Rules of the game in 1000 (thousand) with examples and illustrations

The rules of the game in 1000 in the card are quite simple, although varied. Newbie they can first scare, but after several parties they are easily remembered. First of all, players negotiate agreements for the game.

The main task is to type 1000 points with a bribe. The winner takes himself a bank.

24 cards are used in the deck. From 9 (nine) to the ace, all the masters.

Map nine wormsMap of currencies wormsMap of lady Chervi.Map King Cherry.Map ten wormsCard TUZ Chervie

Map nine bubesCard Valet BubiMap of Lada BubiMap King BubeMap Ten BubeMap TUZ Bubi

Map nine kristenCard Covers CaptureMap of Lada CrestMap King CrestMap ten kristenCard TUZ Kristen

Rules for passing maps

The process of distribution of cards is negotiated by the rules of the game. First of all, the lot determines the distribution. The distribution gives the participant who is located counterclockwise shifted a deck. It is important that at the end of the decks were not 9 or currencies. If 9 falls out, you need to give again to move. If it drops 3 times - the penalty is calculated. The finability is accounted for clockwise and is equal to the total number of players. For 1 range of distribution is given on one map, the bank should be given 3 (except the first and last delivery).

The rules for passing cards require paying attention and caution - with any violation a penalty is charged. Upon receipt of the penalty of the distribution, the retirement is carried out by the next player.


The rules of the game in 1000 allow you to demand from passing to renovate cards. This requirement is applied at the following cases (stipulated by participants before the start):

  1. Delivery 4 nine to one player
  2. The amount in the bontoon is less than 4
  3. Availability of 2 nine in the bona
  4. The sum of all points from any participant is less than the agreed amount (usually 13-15)

Counting points

The rules of the game provide for the following points of the glasses:

Nominal card Number of points Nominal card Number of points
Card TUZ Chervie11 (eleven) glasses Map of Lada Bubi3 (three) points
Map ten kristen10 (Ten) Points Map currens peaks2 (two) points
Map King Cherry.4 (Four) Point Map nine worms0 (zero) glasses

The amount of glasses of the whole deck is 120 points. The sum of the points of the same suit is 30. After the end of the position, the amount of won points was calculated and the number of declared markets is taken into account.



In the rules of the game in a thousand there is a concept as a marketage. Trump Mareja - the presence of ladies and king of one suit. Otherwise, he may be called Puffy or Hwahanka . To refer to the trump market means to "praise", declare Mariazh and his denomination. Announcement of another trump market is called "interception." To declare the trump market, it is possible if the player is on the hands of the lady and the king of one suit, and there is at least one bribe. Sometimes the rules are negotiated by Majaja without a bribe.

Majaja cost:

Marriage Number of points Marriage Number of points
Map King Cherry.Map of lady Chervi.100 (hundred) Map King CrestMap of Lada Crest60 (sixty)
Map King BubeMap of Lada Bubi80 (eighty) Map king peaksMap of lady peak40 (forty)

Tow Marezh

The rules of the game in a thousand allow you to discuss in advance whether the acenta market will be applied or not. Agent Mareja is declared in the presence of 4 aces and subject to the implementation of one bribe. Its cost is - 200 points.

For example:

The player after passing gets the following set of cards:

Map TUZ Bubi Map Ten Bube Map nine bubes Card TUZ Chervie Card Ace Peaks Card TUZ Kristen

For the announcement of a Tougal Mareja, you need to get one bribe. For this, the player first go to walk 10 ♦. After receiving the first bribe, walks by any ace, which declares a acenta market.

Another example of a Tougal Mareja.


When the 880 points is reached, the rules of the game require the player to "sit on the barrel". The player at the barrel is given 3 attempts to score the necessary 120 points, otherwise a fine of 120 points is accrued. At the same time, only 1 participant is on the barrel. If another player also picks 880 points - the previous one flies from it. Rules stipulate on the barrel of more than one player. Some agreements allow to be located on a barrel to two and more players at the same time. The agreement is also noted, the number of scores on a barrel for victory, this amount may be more than 120 points.


Otherwise, this concept is called a stick. If there was no single bribe for one connotation, the bolt is accrued. With a dark game, the resulting stick can be doubled. With a set of 3 bolts, a penalty of 120 points is charged, and the previous sticks are canceled. After that, this procedure is repeated. As a result, the fine is subjected to every third bolt in the game. If the player during the Golden Conma gets a bolt, then this type of fine doubles.

Dump truck

If any participant reaches a mark +555 or -555, all its results are reset. The dump truck is beneficial to use players having a big minus. Marks of dump truck are negotiated by the rules, and can be at the level of +550 points.

Players should be very closely monitored by the number of balls gained!

For example:

There is a game on three. At players A, B and C 495, 200, 760 points, respectively. Player with took the bank with 120 points announced. After the demolition of the cards, the player with offers to paint 60 points. As a result, after the painting, the following distribution of scored points is obtained:

A - 0 points (dump truck, because 495 + 60 (painted points) = 555 points

B - 260 points

C - 640 points.

Some players enjoy this technique to reset the enemy by 0 (zero).

Reset to zero

Reset to zero is carried out in two cases: during the dump truck, as well as, provided that the player was located 3 times on the barrel, and then flew out of it.


There are many moments for which the penalty is charged:

  • When distributing cards
  • 3 bolts in a row
  • For every three bolts gained per game
  • In the absence of winnings for 3 horses in a row or all
  • With each third painting

The amount of penalty points by default is 120, however, it may be knocked out by the parties. Additional fines can be specified separately.


A participant can paint the game if it is not possible to dial the ordered amount. The painting implies that she announced it takes the entire amount of the order at home, and the opponents write down half the amount of the order.

For example:

The player has the following set of cards, with a bona

Map ten kristen Map Ten Bube Map King Bube Map of Lada Bubi Map ten worms Card Valet Bubi Map King Crest

From the distribution it is clear that the player has the opportunity to praise a tambourine market. The amount of the humbicle after the trade was announced by the player in 140 points. From a set of cards, we can conclude that the player is likely not to get such a sum. The player makes the decision to paint the game, and its opponents will be charged 70 points each.

Golden Kon.

At the beginning of the party, each player in turn plays an order equal to 120 points. During the Golden Con not happening Trade for the bite. The task of the player received a bite, gain 120 points. If a player does not pick up 120 points, 240 points are deducted from it, but if the player scored 120 points and more, then it is accrued 240 points. The remaining players get their double glasses. Scored bolts and fines during the Golden Conma double. Golden Kon is negotiated by the parties - the conditions of accrual of glasses, zeroing and other possible conditions.

An interesting example of a golden horse is shown in the topic on the forum.


A set of maps that takes the player with a beating senior card and / or declared marketing.


Maps for which players are fighting and traded. After receiving the council, the player drops (gives opponents) unnecessary cards. The number of discarded cards is usually two.


Delivery of the card by the player after receiving the bunch.

For example:

Troy game. At the player after receiving a bunch, on the hands of the next set of cards.

Map TUZ Bubi Map Ten Bube Map King Bube Map of Lada Bubi Card Valet Bubi Card Ace Peaks Map Ten Peaks Map of lady peak Map nine peaks Map of lady Chervi.

According to the rules, two cards must be given to opponents, one for each opponent.

Map nine peaks- demolished (Suggested) to one player,

Map of lady Chervi.- demolished (Suggested) to another player.


Before each new game, all players are advised to familiarize themselves with the agreements. For each game, your arrangement set, and he can not change during the game.


  • Reset from the barrel if another got another
  • At the same time you can not climb on the barrel
  • Demolition cards in the dark
  • For the victory on the barrel you need to dial more than 120 points
  • Playing Order Points are rounded - it eliminates the common problem of a small challenge


  • 60 points
  • Fine at every third painting
  • You can paint no more than three times per game.
  • On barrel
  • On the golden horse
  • When ordering more than 120 points


  • Number of score points (usually 555 points)
  • Number of points with a negative dump truck (usually -555 points)
  • Three bolts in a row
  • For each third bolt
  • Reset to zero after three barrels


  • If the bonuit is less than a certain number of points (usually 5 points)
  • Two nine in the bona
  • On the hands after passing and demolish the cards less than a certain number of points (usually less than 15 points)


  • You can praise without one bribe
  • Ability to trade above the maximum level
  • Agent Marezh in the game
  • Stroke with other trumps


  • Bolts are not accrued to a participant who plays the order
  • Bolts are not accrued to the player sitting on the barrel
  • Bake on a hundred - The player does not show a bunch of rivals, if it takes the top in trade
  • Trading in the minus - the player will leave when trading, if it does not have the right amount of points
  • Dark game - the result of the distribution doubles

4.2. thirteen Votes.

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How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

Today we will talk a little about gambling. We all have a famous fool. Trump suit, throwing, transfers, etc. and TP. Many play it thoughtlessly, fighting against the enemy cards the smallest card and considering it the only right option. Many are not thrown at the enemy's cards, they live it when you don't have to live up today we will talk about the real rules of the game in the fool.


How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

To begin with, we define the opponent. If your opponent from the very beginning of the game begins to fight off the trumps, throw out strong cards, this is a beginner. If he saves cards, at first it can even take a little, most likely it is an experienced player.

We will dance from the fact that the player is experienced, with newcomers, we usually do not have any special problems if the cards are adequate.

How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

To begin with, try to fight back the cards that you have several, or you remember that the cards of this value already "flew" into the bit. For example. You've got 8 to the baptism on you, you have one 9 to cross and 3 batches, go with the walttes.

By the way, there is another serious reception. He is called "Development of Masty's Force." If you have a king and a Tus of one suit, why do you definitely throw a king? If a pair of aces already in the beat boldly throw the Ace, if he leaves the bit, the king will become the most strong card and you will not lose anything.

How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

You can not keep more than 2 cards of one suit, otherwise if you will throw more than 3 cards. There is an option not to fight.

If the enemy in despair is fought off with large trump cards, do not press it until the end, if you know exactly how many trumps at the enemy, so much and throw him. You should not return to him these cards back.

How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

By the way, a different option, if you have been performed by an act of a brutal attack in 4-5 cards, and the game is not yet in the final, it is possible to take cards, and not throw out all your trumps. There is an option that you will be distributed by a husk with which you will definitely lose.

There is such a bluff version. Imagine that you have three trumps, say 6, 7 and lady (provided that the king is no longer). You begin to throw aces. You beat off the six, and then sharply king. So the enemy will think that the trumps have ended and instead of throwing you a trumping ace, will throw the usual one, whom you certainly will be taken. True, this reception does not always work.

How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

By the way , Try to the end of the game to save strong, identical cards, so that if you get rid of them quickly. Ideally, of course, collecting walves, ladies, kings and aces, while in each group on the vision.

Also, when you throw up, you always throw on one map, if you throw off the next one. So it will be easier for you to understand what kind of tailor your enemy stalled and dance from it on.

How to win in a fool? 5 tips from gamblers

That's all for today, put like, if you are interested in this topic, subscribe and we will continue to disassemble the card games!

How to learn to play cards? This question is sooner or late almost every person. After all, such fun not only helps to pass the time, but also makes it possible to have fun and even overcome.

how to play cards

So how to play cards? As you understand, there are many games, but they have different rules. Therefore, we consider some of the most popular. To be clear, we will tell some of the basics.


How to play cards, not knowing the masters? In no way, so we will talk on this topic now. There are decks in thirty-six cards and fifty-two. For some games, both games are suitable. In any deck there are cards of four masters: peaks, worms, tambourines and trees.


So how to play fool? Maps you need ordinary. You can use plastic. There are such cards in the deck:

  • Ace is the biggest map, it beats all the cards of their suit.
  • King.
  • Lady.
  • Valet.
  • Ten.
  • Nine.
  • Eight.
  • Seven.
  • Six.

If a deck of 52 cards, then there is still there: Joker, five, four, triple and twice. As you understand, in the game in a fool's greeting map of the larger rank beats a map of smaller (for example, a lady - six). In addition, there are trumps, but we will talk about it a little later.

So how to play cards in a fool? For such fun, we are suitable for a deck for both thirty-six cards and fifty-two. The deck is tough. After that, all participating people are spent six cards. In the center of the table there is a deck, but one map is pulling out of the middle - her suit will be denoted by a trump card. What does this term mean? The trump card is the suit that beats all other cards of any suit, and its own - only below in rank.

how to play fool card

The first post is five cards, follow-up - six. The first one walks the one who has a smaller trump card. If a person has nothing to beat, he takes. Through the entire game, all players should have at least six cards. What if they have three or four? Take from the deck. When it is over, they play with the number that is available. Wins the one who will not have a single card. Here is such a simple fun.

How to play cards?

Mafia is a game for a fun friendly company of eight to ten people.

The first thing to be done is to choose the lead. He will not vote. His responsibilities are to follow what is happening and voice the actions of the players. The next step is all divided into civilians and mafia. You can do this with the help of the same playing cards. They are heard - to whom who caught, the one will be. Mafia in the game should be from two to five people, depending on the number of players.

For this game, you can use both special mafia cards and ordinary. If you have chosen the second option, then designate characters. By the way, what are they?

how to play mafia maps

Mafia in the afternoon is predicted by civilians, and at night they kill citizens. Note that all the mafia is familiar.

Peaceful citizens are playing in the afternoon, sleep at night. Before the end of the game, they do not know who is sitting nearby - a member of the mafia or a peaceful man.

Dr. - plays peaceful, can cure someone at night trying to kill Mafia, however, if guessed. If the doctor "wins", the death of the peaceful will be inevitable. He himself has the right only once.

Commissioner - playing peaceful citizens. At night, he can check the player. If he guess the mafia, the leading reports to all citizens. If not, then this is also said to everyone.

The mistress - playing for peaceful, can save a citizen, spending the night with him.

Let's call characters

For example, the Mafia will be kings, the mistress - the lady of worms, the doctor - the currency of Peak, the Commissioner - Ace, and peaceful citizens - six. For the game you will need only these cards, while others - throw away.

The essence of the game

On the first day, all residents express the assumption about who mafia. Expressing your opinion, it should be careful. When assumptions are expressed, the presenter repeats those to whom the suspicion fell. Before starting voting, each player says why he chose this particular character. Then there is a vote, according to the results of which one person is executed. Who will he be? Players will find out after the vote. The executed shows the map on which it is indicated who he is.

how to learn to play cards

Then the night comes. The presenter says: "The night came, everyone falls asleep, wakes up the mafia." Mafia opens his eyes, gets acquainted, after which gestures decide who to kill. When the final choice is made, the lead says "Mafia falls asleep, a mistress wakes up." The lady wakes up, makes his affairs. The presenter then says: "The mistress falls asleep, the doctor wakes up." Doctor decides who to treat, then closes his eyes. The presenter says: "The doctor falls asleep, the commissioner wakes up." A policeman is obliged to check one player and closing his eyes again. After that, the presenter says: "The Commissioner falls asleep, the civilians wake up, not waking up dead." If the doctor or lover was able to save a person from death, then it is notified about it. The next character mentions the host is a commissar. If the Commissioner guess, then during day voting he tries to help peaceful understand who is who. The game continues in such a plot until all civilians or maphes perish.


Now you know how to play cards. This means that you will be something to do with friends. After all, you know how to play fool, and in the "mafia". More victory to you!

Ladies and king

Fool - classic card game. It is played by people of any sex, age and social status. It is quite easy to achieve success if you know tactics, how to play fool on maps, rules of the game and basic strategies for victory. Usually, players do not go so far in learning, so if you learn to play as a professional, you can easily beat lovers.

How to play fool: Classic Game Rules

It will take from 2 to 6 people to play. The classic game uses a standard deck for 36 cards. If the deck is used from 54, the jokers are removed from it.

Players choose who will be distributing - or pulling the maximum value from the deck, or simply a joint solution. It mixes a deck, and folds the cards clockwise, starting to the left of myself. Each player should be six cards.

After the distribution pulls out the next one in turn, demonstrates players, and her suit becomes a trump card. It is laid out on the table with a shirt down, and on top of it there are the remaining stack. From it, players take additional cards so that everyone has a minimum of 6, so far the deck will not end.

The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards earlier than other players.

Losers, that is, "fool", the player becomes, who at the end of the game will remain cards in the hands.

The right of the first move is given to the player with the smallest goatre. First, everyone is looking for trumps in their hands 6, if anyone has no - 7 and so on, so far there is no smallest trump value.

In subsequent parties, a player who sits after the loser in the previous party - "from under the fool".

ladies and king on the table

Always go clockwise.

The attacker lay out any number of cards, but only with one dignity (all six or all eights). As soon as the card concerns the table, it is impossible to take it - the move is perfect. Refers to all players.

Attachable must knock off or takes all the stack of yourself. You can beat off or a senior map of the same suit, or a trump card.

If the attacker has cards with the same advantage that attacked, it can add them to the table.

In case of successful protection of the chopping, all played cards are sent to the bit, and the move goes to him. When losing, he takes the cards, and moves to the next player.

At the end of the first move, all players who have less than 6 cards take them from the deck. First takes an attacker, the last attacked.

Types of Game

In addition to the classic fool, there are still many varieties of this game:

The rules will be different that it will make a slight diversity and an element of unpredictability into a classic game.

Podkin Dol

In this version of the game, it is possible to throw up cards and other players. You can only add the same nominal as on the playing table. For example, if you like the six and fledged eight, you can only throw six or eight.

First throws the card attacker. If he does not have suitable options, the right goes to the player sitting on the left of him. He adds one card. When the chopping will beat it, the right to throw back again to the one who goes.

You can not add more cards to the table than it is in the presence of a knocking. If there are more of them, he can beat off anyone on his choice, and the rest are sent to the owners.

When there is nothing to add to the game table, the rivals say "Bito" and send everything into reset. If you cut off the attack failed, the player takes all the cards, along with thrust.

If there are a lot of players, you can discuss the conditions of the podoolder at the beginning of the game. Everyone has the opportunity to throw up or only at players sitting on both sides of the fighting.

Transferable fool

He is very similar to the usual, the only difference - the beat-up has the right to translate the move to the player to the left of himself. To do this, add a map to the table with the same face value as the attacker.

For example, initially put a lady of worms on the table. If the beating has a lady of any suit, he can put it nearby and translate the move. Another player can also translate them to the next participant.

The first attacking should not spread two cards at once with one face value if the game passes threesome. After all, the cards can go through the whole circle and return to it. And so you can add a second card with the same face value, and translate the move on.

How to learn to play fool

In order to play with friends at the amateur level, you do not need to be seriously learning. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, try to play yourself with yourself, and you will understand in the basics. Further will only practice and work out your own game style.

It is quite another thing if you plan to learn a professional game. It is necessary to play at a serious level. Here the strategy, tactics and memorization of cards come into business.

Explore tactics of opponents

To get a game advantage you need to understand how the opponent plays. So you can predict his behavior and build tactics from this.

In total, the fool is allocated in the game four types:

  1. The visor collector - collects as many trumps as possible, saves them for later, while during the game actively resets small maps. Your task is to figure out his weak suit and walk mainly to knock the trump card.
  2. A collector of large cards is trying to collect more cards with "pictures" (ladies, kings, aces, valves). In this case, try to knock out major values ​​from it.
  3. Couple collector - trying to collect pair cards to later use them for attack or protection. The most winning tactic, so it will be difficult to fight. It is best to use his tactics - collect pairs, use them when protecting and attacking. The higher the par denomination, the better. In some cases, it is useful to have four cards of one dignity to quickly recoup at the end.
  4. Attacking trifle - during the attack tries to use many cards with small dignity, trying to fill up the opponent with the number at the very beginning of the game. Fight large so that he could not throw even more trivia. When you have the opportunity to walk against him, use its own weapons - attack the trifle

If there is no pronounced tactics from the enemy, it will be difficult to come up with the right style of the game.

Strategy game: memorization of cards

The main strategy in the game is to memorize and maintain the statistics of the game. If you learn a fool from scratch, you will be difficult to simultaneously follow the game and count cards. But over time, when you begin to confidently understand the game and stick to a certain tactics, you can learn how to count the cards. So you will predict the actions of the enemy, which means that you will use inconvenient moves for it.

Do not attempt to immediately follow all the moves, but gradually increase coverage:

  • Trumps;
  • Valts, lady, king and ace of all stripes;
  • Gradually add cards with dignity below.

First, learn how to count the trump cards - with a deck in 36 cards of them only 9. One you always see the bottom of the deck, will still be somewhat in your hand. They don't need to keep them in the head - they do not participate in the game. Add them to memory only when they play their role and fall into bat or other people's hands.

Now you need to carefully monitor the progress of the game and track the came out visor. Just repeat them in your head without stopping. For example, a trump seven, a dozen and lady went to the bit. Scroll into my heads in the circle: "Seven, ten, lady, seven, ten, lady ...". When a new card is added, turn it into the cycle: "Seven, eight, ten, lady, ace, seven, eight, ten, lady, ace ...".

When the deck is completely returned, you can easily predict what trumps on the hands of the opponent.

With the "pictures" the best act according to a different scheme - imagine the map laid on the table in 4 rows, where every row with your own kind. And mentally delete those that are sent to the reset.


Track first only the cards from the jack and above, and later start adding and with the value below.

Tactical tricks for victory

With experience you will produce your own tactics, invent elegant moves and strategies. But so far you can simply adhere to the councils that give more experienced fool players:

  1. Try not to take a lot of cards when the game goes to the final.
  2. If possible, get rid of small, keeping large.
  3. No need to stick to the last for the trump card, taking more and new cards in hand because of this.
  4. Try to walk in pairs. For example, if there is one six and two nines, go with nine. Perhaps the opponent will hesitate the trumping six, then you let your move and get rid of more little things.
  5. It is also better to fight back pair - so less likely that the opponent will throw new cards in response.
  6. Think about the moves - sometimes it is beneficial to fight off from the younger maps of the elders. For example, if you have seven, dozens and king on your hands, better give the king, than to get even more trivia. And if the attacker thumps another king - it is not scary to take it.
  7. Remember the movement of large and trump cards - what came out of the game, what are your hands, what an opponent? So you can at the right moment to knock the trump ace from the opponent, and not get it on the final course.
  8. Remember the cards that players are accepted after you and before you. So you can predict what they will fight back or walk.
  9. Manage the thickness of the deck. Focus on the trump card lying in the bottom of the stack. With your actions, you can or give an inconvenient card with an opponent, or to take a tight piece yourself. If you want to pick up yourself, adjust the situation so that with the remaining four maps in the deck won the opponent. Then, most likely, it will take less than the 4th, and you will get the remnants and take the bottom card to yourself. With experience you can learn how to calculate the steps in advance to control the flow of the deck in your needs.

Start with amateur parties with friends, and when you start easily beat them, go to online games with real opponents. There you can cross the released cards on the leaflet or in special programs. Over time, you will understand how to play a fool on the maps, remember the rules, start remembering the movement of the trump card and become a professional.

Games with cards. rules

Card games

The game of cards is not always perceived as a family. But perhaps this is not a completely loyal opinion. With all the simplicity and democracy, the card games are developing a smelter, logical thinking, well, about communicability and there is nothing to say, the main thing is not too led by Azart and play only in a good company ...

The beginning of the game cards are usually referred to the XV century. In general, the fame of the card games, according to the testimony of Jesuit Menstria, is attributed to the XIV century, when one little-known painter named Zhomin Gringoner invented cards for the entertainment of the king of France Karl VI (1380-1422).

However, this hypothesis is not confirmed by other data, and some chronicles of world history include the origin of the cards by the XIII century - during the reign of the Holy Louis in 1254, a decree was issued, which prohibited the card game in France under the penalty of the Knut. Italian manuscript of 1299 also talks about banning the game of cards. The Germans even founded a special shop of playing card manufacturers. The Order of Calatrava in 1331 banned the game of cards in Spain, and this prohibition was repeated in 1387 by John I, the King of Castile.

Well, judging by this data, the card game was strongly developed at the beginning of the XIII century. But this period, as it turns out, is not the surest. The Chinese and the Japanese even before the appearance of playing cards in Europe have already played signs, like cards, from ivory or wood with drawn figures. According to some German historians, playing cards, in all likelihood, were listed in Europe by Saracins, ancient Eastern people.

Be that as it may, at the end of the Middle Ages, a game of cards, especially in France and Germany, was everywhere spread and had exclusively gambling. Moreover, it was carried away by almost everything, without the difference in the estate. During the reign of Heinrich III and Henry IV, who were still passionate lovers of a card game, even special gambling houses in Paris were even a special gambling faces for the game of cards.

Card games spread around the world and lived to this day. And therefore, describe the standard deck of cards in this book, probably no need - each of you probably saw it more than once ...

Family card games, as a rule, differ from gambling. They have simple rules that give the opportunity to play the whole family, regardless of age. These games are interesting both adults and children. But about the rules often disagreements often happen! Take as a basis the rules of the game below - it is better to spend time on the game than for useless disputes!

General rules

Whatever the card game, there are well-known rules that must be observed.

The delivery is the right to distribute cards to players; The delivery is made by lot. There are two ways to determine the lot. Each player removes a deck, and one that will enhance the oldest card, has the right to pass. Or each of the players is given on the map, and the eldest card drops.

A player who is entrusted to hand over the cards first looks through whether they are in the deck. Then he diligently mixes them, allowing himself to see only their Krap, gives his neighbor again on the left side, which divides the deck into two parts; The one that was downstairs should be topped up.

Then the cards are distributed to everyone. You need to keep cards in such a way that during their delivery it is impossible to see. If by chance one of them will turn over, then all players must determine whether the surrender again or the card must be put under the coupon.

Couplings are called cards that remain after passing the players.

It is necessary to pick up your cards according to the degree of their dignity and in touch; Failure for this precaution entails important errors in the future game.

Bribes are laid in front of them, which is allowed to look to know which cards have already come out. But the right does not need to be abused, so as not to force the game to wait for their partners. You should not also look into your neighbor's cards, even if he left you the opportunity to see them, in this case you need to warn it about it.

In addition, card players have a lot of customs that are very difficult to list,


The game in "fool" is the most popular and common game. Popularity is more ahead of even popular gambling - poker and preference.

A card game in "Fool" has two main varieties: pododynny and transferable.

Podkin "fool"

One of the most common family games, and at the same time - purely Slavic origin. The deck used in the game in the "fool" - 36 cards, to participate in the game can from two to six people.

The advantages of the cards: the most senant is the ace, the youngest - six.

After passing to all those involved in the game, the trump card is revealed in the game. The first move belongs to the infirous survey (sitting on the left hand from the passing) or more of the one who has a smaller trump card. The rule of the first move is usually negotiated before the game began to play in the "fool".

Having received six cards from passing on six cards, each of the players in a fool should consider their cards and build in order of increasing their dignity, that is, the least dignity cards will be on the left, and the right - the largest and trumps.

Walking in this card game is allowed by any card, but at the beginning of the game it is recommended to get rid of the smallest and unnecessary cards. You can walk with both one card and with pairs, for example, from two or three six. The enemy sitting on the left hand from the leading game must "beat" the nominal maps. Maps are fighting in the suit, the map of older dignity either the trump card. The trump card can only beat the trump card, older in dignity.

If you play 4 or more people, only the mining cards are allowed to throw up (the card with which the approach has begun). If a player cannot "beat" the cards offered to him, he must pick them up. Players who have less than six cards in their hands take away from the deck. At the same time, the move goes to the next player clockwise.

If the player "broke" all the proposed maps, then these cards go to the back (come out of the game). All players in "fool" make cards from the deck up to six.

The game ends when all the players in the "fool", except for one, remained without maps (while the cards should also remain in the deck).

The same is the only one who stayed with the maps on hand, and there is a fool.

Pair "fool"

Doubles. The number of players in this card game is 4.

Players are divided into couples and sit apart opposite each other, i.e. the couple should sit face to face. This type of game in the "fool" is a command game. All rules from the classic "fool" are valid, with the reservation that they do not raise the cards to their partners. If one of the partners could not beat off the cards offered to him and took them, then the right move remains at the enemy, and the next course makes the second player.

Transferable "Fool"

The rules for this type of card game are very similar to the podkin "fool". The main distinguishing feature is that a chopping player can "translate" cards on another player: In order to translate the card, the player must be put next to the card, which he was offered to the battle, a map of the same dignity. For example, if a seven TRF seven is a coastery, it is enough to put a seven of the tambourine (peak or worm) and cards are translated on the next player. The player who was transferred, is obliged to "beat" both of these cards or translate further.

It is forbidden to translate maps only in one case - when the player who is translated, the number of cards is less than translated.


Placed by an ordinary deck of cards, only without six. The deck is divided into two halves. For the first time for fifteen cards. Top card deck serves as a trump card for two games. Trump belongs to someone who gives cards.

The game is played by the four-way. The seniority of the cards has the following rating: Ace has 11 points, king 4, lady 3, currency 2, tens 10; The rest have no value and are considered empty.

At the end of each game, the score of the points taken by the cards, and who will be 61-62 points, he won the party. Each of the players writes 12 points. The one that has made more than 60 points is written off in his favor from each player for two points, from the serve - one point. If someone from playing will take away from someone twelve, he wins the goat, or Kon. After the first half of the deck of cards will be played, rent a second half. The visor remains the same map that was in the first half. The process and result of the game are the same.

A feature in this game is the valve. Trephic currencies older than all cards and beats without exception all trumps. Peak currencies crown currency currency and tambourine, as well as all trumps. Chervoy currency croot and trump cards. Bubnic currencies only trumps.

The playing must be demolished with his infirous younger or empty maps, without even pranks, which are not particularly valuable. If they and save them, then only when there is no trumps. Town and dozens should be kept, as these are the most important cards for calculating.


This is an old Russian game, which is played by usually four-way deck in thirty-six cards.

Since in this game, the delivery of cards plays an important role, it is solved by the seniority of the cards reserved from the deck.

Passing to all nine cards, the survey, open the trump card, takes it on his hands. The first exit belongs to the one who is at hand to hand, which must be extinguished from the trump card, but if there is no such, then with a simple card that all players should demolish one card with which the player came out, and the one who Put the older card, takes this bribe and goes again, and certainly from the trump card. Then the following moves can be with simple, non-trump cards.

As soon as players come down their nine cards of first surrender, they immediately begin to consider each bribe scored, they record their number and proceed to the second hand. The newly made bribes are attributed to the same, and the game continues until someone from the players are formed in the record of ten bribes. Having taken ten bribes remaining his cards puts to the side and announces that he is the king. The whole game became the king stops. Only three others continue the game, and which of them earlier will take nine bribes, he becomes a prince. Then two, and that of them, who will collect eight bribes, becomes a soldier, and the last one is a peasant or a peasant.

Only every player will receive some kind of name as the game takes a new look. From that moment on, the delivery of the card belongs to the man, until he wins some other title. A man, staining the deck of cards, gives her to remove the soldier, in that case, the king first give up, then the prince, for him the soldier and then a peasant.

By delivery of the cards, the king takes the most eldest trump card, giving him any other map in return. Then the prince takes another trump card from a man and instead gives a peasant another, which he wants, a card. Then players begin to play again, with the only difference that all exits belong to the king, despite the fact that he will get a bribe or someone else. After the king, he brings the map of the prince, behind him the soldiers, and then a man, and each of them tries to score nine bribes. Who will rather get nine bribes, he becomes king.

When the king comes out, the prince will take it the place and uses the first outputs. When the king is released, the prince takes first, then the soldier and then a man.

When the prince takes the place of the king, then you need to trump the first twice. At the exit of the king, the man does not give anyone a trump card and enjoys a shouting trump card, which he replaces any of his card.


In the Card game "Givenays" play together, in two decks of cards.

To find out who to start the game, two cards are put on the table. Each player is located on the deck of cards.

The one who should start, thoroughly holds a deck with him and then comes from the top card, which another playing puts his card, not paying attention to what will go after her. Thus, the demolition of the cards continues until the ace will not fall out or the king of some suit. The one who put the ace stops to demolish; The other player at this time brings three cards on a bunch, after which the end of the ace takes all the bunch and puts it under the bottom of his cards.

In this order, the game continues until one of the players do not leave all the cards, and both decks will not go to another.

On an open one ace, the other put three cards, and on the open king - two.


The origin of this game is unknown, and its name is not particularly beautiful, but the game, however, is very interesting.

When playing four times and more use a deck in fifty-two cards, when playing together, play thirty-two cards.

Playing, collecting in a bunch of hand-held cards, do not consider them and do not give special meanings. The whole deck of cards is distributed to all playing on an equal number.

I am granted the right to go to the first one, and he, removing the top cargu from the bunch, puts it on the table. Others come in the same way, and whose card will be older, he takes a bribe and puts her down a bunch. Thus, everyone continues the game, and one that will have time to sell rather, or pull all his cards - wins. During the game, when controversial maps come out: 2-3 the same value, i.e. two six or two kings, then playing new cards to a pile, and who will be the eldest, he takes. If the aces will be controversial cards, then the senior is considered to be the one that was previously laid. In general, with controversial maps, one of the players who had previously laid the card enjoys the advantage and the second time from the card deck does not take place. Players are obliged to strictly hold the queue and must put the cards of the sequential order.


The number of partners is not limited, so with a large number of players should use a full deck in 52 sheets.

All partners take turns take off from the decks on the same map and put them each in front of them, this card depicts the "store" of each player: the six (or twice when playing 52 sheets), lying in the middle of the table, depicts a "pig" to which Maps are put in the upward order.

On maps depicting "stores", put cards in a downward order, without disassembled byas. Since the aces do not go anywhere, they put kings on them. If the ace lies at the store, it can not be removed even on the "pig". "Pig" ends with a king and postponed. The next "pig" begins with the first dukey or six coupon.

Kona winnings belongs to someone who has time to tease all the cards, with the exception of aces, and the rule of the game requires that the cards can be launched only two their neighbors, the right and left.

The map that goes in order on the "Pig" card can no longer go to the partner store and should be laid only on the "pig".


In the "butterfly" less than three and more than four people can not play.

The deck is used in fifty-two cards. The right to handle the cards is solved by the highest card.

Three cards give up each playing. After passing when the game, the threes are revealed by seven, and when playing four cards, the four cards operate.

A box is put in the center of the table, in which each of the players puts on one chip (match, a penny, buttice, etc.). His girlfriend surrender, having considered his cards, takes one of the open on the table, corresponding to the cards in his hands. He can take two, and three cards, if only the score of their points will be equal to the account of those cards that it has. Who in his hands will not be such a card, which he could take the other from the table, should put his cards to lying on the table and put into a box as many tokens as cards. Who will take others from the table with all the three cards, he wins the party and takes a bet. If this does not come out in the delivery, then putting a box on the thrown cards, pass again, and thus the rate increases until anyone takes it, winning the party.


The number of partners is from two to ten. Each player is surrendered by three cards, and one card is revealed as a trump card.

The course of the game can be divided into two stages.

1. The left neighbor of the passing makes the move towards his handicraft from some card, and the latter must reset the card on it of the same top or lowest dignity. Hung the highest card takes a bribe. Demolished from the hands of the card again replenished from the coupon.

If the bribe goes to what happened, then the subsequent outputs belong to him until his reservoir arrives or does not cover the map similar to it. Only one can take the card, who has no suitable suit and he does not want to be a trump card. In the same way, the player continues and between the second and third players and so on until all the cards come from the hands of the players and their coupons. After that, the playback gained bribes gained by partners.

2. Anyone who had previously managed to play the card to his share of the card, enjoys the right of the first way out with what the cards do it. Sitting near him should block this card or accept: In the first case, it will give these two cards to the third, which should be the second player card, kill or accept. This third card of the last player must be killed or accept the fourth, etc., which continues until so many cards will be in the increasing thing in this way as all the players, with the exception of one; In this latter case, the one who will get to play a bunch, making a proper tire, postpones all these cards to the side. They are no longer part of the playful game. The whole heap that revealed this way comes on the other, which whales, cards, and his girlfriend comes in exactly the same order as he arrived at the existence of the first heap.

Regarding the reception, the following rules are followed: if anyone accepts the first output card, then its healthy must go from any other.

If someone can not or does not want to cover someone's overlaps, then he takes one only suitable tire to him, after that, sitting near it, you should cover the top card left then in a pile.

Never go out in this game with the highest and faithful cards. No need to go out with the trump card, until you know that your girlfriend has trumps, but only younger.

On the suitable cards you need to always demolish the youngest cards. If you go with a small card, then it must be not covered, but take it. When they go with a strong card, and moreover with such a suit you do not have, you need to beat the goatre. If there are three cards of one suit on the hands, then you need to walk with the older. When there are two or three trumps, then you need to walk with the average so that you can subsequently return it to the remaining senior trump card.

When the output of your card will be accepted, then in the next move it is necessary to demand it back. It is more profitable to always drop the younger map, giving a bribe to a partner to you. If you go with a card, which is unprofitable to leave for the draw, and you have a lot of trumps on your hands, it is better to take such a card. Doing more profitable with long suit. For discovers, you should not regret the last trump card, but it is more profitable to hold the trumpsray if you are not in the last hand.

Fuck out

The number of partners is three or four, although you can play and together, but it is not particularly fun.

For the game uses a deck in thirty-two cards. Who fell to pass, he, having shuffling the card, gives them to their handicraft. After passing each nine cards, the trump card is revealed.

Each player after passing the cards considers how many cards he has the same dignity, i.e. two or three six, four or three aces and so on.

The first exit is provided by a prudent surrender. Everyone goes to one only sitting under it; You can go out with any card, and more than two, three and four identity cards: 2-3 six, 2-3 -4 kings, etc. If anyone came out only with one or two six, then other players And one to whom they go, if they have the third and fourth six, should also attach them to six. Any card can be pounded or a senior map of the same suit, or a trump card. Who does not want or not able to do this, he can take cards to him; After that, it's already his healthy. If someone reveals all the running, flewing to him from other cards, then he comes out.

Who will lower all the cards from hand when they have other players, he comes out, or, as they say, is right. If someone has one or more cards left, while other players have no one, then he loses, or, as they say, stayed ...

The punishment of the loser is ordinary - he must take cards for the next game.

All opened cards are postponed to the side and before the new delivery do not come to the game.

Rules of the game:

1. You should walk first from the smallest cards.

2. Hold and without the need to walk from the trump card.

3. We must try not to shake the cards of one value.

4. If you have two cards of the same value in different masters (two six, two aces), which must be accepted, then you need to deal with senior dignity cards.

5. When there are several trump cards in your hands at two or more maps of the same value with them, Bates go to you by trumps, despite the fact that they could beat them to the Mashy, and then go with that suit that hit the trump card.

6. If you have one or two small trump cards on your hands, and someone goes to your handicraft with them, then throwing it off, at least he was and eldest, because in this case you can count on the best outcome of the game at one remaining Visor.


When playing four hundreds, they use a deck in thirty-six cards, when the game is in fusion and more - fifty-two cards.

In this game, the role of gypsy performs, naturally, the lady of peak. She does not cover anything and no one can cover this card.

At whose share will drop the cards, the full deck of cards lay out around and in the middle of this improvised ring puts the trump card.

The first exit makes the serve, taking some card from the formed circle of cards. The subwoofer comes in the same way, and if he will have to pull out the eldest card from the circle of the same suit, he covers it and takes his bribe. When the youngest map or another suit will be hindered, the bribe takes the player who walked. Thus, continue to take from the circle and cover until all the cards are sought. Playing, having spent some trump card from the circle, is obliged to put it in his handheld and pull out another card to walk from it. Similarly, it is necessary to act with Gypsy (peak lady), with which, as we said, it is not allowed to walk, and therefore it needs to be saved until the end of the card draw. After that, the gypsy is played: the player, collecting the card and turning the wrong one, deploats them with a semicircle and gives a subwoof, which, having reserved the card, the front side puts on the table and, by referring to its cards, it takes it or takes it. The game continues in such a way, until all the cards are dispelled, and the gypsy in the face of the peak lady after dramatic transitions from one player does not "get stuck" from someone from the players.

You need to be careful when mixing and shouting cards. By dismissing a fan-like a bunch of cards, you should keep them so that there is no possibility to look at the location of the cards or the location of the peak lady.


This game has a great similarity with the game in the "fool" and is played by a deck in 36 cards.

Partners are distributed on six cards, and the visor opens, the rest are postponed to the ticket, which serves to replenish the partner cards published,

Go to this game for several cards of one suit, if any, otherwise, one.

You can close a look and trumps. If there is nothing to cover, then they take all the unscrewd cards in the hands. In general, the disclosure and reception of maps depends on the calculation of the playing, and sometimes, even if possible, it is more profitable to cause damage to the undergraduate player.

The peak lady, according to the rules, can not be covered with any card and should always be accepted, what is the feature of the game. This card is called "Dame".

Having a peak lady should, but the opportunity to excavate it until the end of the game, to take advantage of it with a convenient case and make a way out of the "ladies" to the neighbor, which can delay his move.


The number of partners is from two to six people, the deck must be in 36 cards. To make the game more interesting, it is best to play threesome or four of us.

In this game, there is one trump suit, which is determined as follows: Having gone, stucking the card, gives them to her undergraduate, who, removing and looking at the last map, announces her trump card.

The game is two species: open and closed.

This game is closed when it only gives up five cards, the rest make up the coupon and understand the hands during the course of the game, as well as when playing in the "fool".

In the open dump, all the cards are distributed, and if not a single trump card, he who declared this should wait for a new delivery.

The course of the game in the closed dump.

Going out of the card and the crumbling takes it from the deck of so many cards as it is spent on the output and dump. If the next one has nothing to cover, then he takes the whole heap.

Let us give an example.

Four players: A, B, C, D. Passing all five cards, and puts the rest on the table. In comes with some card to C and replenishes the demolished cards from the deck. C, covering a running map from B and making a dump to D, takes from the deck then the number of cards that it happened. D also covers and pours, as well as his first comrades. Thus, it goes until no map remains in the deck.

In the doll, do not take on the hands of the whole heap, and they take only one top card; The rest are moved to the side and do not come more in the game. There is a rule not to produce your girlfriend, try to make him dumps and dismissed by trumps. If it is noticed that the girlfriend does not have any suit, then they certainly go or pour out from it. It is necessary to use all the means to focus in your hands one any suit or senior cards, which can serve as dumps in the dump.

You can only cover trumps only when there are many of them. If the driver remains one or two little trumps at several other maps, of which one he intends to make Roskrysh, and another to block the next approach, in this case it is necessary to knock them out, but not trumps, but that is not the one.

When it is known that there is only one or two cards, including the trump card, to pour a trump card should never be, at least there were a lot of them. Each player must understand, to what extent, he should attack his healthy. If he notices that sitting at hand comes out only because others go to suit, he must try to delay him, making him dump.


This card game "Chukhny" is rather children than for adults. You can play it and together, but the best big company can play until fifteen people.

Anyone from the players, staining the deck of cards, puts it in the middle of the table and reveals the top card, to which the other player should put a senior card, for example: if I gave the seven revealed, then another player should put the eight on it, the third nine, the fourth ten and so on. Thus, to the one who should be overlated, takes the decks on the table on the table on the same map until he succeeds in taking the right seven to cover the six, unnecessary cards remain in his hands, they may need him for the next roof . Exactly so do all other players.

All covered cards are put in one pile, face up. If anyone does not have the required card and nothing remains in the deck, then he must be the top card lying on a heap, take, and stop the rest of the cards in a heap to the side, they should not enter the game more.

As soon as someone decides in this way, then the healthy adopted comes from his card and the game continues in the same time as long as the players will not have a single card. The same, whom one or more cards remained, loses and gets the name of Chukhna.


This card game can also be attributed to children's games.

The trumps in the game is not, just a suit. The number of partners from two to 10 people.

The start of delivery is determined by the consent of the players. Each player gives up three cards.

The course of the game: every partner, taking some of his three cards and turning over the front side down, screames her on the table and then change it to another card with another player. Continuing this way, each of the partners tries to score three cards of one suit and, having achieved such an outcome, comes out of the game.

The emerging gives its cards for consideration by partners, after which they continue the party until all players come out, except for one, which is considered to be the loser and gets the nickname "Eroska".


This game can play from two to five people a deck of thirty-six cards.

The surveyover to the whole player gives seven cards, then reveals the trump card, which expresses a trump back belonging to the passing. The first goes to the girlfriend. Each player must recruit seven bribes and then wait for the start of a new game. Drawing ends with the fact that I did not win the game that I did not win the game. On the card from which the older card should be put on, and if there is no need for the required, then beat the trump card. You can walk with any card.

Three leafies

This game is very simple, but at the same time entertaining. In most cases, they only play a delay of thirty-six cards.

One of the plays, staining the deck of cards, hesitates and his opponent for three cards, throwing them on one. Each of the players puts on the dog. After passing two players of six cards, the seventh revealed and means a trump card. The opened trump card goes to surrender, instead he demoloses any card.

The opponent of the surrender comes first from any card to which the other player must demolish the same masta card, which will make a bribe of whether the card will be older.

For the absence of the required suit, you need to cover the trump card, having no older suit, nor a trump card, put some card. Who will take two or three bribes, he wins.

If you won the surrender, all the chips put on the con, get to him; If the surrender loses, then the enemy.

When there is a small trump card on your hands, then go better with some other suit. With a large trump card and some other strong map you need to trump. If all the cards are on the hands of one suit, then you need to walk with the older. When there is no Trump, then you need to go with the older card. If two small trump cards and a third card of some other suit, then from it and need to go out.


Four than the deck in 52 sheets play.

The essence of the game is not to yawning; The slightest slip can be punished by the fact that one of the partners, taking advantage of the Rotosaism of his opponent, in one reception can take the opponent with the opponent.

In Zevaki, the cards are put without compliance with the masters to the shops of all players. The card called the bitter, is removed from above the deck. The action of the aces is equal to all cards. Playing, putting cards to his "store", says: "Houses" and then deprived of all right to remove it back, even if he was wrong. The partner who will remain cards is considered to be a loser.

His trumps

Playing a deck of 36 cards, the number of partners is no more than four, by the number of masters.

Every partner chooses a certain suit, which is his trumps; Each of the participating should be announced by passing before the first pass.

Cards are rented one or two. If the card opens, the deck is relocated again.

Each card can be covered or older than one with it, or the trump card, selected by the partner, who has to cover, so every partner, having received the cards handed to him, should pick them up with the masters and on the seniority of the cards in every suit.

The first move belongs to the subwoofer.

The course of the game: For example, playing in the worms-trumps goes to playing in the tambourines with six Tref, the class beats her seven treph and pours a dozen peak: the first interrupts the top ten rings and pumps the eight of the TREF; The latter, without having in his hands more than the trifany suit, beats the eight of Treph his trump card (tambourines) and pouring a lady peak; The first, without having a peak suit, beats a lady peak with his trump card (worms) and pumps out some card. Thus, the roof and the navalka continues until then, as long as the players do not turn out to be in the hands of a trump card, nor the required suit and it will be forced to take the whole bunch.

It is always always to go out and pour, which is a lot, or the one, which is very small, for example: one or two cards. Having a long suit on his hands, it can be assumed that the enemy does not have it and when it can only be covered by the trump card. Walking from those cards that are few, you can think that another has a lot of them, and the third is not at all and he must beat the trump card. The more trump cards and good suit, the better, the better for whom who will have to take a bunch.

After taking a heap of cards, they understand the masters and the game continues in the same order while one of the players will not come out all the cards - then the game ends.

Each player must try to store the older trumps of his opponent, so that he could do with the dump: when a big bunch of cards is formed, and the opponent has few of them, then covering an ideal one, the ace is put on her the ace of the king of his opponents, which he is not covered Maybe it is forced to take the whole bunch of cards.

The danglock is called the card that is placed over covered, for example: go with a tambourine currency, you, covering it with a lady, put a dozen worms on it, which is a dump.

A bunch - all the cards that accumulate on the table at all time games.

Accept a bunch - take all the cards on the table, because the card, which went, you have nothing to cover.


This game is well played by a large company - up to 15 people. The deck of cards is from 32 to 52 sheets, depending on the number of players.

Having dreamed of making cards, pulling them out of a deck any card at random and, without showing it to anyone from the players, puts under the napkin or under the bottom of the lamp.

Then the rest of the cards gives playing on an equal number. Players discard them with couples (two aces, two kings, etc.) in some side, holding the rest in your hands. After this operation, the surveyor takes over his hand to the front side of his face down and gives them to his imaginary, which, taking at random some of these cards, makes up a pair, folds down aside and then transmits cards to his neighbor in the same order .

The game continues until, as long as someone from the players will remain on the hands of the card, which will be a couple of the card that is hidden and called "Fofan".

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How to learn to play cards?

Everyone can learn to play cards. If you are well coped with mathematical calculations, then you will be quite simple to master it. And if not, the cards will be able to help you develop logic.

one. The ability to beat the player in the Card game "Fool" depends on two things: the ability to determine the style of the enemy and their own style of the game.

2. Players are divided into 4 categories:

  • The first is players collecting pair cards. Such players collect entire combinations of cards during the game.
  • Active, initiative games throwing enemy with small maps
  • Players who collect trumps. In the later stages, the game with them will be terribly difficult.
  • Players who collect older maps. Those at the end of the game turns out more than two aces and several senior cards.

3. Depending on the style, you can choose the tactics of the game with such players. For example, you can force a player collecting trumps, fight back, simply by defining his weak suit and goes only. Or a player with senior cards you can make them reset in the middle of the game, and the two other categories of players can be defeated by copying their game style.

four. Your main receptions of the game should be the following tricks. Do not begin to fight off the trumps at the beginning of the game.

five. Try to fight back with paired cards, then deprive the opponent's ability to throw you the cards.

6. Bluff knocks down players.

7. Remember your retired maps, so you can foresee the turns of the game.

Video lessons

game in foolThe game in fool invariably remains one of the most popular card games. It is played almost everything, regardless of gender, social status and even age. This is a good way to pass time and make an interesting evening with friends. Learning to play fool is not difficult. The general rules are quite simple to understand, but you can try to learn not only to make the main moves, but also to produce your strategy. Thanks to this, you can always win in the cards. In any case, start learning the game with the general rules.

General rules

Play fool can from 2 to 6 players. Typically, the game uses a deck consisting of 36 cards. Someone one should distribute to each player for six cards. The next card opens and falls under the deck. It will be a trump card in this party. The main deck should be shirt up. As needed from it, players will take cards. The goal of the game is to get rid of cards earlier than others do. The loser is considered the player who will remain the last with the maps in his hands.

He starts the game and walks the first one who has a junior trump card. The second and subsequent parties begin to walk "from under the fool", i.e. There is a person who is after who lost in the previous party. The moves are made clockwise. You can walk as one and several cards of one dignity, despite the suit. The attacked player must beat them, covering the older map of the same suit. If there is no suitable suit, then you can beat the cards a trump card.

A player who walked may additionally throw up cards with the advantage that are already available here. In the event that the wheezing and the trump card is not, the player takes the cards that they were like. When the player does, the move goes to it. If he picks up cards, then the next player comes into the game. Everyone who has less than six cards remains, should peel them from the deck. At the same time, the first one who walked, and the last one who dismissed.

Types of play in fool

how to learn to play foolThe game in the fool has different types and options. You can play in a simple, podkin or translation fool. The rules in this case will be slightly different. So, when playing in a podorka fool, throwing cards can not only one who went, but also the other players. If there are a lot of players, then at the beginning of the game you can agree whether all the players will be thrown up or only the extreme sitting on both sides of which the move was made.

If you play in the translation fool, here the person who will walk can redirect its move to another player, putting the card with the same dignity. Otherwise, the rules remain unchanged. In any of these types of fool games, it is easy to play. In addition to the basic rules, it is worth considering the game strategy. If you make it correct, then the outcome of the game will always be positive for you.

Strategy and Tactics Games

The strategy of the game is always based on memorizing cards, as well as playing the statistics of the game. It is over, one should not be excluded and the theory of probability, as well as the psychology of the game. If we consider the game for two, then you can calculate that from the total number of cards in the deck will be 9 trumps. The players turn out to be a half of the trump card on average. Another lies open in the deck. Throughout the game, you need to try to calculate how much Kozyreus leaves and which cards have already been played. Thanks to this, you can plan winning moves.

During the game, it is important not only to memorize the cards, but also to determine the tactics of the opponent in order to develop your opposite tactics on time. For example, it will be correct to fight back with pair cards so that other players have no opportunity to throw up. Also, it is not at the beginning of the game to be scattered by trumps. It is better to save them to the final stage.

The ending of the game

card gameThe ending of the game may be different. Everything will depend on you and your tactics. Take advantage of some recommendations so that the ending of the game has been profitable for you.
  1. Warm cards can win. If you have paired cards with a high nominal value at the end of the game, then you are lucky. They help well when attacking, because it is more difficult to discourage high cards, and during defense. They need to be allowed on time;
  2. Try to knock out the opponent's trumps. In case you have no big trump card, do not hold on and for small. If you have enough, you can throw them in the attack. The enemy will have to fight back the larger trumps, which will be in your hand. At the end of the game, the opponent may be without a trump card, and you win;
  3. If in the game you will know the enemy cards, and you are sure that they are not pair, you can play calmly. To do this, you need to memorize which of them have already come out. At the end of the game, you can confidently take a dominant position.

In fact, play fool is not difficult. After several parties, you can figure out and play quite well. If you play friends, they will be able to show you how to act. In practice, it is mastered faster.

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