Star from paper with your own hands - 3 options how to make a star step by step with a photo

As a rule, the older the person becomes, the more nostalgia begins to remember his childhood years. Many adults now have people a time permeated by Soviet symbolism, among which the red stars can be noted.

In this master class, I will show some options how to make a star from paper with your own hands with step-by-step photos. Such a five-pointed symbol can be relevant and now. For example, the Red Star is perfect for the crafts on May 9 or to decorate the New Year's interior. It is not difficult to make a paper, focusing on the proposed master classes.

How to make a star from paper with step-by-step photos

01. Volume paper star do it yourself

Star from paper

To create a bulk star, we will need to cook:

  • red paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • PVA glue.

First, cut out 5 squares of the same size from red paper.

Our billets have a side of 9 cm.

After that, you can proceed to the addition of each square. First we make a fold diagonally.

Then the square workpiece unfold. Rightily run to the middle.

A similar fold should be done on the left side.

Now it is required to make bends at the top of our workpiece. First, bend the right side.

After that, we make a fold on the left side. Our billet has acquired a rhombus form.

We fold it in half.

The top layer is required to be taken to the side.

At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the top of the triangle coincides with the fold line.

Lightly deploy the workpiece.

Smooth the fold line.

Now we start to paint one of the rays of the future star.

Gently straighten its inner layer.

Now give the workpiece the following appearance. We have got an element consisting of one whole beam and halves.

We need to do more than 4 such blanks.

You can proceed to the assembly of the star, and this will require adhesive. We apply it to one half of the beam.

After that, insert one element in another.

So we connected 2 modules.

Similarly, glue the remaining elements. Our bulk star from paper is ready.

02. How to make a star in the technique modular origami

Modular origami technology allows you to create volumetric figures using the same items. In our master class, the phased production of a star from several modules is presented.

Star modular origami

You will need 10 square sheets of paper. We took sheets for red records. We start with the manufacture of one module. For him we will need two sheets. First, bend them to two diagonals. Now the same sheets of paper should be bent in transverse directions, but in the other direction.

From one we add a blank in the form of a double square.

From another sheet of paper with pre-scheduled folds fold the blank in the form of a double triangle.

Now the triangle is inserted inside the square.

The protruding tips from the square bend inside. First we do from two opposite sides.

Then we deploy the workpiece of the module and again bend the protruding corners. So got one of the modules.

We need to make another 4 such modules for the future star. We proceed to connect the modules. They will be attached to each other at the expense of the sides of the corners.

Two corners of one billet should be introduced under the folds of the other from the inside.

Corners of another module We enter outside under the edge of the neighboring.

So continue to connect separate modules.

We are closed in the ring all 5 items.

You can leave the Origami star in this form, and you can slightly lift its upper part.

Such a star can create as a wonderful craft on May 9 with his own hands.

03. Surround paper from paper for postcard

On a white sheet, draw the stencil stars, as in the photo, and prepare a sheet of red cardboard.

Cut it.

Bend the workpiece - all short strips bend inside, and long - outwards. Stick it to the base. Thus, you can make a bulk star for postcard on February 23 or May 9.

How to make a five-pointed star from paper video lesson


On the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, and in the future and May holidays, such an exercise, as a star from paper becomes especially relevant. Beautiful paper asterisk can be like a full-fledged handicraft, and the basis for her. On the Internet, you can find many ideas and templates for sprockets from paper.

In this article, let's talk about how to make a beautiful star from such a simple and affordable material.

Materials for work

Before you start creating any thing, you need to prepare materials and tools. Most often to work with paper requires a pencil, scissors and glue.

As for the material itself, it is best to choose a dense paper that keeps the form well. The finished product from high-quality paper looks more neat and beautiful.

Postcard - asterisk

As mentioned above, the paper star may be the basis for any craft. Let's try to make a commemorative five-pointed postcard.

Prepare for work: dense paper of red and black colors. You can choose textured, glossy or shiny paper.

The abundance of materials in stationery stores currently allows not to stop on classic colored paper options. We will also need a pencil, ruler, scissors, glue and decorative elements.

Basis for postcard

First of all, you must prepare postcard templates. To do this, on a sheet of simple white paper you need to draw a star.

It is not recommended to make a postcard too big. The average size will look more neat.

The resulting patterns are transferred to colored paper. One star cut out from black, and the other of the red paper. The edges of the blanks must be even, and their size is the same.

On the left upper end of the star, we apply glue and apply the second workpiece, tightly pressing. After the glue dries, flexing the top of the postcard and make a neat fold.

The basis of the postcard is ready, then it's about the decor. You can decorate the product in absolutely in any way: enclose rhinestones or sequins, make small bowls from satin ribbon and so on, but we offer a more original way of decor.

Postcard Star Decor

To work, you will need a transparent plastic cover, for example, from a cup of yoghurt, a glue gun, sparkles and multi-colored sofa boxes.

It is very easy to decorate the handicraft to the original: in the lid we smell the sequins and asterisks and with the help of a thermoclaim gun glit to the front of the postcard.

To hide a non-sufficient view of the edge of the lid, you can enclose it with a thin twine, ribbon or cinema wire. You can supplement the product with a small satin bow.

Star Garland

Looking at the photo of sprockets from paper, it can be noted that from such a simple item you can create a lot of original things for decorating the interior or room for the holiday.

From paper stars, a great festive garland will be obtained, which can be realing for the room by February 23, May 9, to the day of the return of a soldier from the army or to any other holiday.

Materials and tools

To build a pretty interior decoration, you will need: colored paper, pencil, scissors, glue, thin twine.

If the creation of the decor is timed to any army or military holiday, then it is possible to make it in symbolic shades - green, khaki, red, camouflage and so on. Also, the stars can be two-color.

Making garland

So that the finished garland looks more neatly, all the stars for it must be the same size. To do this, you need to make a template - cut an asterisk of thick paper or cardboard.

On the working surface, decompose the colored paper for crafts and start climbing stars by template. Each star will be bilateral, that is, two billets need to be needed. The more billets, the longer the garland.

When the workpieces are ready, it will be possible to start the harrand collection:

  • Cut the twine required length;
  • Spread the workpiece between them, making the twine between them.

This simple way you can make the original garland and decorate the room.

Bulk star

A bright, surround star, suspended under the ceiling on a fishing line or a thin thread, as if soaring in weightlessness, will become an amazing, original decoration for any holiday.

Using bulk stars from paper, you can refresh, update the interior of the room, breathe individuality into it.

In the manufacture of bulk stars without a finished template, do not do. You can find it on the sites of masters and needlewomen, download and print.

On ready-made patterns, you can create a lot of variety of crafts from undergraduated materials - paper and glue. It is important to select bright, dense, high-quality paper and combine only the colors and shades in combination.

Surround star from book pages

This is a handicraft for the owner of a huge library, in which there is at least one old book of technical content, and which will not be sorry to spoil.

You will need:

  • Old book with yellowed pages.
  • Cardboard.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Gold sparkles.
  • Lace

Decor for the library

Instructions, how to make a paper asterisk: First of all, you need to cut a star from cardboard. Its size should be quite large, approximately 40 centimeters in height.

Book pages should be divided into four parts, each part to roll the cone and fix glue. Next, the resulting kules decorate sequins.

To do this, pour PVA glue in a flat saucer and pour sequins on a sheet of paper. The edges of each cone take turns must be mock in glue, and then in sparkles, excess shook.

After complete drying of the adhesive, the resulting cones glue our cardboard blank, forming a bulk star.

Handmade crafts and accessories always look stylish and attractive, whether it is an interior thing or a memorable card.

Creating crafts with your own hands, you can not only surprise others, but also relax, relax and distract from everyday worries.

Photo of sprockets from paper

How to make springs from paper strips

Made such stars from old magazines. According to the instructions, the strips must be 1 cm wide and a length of 26-27 cm. But I did a little wider: almost 2 cm, and took the entire length of the magazine, and then the excess tip cut off.

Too thin paper will rush, and a thickly difficult to bend, but, in general, you can adapt to any paper, pick up your thickness and strip length.

In addition: a bulk snowflake is also from paper: here .

An example of folding on light paper for a laser printer.

First you need to cut the paper on the strips. And make such a loop.

How to make springs from paper strips

If you look at the pentagon with five sides - just the outlines of the five-pointed star.

It must be chopped a little, and a short end to stretch into the loop.

Difficult to perceive by pictures? Look at the video Paper Kawaii: There, without words, it is shown how to do everything.

How to make springs from paper strips

Then get this tip back. If it is very long, you can cut. But it is better to do such a loop at once, so that the end of the strip is not very long. Accuracy is achieved by the workout method.

Then you need to turn the star and bend a long end so that it goes along the parties, as if wrapping the star.

How to make springs from paper strips

The remaining tip is adjusted inside. If very long, again, cut off.

How to make springs from paper strips

The most difficult thing is to make the bulk side. In the middle of each side, there is a small deepening as if they felt the paper. You can help with small scissors, leaking them inside, or pencil or hairpin. In general, there should be such an asterisk.

How to make springs from paper strips

Here, another face painted her.

How to make springs from paper strips

At first, I had very curves. But when there are many of them, it turns out beautifully.

A more civilized scheme from the network:

How to make springs from paper strips

There are many options for different paper stars, but these, it seems to me the simplest.

How to make springs from paper strips

He must need a hole in them, stretched a thick thread and hanging on the Christmas tree as an additional. Decorations. You can simply use a festive entourage. And in general, it is necessary to do something with your hands.

So people do.

How to make springs from paper strips
The bulk star from the paper stages

Have you ever tried to draw a flat five-pointed star? Surely, it will take a lot of time, because it is possible to make it perfect only with a circulation and ruler. But in today's master class we will show how to perform a flat bulk star from paper in stages.

To create such a five-pointed star, take:

- Square of red paper;

- Scissors.

Paper, scissors

The initial billet for cutting the star will be the square you want to fold in half. Fully smooth this transverse fold.

Folding square in half

Next, the corner of the curved part is required to be bend, while only slightly outlines the folding place in the middle.

Left corner bending up

Then the rectangular upper part of the workpiece should be bent up, fold in half. In this case, the fold is again only slightly in the left side.

Surround star from paper stages.

As a result, we got a point that is at the intersection of two lines that have been received during previously performed folds.

Surround star from paper stages.

Focusing on it, bend the right upper corner of our red rectangle. Fully smooth the fold line.

Surround star from paper stages.

Then bend the left upper corner.

Left top corner

The resulting workpiece fold in half.

  Deploying a star.

Now we need scissors. Cut off the outer part of the blank at an angle.

Объемная звезда из бумаги поэтапно. Срезание наружной части заготовки.

Deploy the resulting star.

Объемная звезда из бумаги поэтапно. Разворачивание звезды.

It remains a little embossing the folds of folds. The central lines on each beam should be directed upwards, and intermediate between them bend in the opposite direction. Such a surround star from paper turned out.

The bulk star from the paper stages

The star is one of the most common items of the decor and decorating the interior during the holidays. There are many options how to make an original decoration. Star can be of different sizes, shapes, colors.

For the manufacture, a wide variety of materials can be used, ranging from plastic and foil and ending with complex materials - decorative wire, cloth. However, the easiest and most common way is to create a star from paper. Today's master class will show several original options.

Paper Star For Home Decoration

You can prepare a house for Christmas holidays not only with the help of snowflakes, but also the place of small stars. Having done about 15-20 such decorations of the size of no more than 1.5-2 centimeters, you can recreate the night winter sky on the wall or ceiling.

For crafts, any colored paper in the house will be needed (even glossy magazines or old notebooks are suitable).

  • Based on the stars - long strips of 29 centimeters. The width is regulated depending on the desire, but for small stars it is better to prefer 1.1 centimeter.
  • On one of the ends of the strip, make a loop. To do this, spend the free edge under the color side of the strip, and then hide into the circle formed.
  • After you press and smooth the strips, the pentagon should turn out at the end.
  • The remaining end will be required gradually around all the graves of the pentagon at least 10 times - 2 times each face.
  • Remove the remaining piece of paper inside the pentagon.
  • Put a pentagon face to yourself and holding with your hand, press the middle of the figure behind the middle of the figure. The rays of the stars will deal, and the bulk figure will turn out.

It will take time to learn how to make such asterisks quickly, but after, you can make them enough to decorate them a glass vase, a decorative can or a wall in a children's room.

Star using origami

Origami - a more complex technique for needlework, but it does not require templates and auxiliary items. In addition, this way will give the opportunity to spend one of the New Year's Evening along with children, making cute decorations.

Preparatory stage

To handicraft, origami will suit any paper, even newspaper. Prepare several square sheets.

Square to fold in half to get a rectangle. The resulting rectangle is the basis of the future star. Bend the left top corner into the triangle, then do the same with the bottom left corner. As a result, two intersecting lines should be obtained.

Star folding stage

In the resulting intersection center, attach the lower right corner of the rectangle. Next, remove the angle from the center to the right edge - the pentagon pattern should turn from above.

Lower left corner. Bend to the left edge of the pentagon, then turn the figure and bend in half. Cut the unnecessary upper part to get a folded triangle.

Expand the cradle into a pentagon. Generate the bottom edge so that its upper line passes through the intersection line of two average faces to mark the further fold line. Do the same by turning the pentagon clockwise. After folding all sides of the pentagon, it turns out lines for bending. Bend from simultaneously to get a "bag", and then press it - it will be almost ready-made stars layout.

Alternately, get all the edges to the center so that the star does not crumble. Such stars can be made different colors and size, which makes it possible to create toys for the new year.

Large star

You can decorate the Christmas tree and a large bulk star, having robing yourself from the need to buy it in the store. For crafts, tight paper, scissors and glue are required.

Such a star is simple enough, you will not need a photo from the Internet.

For the workpiece, drew a stupid triangle on paper. Then another such size so that it comes into contact with the first base. The third triangle draw so that it comes into contact with the third most of the parties, and the fourth - again the base. To the right edge (most of the triangle), add a small strip of paper for gluing. Do the same for two free edges of the second and third triangles (bands must be located on less side of the figure).

Prepare five such templates. First, glue the sides of one top of the star with a strip on one of the faces, it is on the rightmost side of the fourth triangle. You must have five separate peaks of the star.

Leave the modules to dry so that the shelf does not fall apart and does not lose the form in the future, and only then proceed to the connection of all five vertices. Five templates glue with each other, following clockwise.

Particular attention should be paid to the final stage, since it will be difficult to glue the first and fifth part of the star. In order not to damage the figure, smear both bands in advance and hold the star for the middle. If there is an opportunity, ask someone to help you.

Wait until the star dry out, and decorate it with sequins, beads or foil.

The number of handicraft depends only on the amount of time you have, and your desire. Combine different ways to create asteris and create your own ornaments. For example, make a patient with a surround star (method 3) and glue an axle from small multi-colored stars to it (Method 1). They can be both from ordinary colored paper and from brilliant, which is sold in specialized stores.

Having experimentated, you can come up with many different combinations and decorate the house for the holidays stylish and tastefully.

Photo ideas of original homemade stars

Paper asterisks are one of the origs of the origami, the Japanese art of folding paper figures. The art of origami was born in ancient China, where in 105 AD. Guardian eunuch of Tsai Moon was invented by paper. But it reached its heights in medieval Japan. In antiquity, they were used in religious ceremonies as sophisticated art for nobility, along with drawing and poetry.

Today, paper stars are perfect for decorating the holiday, New Year tree, classes with children. The best way to take a bored or capricious child is to start making this magic toy in his eyes. He will not only instantly stop humping, but also actively join the exciting game.

Despite the fact that the stars are some of the simplest figures, there are dozens of their varieties, it is enough to search on the Internet a photo of asterisks from paper. They are folded from white, colored paper, set of different colors, painted with beautiful watercolor or woven patterns. Finished products are sometimes lacquered by a transparent varnish to give moisture resistance and a beautiful gloss.

Materials and tools for work

You need to look for ideas and templates of sprockets from paper, choose the models you like, sizes, coloring. First of all, you need a good paper. For the first experiments, you can take what is at hand, at least a page from the notepad, is better than a sheet of A4 format for the printer.

In any case, it is useful to have a price of cheap material for training and experiments, since it is rare from the first time that it turns out, it is necessary to fill the hand.

It is necessary to think through the color and coloring of asterisks. It is best to go through online stores with a search query "Paper for Origami", its Japanese name "Kami" is found in the translation of "Paper". It is usually scented with standard square shape sheets.

The choice is huge, from sets of monochrome one-sided painted paper to double-sided with beautiful colorful patterns. At a minimum, large and small sharp straight scissors are required, manicure curved scissors, the school line, preferably from a fine metal ribbon, it will be convenient to make the fold lines.

If mass production is assumed, the paper cutter is very useful, it will significantly speed up the exact cutting of the billets. For complex stars and other origami figures, a colorless, transparent glue can be needed, a office adhesive pencil is suitable.

Examples of starfish

The following instructions are written below how to make paper spars.

Star of happiness

It is necessary to cut strips of 23x1 centimeter. The size of the finished star is easy to determine - you need to multiply the width of the strip to the coefficient of 1.67. For a strip 23x1, the size will be 1.67 cm., For 1.5x34.5, it turns out an asterisk of 2.5 cm., Larger to do this model is not worth it.

Paper strip wrap around a finger and make a regular knot. On the one hand, the most tip of the strip should be trapped, on the other at the angle of 100 its long residue.

Ideally, the node is the right pentagon. Long end wrap the node strictly on the edges, there should be only 10 revolutions. It turns out a thick pentagonal blank.

If the paper tips are left outside the figures, they can be cut or adjusted. You need to hide this tip in the nearest paper strip so that the design does not turn around. Holding the workpiece with two fingers, the nail of another hand takes the turn to press all five faces. Bravo, it turned out a pretty chubby star!

Star "Syricen - Ninja Weapon"

Prepare four sheets of A4 format dense, not glossy paper, preferably different colors. Trim sheets to square shape. Bend a sheet diagonally on half.

Bend one plane to the middle of the deflection, sharpening in this way one of the corners. To form a triangle by exposing the lower angle to the top. This triangle folded in half vertically, the star should turn out.

Bend and press the smaller edge of the triangle to yourself. Expand the bottom of the figure and insert a convex triangle in the middle. Make three more billets in the same way.

The glue for the final assembly is not needed, everything holds on friction. That is why do not use glossy paper - it slides. Next, insert corners in my pockets of the nearest part, straighten the Suriken, giving it volume. Boys will be delighted!

Five-pointed Kremlin stars

Such a large star made from a sheet of A3 format and painted in red, not ashamed to decorate the top of the New Year tree.

Cut from the sheet square, fold it twice from myself. On line from the upper left corner until the middle of the bottom folded the angle. Mix the same angle from the left lower corner of the rectangle until the middle of the upper side.

On the left half of the rectangle should be a cross from folds. At the point of crossing the cross, press the lower right corner and stroke a nail. Bend the tip from the center of the cross along the line from the bottom right angle to the intersection point at the top.

Make another fog from the lower right corner through the center of the Cross from left to right. The resulting triangle ended down to fold in half the ends on itself. It should be a narrow triangle with a sharp end and a shapeless process from above.

Cut this tail along the line, perpendicular to the right edge of the triangular figure. To straighten the remaining triangle, there must be a pentagonal figure with ten bends.

Bend in turn all five faces to the center of the figure and straighten it again. Starting from the bottom and clockwise, it is gently bending the face to the center, it will be a kind of flower outbreak with petals. Collapse him finally, hard to stroke the nail, the five-pointed star with curved ends should be.

To fold the length of these ends clockwise, inserting folded pieces into the sinuses of the new end. As a result, a large pointed star should turn out, two beams look down, one up and two more to the sides.

If you paint this star with brilliant red nail polish, and rear place the light bulb from the garland, you will get a copy of the star, which burns over the Kremlin on the New Year's Eve!

Photo of sprockets from paper

Good morning everyone!

An asterisk is one of the basic forms that is used both as a decor for various crafts, as well as an independent decoration. In this article, I will teach you to make stars from various materials, and also show a lot of examples of similar work.

These master classes are found by me on the Internet and belong to different authors. You can repeat them from beginning to end or do something your perfect new on them.

Creation classes are very recommended to spend with young children. In addition, such lessons contribute to the development of imagination, it is also a great way to work out a small motorcycle hands. Therefore, if you have children, put them next to you and choose the idea for crafts together.

As usual, I will say that I will be very pleased to read your comments under the text. Therefore, feel free to express any of your thoughts. Often this leads to very interesting discussions. At while starting.

How to fold the bulk star from paper (circuit inside)

Let's start with a lesson telling how to make a bulk paper sprocket. I liked this handicraft, and I wanted to tell you how to make it my own hands.

Materials that we need:

  • Paper;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Glue stick;
  • Scissors;
  • Color Glitter.

To create one star, we will need eight paper squares. Their size depends on what kind of product you want to get, so this parameter is determined by yourself.

Below is a step-by-step photo in the folding of modules from which the figure will be. Explanations here are unnecessary, so I suggest just look at the pictures.

These are such a blank resulting from us.

With the help of glue, we connect them between themselves. As you can see, the modules are arranged so that they can insert into each other.

Complete the operation of the work with a color glitter or other decor.

Instead of paper, you can use old notes. It turns out also very interesting.

Here is a couple of examples of stars that you can do in the Origami technique.

Such beauty can be used as interior decoration.

And from these will be bright garland for the new year.

Here is an asterisk from the same modules that we just learned to do. They are only connected here differently.

Star on May 9 with a template

Another holiday, whose bright symbol is a star - this is a Victory Day. In the next lesson, we will learn to make bulk stars from paper that can be used to make crafts to this day.


  • Line;
  • Scissors;
  • Sheet of colored paper or cardboard;
  • Simple pencil.


From the paper of the selected color, cut the square.

We fold it according to the following scheme. Photo Instructions again detailed, so every step does not paint.

It turns out such a billet. Sut off all over the line, which is marked in the photo of the dotted line.

Deploy the module.

Lower short corners down. Everything is ready.

In the same way, you can make a star from cardboard.

You can make a multicolored beauty if you choose paper of different colors.

As I said, such a star will become an excellent addition to any other craft associated with the holiday of May 9th.

You can make an eternal flame from it.

Or decorate a congratulatory letter or postcard. And you can just pinch to the chest.

How to make a bulk star on February 23

You can decorate an asterisk to the craft and February 23. This holiday is also associated with military topics. We also lead the Origami technique.

Necessary materials:

  • Two squares of paper;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors.

We take the square and fold it twice in half and diagonally to get the fold lines, as in the photo below. Run.

Cut the resulting workpiece in the shown places.

I turn over. We drive sharp corners.

Glue them with each other.

There is such a star.

By a similar scheme, we make the second part of the craft.

We put the figures on each other. Ready!

These are "Milahi" can be made by February 23 too. Everything solves coloring.

Interesting ideas are obtained and using old disks.

Here you have another option.

This asterisk is also very pretty.

Most often, such works are made in the Origami technique. And it is not difficult, because it turns out very beautiful.

Christmas star from paper on the Christmas tree

Does not do without a beautiful star on the top of the top of the New Year tree. Let's see how to make a volume decoration of paper and arrange it in the spirit of this holiday.


  • Line;
  • PVA glue;
  • Colored paper;
  • Tinsel;
  • Scissors;
  • Simple pencil.

We take a sheet of paper and manually diameters on it, as in the photo below. Cut.

We will need two such templates. I turn over and fold on the marked lines.

Glue half with each other.

Add the New Year decor to your liking. Ready!

In school, everything for the new year, probably, they did such crafts.

This cracker can also be used as christmas decoration.

Volumetric bright stars in Origami technique will also exceed the holiday atmosphere. Materials can be taken any. Even candy candy candy!

And here the decorations are attached to the wire frame. It turns out a very solid composition.

Big Star of 5 Pieces

Well, finishing our selection of a master class to create beautiful christmas sprockets. They resemble flowers a little, but this is only more beautiful.

All we need:

  • Glue;
  • Large beads;
  • Red paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Golden sequins.


We take a sheet of paper and cut the square from it. The size is determined independently: the square is greater, the larrright the stars will turn out.

We fold according to the following scheme.

In order to collect one star, we will need 5 such petals.

Glue them with each other, as shown below:

From the beads make a middle. If desired, decorating sequins. Such work can be used both as independent decorations, and collect, say, in a Christmas wreath.

More cute stars in your piggy bank. Choose a suitable material and get a decoration for any holiday.

Again origami. Such work is used to create children's toys that are spinning in the wind.

Also a very interesting option.

In general, as you can see, there is no excess in ideas here. All that is required from you is a little accuracy and patience.

Beautiful asterisk in technology 3D

Well, I think in the conclusion you can give a couple of ideas, how you can make a surround star. To do this, turn on the view button and remember.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas:

Or take these instructions with templates and stencils:

How to make a bulk star from cardboard?

Well, finally another instruction, with it, learn how to fold large prefabricated stars from cardboard, using a template (stencil).

First cut out such foundations, of which future "beauties" will be folded:

In conclusion, I want to show another star in the style of Qwill:

On this selection is over. Thank you all for your attention! And do not forget to leave your comments under the article.

How to make a star with your own handsUseful advice


If you want to decorate your home for a holiday or just like that, and want to do it with your own hands, then the asterisk is one of the elements that will always look beautifully in the room, on the stele, on the chandelier or christmas tree.

In this master class you will learn to make asterisks with your own hands, using a huge number of different ways.

All methods are quite simple, so everyone can choose what he likes more.

See also: How to make a beautiful snowflake

What you can make a star

The main material from which you can make a star with your own hands, this paper. You can use cardboard, ordinary paper, tight paper, magazines, old books, newspapers.

How to make a bulk star from paper. Five-pointed star.

You will need:

- a printer

- Dense colored paper

- scissors

- Glue

one. First you need to print the workpiece. To do this, download templates for of this link . In the template, two sizes of stars - one star can be done by printing the first page, and the star is more printed by the 2nd (twice) and 3rd pages.

2. Cut patterns, bend them in places indicated by dotted.

3. Glider all parts, and you will get a bulk five-pointed star!

Scheme how to make a star

How to make a bulk star with your own hands

Such a star can be hung in the room (on the wall, window, chandelier) as an interior attribute or use to decorate a gift.

You will need:

- Dense Colored Paper (Color Cardboard)

- Simple pencil

- scissors

- Glue

- Thread (ribbon)

one. You need to start with two sheets of paper, each of which must have a square form.

Each sheet of paper needs to be hit in half horizontally and vertically. Next, you need to bend twice in half diagonally (see picture).

2. Using scissors, make cuts along the perpendicular folds line. The incision should be about half the line or a little less. You need to make four such clips

3. Bend the edges as shown in the image.

four. Now prepare glue and lubricate one of the sides of each beam of the future bulk star and glue (see picture).

five. Make a soul mate, guided by the same instruction.

6. Finally, we glue two halves and decorated to taste.

How to make a star from paper

Make such a star is very simple. It is made of only two stars carved from cardboard or tight paper.

You will need:

- Pencil

- ruler

- Dense colored paper or cardboard

- scissors

one. On dense paper or cardboard draw a star. You can do it on the eye or take advantage of the video lesson.

How to draw a five-pointed star

2. You can decorate asterisks as you like and cut them.

3. Now, on each star, it is necessary to make an incision - on one it should go from top to bottom (from an external angle to cent a star), and on the other turn, i.e. bottom up (from the inner corner to the middle of the star).

four. With cuts, connect two stars by inserting one to another.

How to make a paper star. Convex star.

These beautiful little paper stars will be an excellent decoration, both interior and postcards or gift.

You will need:

- Colored paper (you can use pages from the old log)

- Scissors (stationery knife)

* The key moment in this master class is the correct cutting of paper strips.

* Strips must be smooth. In this example, their width is 9 mm, and the length is 221 mm.


one. Cut paper stripes.

2. Take one strip and make a loop from it (see picture).

3. Next, a short tail of a paper strip must be wrapped and tied up a nodule. Do everything carefully to keep paper. Slowly tighten the nodules, press it and hide the remaining tail, by exposing it in the middle.

You have to get a smooth pentagon.

four. Go to the most interesting and at the same time a simple process - the manufacture of an asterisk.

Out the long strip every side of the pentagon. It is necessary to make from 12 to 15 wraps. This means that each edge must be inverted at least twice.

five. Hide the remaining paper tip inside your star.

6. Now be very careful and neat.

Your pentagon hold two fingers of one hand. At this time, the tip of the finger of another hand slightly push the one face. You need to get into the middle of the face.

Such a process must be done with all the faces and you will have a beautiful asterisk.

How to make origami star

How to make a big star. Book Pages.

Despite the fact that this star looks very beautifully, many may be dissatisfied with the damage of books. In this case, old, unnecessary, technical books are used.

You'll need:

- paper or plastic bulk star

* You can make a bulk star from paper yourself (see. How to make a bulk star or How to make a star from cardboard ) and act further according to the instructions.

- Old book

- scissors

- Glue

one. Cut one fourth book page and roll up the kulets.

2. Stick kulets to your star as shown in the picture.

3. Apply a little glue to the edges of the kules and sprinkle them with sparkles.


How to make a New Year's star

You will need:

- double-sided dense colored paper

- scissors

- Glue

one. First you need to prepare 4 square size. You must have 8 squares of each size. This example used the following dimensions: 18cm, 13cm, 10 cm, 7 cm.

2. Fold each square as shown in the picture

3. Start glue squares in size. The first is big and further descending.

You must have such a star.

How to make a star on the Christmas tree. Decorative star.

You will need:

- Star pattern

- White cardboard

- Green and red felt

- ruler

- Simple pencil

- Cutter

- Gun for glue

- Brown thread

one. Prepare a white cardboard and circle a template star on it. Next cut out a star.

2. Now it is not in a hurry, you need to draw another star inside. Must happen, as shown in the picture.

3. Cut the star inside the workpiece.

four. Using a gun for adhesion, attach a brown thread to the star and cover the star.

five. The star is almost ready, you just need to decorate it a little. To do this, make felt of red and green colors. From the red cut two circles. And from green leaves. Stick cutting to the star.

How to make a christmas star

Star from paper with your own hands. Rainbow Star.

How do you make a Bethlehem star with your own hands

This beautiful decoration is ideal for any room.

You will need:

- 50 sheets of paper A4 paper (paper can be like white, so color)

- Stapler

- Tight thread

- scissors

- PVA glue

You also need patience, as the process itself is long, but in the end it turns out a beautiful star.

one. Cut the paper in half along.

2. The resulting halves twist the "cutter" as shown in the picture. Lubricate the edge of the glue and twist is denser.

Of the 50 sheets A4, 100 "rays" will turn out for a star.

3. Prepare 3 beams and secure them with a stapler so that it turns out a small fan.

four. Start riding fans on the thread and tightly pull. You should have a star that looks like a ball that can be squealing on a thread. Tie the ends of the thread.

five. Since this example uses white paper, it was decorated with aerosol paint.

Star from Cardon

You will need:

- Cardboard (you can empty box from flakes)

- scissors

- Paint

- Glue

one. Draw a star on the cardboard and cut it out. Circle the carved star to get another star, which will be the second half of the surround star.

* The larger the area of ​​the central part of the star, the easier it will achieve the effect of 3D.

2. Using the ruler and scissors, do not complete cuts (scratches) from the center of the star to its inner and outer corners (see picture).

3. Start carefully bending the star in those places where the line was applied with scissors. The edges of the star should go down, and shishes applied up.

four. Do the same with the second star and glue half.

five. When the glue dries down, color and decorate your star.

An example with another paper:

How to make a star (video)

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