Country lodge with your own hands - we build for yourself!

After purchasing a country area for giving Before becomes Actual question of how to build a country house with your own hands. Well, build it yourself —It is quite possible, if, of course, the huge palace is not conceived, requiring the involvement of construction equipment and the team of professionals.

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66We is probably known that there are two types of gasoline engines - this is an injector and carburetor. But there is one more, which comes across not often, it is a monofry, the principle of its work is similar to both the injector and carburetor. MONTROSK is one of the embodiments of the fuel internal combustion engine. Its characteristic feature is the supply of fuel into the chamber common to all cylinders. It mixes the air-fuel mixture and is sent to that cylinder that is in the open state.

Many men of different ages face the same problem - a beautiful, intelligent and very cute girl who causes a feeling of deep sympathy. But how to tell her about it? How to make a lady believe in the sincerity of the feelings with her sharing? How to hint a girl, what do I like her? This question is asked hardly more often than thinking of the method, how to make an offer to your beloved woman. What to do in such cases? How to understand whether time has time for recognition? How to behave in order not to get to see.

Ranitidine or Omez: What is better and what is the difference, sharing - GBUZ MO "Andreevskaya City Polyclinic"

Diseases of the digestive system - a common phenomenon in the world. They develop in violation of power rules and a healthy lifestyle. All harmful habits that contribute to the development of pathologies.

First aid at high pressure: pills, what to do - cause, diagnosis and treatment

The perception of increased blood pressure from different people may differ. For example, in some patients discomfort occurs already at 130/85 mm. RT. Art., While other even pressure 145/95 does not cause well-being changes. In medicine there is a diagnosis of arterial hypertension, which involves an increase in systolic pressure from 140 mm. RT. Art. and and / or 90 mm. RT. Art. And above - diastolic. Values ​​are two, because the heart in humans is reduced (then blood pressure becomes higher), it relaxes (pressure becomes lower). Reducing the muscles of the heart and blood discharge is called systole (from here systolic pressure), and relaxation and filling of the heart cavity with blood - diastole (Fig. 1).

How deliciously spawn red fish: detailed recipes with photos - the most luxury

Before you the answer to the question How deliciously picking up a red fish?. Are you in the supermarket not that expensive red fish, but even vegetables on the soup prefer to choose in purified and sliced ​​form? Self twist the page. Or read how to prepare a delicious snack at home. Our article is intended to people by rational, which knows the price of money and appreciating homely delicious food.

What to do if the online video slows down at good internet speed

In today's pace of development and accessibility of the Internet, fewer people download video to the computer, and watch it online. This contributes to a high speed of access, a variety of tariffs and the development of various video hosting and online cinemas. But sometimes when watching a video on the Internet, it begins to slow down or is not loaded at all. This is quite possible with a weak connection signal. The same problem occurs even if the expensive tariff plan is connected. The reasons may be somewhat, and to understand why the video does not ship well with a good Internet, you need to consider each separately.

Mental pain - brain clinic

Why does mental pain arise? How to get rid of spiritual pain? What to do if soul hurts? Mental illness, what is it? To help a person in such a situation to cope and not harm at the same time, our experts will be able to. This deep pain is associated with the disorder of the highest nervous activity and it is not treated with conventional ways, which can only fade it or temporarily disguise. It takes both a big medical experience and not small, life. Not all doctors can understand the true experiences of a person if he himself did not attend such situations. Every person is experiencing mental pain, but at different times and, unfortunately, not everyone can cope with it.

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Broccoli is a subspecies of cauliflower, but differs from her more rich green color. This vegetable is distributed in Europe and is used in food every day. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and microelements, so it is considered very useful for the human body. Frying broccoli is simple enough and with minimal time spent time. Cabbage can be included in other dishes or serve as a side dishes. Knowing the roar of the baking of this green vegetable, you can not only diversify the homemade menu, but also make your dinner useful and low-calorie.

Heterochromia eyes: causes, types, how to adjust ""

Most often, we pay attention to the eyes when you get acquainted with someone. No wonder they are called the soul mirror. And, of course, immediately notice their color. Unusual, bright shades of iris always attract attention. We are accustomed to the left and right eye of the same color. But it happens that they are different, for example, a brown and green.