you get rid of unnecessary illusions and predict real numbers.

In the first months, earn a lot will not work anyway, so when planning a budget, be sure to launch a financial pillow to cover current spending at the initial stages. The active and competent advertising campaign will speed up the process of finding customers. Try to run Promotion in advance to attract the first visitors by the time you open.

We collect permissive documentation

The opening of the restaurant is one of the most complex types of business in terms of collecting documents. Therefore, you need to be patient, forces and money. Lay into the budget 15-20 thousand rubles for the design of all documentation.

First you need to register business in government bodies. The most convenient and distributed for restaurants is considered the form "LLC". Type of activity according to the OKVED-2 classification:

  • 56.10 "The activity of restaurants and services for the delivery of food"

  • 56.10.1 "The activity of restaurants and cafes with full restaurant service, cafeterias, fast food and self-service restaurants."

All permits should be issued. It is necessary to collect the following package of documents:

  • Certificate of OGRN;

  • safety journal;

  • Certificate INN;

  • certificates for finishing with the necessary SES requirements;

  • Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, which issues Rospotrebnadzor;

  • Documents inspection of control and measuring instruments and measuring dishes;

  • contract with the SES and the fire service;

  • Conclusion of the tax inspectorate on registration of cash registers

  • Treaty with energy saving service and sewage service;

  • contract with LCD on garbage collection;

  • Agreement with a tenant and a contract with employees

  • Assortment list approved in SEN

  • alcohol sale license if it is assumed in the institution

Pay attention to the requirements specified in these documents. This information is useful when choosing the premises and organization of the workflow. It is better to immediately take into account all the requirements so that I don't have to correct inconsistencies in the future and spend money on it.

An important nuance! If the restaurant intends to include alcohol products in the menu, then a license is necessary. The license is issued for a period of 1 year subject to the institution of the following requirements:

  • room size more than 50 sq. M.;

  • availability of necessary communications - water supply, electrical wiring, heating;

  • Remoteness of at least 100 meters from educational, medical and sports facilities.

According to changes in the Federal Law of 03.07.2016 No. 261-FZ, from March 31, 2017, catering establishments that sell alcohol products should receive a license for each type of activity: on the retail sale of alcohol and alcohol trade in the provision of catering services. Total license cost will be 130,000 rubles. Read more about obtaining permits for the restaurant can be found here.

Search for premises for restaurant

Find the appropriate room for the restaurant is not so simple - difficulties create many requirements, norms and restrictions that are presented to them. Therefore, the search must be started in advance. Try to find the room where the establishment of a catering establishment was located. In this case, you will save the premises in line with the norms. And save you not only in money, but also in time. In addition, such premises sometimes give up with part of the equipment: exhaust, ventilation, air conditioning system.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to two parameters: the location and the condition itself.

The place for the future restaurant is chosen taking into account the concept. For example, a youth cafe is better to post next to educational institutions, and a family cafe is in a sleeping microdistrict. Incorrectly selected location can leave a restaurant without visitors.

Rate the location using Yandex.Maps, Google Cards, 2GIS. So you will learn if your direct competitors are nearby, is it possible to meet your target audience there, as far as the transport isolation is convenient, so that the visitor can drive up to the institution.

Rate the room: whether it is configured by regulatory requirements, is it possible to redevelop whether the repair is required, whether all the necessary communications are required ... also pay attention to electricity facilities, since food equipment consumes a lot of electricity.

Basic Restaurant Requirements:

  • Quadrature about 100 square meters. m.;

  • the presence of artificial and natural ventilation;

  • the presence of sewage;

  • Availability of additional rooms (storage room, bathroom, staff room).

  • More detailed requirements for the premises are set forth in Sanpin.

One of the most important issues at this stage is the rental cost. There is a considerable area for the restaurant, and not every entrepreneur has the opportunity to purchase a property. The rental rate depends on various factors: in which city or district there is a premises, pedestrian traffic, and a profitable neighborhood with other public institutions. On average, rental premises will cost 80-150 thousand rubles monthly. Experienced entrepreneurs are recommended to pay at once for half a year - then by the time of the second payment you will already have time to unleash.

Purchase of equipment and furniture

The quality of equipment and kitchen tools determines its production capacity and even affects the taste of food. Therefore, it should be accommodated to choose. In advance, examine offers in the market of restaurant equipment, reviews for the technique and experience of other entrepreneurs. You can also use the services of firms that are engaged in the organization of the restaurant business.

The list of necessary equipment can be different because it depends on the menu. For example, for pizzeria, high-quality furnaces are important for the sushi bar - a special rice cooker, and for the establishment of fast food - fryers.

But you can highlight the main categories of equipment that will be required at each kitchen:

  • Heavy Cabinet and Other Heat Processing Equipment: Furnaces, Fryers, Plates, etc.;

  • Refrigerators, freezers, a table with a cooled surface and vacuum packaggers for storing products. The refrigeration equipment model must be chosen depending on the kitchen layout and the list of stored products;

  • Dishwasher for the automation of the process and disinfection of dishes;

  • Equipment for the preparation of beverages: Juicer, Coffee machine;

  • Electrical appliances: mixers, blenders, combines;

  • kitchen inventory and other small equipment (knives, tanks for products, stands, containers, etc.);

  • Test Equipment: Tests, Speaker, Forms, etc.

Equipment costs can also be different. On average, the basic equipment of a conventional restaurant will cost 300 thousand rubles. To reduce this list and save, you can cut the cycle of manufactured products and buy ready-made semi-finished products. For example, bakery products can be purchased from bakeries, and pastries - in confectionery.

In addition, it will be necessary to purchase furniture and other equipment, including bar rack, tables and chairs, cash registers and a non-cash payment terminal, decor items. And this is about 350 thousand rubles. This amount will increase if you need to install alarm, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Personnel Restaurant

It is very important to find qualified employees, because the reputation of your institution depends on their work. Careful selection should be applied not only to the chef, but also for the rest of the personnel. Employees of the restaurant should be a coherent system in which each participant has clear responsibilities and areas of responsibility.

Searches begin with the choice of chef. It is difficult to find a good cook, because qualified specialists are usually occupied. To give an ad on the site and just wait for a good specialist to call you, wrong. Finding chefs are needed purposefully: in other institutions, on master classes or through a restaurant recruitment agency. If you do not have experience in the urchopuit, the chef can be the key adviser for the equipment of the kitchen. Often the idea of ​​the opening of the restaurant is just beginning with the chef. It happens that this person entrepreneurs will be taken from afar, inspired by his cooking in a foreign trip. In this case, you should always remember the relatives: whether this cook will also be successful without delivering the freshest seafood and exotic fruits and vegetables.

No less important waiters. Good staff to better educate themselves, spend regular trainings for them, send to master classes, form a command and motivate the result. The lack of motivation reduces the quality of service, and this will lead to the outflow of visitors. So saving on salaries of employees can lead to a significant loss of revenue.

On average, the salary of cooks is 40-50 thousand rubles. Waiters - about 20-25 thousand rubles. Please note that you will have to organize two working shifts in order not to violate the labor legislation. In a new and not yet promoted institution, it will be enough to hire two chefs, four waiters-cashiers, manager and 2 dishwashers and cleaners. With this state of the photo will be about 250 thousand rubles (including social deductions).

Restaurant menu

Development of the menu is a very important stage when opening a restaurant. The menu must match the concept not only on filling, originality, but also by price. If you are positioning yourself as a democratic cafe, then prices must be appropriate.

When making a menu, consider the following nuances:

  • Provide consumers a variety. Add new positions in the menu or special seasonal offers. This will help keep regular customers;

  • Focus on prices in other institutions. This is perhaps the most important factor in the pricing policy. The overwhelming majority of customers are far from all the same for the cost of dishes. Today use the formula "All the best - for reasonable money."

  • Make a technological card for each dish. Be sure to specify the consumption of products for a portion and its volume. These data are needed for the SES and the calculation of the necessary raw materials;

  • Observe the principle of complete and variable use of products. This will reduce the risk of spoiling products in the unpopularity of a particular dish;

  • Be sure to consider consumer preferences. Track the history of orders to identify the most popular and unpopular dishes. At the most popular positions with time, you can slightly raise the price. Unpopular dishes are better eliminated or replaced by analog. Also remember that a computer analysis of demand for many dishes is desirable to complement visual - at least occasionally look at the sink to find out what often remains on the plates.

Suppliers and suppliers

Before opening a restaurant, you must decide with suppliers and establish supply. The main requirement for suppliers is the timely delivery of high-quality and fresh products. Please note that all products must comply with the requirements of guests and had quality certificates.

To calculate how much products need to be purchased, you will need a technological map and sales forecast. Of course, you do not print the exact indicator, but in the process of work, determine the optimal procurement volume.

Do not hurry to conclude an agreement and draw up product delivery. To begin with, carefully examine various cooking technologies, offers of different suppliers, etc.

The list of necessary products for procurement is individual for each institution. But there are categories of suppliers with which each restaurant collaborates:

  • Fresh meat suppliers;

  • Fresh vegetable supplier;

  • milk products (sour cream, cream, cheese, etc.);

  • Suppliers of various sauces, spices, etc.;

  • Tea / coffee / beverage suppliers.

Of course, it is easier to work with an integrated set of suppliers, which can supply you with all the necessary products. Such suppliers offer a flexible system of discounts, guarantee fast supplies and generally simplify the restaurant life, eliminating excess paper red tape. But in Russia, find a reliable integrated supplier is not so easy. The complex supplier is less flexible and loyal in relation to its customers. To add up for different requirements of all its customers, he cannot, and in this he loses to small suppliers.

The main plus of small suppliers, which are delivered by certain products, is that they are willing to take into account the needs of each client and work with it individually. Usually, small companies are more seriously followed by the quality of the goods and are well disassembled in it. And more individual suppliers more choicing products.

What provider choose - complex or somewhat small - to solve you. But before making a final decision on cooperation, carry out the analysis of proposals. Make the first purchase small, order from different suppliers small buses to compare the quality and choose the most successful option. In the future, make purchases often, but in small batches. This will provide your establishment with fresh products and simplify their storage.

By signing a contract with suppliers, be sure to read all the conditions prescribed in the documents. For example, transportation costs usually covers the customer, that is, you. Therefore, if possible, choose those suppliers who are closer to your institution. So you reduce shipping costs. Also, pay attention to which guarantees provide the supplier. Sorry, what part of the parties occurs if the delivery time, payment or product quality is violated. Read more about the practice of relationship with restaurants suppliers, you can read in this article.

Running advertising restaurant

First you need to draw a portrait of its target audience. Based on this, and build an advertising campaign. After all, the audience needs different advertising. For advertising to be effective, it must fully respond to the requests of the audience. The interests of their potential consumers are important to know not only to choose advertising methods, but also for the design of the most promotional material: text, video, flyers, etc.

Approximate advertising costs:

  • Outdoor advertising: Sign, including installation - 30 thousand rubles;

  • advertising on social networks, account promotion, page administrator services - 30 thousand rubles (can be conducted independently);

  • Conducting a competition (for example, a contest of reposts, "note a friend", etc.) with the drawing certificates - 3 thousand rubles;

  • Creation and printing of promotional material (business cards, flyers, etc.) - 10 thousand rubles.

So, on average, the costs of an advertising campaign will amount to 73 thousand rubles. The size of the advertising budget depends on how much money you are willing to spend on it. It is better not to save on promotion, but large spending are not a guarantee of great success. You must have a marketing strategy, in accordance with which you define an effective set of advertising tools and optimize your expenses. Especially active promotion should be in the first months of the work of the institution so that you immediately attract the attention of consumers.

But do not forget that the best advertising for the establishment of catering is the "Sarafan Radio". This is free, efficiently and at the same time not easy. After all, your institution recommended, you must represent high-quality product and service. If the consumer estimates dishes and service, he will want to return and advise the establishment with his acquaintances. In addition, you regularly monitor trends and new business ideas in the field of catering. The age of restaurants today is a short, any concepts quickly come.

How much money is needed to open a restaurant from scratch

The table shows the approximate sum of the initial investment. Please note that the Reserve Fund has been added to the expense articles. What it is? This is the amount that will serve you with a financial pillow in the first months of work when the restaurant will work at a loss. After all, in any case, you will have to pay wages to your employees and cover other expenses for uninterrupted work (utilities, purchase of products, etc.).

Calculation of initial investments


Amount, rub.


Rental of premises (for 6 months)



Cosmetic repair and design of the room



Legal registration and permission



Equipment and inventory



Purchase of products






Other expenses and reserve fund



1 850 000

Thus, it will take about 2 million rubles for opening a restaurant.

Revenue income and expenses

There are no accurate figures for the level of profitability of restaurants - too many variable factors. But some benchmarks still exist. In most restaurants, more than 55% of revenue costs make up a total of three expenditure articles:

  • Products. Most often, the purchase of raw materials is spent from 25 to 35% of revenue.

  • Rent . For small cities, it can be about 15%, for large - 20-25% turns.

  • Staff. Employees are usually within 20-25%.

The rest falls on a whole range of costs, including utilities, taxes, repair and maintenance Equipment, purchase of detergents, waste disposal, advertising, updating and maintenance of software and much more. Each of these costs separately does not bear a big financial burden, but together they can eat lion's share of income. The task of the entrepreneur is to prevent it.

What should remain from revenue? In other words, what is the normal return on the restaurant? Today, rates of 10-20% are considered familiar figures. This means that, for example, when reversing a restaurant in 800 thousand rubles, "good" net profit is 160 thousand rubles, and 300 thousand rubles of revenues are normal when turnover of 1.5 million rubles. Accordingly, the indicators below 10% suggest that the institution is in the risk area, and more than 20% - about a more stable source of income. Super-profile restaurant business today is difficult to call.

We analyze risks

Warning risks are easier and cheaper than eliminating their consequences. Restaurants are one of the leaders in the number of bankruptcies. Therefore, we definitely think about what threats are in your case and how to minimize them.

We list the main risks of the restaurant business and ways to neutralize them:

  • Unsuccessful location selection. For the establishment establishment, this is the method of promotion, and part of the concept, and a factor of business reputation. Incorrectly choosing a place, you risk getting low revenue. Therefore, it is responsible for the analysis of the trading point and take into account various factors. Separately, familiarize yourself with the specifics of the opening of the restaurant in a small town and a cafe at the highway.

  • Rising prices for raw materials, unfair suppliers, low-quality raw materials. This risk may entail an increase in costs, malfunctions and reducing the reputation of the institution. To reduce the likelihood of risk, you should carefully choose suppliers, to include in the supply contracts all the necessary conditions that suggest the material liability of the supplier in their non-fulfillment;

  • Reaction of competitors. The catering market is sufficiently saturated, so the behavior of competitors can have a strong impact on your business. Some will reduce prices, others will run a profitable share, the third will copy your idea ... There may be many options, and you can hardly protect yourself from all competitive tricks. But in order to reduce this influence, you need to form your customer base, constantly monitor the market, offer its customers a loyalty program, invent unique proposals and always work on improving their competitive advantages;

  • Problems with staff (Low qualifications, framework, theft among staff, lack of employee motivation). This risk is dangerous in that it entails a decline in profits, the growth of costs and even the formation of a negative image of the institution. To avoid this, you should establish automation of all production processes (control of orders, products in stock, etc.), a control system, a piece of payment. It is important to create convenient, favorable working conditions for staff;

  • Problems with equipment, ease of production. Kitchen equipment breaks. And if this happens, you must quickly troubleshoot. There should be no downtime in the restaurant business. To reduce the risk, you need to carry out regular. Maintenance and testing of equipment, cooperate with a technologist engineer, which in the event of a breakdown of equipment will be able to quickly solve this problem;

  • Spanking products due to low demand, breakdown equipment for storage, improper storage, errors in planning. Competent procurement planning is a very important part of the work. You can lose significant amounts simply due to the fact that the amount of product was incorrectly calculated. If you have too much - the products will ruin. If you purchase a little, part of the positions from the menu will not be available, and you can lose part of the profits. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully plan the volume of the necessary products, based on the indicators of past periods, and monitor the state of refrigeration equipment.

  • Reducing the reputation of the institution. Since the restaurant business is very dependent on the sarafined radio, you must constantly maintain a good reputation. Errors in control, poor service and low-quality dishes can spoil your reputation and entail losses. To reduce risk, install constant quality control of products and feedback from client customers to correct errors in a timely manner.

Learn more about the underwater stones of the restaurant business can be found here.

In custody

Restaurant business requires a lot of time, attention and money. To succeed in it, you need to understand the specifics of the restaurant and all nuances. Of these little things there is a common picture that the visitor sees. If everything suits him - he returns to you, recommends your institution to friends and becomes a regular customer. It is such faithful visitors who bring the main share of profit to the restaurant.

The system of complex processes is hidden behind the outer beautiful picture of the restaurant. With the competent allocation of resources and control of all production steps, you can build a profitable business.

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10. Marketing

You need a real marketing plan. This is not the same thing that hire a schoolboy who will write in Instagram reviews about what a wonderful pasta you have.

Effective promotion is a set of measures that provides regular influx of visitors to a restaurant, and not only on the day of discovery. You may have the most beautiful restaurant with a great meal, but if the target audience does not know about you, you will go bankrupt.

Many little restaurants believe that they can succeed without marketing or making it on their own. And often make pretty meaningless things - buying billboards or modules in newspapers, distribution of flyers at the subway, spamming in social networks.

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12. POS and CRM Systems

POS system for restaurant

Opening a new restaurant, be sure to take care of the availability of the POS system. These systems allow you to fully automate all processes in the restaurant - the management of sales, warehouse, kitchen, delivery, personnel, finance, suppliers, guest loyalty.

Thanks to POS-systems, you can collect all the necessary statistics - how many orders for the day, which dishes are ordered most often, what percentage of visitors with loyalty cards returned again, etc. In the Russian market, the most common restaurants prefer systems IIKO and R_KEEPER.

The POS-systems functions are most often focused on the internal operations of the restaurant, while a full-fledged CRM system is needed to work with the client.

What should be able to the CRM system for the restaurant? At least the following:

  • Accumulate information about each GUTE: contact details, important dates, customer preferences, the history of its visits and transactions, as well as data on interaction with the client in different channels
  • Keep statistics on user loyalty cards
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on communications channels
  • Segment the client database for specified parameters
  • Automatically send targeted and personal messages by SMS and E-mail
  • Analyze restaurant telephony - how many calls were carried out how much left unanswered, keeping the record of all conversations
  • Collection of Restaurant Restaurant with Restoclub, Yandex, Google and Social Networks
  • Integration with the restaurant site
  • Wi-Fi Branding

With the help of the CRM system, it is easy to track which from the permanent guests stopped coming to the restaurant. This will make it possible to take measures to return it.

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